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Big Brother 25-Monday Recap for 9/4/23

September 5, 2023 | 24 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, it was a much slower day yesterday. By slow, I mean they talked game about as much as they would on a busy day in another season. They had the veto ceremony and for now, have settled on this week’s target.

Felicia started the morning with a bit of camera talking. She did a couple of shoutouts to family, discussed having her morning tea and requested more pepper. (That never gets old)

Later, she also requested a couple more cake mixes for Red’s birthday celebration. She told them 1 simply wasn’t enough, she preferred 3 but would try to make due with 2 if necessary.

The night before, Jag had been backed into a corner and practically forced to volunteer to go up next to Red. While Seven Deadly Sins were meeting upstairs, Felicia pointed at him and said ‘put up Jag, problem solved’ or something similar. What made it worse, was the fact that Blue suggested he go up before anyone else did. I’d mentioned a few days ago that Blue seemed to have a moment of clarityThursday night, after the HOH comp and after Jag got to stay in the house.

She and Jag seemed to be putting the pieces together about Cirie, her running the house and not being able to trust her. I’d also mentioned that I wondered what a few days in the HOH room would do to change Blues new outlook. Well, it seems to have changed everything. Not only did she suggest Jag go on the block, all her game talk has gone back to catch phrases and shit that doesn’t make any sense.

The night of the eviction, Blue was also telling Jag they should trust America. She and America have been having good talks and she believed America was on their side. That went out the window too. After getting her off put up as the pawn, she spent yesterday trashing America’s game and trying to make her a target. (This is all Jared because he doesn’t like America)

The original plan was to avoid telling Cory, America and Matt that Jag was the target until later in the week. After America said something to Ciriei and Izzy about Jag being the target, they spent the first part of the day trying to figure out who talked to America. They knew it had to be either Cory or Matt. After mentioning it to Jared, he told them Cory didn’t know yet.

This went on for quite a while. Later, while Cirie, Izzy and Felicia were talking in the kitchen. Cirie mentioned trying to figure out who told America and Felicia volunteered that she’d told her. I know Cirie was annoyed with her but they all laughed at the absurdity of it. (Matt also told her) Felicia’s loose lips have become a problem for the group but that’s not why Cirie is targeting her soon. It’s just going to be the excuse she gives.

Matt put in alot of time trying to make Red the target yesterday. None of this is really worth going over because all his ideas revolve around things Reilly told him. The reason he doesn’t like or trust Cory and America is because Reilly told him not to just before she left. She also told him to trust and work with Cirie. He even admitted to Jag ast night that if it weren’t for Reilly telling him, he wouldn’t be working with Cirie. (Ya, I’d take all the game advice the person who left 2nd told me)

I’ve already mentioned the night Jag was evicted was when he and Blue had a long talk about Cirie running the house. The next morning, Jag and Matt made a secret alliance with her. I don’t think they ever came up with the name for it but they have a handshake and little shimmy dance or something. Matt wanted to name the alliance ‘Reilly’s Promise.’ Cirie and Jag didn’t care for it and that’s good. (It sounds like the name of a sad Hallmark movie) I didn’t mention it yesterday because well, it doesn’t matter. The only relevance is pointing out how Jag could be the most skeptical of Cirie on Thursday night and by Friday morning, he’s in a 3 person alliance with her.

Red said something about a ‘frog having wings and it’s butt hitting the floor’ or something during the veto ceremony. It’s probably a speech we won’t even get to hear unless production thinks it’s over the top hillbilly. In that case, I’m sure they’ll make time for it on the episode. When the feeds came back after the ceremony Jag was on the block against Red.

Red is the pawn and is completely miserable. I do think he believes he’s only a pawn but he’s sad over his break up with Cameron. I think they’ve only spoken a few words to each other since their talk by the hot tub. Several people have mentioned that he’s hung out in the kitchen constantly. I think it gives him something to do without it being so obvious he’s avoiding people.

Cirie has read convinced Felicia is trying to push people to evict him over Jag. She has him convinced she has his back, is staying on top of it and won’t let it happen. She told him he was going to enjoy his birthday. stay this week and break his birthday curse. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but Red’s talked about how he’s never had a good birthday. He’s brought up bad things that have happened on his birthday, times his mom or people forgot about it, etc.

They’re also planning some kind of birthday celebration for him today and they were talking about either dressing up like him or doing skits and acting like him. I’m not sure but if the feeds don’t cut, it it might be something mildly entertaining later today.

