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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap for 9/5/23

September 6, 2023 | 15 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, Red had a great birthday yesterday and according to him, it’s the first good one he’s ever had. Now, how’s the rest of his week going to pan out? The hg’s have decided his fate (for now) so lets get into it, along with the rest of the day. We’re also 1/3 through the season and the hg’s don’t seem to be slowing down any.

Felicia woke part of the house up at 6 am to prepare Reds b-day breakfast. It was served to him in bed and there was some debate if breakfast in bed is nice or annoying. (Not with Red, he appreciated it) The hg’s also wore TINY b-day hats. The size of them was hilarious but the fact that they were them all day was even funnier.

Red talked to Jared about the the things he’s been told Cameron said about him from Jared. Red’s considering having a talk with Cameron to get to the bottom of it all. He’d like Jared to sit in on the talk too. (Haha) Jared began backtracking a little about what Cameron actually said. (It’s because Cam didn’t say all the things Jared told Red he said)

This made Jared nervous because the main reason for keeping Red is because they don’t think Red will work with Cameron again. (I mentioned in yesterdays recap, this could be the thing that could cause the vote to flip) For everyone else, it’s the fear of Red and Cameron making up. For Jared, there’s more to it. Jared put a harsher spin on the things Cameron said about Red than was true. He doesn’t want it to get out that he lied. He’s also lied and blamed things on Jag that he actually said. Red told Jared he’ll try to get him in on the Legend 25 alliance now that Cameron’s out. (Hahaha) It’s the same way he told Cam he’s bring him into the old Professors.

I said I wasn’t gonna get in the weeds over vote flip convos this week. I’m going to a little bit because it isn’t about the flip. It’s more about who’s in the know. I’ve got to stop blaming all the flip talk on Cirie and Izzy too. Jared may do it worse than them at this point!

After Red made Jared nervous,Jared talked to Cirie and Izzy about possibly keeping Jag. They also talked about how much info Felicia keeps giving up. After this, Bowie and Meme (separately) went to the hoh to check in with Jared. Cirie had left but Izzy hid in the hoh shower for around 30 minutes for these two convos. When Bowie rang the doorbell, Izzy ran to hide:

She had to run back again because she’d forgotten her shoes:

Meme was down to evict either one this week during her talk. Bowie told Jared they needed to get rid of the superfans, except for Cory. (I’m sure Izzy enjoyed hearing this!) She and Bowie don’t have the best relationship. This pic is from days ago but its Bowie practically forcing a hug on Izzy:

Side Note:

Jane is Bowie’s last name, not her middle name. All this time, when everyone says “Bowie Jane,” they’ve been using her full name without realizing it. She said it’s a common last name in Australia.

Felicia eventually joined Jared and Izzy. They told her about Red maybe making up with Cameron. She agreed Red should probably go. They also agreed not to tell anyone yet that they were thinking about keeping Jag. (Red leaving would be good for Felicia. Cirie has him convinced Felicia has been campaigning for him to go)

The good ole days of Cirie and Felicia enjoying each others company:

Cirie also told Cory that Felicia wants him gone soon. He wasn’t surprised because he doesn’t have much of a relationship with her. He just asked Cirie “so how much time do I have left?” She laughed and said “maybe 2 weeks.”

They also talked about Cory needing to talk to Cam to see who he’d really go after if he won next week. Cory asked if Jag thought he was just a pawn. Cirie said yes and Cory said he didn’t think they needed to blindside him again.

Cory’s been getting back in with Cirie and Izzy after he was in hot water last week. He pushed too hard for Jag to stay this week but recognized it and has stopped. He’s also stopped throwing America under the bus so much too. (I think America almost being the target and replacement nom Monday work him up) He’s not awake enough tho because he’s talking like he still doesn’t think he needs to win an HOH yet.

