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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 9/14/23

September 15, 2023 | 20 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, yesterday included an outed blindside, a big argument, Izzy Piggy being evicted and the wall comp. To sum it up, it was a very full day! I’m anxious to hear how the hoh one on one’s go today. They usually start before or around the time I’m finishing the recap, so I’m hoping I can get through this one a bit quicker today. I felt like I was playing catch up yesterday with the feeds it’s until about an hour before the live show. (Thanks to those who answered my Jag question in the comments too, I was lost!)

Cirie and Izzy were up talking about being nervous first thing in the morning. Cirie said she hadn’t had a nervous feeling until the night before. There’s an energy in the house that past houseguests have described and sometimes, they just know when it’s off. Izzy and Cirie were both feeling it.

Im going back to the conversation from the evening before that Cirie had with Cory about America. After Cory told Cirie about ‘the break up,’ she’d told Cory maybe he shouldn’t cut America off entirely. She told him, coming from someone who’d played these games multiple times, relationships lasted longer than the game and he shouldn’t throw it away. It was after this Cory and America ended up ‘getting back together.’ Later, Cory even told America how sweet Cirie was during the conversation.

The relevant part of this is the convo Cirie had with Izzy afterwards. She was telling Izzy, they couldn’t say things about America to Cory. Cirie said it would only push Cory away from them and they still needed him. This was when Izzy really started getting nervous. She told Cirie about the conversation she’d had with Cory. (The one telling him America was using him, he was naive and she agreed with Jared about getting rid of her) You know, the conversation that got this whole Izzyy blindside going.

This is also how we got to yesterday morning with Izzy in the storage room. She was talking to the cameras and saying she might be going home. She said “one conversation could have ruined my entire game.”

Cirie was figuring this out on her own too. She was watching the TV screen from the HOH room and saw Matt walk past Izzy without speaking. Cirie said the vibe was off and said “Izzard is done.”

Jared checked in with Felicia and told her he thought she was fine. (So much for that plan to tell her the night before) She commented about no one being able to confirm she was staying. Sometime after this, Matt talked to Felicia and told her he thought she had the votes to stay. Once Jared found out Matt said this, the ball was rolling for the events of the day.

Jared went to Matt and pretended Jag told him the night before, people were planning to vote out Izzy. He’d gone to Cory and said the same thing. When they went back to talk to Matt, they found him with Cirie. Matt was busy telling Cirie, he didn’t think they had the votes to keep Izzy. Cirie told both Matt and Cory, if they voted to keep Izzy, she would stay. She said, the vote hinged on the 2 with them because they only needed 5.

Cory and Matt talked alone afterwards and were really mad at Jag. They discussed options but Cory said it was too late, they couldn’t flip the vote back. Corys goal was to figure out the best way to handle Jared. They talked about Jag being the next target after they got rid of Jared.

Cory told America what happened and discussed options with her too. They were trying to figure out if it was better to tell Jared they were flipping the vote in advance or just do it and apologize later. There was also alot of warning people what Jag had done.

Meanwhile, Jared was off telling Jag, he’d heard Cory and Matt may be flipping. He said he just wanted to check and make sure Jag was still solid.

Felicia was camera talking in the storage room, saying she was hurt the people she’d thought would fight for her, didn’t.

Jared went back to Matt and confronted him about Matt telling Felicia she was staying. Matt told him he had to flip his vote and he decided to vote out Izzy. He started telling Jared about the things he’d recently found out. He also said Cory was freaking out about Izzy too.

This was around the time Izzy was talking to both Cory and America. She’d changed her tune and was telling them, she didn’t have any intention of putting America on the block. (Too late Izabel)

Jared, Matt, Cory and Bowie all ended up back in the have not room. (Cirie and Jag joined midway thru the argument) Cory began calling Jared out on all of his lies. Jared pushed back and tried to turn it around on Cory. The gist of the argument was Cory trying to show how Izzy, Cirie and Jared were in the middle of everything. Jared was trying to show that Cory was actually the person playing the middle.

Cory did this by bringing up the Survivor thing and how Cameron only found out after he told Jared. Jared said Cory was a liar because Cory hadn’t told him that America knew about his brother. By the time Cirie joined them, Cory was pointing out he was in an alliance with them. (Cirie, Izzy, Jared) Matt and Jag were also in an alliance with them but Jared, Cirie and Izzy were the only people who were in both alliances.

Cirie tried to distract from the main issues and brought up how everyone had multiple appliances. She and Jared tried to get into the semantics of how some of these alliances had never had a meeting so therefore, they were bullshit. I enjoyed Cirie finally hearing just how bad Jared’s been playing the game.

I think the best point Jared made was showing Cory had lied to him too. Cory hadn’t lied about anything important but Jared’s delivery was more passionate. Cory scored his biggest point by getting Jared to admit he’d lied about Jag earlier in the morning. (Jag had never gone to Jared the night before and told him anything) Things got heated, there was yelling, it went on forever and it was still going on when the feeds went down for the day.

The funniest part of the argument to me was the moments Bowie joined in. She just sat there quietly and once in a while, chimed in to dispute something Cirie said. It’s as if her only goal in the conversation was to bust Cirie on something. I guess watching 2 grown men fight, while sitting on an oversized hot dog, was pretty funny too. (I’m assuming we’re going to see flashback clips of this argument on Sundays episode while they’re showing the wall comp)

Izzy was evicted 8-1, with Cirie giving her the 1 vote. I had a blast watching Izzy this season. I think I finally figured out who she reminds me of a little bit. Before you say I’m crazy, I’m not talking about her level of gameplay. I’m talking about the way she gamed 24/7, had tons of energy and felt ALL of the emotions, ALL of the time. She reminds me of Vanessa from BB17. Ironically, Vanessa was also someone who found out about a relationship in the house (the twins) and decided to keep quiet and work with them.