Cory tried again a little to push for Red to be the target. He’s realized it’s not going to work and talked to Amanda about having to take the loss on this one. He realized he went too hard the day before.

Meanwhile, America spent a little more time with Felicia. She must have done something right because she’s got Felicia wanting to keep her around a while longer. Not that it matters because Cirie and Izzy are on to the things she’s been doing. Cirie’s made comments in front of Felicia like “if anyone I’m working with throws my name out there, we’d be done.” She does this because she already knows Felicia’s thrown her name out there.

Cory had a long talk with Meme again which he’d seemed to give up on after he didn’t get anything back from her. He really wanted her in his endgame but Meme simply isn’t interested. While Cory’s off talking to America about how great Meme is, she’s off in another room talking about how Cory and America need to go soon. I have to say, Meme is irrationally hung up on the OTEV comp. She wants them out before they play in that one.

I get her point about getting rid of people that will do well in the question and days comps but OTEV? I don’t think she’s watched enough of the show to realize that OTEV has some pretty easy questions. The difficulty of the questions isn’t as important in that comp as the speed that you can find the answers you need.

Cory and America keep trying to find a bed they can both sleep in together. The night before, they tried the scary room but those beds are pretty small. Last night, they tried the scramble room. It didnt go much better. (Here’s a thought, don’t sleep together. Hang out in the hammock at night and then go to your separate beds) I get it, young people, hormones, blah, blah, blah but come on. At one point, America was hanging off the edge of the bed and finally had to get out of it in the middle of the night.

Most of the house is irrationally worried about Cameron winning the next HOH. The exceptions are Corey and America. They don’t like Cameron (at all) anymore but they’re still hoping he might win and take a shot at Cirie and Izzy for them. Once again, I think Cory is underestimating his opponent.

Late night meeting to confirm Jag is the target. (I think this was just for Cameron and Bowies benefit):

While he’s been off cuddling with America or trying too hard to keep Jag this week, Cirie and Izzy have been busy. Cirie’s been putting in work with Cameron to make him feel like the Legend 25 alliance is real. Even Izzy had a long talk with Cameron, who ended up telling Izzy he loved her. Granted, Cameron is overly dramatic and says weird shit but you get the point. It’s possible but I don’t think it’s guaranteed that Cameron is only biding his time and will still take that shot. He lost Red, he needs people and Cirie and Izzy are pretending they have him.

Felicia trying to enforce her bedtime curfew:

Not only that, Cameron’s been mad at America for rejecting him. He made a comment about about how he’d put so much time into her for her to just end up ignoring him or something like that. She never ended up going off on him like she’d considered doing but she did question him about trying to get her on the block this week. When America threw out the comment “this feels like another Reilly situation,” Cameron was pissed. Cameron could just be biding his time and pretending he’s good with Cirie, Jared and the others. They could make him feel good enough about them that he might go after Cory and America instead.

America talked to Jag and gave him tips to campaign to Cirie and Izzy. She knows he’s the target but would like him to stay. She was honest with Felicia when she talked about it with her. When Felicia asked what America thought about it, America said she wanted Jag to stay she knew Red hated her for some reason and would target her. She also said that in spite of that, she would vote Jag out if that’s what everyone else wanted.

There was a lof the Jag vs Red debate which has become normal for this cast. I agree with something Cory said yesterday. Hw told America it will continue to be debated all week and by eviction, Jag will leave. It’s not worth getting into all the convos about it. After the first couple of evictions, I’ve learned my lesson. I realize all the flip-flopping isn’t worth talking about unless someone says something that gets them into trouble. They mainly just have to decide when to tell Matt what excuse to give him. He’s the only person they’re worried about needing to do any damage control.

Some Random Tidbits:

Cirie got into the shower with her fluffy slippers by accident. They were able to blow dry them tho and they’re fluffy again:

Cameron told Cory he felt like a father to Cory. Later, Cory said “he’s more like an absentee father who wants to sleep with my girlfriend.”

Jared told Cory he was annoyed that Blue was spending the entire week in the HOH room with him and brought all her stuff up there. Cory had to remind Jared that he TOLD Blue to bring all her stuff up there and stay.

Red hangs out with Bowie alot more now since the split with Cameron.

Cameron spends alot more time alone lately:

Today should mostly be Jag campaigning, Matt campaigning for Jag and Reds b-day party. Have a great Tueaday!


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