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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 9/11/23

September 12, 2023 | 28 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies, Yesterday was a busy one! I won’t pretend to be able to recap everything that happened because it isn’t possible. There was sooooo much game talk, it was hard to keep up. I’ll do my best to hit the most relevant things being discussed and the overall vibe in the house.

As for the vibe, I have 2 things to talk about on that one. Let’s talk about Jared again. (Ya, I don’t enjoy it much either) Its a good thing Cirie got out of that kayak yesterday evening because I don’t know how much more of Jared’s negativity I could take. I’m supposed to be listening to all these conversations so I can do an accurate recap. I found myself switching cameras when he’d start in on someone because I simply couldn’t listen to it anymore.

He’s just so nasty about so much. I don’t mean the usual shit talking about people you’re sick of being stuck with in the house. I don’t mind that or even a little name calling behind someone’s back just to release your frustrations. Who hasn’t done that about a friend or spouse? (If you haven’t, you’re a saint) Hell, I flipped off my husband just the other day after he left the room. He said something snarky, I didn’t have time for the argument (I felt) I was entitled to, so I threw up a childish hand gesture instead. I felt better and moved on with my day.

I’m talking about Jared being so worked up over everything. Yes, he’s on slop but so is the rest of the house except for Cameron. He’s gone from “I can’t stand them” and I hate them” to “I hope we have a physical comp where I can bash into Jag.” He’s all “trust me bro, trusssst meeee, I can’t wait to make them a have not and eat all day right in front of them bro.” He’s moved on to saying America isn’t attractive (sure bro) and Cory, America and Jag “arn’t good people on the outside.” (Bro may be in for a rude awakening when this game is over)

I’ve mentioned Jared never coming up as a target this season. Along with Cirie and Izzy having his back, he’s had a good social game. They haven’t had to vouch for him much because everyone already thought they were good with him. Jared can be charming when he wants to be. He’s really rubbed off on Blue and Matt too the past couple of days. Jared has them convinced Jag is a horrible person because he hasn’t told them about Cameron’s deal with Jag.

Jag didn’t throw anyone under the bus, he just agreed to not target Cameron next week if Cameron kept him off the block this week. That’s it. Jag’s already been burned by the entire house so why would he tell anyone until after the veto ceremony yesterday? By yesterday morning, they’d already written him off as a traitor.

I’m not positive about Matt because he’s hard to read. Matt joined in the trash talk tho so I’m leaning towards he’s dropped Jag too. Blue’s talking like she can’t wait to put Jag otb. I got Paul vibes from Jared yesterday. (Not the strategy, Jared isn’t that smart) I got the nasty and unnecessary piling on of someone that Paul did to people in BB19. Jared would say something and Blue and Matt would begin to chime in with him.

Blue’s told Jared she’ll be doing more of the cooking after Felicia leaves. She also said she’s only cooking for Jared, Matt and Cirie tho. She may have included Izzy, can’t remember. (Sure, put a spotlight on the people you’re working with and throw away your most loyal friend)

In the 48 hrs Cirie was in a kayak, Jared tried his hardest to destroy his social game. He lost Jag, Cory and America by extension. (Good job bro) His attitude remained this way until the vibe in the house changed again. That’s the 2nd one. Cirie is such a dynamic force, it was as if everything changed when she and Felicia got out of that kayak.

First, Izzy downloaded all the info she had to Cirie. Cirie told her they had the votes and not to worry. After Cirie spoke to Jared, he was back to working with Cory again, at least it’s what he’s saying. Cirie made it clear they need Cory so that was that. She told Matt and Jared she wanted Izzy to stay and there wasn’t a need to ask her opinion again this week. She said it wouldn’t change.

Ok, that was alot to not have even started going thru the day. I think it’s important tho because (unfortunately) I see a high probability of Jared winning the game. I wanted to point out how bad of a game player he is and ask, could his attitude and dumb moves this weekend cost him the game?

Yesterday began with Cory waking up and doing some camera talking. This was after his late night of making out and game talk with America. Cory didn’t care that Cirie hadn’t told him she played in the power comp. What he did care about, was the fact that he’d believed her when she said she didn’t. He said “of course she played in it I’m an idiot for not realizing it.” He also cared about the fact that Cirie had shared that info with Matt. That was the moment he knew his position in the game was worse than he thought. (He’d been replaced by Matt) He said he didn’t think his game was trash at this point but he called it “trash adjacent.” (Ha ha) He also said he hadn’t figured out what he was going to do to fix it yet.

Cory checked in with Izzy and she filled him in on Blue ratting out America. Izzy said, the day before America had talked to Blue and Jag about the 3 of them working together. America also told Blue she didn’t trust Izzy all that much. None of this was good news for Cory but I did notice he was taking in more information than he was giving up. (This was a change for Cory)

Cory had no idea America had been working on her own final 3 with Jag and Blue. (It’s not like you can blame her, she doesn’t have one with Cory) What she does have and has repeatedly had is information she can’t trust Blue and Jag. It’s as if America has the people she likes in the house and she’s determined to work with them, whether they like it or not!

