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Big Brother 25-Thursday Recap for 9/7/23

September 8, 2023 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello all, We finally got a mixed jury vote yesterday plus a new hoh! There was the option to keep it simple and go unanimous or they could leave 4 people out of the vote to throw Felicia and Meme under the bus. They went with an easier plan that met in the middle. “Easier” doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some cleanup to do in the house so let’s go over it. (Sorrry I’m so late today!)

Before the eviction, there was a lot of last minute talk about the vote. (as usual) Cirie and Izzy had been working out a 6-4 split which would leave Felicia and Meme on the outs, along with Cameron & Bowie. If you go back a bit further, they’ve been throwing Felicia under the bus for over a week now. Ever since Cirie found out that Felicia outed her F2 with her and said Cirie talked too much, Cirie has been after her. It isn’t just that information, Felicia’s too loose with a ton of info. It makes her a liability to work with her.

Mimi woke up, went to Felicia and told her she thought they needed to reconsider. She thought Jag needed to go instead. If she could’ve gotten the votes, Jag could’ve left because of some leftovers. (Yes, a leftover steak) I think I mentioned in yesterday’s recap about Matt and Jag making fajitas out of Meme’s leftover steak. (Okay it wasn’t really about the steak) Meme had gotten up late in the night and told Felicia that Matt, Jag, America and Cory were all together.

Actually, Matt & Jag we’re hanging out together and Cory & America were hanging out together. Meme thought it looked suspicious because they’ve been paranoid Reilly’s old alliance could get back together. She doesn’t realize Cory and America have figured out they can’t trust Matt or Jag. (America’s still a bit in denial)

Red made everyone pancakes:

This is what got the ball rolling yesterday morning. Felicia started making the rounds, trying to save Red. Red noticed a bunch of activity and got paranoid. Since Cirie had already convinced Red that Felicia was trying to get rid of him this week, he thought she was working on getting the votes to take him out. What Red didn’t know was he was already going home. Felicia was actually working on the votes to keep him.

Cameron tried to talk to Red yesterday. Cameron told him nothing had ever changed for him but said he would leave him alone. Red didn’t say anything back to him.

Felicia being Felicia, make a quick decision and started spreading it around. She caught Jared in the storage room and told him the plan had changed. He just said okay, which should’ve been a red flag but it wasn’t.

With the new situation, Cirie, Izzy and Cory talked and realized they needed to play It a bit safer. (Cory still preferred the 6-4 tho) We found out Izzy talked to Felicia about an hour before the live show. She told Felicia that Red had been saying her name.

They filled in Meme and the vote became 8-2. (It was the smarter play because I still don’t know how they could’ve gotten away with blaming those votes on someone else) Red was evicted, blindsiding Red, Cameron and Bowie.

Red told Bowie earlier in the day, if he was evicted, he was planning on calling out Felicia. Felicia had slipped up yesterday afternoon and made a couple of comments as if Red was leaving. For example, he had a cupcake and she asked if he was planning on taking it home with him. Bowie stepped in and said “no, it’s his and he’s going to eat it….here…in this house.” (Bowie had also been warned by Cirie that Felicia was trying to do some shady shit)

I don’t think Red changed his mind about calling out Felicia. (I wish he would’ve because it would have been hilarious since she was trying to keep him) I think he was so shocked, everything was just a blank. At least Julie got the ball rolling by asking him why he didn’t bother talking to Cameron about what Jared said.

I imagined he’ll be asking himself that question a lot more today. I don’t have the stats but I’m going to make an educated guess and say: I believe Red is the first person to be evicted with his nipples showing.

I enjoyed getting to see a live HOH comp last night. It was so funny knowing people have been running around the house counting things for a question comp. When they get a question comp, It’s about counting farts.

What I enjoyed even more, was seeing the looks on everyones faces when Cameron won it. I’ve made no secret that I don’t like Cameron….at all.

And one more:

However, any time the house target (and I mean the entire house) wins HOH it’s hilarious! (Poof, there goes everyone’s plans)

Best Tweet I saw last night:

After that, it was just a scramble to see who was in the most trouble. People were trying to cover themselves for leaving him out of the vote. Bowie was pissed off and the entire house was nervous.