I enjoyed Izzy’s remarks to Cameron and Cory. I hope the people who complain about all the fake hugs, aren’t the same people complaining about the comment Izzy made to Cameron. (You can’t have it both ways folks) For anyone wondering about the secret Izzy left keeping, it wasn’t going to matter. Why should she blow up the games of people she’s grown to care about? The only way that secret would have ever helped her, would’ve been if she was on the block with one of Cirie or Jared.

With all the jokes this season calling Izzy, “Izzy Fields,” Cirie made it official in her good bye message. I know Izzy wanted to stay and play but in a way, she still left with something.

She left after playing over 40 days with one of her Survivor heroes. She can be proud that she played pretty well, most of the time. She single-handedly got one of the most cut throat players in reality tv to bawl her eyes out over her. Most importantly, she’s officially a member of the Field’s family now. Izzy didn’t win the game, but her dreams may have came true anyway.

Next, we moved on to a pretty short wall comp. What did we expect to happen? These people had just spent an entire week being have nots. On top of that, the wall comp lasted about the same amount of time last season. This one looked tougher to me compared to some of the wall comps in the past. Between water and goo, they were soaked almost immediately. I’m not surprised it was over as quickly as it ended.

There’s speculation that Bowie threw it. Not that it matters, but I hope we find more out about that today. She was looking really unstable at the time she fell so it’s possible she just fell. On the other hand, Bowie’s made it clear she doesn’t want the responsibility of being HOH.

The feeds came back on to Blue crying while talking to Jag. We found out America had pulled Blue aside and filled her in on the vote and what had been going on in the house. (Aftwr the feeds went down) Apparently, Blue went into the comp with this information.

Blue was apologizing to Jag and admitting how she’d been turned against him. They talked for a r long time, aired out a lot of things and are back in a good place together. America joined for a bit and so did Matt.

The first indication that everything Cory and America did hadn’t crumbled was Jag defending America. He was explaining to Blue how he’d been told things about America the eat Blue had been told things about Jag. He realized America was on their side.

The biggest revelation was Bue being upset that Bowie didn’t drop in the comp earlier. She said, she knew if Bowie would’ve dropped, Jared would’ve thrown it to her. She said she wanted to win it and put Jared and Cirie on the block. (I don’t know what all America told her but damn! I’ll even give her a ‘kitty kitty purr’ for that)

Then again, this is Blue we’re talking about. We’ve seen this happen once before. A week can be a long time in that house and with Jared as the new HOH, it could be even longer. Blue said she’s not falling for it anymore but I’m gonna hold off until I see how the week unfolds. I will say when she talked to Jared afterwards, She didn’t go spill everything to him like she has in the past.

Cory tried to explain to Cameron why he didn’t blame Izzy for her remarks last night. He said he still really liked Izzy. He said they both had good speeches and said he didn’t have any herf feelings. Cameron disagreed and said Izzy could have still left with some class. He also wondered who the 1 vote to keep her was from. America and Cory had to tell the man who knows everything that obviously, it was from Cirie. (duh)

Here’s the plan some of them have come up with to deal with Jared this week. Cory plans for he and America to stick to Cameron like glue. He wants them to be seen as a trio to at least give them a fighting chance this week. He feels confident he’s going on the block but doesn’t know if it will be with Jag or America. He’s hoping to keep Cameron as a backdoor option for Jared this week.

Cirie tapping Izzy’s picture as she walked by last night:

Jag, Blue and Matt want to pretend they they would still be loyal to the seven deadly sins. They want blame everything they found out on Izzy and act like they don’t believe Cory. They would pretend they still want to work with Jared and Cirie. At the same time, they want to distance themselves from Cory and America this week. The 3 of them talked as if they still trusted Cory so it seems Cory came out the winner during the hot dog argument.

Jared winning the HOH was the worst possible outcome for Cory, America, Jag and Matt. I didn’t include Cameron because he was probably screwed anyway. I also didn’t include Mimi because she came out of winner last night. She’ll take the least amount of heat for flipping the vote and she probably gained the most by Felicia staying.

This is Josh D falling over….

And attacking Meme. He needs to be ejected!

Jared had a long conversation with Blue. He was being self-centered, as usual. He was upset with her for crying when she lost the comp. He felt she should’ve been happy that he won. He didn’t understand why she was disappointed she’d lost. Blue questioned Jared about his alliances she wasn’t included in. He told her it was just stuff that was fake to keep him from being a target. She said she believed him and blamed everything that had upset her on Izzy. (This was their plan though)

Cirie told Felicia she knew she was staying but didn’t want Izzy to leave without 1 vote. It also sounded like her plan is to try and blend into the background as much as possible this week.

Here’s my questions heading into today:

Did Felicia figure out Cirie and Jared wanted to keep Izzy but is just playing along for now?

How long will it take for Cirie to flip Matt back over to working with her?

Can Jag truly keep his mouth shut? Will he keep trusting Cory and America while spending very little time with them this week? Will he start counting people and try to form another 7 or 8 person alliance?

How long will it take Blue to change her mind and start believing everything Jared says again?

What the hell was Cirie telling Jared right before he votes? Was she telling him to vote with the house in order to avoid it hurting his game?

I didn’t include noms in my questions because I’m assuming it’s going to be some combination of Cory America and Cameron.

Have a great weekend!


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