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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 9/12/23

September 13, 2023 | 12 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, its another day down in the BB house. The have not thing’s been working on some of them. Jared spent a whole day in bed and Cory’s lost almost 20 pounds this season. I think he’s had the hardest time with it and he isn’t big enough to lose that much weight. (If the wall comp is next, I dont know if he’d have the energy to hang on even if his size is built for that comp) My brain doesn’t function well if I miss lunch. I can’t imagine having to keep stories straight and strategize on only 200 calories a day. (That’s what Cory has averaged during have nots, this time and the last) This is before you factor in the cold showers, wearing gas masks, and the energy to make out with America?

The theme for the season usually gets forgotten part way through the season. It’s a running joke at this point. This year may be different and the players may keep it going on their own because it really does seem like a multiverse. On one hand, it’s a season that feels slowed down by Cirie controlling the game. On the other, I’ve never seen so much gaming in the first 40 days…ever! Cirie even asked Izzy if it’s always like this every year. (No Cirie, it isn’t!) It’s similar to how the episodes were crap the first couple weeks but the feeds were crazy. (I guess it’s more like parallel universes)

It’s the same way with the players and their strategies. On one hand, some should work with Cameron to go against the power in the house. On the other hand, it’s Cameron. He can’t have a normal conversation, let alone be reasoned with, so how can anyone work with him? How can anyone do anything when any and all shared info gets ratted out almost immediately? That’s sort of what I’ll be going over with this recap. It’s what some of them could be doing and why the obvious moves probably won’t work this year.

Yesterday was a surprise, although it was several days too late. America had her talk with Cameron the evening before, where she laid everything out for him. We listened to him tell her she was wrong about it all. After sleeping on it, he finally accepted what she’d told him. (Sort of, he makes it sound like he figured it out on his own but that parts not a surprise)

They day also started with Jag talking to Jared. After Jag’s talk with America the night before, I’m sure he was feeling confused. America tried telling him he couldn’t trust Blue with game info. She explained how their talk about making a F3 together got ratted out to Izzy. She’d told him if he didn’t do it, it had to be Blue. You could tell it was too much for Jag to accept. (I think the entire game has gotten to Jag)

He just wanted a simple 7 or 8 peraon alliance that would be loyal. It’s what hes tried since day 2 of the game. (Jag seems like someone who’d watch the show but had no idea how much gaming went on behind the episodes) Anyway, Jag went a different direction from Cameron. He took some of the info America had given him and ran it back to Jared yesterday morning. He didn’t spill everything but it was enough.

Meanwhile, Cirie and Izzy were talking about Izzy having the votes to stay. Cirie also mentioned needing to get America out soon now that she and Cory were making out. They don’t believe Cory anymore about not sharing everything with America since they’ve gotten closer. (It’s exactly what Cory worried what happened but you know, 21, raging hormones and all) Cirie was also trying to figure out why Jared is done with Cory. (We’d all like to know since it’s not rational)

I may seem like a hypocrite this season because I haven’t been bashing America and Cory for their showmance. If you know my past feelings on the subject, I don’t like them and I usually stop rooting for players as soon as they get into one. It’s usually because they get all lovey dovey and stop playing the game. This one’s fascinated me so I guess that’s why I haven’t been complaining about it. They’re both superfans and they’re both still trying to play hard. Not only that, their game play has been both fascinating and frustrating to watch. (That means I’m being entertained)

Cory and America hugging while vertical:

There’s been several days on the feeds where I’ve watched Cory arguing for something on one camera and watch America argue for the exact opposite on another….at the same time. They’re working together but want different things. This week’s a good example of it. America wants Izzy out and Cory needs her to stay. Cory wants to wait for the right moment to make a move against Cirie. America wants to light a match and watch It all burn. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a couple work this way before so it interests me. I guess that’s why I’m okay with this pairing for now.

Anyway, back to yesterday, Cory talked to Cameron. If you recall, Cory had already figured out Jared was against him now but didn’t know why. Cameron filled in some of the blanks. He told Cory about the trash talking Jared’s been doing regarding Cory and America. Cory now knows Jared said he planned to put them both on the block next week if possible.

They also talked about the vote and this is where Cameron loses people. Since Cameron knows everything in advance of it even happening, he doesn’t take in information very well. He doesn’t have the ability to see the game thru other peoples perspectives. It’s why Cirie could have one conversation with Cam, tell him she’d think it over (about voting out Izzy) and in his mind, he’s got Cirie. There’s never any reflection or wondering ‘why would Cirie consider getting rid of someone she’s working so closely with in the game?’