Apparently, Bowie asked some questions, Cirie got defensive and asked “who hasn’t lied in this house?” (I only saw a clip of this, not the conversation so don’t hold me to this one)

Cory and his mustache:

Well, almost everyone scrambled because Cory was pretty happy about it. After Cameron started acting so creepy towards America, Cory realized he may need to work with Jag instead of Cameron. He kept trying with Jag couldn’t get anywhere and gave up. After that, he knew it was better for him if Cameron stayed and takes Jag out for him.

Cory may not know it but I think this was a gamble on his part. Cameron was probably lying this past week but if he wasn’t, Cory’s not out of the woods yet. Cameron was telling most people that he would put Blue and America on the block. He also said, if one of them came down, Cory would be the replacement.

For now, it does seem that he was lying about it. Cameron told Bowie in private last night that Jag needed to go. He also told Blue, she would be going up as a pawn.

I’ll get back to that conversation in a minute…but first, (haven’t used that one this season) let’s go over how the hg’s are trying to cover themselves. Jared told Cameron Wednesday night, he was hearing rumblings about people trying to flip the vote against Red. This has convinced Cameron that Jared didn’t know it was going to happen either. I guess that’s believable but here’s the part that isn’t. Cameron is supposed to believe that Jared and Blue weren’t on the same page?

Matt, who had Cameron convinced they were working together, acted as if it was last minute and he didn’t want to be in the minority. Matt gave the same reason about Cirie to Cameron. (I’m not sure if he bought it tho) Matt passed this story on to Cirie later in the night and she thanked him.

If what Cameron told Bowie is true, Jag is his target again. He could also be setting up a back door for Izzy. If you remember, that’s where he was leaning on his first HOH. Red is the one who talked about of it but Red isn’t there anymore. There’s also the tension with Cory, America and Cameron lately. His plan could be anything. I mean, almost the entire house lied to him but he can only take out 1 person.

When Cameron talked to Blue, he told her he wanted to work with her and could almost guarantee she’d be safe. He told her he needed her to win the veto but wouldn’t say anything specific. He said he hadn’t even told the DR what he was going to do yet. (I don’t know why you would need to tell the DR on Thursday night anyway but Cameron has a flair for the dramatic) He talked about being mad he was left out of the vote, said he wasn’t stupid and would’ve voted with them.

He said it was a slimy way to play the game and the blind sides were ridiculous. He said he felt awful after they did that to Hisam and how they should’ve just told Red. He said there wasn’t a reason to blindside people unless they just wanted the shock and awe for tv. He also said “if they want to play the shock and awe game, I’ll play the shock and awe game.”

Cameron is playing a simple game and doesn’t understand there’s absolutely a need for blind sides. Along with our viewing pleasure, there’s also the need for damage control. If you tell people they’re leaving, they can go tell your secrets and get you into trouble. Cameron doesn’t understand this because he hasn’t played a very active game. He doesn’t have secrets that could be exposed.

Unlike with Jag and his willingness to go back to the alliance that voted him out, I’ll give Cameron credit for his secrecy. I’ll also give him credit for being pissed off at the entire house. He knows he was left out of the loop, knows he was lied to and knows they were mad as hell what he won the HOH. For now, he only feels good about Bowie, Jared and possibly Matt and Cory. Hopefully, that will get sorted out more today. (Who he actually trusts) It’s too soon to know if Cameron bought some of the reasons people didn’t tell him about the vote.

I don’t know if Jag and Blue will go on the block or if its something like America and Blue, with Jag as a back door. (Blue hopes its America) What I do know is, Blue was really upset over it. She tried telling Cameron that other people had been rude to him and other people had lied to him. She couldn’t understand why she was being singled out and even threw out “have you talked to Jared about this?” (I guess she thought the former “first lady of the HOH” would still hold a bit of power)

She had a weird conversation with herself about deserving an Oscar for how much she cried to Cameron. It was confusing because, wouldn’t she only deserve an Oscar if the tears had worked? They didn’t.