Cory asked America what she’d told Blue because if you remember, they had a recent conversation and agreed not to tell Blue stuff anymore. America lied and said “nothing.” Cory filled her in on his convo with Izzy. He told America that Blue had immediately ran to Izzy and told her everything America said. I think America’s response was something like “oh fuck, I’m screwed.” She told Cory she’d understand if he needed to separate from her because she didn’t want to tank his game along with hers. He told her they were already in this together so they needed to focus on a way out of it. (Out of the bad situation, not the shomance)

Cory also asked if she’d told anyone about his brother being on Survivor. She said no and he said he believed her. Cory told her about Cameron telling him America was spilling all his game info to people. Cory thinks Jared probably told Cameron but is blaming it on America.

Cory’s day was getting worse when he met up with Jared. He already knew something was off plus Izzy had warned him Jared was irritated with him. (This was supposed to be about Jared being convinced America told people that Cameron and Jared were working together. Jared said it came from Cory. It didn’t. Jared made it seem like he and Cam were BFF’s and is shocked someone thought it may be true?)

Jared kept up the lie about maybe using the veto. He made it sound like he might put America on the block. Even if he didn’t, he made it clear to Cory, he wanted America out as soon as he got a chance. (He was kinda hateful about it) Jared had already done this to Jag the day before just for shits and giggles so now it was Corys turn. Cory found out through Izzy, Jared didn’t plan on using it and Cory made note of the fact that Jared hadn’t shared that with him.

Jag and Matt talked about whether or not they trusted Jared, Cirie and Izzy. Matt told Jag that Jared wasn’t planning on using the veto. Jag wondered why Jared didn’t tell him the same. (Yep, it’s a puzzler)

Cirie told Felicia once they were out of the kayak, she’d be able to campaign for Felicia this week. Cirie didn’t want Felicia to worry if she saw her off talking with people.

After the veto ceremony, where Jared didn’t use it, he met up with Cameron again. They got to have another laugh over how Jared scared the shit out of everyone the day before. After that, Cameron moved on to his next big plan. He told Jared, he wanted everyone to think he was mad at Jared for not using it. Cameron said “did you notice how I hugged everyone after the ceremony except for you?” He said the plan was to act like Cameron was going to back door Blue, Jared found out about it from Cory and decided not to use the veto. (Jared liked the part of the plan that included Jared not having to talk to Cameron anymore)

Jared told Blue and Matt about Cameron’s plan and they all agreed it was stupid. Blue said no one was going to believe Cameron was trying to back door her. (Here’s something rare, I agree with Blue) Blue told Jared about Jag being suspicious of Jared now. Jared said “who the fuck is he to be suspicious of anyone?” (A bit of Jag bashing began)

America, who was energized by her talk with Cory, went to talk with Cam in the hoh room. He did his usual riddle stuff about grenades, bombs, getting on the train before it went off the rails or left the station or something. She asked him if they could just talk normally to each other. (Thank you!) Basically, he asked how she was voting, she said she was voting out Felicia and said it’s because it was what everyone else was doing. He told her she was wrong. He admitted he wanted Izzy out and she admitted she felt the same way. He told her it was time to stop cuddling and start playing the game. (He’s sooooo patronizing, he always talks in riddles but he only talks down to certain people)

She tried telling him he didn’t have the votes he thought he may have and again, he said she was wrong. He was successful in pumping her up to go try to make it happen tho. America takes a lot of heat for trying to continue to work with Cameron but I get it, her options are limited. Everyone she talks to rats her out, including Cory until recently. However, alot of America’s game positioning is still her fault.

She has zero impulse control. I know she’s a super fan and gets excited to play the game but she never goes at anything with a plan. She repeats the same things over and over. She goes to the people she considers her friends and tells them everything she knows. She’s working with Cory so why not gather info, meet up with him, discuss the plan together and then put it into action? It’s frustrating because she and Cory just talked about that same thing.

They’ve agreed they need to expose knowing about the 7 deadly sins alliance to Jag. They’ve just been debating over the best time to do it. She didn’t spill that info already but she did make rounds all day trying to get Izzy evicted. Meanwhile, Cory was off doing damage controh for America. He knows he has to make a move but knows its better if they aren’t expecting it.

Bowie talked to Cameron right after America and pretty much sold it the same thing America did. She said it seemed like most people were planning on evicting Felicia. Cameron told her she was wrong too. Right after that, Matt came to talk with Cameron. Rinse and repeat.