Cameron told Cory they might have Cirie, they definitely had Matt and Jag and so on. He talked to Cory about wanting to form a group with Cory, America, Bowie, Matt, Jag and himself. He made it clear, he couldn’t work closely with Cory until after Izzy was gone.

Cory thinking he found a napping spot the cameras couldn’t see:

Cory told Cirie and Izzy almost immediately about his conversation with Cameron. He took a lot of heat for this yesterday from the fans but I understood why he did it. In a house where everyone tells everything, you have to be the first one to spill. If you’re not and you get asked about it because someone else told first, you look like you’re only telling because you got busted.

Based on prior situations with Matt and Jag, Cory knows Cameron doesn’t know what’s happening. He knows Matt is probably going to tell them and knows Jag will probably tell Blue, which we’ll still get back to them through her. Cory understands the only way to make a move in the house that’s locked down this tight is to stay in good standing with the people in power until you have some power of your own.

In this area, she blows her cover too soon. In another area, she waits too late to do things. These are 2 mistakes America has continued to make. While Cirie was telling Jared to get buddy buddy with Cameron the night before Red was evicted, meaning the night before the HOH comp, America waited way too late. If she was going to tell Cameron what had been happening in the house, she needed to do it Thursday night or Friday morning. All this info needed to come out before he made his nominations. Sure, Cams on to Jared now but who cares? The noms are locked.

Cameron talked to Jag and in the HOH room and basically had the same conversation he had with Cory. To give Cameron just a bit of credit, he didn’t bust America on how he gained all his new info. He explained to Jag how he’d been duped by Jared and told Jag that Blue was doing the same thing to him. This was a lot for Jag to take in but after his convo with America the night before, it seemed like he was kind of listening. At the same time, he did the same as when he spoke with America the night before. Jag’s someone who can’t handle the betrayal. He sort of goes into denial about everything and that’s what he did again.

Izzy went upstairs and tried to interrupt the conversation. Cameron asked her to give them a few more minutes and she ran back downstairs to report to the others. She said Jag was laying on the couch with his feet up and it looked like a cozy convo. Since they’re already skeptical of Jag, this fit with what they were already thinking.

Jag came downstairs and they asked what Cam had said. Jag told them Cam was talking about the vote. He told a partial truth and said Cameron told him Izzy was his target. This wasn’t really giving up much since everyone already knew it.

Jared had a chat in the HOH room with Cameron and Bowie too. He told them America was going all over the house telling people Jared was after her. He was annoyed by it and didn’t get why she was saying it. (I guess he forgot about telling anyone that would listen he was after her all weekend) Jared told Cameron he thought the votes might be there to take out Izzy after all and mentioned Blue was mad at him for something.

Meme showering with her gas mask:

Bowie mentioned how she’d had a good talk with Meme. Jared told Bowie to watch out for her and what she told her. Jared said Meme was very close to Felicia. (Why does that matter Jared if you’re trying to keep Felicia?)

Meanwhile, Cory worked on getting closer to Matt. They talked about Cameron’s plan of them grouping up and working together and their doubts about working with Cameron. They agreed not to let Cirie and Izzy know they may be getting closer. (No idea if Matt’s sincere) They also agreed they needed to work on America and Jag over the vote. They both want Izzy to stay but both know America and Jag want her to go.

Side Note: I’m starting to think Matt is still loyal to Jag, in spite of the comvos he joined in with Jared and Blue about him. I think he’s still loyal to Cirie more than he is Cory but is keeping options open. It’s also possible he’s figured out how to play the game and is telling all of them what they want to hear.

America and Meme had a chat about the vote too. Meme said she wanted Felicia to stay. She said she liked Izzy but was closer to Felicia. America told her it’s what she wanted too. Meme’s been closer to Felicia than Cirie since the beginning of the season. It’s not surprising since Cirie is so linked up with Izzy. It’s frustrating to watch Meme’s game because if she was a more active player, she’d realized she might actually be able to keep Felicia this week.

There was a really funny moment on the feeds when Felicia was talking to the cameras or Mister B. She was asking for a power that would save both Izzy and herself. While she was jokingly asking for this to happen, Cirie was behind her, mouthing the words “no, no” because Cirie wants her to go.