This should give you the vibe of their conversation: Blue’s crying, almost to the point of fake hyperventilating. She keeps telling Cameron “I won’t have the votes to stay.” Cameron says, “Yeah, I heard you the first 6 times.” She said something about “in what world do this make sense?” Cameron called her Jasmine (from the Disney movie) and started singing ‘it’s a whole new world’ to her. (Cameron’s a weird dude)

At one point, Blue joked that if his plan didn’t work, she was going to punch him in the face. Cameron told her to say she was joking. He said he got called in to the DR about a similar comment when Reilly was in the house. (I remember him making a comment to Reilly about punching her. I just didn’t know the DR called him in to talk to him about it)

Later Blue talk to Meme and was very frustrated. She couldn’t really tell Meme what Cameron had said because she said “he talks in riddles.” (True)

Those are the highlights and for a few smaller things:

Bowie passed on to the people in the comic room Cameron would be targeting Jag. Cameron knows about the issue with Felicia but told Bowie he wasn’t going after her this week.

Jared asked Blue if he proposed on finale night would she say yes? She told him she would say yes right now so of course she would. (What the hell?) She also told Jared her efforts with Cameron didn’t work and she would be going on the block.

Cameron got another letter from his daughter. She talked about having just started 3rd grade. Everyone faked being happy for Cameron when he got his HOH room.

They all talked about the punishments for the week. I guess they have a stink-o-meter and its announced after they used the restroom. Here’s blue getting a 1 on the meter.

It sounds like they also have to wear gas masks at certain times. They started working on a schedule for when they have to be in the have not room. Matt may be disappointed with the company because he’ss preferred sleeping in the have not room almost since the beginning of the season. He won’t like all these new roommates.

Jag said he planned to talk to Cameron and ask why they would go after each other. He wants to tell him they are both at the bottom of the house pyramid so they should work together. (No shit? You don’t say?)

Cory and America cuddled. Cory’s biggest worry last night seemed to be avoiding the temptation of kissing America.

I know some of you are bummed Cameron may not make the move you’d like this week. Maybe this will make you feel a little better. (Maybe not) There’s no one in the house except Cameron that may possibly make a move against Izzy and Cirie this week. No, we don’t know if he will either but we do know, no one else was going to do it. Even the people like America, who want to make the move, wanted to take Cameron out first. She wasn’t planning on doing it this week.

Here’s something else about Cirie. Obviously, she and Jared have a huge advantage in the game. No one’s disputing that. However, the reason she’s in a good position this week is because of a ton of work she’s done with Matt, Jag, Bowie and others. She’s also put in alot of work against Felicia. Jared was smart enough to cover himself with Cameron by warning him on Wednesday night people were trying to flip the vote. These are the small details in the game that really matter.

I want Cirie to have to play on her own. I’m just saying, she’d probably be in the same position she’s in this week without having Jared in the house. If you think about it, it would’ve been better for her game to keep Red. They decided to get rid of him because of Jared’s mistakes with Red. She still needs Jag gone because of Jared’s mistakes too. The biggest help they’ll be to each other will be towards the end of the game. For now, he’s been as much of a hindrance as he has a help.

I’m only bringing this up because of some of the comments I’ve read lately. (I’m not talking about this site necessarily) I’ve read that Cirie isn’t a good player, she isn’t doing anything, she’s not winning comps, she’s having people do everything for her, etc. (Well, no shit?) They’re right, that isn’t the mark of a good player. That describes an amazing player!

It isn’t her fault that Blue doesn’t realize she should’ve spilled the seven deadly sins alliance to Cameron to keep her ass off the block. Jag should’ve done the same thing last week. That’s before we even get into Blue knowing about Jared’s mom being in the house. I’m only saying, these players have the information they need to get Cirie and her inner circle targeted. If they don’t do it, that’s on them.

I’m not rooting for Cirie to win but I’m not rooting against her either. I AM rooting for one of Cirie or Jared to go and I’d just like it to be Jared. (Actually, if I had to choose, I’d be rooting for America, Izzy and Cory at the moment) I don’t see Jared or Cirie leaving anytime soon unless someone starts talking. For now, I’m just going to enjoy the chaos and wait for whatever Cameron does this week. I’m also waiting to see what this big jury announcement is Julie was talking about last night.

Cameron will make his nominations later today so for now, I hope you all have a great weekend!


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