Cory also had a chat with Cameron. Cory was trying to figure out why Cameron was so confident he had the votes he needed. Cameron insisted the entire house was lying to Cory and everyone wanted Izzy gone. Cory asked if it was possible the same people who blindsided Cameron on Thursday, might actually be lying to him. Cameron said it wasn’t possible. (Haha)

Felicia and Cirie were getting tired of hanging out downstairs alone and made their way up to bumper pool where most people seem to be hanging out. Izzy gave them some assistance in getting upstairs. This was after they’d had to make a tight turn with the kayak in the bathroom. (This punishment has been cute to watch)

They decided to go visit Cameron in the hoh room just to mess with him. He’d been hiding out in there and pretended like it was happy to see them. Eventually, Cameron left and told them they could enjoy his music. (This isn’t important but just another Cameron thing I think is weird. Every time he talks about his music, he says ” it’s a pop punk band from the early 2000’s.” Why not just say “it’s Fall out Boy?”

It’s similar to the way he watches the tv screen in his room. When he’s up there talking to someone and commenting about someone downstairs, he never said their names. For example once with Jared, Instead of saying ‘Cirie and Felicia are done Izzy,’ he said “those two on the couch, they’re done the one in flip flops.” (Yeah, I know, my talent isn’t in doing recaps. I think my talent lies in observing weird shit that no one cares about and feeling the need to bring it up)

There’s some new thing going on with Jag. Cirie, Felicia and Izzy all feel like he’s up to some shady stuff. They don’t trust him anymore. Cirie mentioned how Jag hasn’t made eye contact with her for 2 days. I don’t know if this was because of the deal he made with Cameron or if it’s something else. (It almost feels like I’ve missed an important conversation recently)

Regardless, they’re done with Jag. It’s not like they were loyal to him anyway so nothing’s really changed except they shit talk him now I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure which way Matt was really leaning about Jag. Cirie is the reason for it. If it was just Jared, I’d be tempted to think Matt was only playing along. With Cirie being sone with Jag, I’m leaning towards thinking Jag doesn’t have Matt anymore.

Izzy did some early campaigning, mostly to Jag and Bowie. She feels confident she has votes from Cirie, Jared, Cory, Matt and Blue. She thinks she’ll probably have America even with the new info she got from Blue. She knows she can’t trust America anymore but based on America’s bad relationship with Felicia, she thinks she’ll have her, if only for this week. She doesn’t need Jag or Blue but hey, why not try?

Jared put a totally different spin on the events of the weekend when he talked to Cirie. He also made a brief push to possibly evict Izzy. He said it was because she was the only one who “knows our thing.” I don’t think Matt heard it but he was in the room when Jared said it. (Trust me, as Jared likes to say, this one didn’t go anywhere)

America talked to Cameron again. After putting out feelers throughout the day, she tried to tell him he didn’t have the votes to take out Izzy. She tried to point out the obvious and what I discussed in yesterday’s recap. She told him some of the votes he’s counting on are people who are working close with Izzy. She told him Jared is very close to Izzy. He said “you’re wrong.” She even tried to wake him up by spilling last week. The convo went like this:

America: “Red was never the target last week. It was you.” Cameron: “No.” America: “Yes.” Cameron: “No.” America: “Yes.” (very long pause) Cameron: “No.” America: “Yes, I shouldn’t be telling you all this and I’m saying too much but yes, you were the target!” (another long pause) Cameron: “No.” (OK, the plus side to Cirie’s side only taking a smaller hit this week if Felicia leaves, will be Cameron’s face when Izzy stays)

I don’t know what Cory’s move is going to be going forward but he’s gonna have to come up with something. I also don’t know how much damage America did to both Cory and herself yesterday. It’s not a big deal that Jared mentioned wanting America out even before Cameron because, it’s Jared. The problem is, once everything America was doing gets out, I could see more people thinking the same. Well, they still may want Cameron out first but I could see America going on the block beside him. If that happens and Cameron wins the veto, guess who could be going home next week?

The only positive for Cory and America’s games at the moment is Cory knows he has to start winning comps now. It’s earlier than he’d hoped but it is what it is. Jared’s bad attitude and sloppy game play over the weekend could end up being a plus for Cory as well. Jared has been a huge blind spot for Cory. If he stops trying to work with Jared, some things could finally happen in this house.

The plan for now, is to leave Meme out of keeping Izzy. I think it’s a huge mistake but in the end, I don’t think it will happen. I think Cirie will have a talk with her about how Izzy would be a better benefit in coms and Felicia spills too much information, etc. It still might not go well because Meme is all about the brown sugar babes alliance. Like Cory, she’s another one who needs a kick in the ass. Meme realizing BSB isn’t the “real alliance” any more than the others, may be what she needs to start doing more in the game.

Cirie, izzy and Jared better watch out. They’ve turned Bowie against them for absolutely no reason. They’re talking mad shit about Jag. Jared’s ruined the relationship with Cory and they never really had America. I don’t see the house coming together to vote out Izzy on a Cameron HOH but I could see it happening during someone else’s HOH…..someone like Cory or America.

Have a great Tuesday!


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