After the seven deadly sins were in a room together, minus Izzy and Felicia, they talked about how and when to tell Felicia she was going. They agreed they Ihave too much respect for her to blindside her. She’s also asked to be told if she’s the one going she can enjoy her remaining time in the house. They settled on telling her after dinner when the have nots end. Jared said he wanted her to cook one more meal for him before he told her. He’s worrying more than usual about the cooking after Felicia leaves. I’m sure it’s because this is happening while there have nots.

Side Note: Jared recently told Blue he’d heard Cirie was a pretty good cook. It was during a conversation about how they’d eat after Felicia left. At this point, I’m completely confused. I’m not going to pretend to know what Blue knows. If she still thought Felicia was his mom, why isn’t she asking why Jared wants her out? If she thinks Cirie is his mom, why is he talking about her cooking skills like she’s a stranger? Is there a third option? Has Blue simply forgotten Jared’s mom’s in the house (Make it make sense!)

Back to the seven deadly sins meeting…They talked about the need to stick together, not allow themselves to get paranoid when they see people talking and the usual stuff Cirie orchestrates to get people to ignore their gut feelings. She’s also acted as if she’s still debating which person would be better to keep this week. Her fake debating over the decision also included plenty of pros for keeping Izzy.

America had a game talk with Bowie. She and Cory had recently talked about trying to work with her. America was still campaigning to get rid of Izzy which was easy enough with Bowie since she’d like Izzy to leave.

It wasn’t good enough because later, Cirie had a conversation with Bowie too. Although they’d patched things up after Red’s eviction, Bowie was still pretty much done with them as an alliance. She’s been telling people it freed her up and she’s a free agent now. Cirie did what Cirie does and reeled Bowie back in. Bowie may be done with her old alliance but she’s not done with Cirie. She even had Bowie back to trash talking Cameron a little bit before the conversation ended.

I mentioned earlier the difference in how Cirie and America were operating. It was the way Cirie planned for a Cam HOH in advance and America waited until all the HOH’s decisions were locked in before she went to work. It’s the same with Bowie because Cirie has conversations and then she goes and follows up. She checks in with people on the regular to make sure they still feel good about her.

America tends to pop in for a quick convo, drop off some dynamite and leave. Several days or a week may go by before she checks back in with people. It’s what happened with Jag the other night. You could visibly see how all the Blue info was upsetting Jag. America should’ve talked to him about it again yesterday morning. He’d had a night to sleep on it so maybe he would’ve been ready for another conversation. That’s not what happened so Jag woke up and ran to Jared to tell on her.

Cory and America talked about the vote again. They talked about their position in the game and the pros and cons of voting out Izzy. I understand Cory’s reluctance to vote her out. Cory is playing this game for himself. He’s had conversations with Izzy to make sure she’s playing It for herself too. He has no idea Izzy is playing for Cirie, even if Izzy doesn’t think that’s what she’s doing.

Cory couldn’t possibly know that and Izzy has been what is holding Jared off from going after Cory. (from his perspective) He’s making a mistake but it’s not a stupid one. From where he sits, Izzy is loyal to him and he needs to keep her in the game. He’s not entirely wrong because she IS loyal to him, but only to a certain point.

Matt’s filling up his picture board:

Jag and Matt had a talk about America. They agreed they did need to keep her close but said they don’t trust her. Jag said not to give her any info because she spills it to everyone. They think she’s giving Cameron info too. They talked about thinking that Cameron was trying to get into people’s heads. They said they needed to stick with their 7 alliance (soon to be 6) and just rock it from there. They both agreed they didn’t want America or Bowie to win the next HOH because they think they’re both working with Cameron. Jag gave up on trying to take out Izzy and agreed it was best to keep her.

More pics with Josh:

Jared talked to America and asked her why she thought he was coming after her. He wanted to know if it was from anything Cameron had said to her. (real subtle bro) She said no and said maybe it was just slop paranoia or maybe because they didn’t talk all that much. He assured her he wasn’t coming after her and she agreed it was probably just a big ole misunderstanding. (Haha)

Cory and America talked again. Cory told her they didn’t have the votes to keep Felicia like she thought. America was counting Matt and Cory told her she didn’t have him. Cory said he’d like a group of America, Bowie, Matt, Jag and himself. He said his was concern was that he didn’t trust Matt not to be running back info to Cirie. (Cory figured out that Matt is the new Cory) They can’t factor in Cam because if he doesn’t win the veto next week, he’s probably gone. (He’s also an idiot so there’s that little obstacle too)

Cameron worked on Matt some more and pitched to get rid of Izzy again. After some reflection, he’s finally accepted the final piece America was trying to give him the other night. Along with people like Jared and Blue, he’s accepted Cirie must be full of shit too. He told Matt he’s done with all of them. He counted the votes to take out Izzy and went into how they needed to work together, who the group would be, blah, blah, blah.

Matt immediately ran the whole convo back to Cirie. Matt named off all the people Cameron is trying to work with and Cirie was surprised Blue wasn’t included in it. She’s also figuring out that Cam is on to Jared. Afterwards, Cirie and Izzy talked about needing to cut America soon. (Didn’t I say this yesterday?) They want her out right after they take care of Cameron because they know she’s threatening their games.

A pig and a Survivor player in a dog bed….(there’s a joke here, I just can’t figure it out):

Felicia did some campaigning throughout the day but by evening was telling Meme she didn’t think she had the votes. She said she didn’t think she’d have Cirie or Jareds votes.

Meme questiones this but Felicia pointed out the reason Jared didn’t use the veto was because he didn’t want Cirie to go on the block. She thinks that means Jared is a lot closer to Cirie than he is to Felicia. (Well, no shit Felicia! Forget the mother & son part, you made a final 2 with Jared and he didn’t take you off the block)

Some other things to note:

Cirie doesn’t want Felicia to make dinner tomorrow night. It’s because they’re planning on telling her she’s going home right after and she doesn’t want her to feel like she’s been used. (Jared should take notes)

Cirie’s decided not to make the same mistake they made with Bowie regarding Meme. Although some people wanted to leave her out of the vot,e Cirie wants Meme included. At first, the plan was to tell her about an hour before the eviction but now, Cirie wants to tell her before they tell Felicia.

Blue spent part of the day upset with Jared. I guess they were having a talk about Issues Jared needed to work on. (She’s a ‘I can fix him kind of girl’) Blue pointed out that Jared was a very petty person. Unfortunately, Jag got in on the conversation and played Dr. Phil. (All this will do is make the target on Jag bigger as far as Jared’s concerned)

Jared was annoyed with Blue because she said something about being his girlfriend or wanting to be his girlfriend. He talked to Cirie and Izzy like Bl was insane. (Let’s see, where could Blue have gotten such a crazy idea? Remember the other day when Jared asked her if she would say yes if he proposed to her at the finale?)

All of America’s convos with Blue did NOT include America giving Blue any information. (Finally, yeah America!!)

Cory and America made out and talked about how screwed they were in the game. There was talk about how to work with Matt and Jag without giving them information they’d run back to Cirie. (I agree, that’s gonna be a tough one) Cory also brought up needing to get Jared out of the house. (Ok, I may officially be a member of the Cory Wertenberger fan club now) Unfortunately, he’s figured out what we already knew. How the hell is he going to make it happen?

Yeah, I know it seems simple enough coming from us. It’s really not when you think about it. The easy solution is to recognize the power in the house, gather the people on the outside of it and go against them. The reality is quite different. Who thinks Cameron is a good alliance member? You can’t even have a normal conversation with the man, let alone strategize with him. He’s already blown up one alliance they were in with him.

Then you move on to Matt. He’s still working with Cirie because the person who left 2nd this season told him it’s what he needed to do. You’ve also got Jag, who isn’t going to be quick to ditch Blue, his closest person in the house.

Houseguests lining up for the last of Felicia’s cooking:

There’s Cory and America, who want to make a move and know they need to do it. Unfortunately, they can’t get on the same page about what that move needs to be. They’d also need to work with Bowie, who they feel they can trust, but she only started playing the game a couple of days ago.

Things could be looking up though, because Cory & America finally realize they need to win the HOH. They’ve also (for the most part) figured out who they need to target.

As for Felicia, I’m gonna miss her. She wasn’t a token older person put in the house, who just sat around waiting to be evicted. She really played the game. Yes, she played it really messy but she was playing. I really don’t want to lose her this early. I’ve gotten addicted to her grocery requests, her laugh, her directness when grilling people and so much more. Then again, sometimes it’s better to ‘leave ’em wanting more.’ If she leaves tomorrow, she’ll definitely be leaving me wanting more Miss Felicia!

Don’t forget tonight is a 2 hour episode and have a great Wednesday!


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