Felicia immediately told people the vote may be flipping to keep Jag and it got back to Cirie and Izzy. Cory told Izzy and asked if it was true. Izzy said yes and vented about Felicia talking too much. (I’m sure Cory picked up on the fact that he wasn’t supposed to know yet)

Bowie told Matt she thought Jag was leaving but had been told he was a pawn. Matt said he wanted to vote with everyone else. (No, Matt really wants Jag to stay) Bowie also thinks Red is staying.

Matt met up with Jared. He wants to keep Jag but thought it was a goo idea to tell Jared what Jag’s planning. Matt said Jag wants to work with Cory, America, Blue and himself and form a group. (Why would you tell anyone that?)

Matt’s been doing alot of talking and I don’t mean all the talk he does about America. His dislike of America is irrational and I don’t get it. At least Red has someone new to trash her with since he doesn’t have Cameron anymore. (Matt’s got a nasty side and I’m tired of listening to him call America a bitch) America talks game to Matt because she doesn’t know he can’t stand her. He doesn’t want to work with her and I think it’s the main reason Matt told Jared the stuff about Jag. He wants to work with Jag, he just doesn’t want America included.

Matt told Cirie some dirt on Felicia too. He knew Felicia was telling Jag that she wanted to keep him but everyone else was pushing to get Jag out. This was Cirie’s face when she heard that one:

There was alot more b-day celebrating in the backyard:

Making Red feel special:

More tiny hats:

Plus alot more game talk inside:

Thinking Jag might stay, Cirie got back to work making him feel like that was the plan all along:

And sealed it with one of those Cirie hugs:

Red told Bowie if he left, he’d make sure he set her up well before he left. (I’d like to know how) He also told her he’s heard her name going around a bit and wanted her to know.

Jared talked to Jag and questioned him about things he’s heard Jag’s been saying. He asked about the info Matt told him about forming a new group. (He didn’t say Matt told him) He also asked him about his talk with Red a couple nights ago. (Remember, the 2 hour talk in the kitchen)

Red told Jared that Jag said things about not trusting people he was supposed to be working with or something. Jared was about as subtle as a sledge hammer and Jag denied it. (This is when I expected the vote to flip again) Jag tried to pass off the Red convo as him talking about Cameron.

They prepared a big dinner for Red and the hg’s performed skits imitating Red in the evening. (I expect this to be on an episode):

With the entire day being about Red, Cameron seemed miserable but he enjoyed dinner at least:

Cory asked Izzy if he thought the decision to keep Jag would stick this time. She said she does and they debated how to do the vote. Izzy thinks it will be 8-2 because they plan on leaving Cameron and Bowie out of the decision. Cory thinks it will end up being 10-0.

More tiny b-day hats:

After deciding to keep Jag, Jared had a chat with Blue about Jag leaving. He wanted to know if she’d be upset if he left. Blue said yes and said she wouldn’t trust the alliance because he was told he’s a pawn. (I have no idea what the point of the was)

Cirie told America she feels good about keeping Jag and going after Cameron next week. America was mostly putting in some ‘Cirie time’ to stay on her good side. She talked about trying to backdoor Cam next week.

Red declared yesterday the best birthday he’s ever had and even got choked up:

A few tears wouldn’t stop this group though so it was back to planning Reds demise. They agreed his bday was over so Thuraday had no connection to it. Cirie and Jared talked about how mad Cameron may be over Jag staying. He still likes Red but their concern is mostly about lying to Cam over the vote. They discussed ways to hide how people voted and direct who Cam would target. There was talk about trying to make it a 6-4 vote and possibly blaming Cory and America. (I have no idea because they already know!)

America warned Jag not to do too much this week. She says he has the votes but if he says too much, it could flip back. Jag’s been convinced he can’t trust America so I don’t know if he considers what she says anymore.

Jared fell off the cheese. (That’s a sentence you don’t say every day):

Jag has to be frustrated. He was told he’s only a pawn and being one will help build back trust with the Seven Deadly Sins alliance. (You know, the alliance that voted him out with a 10-0 vote and didn’t tell him in advance) He has to feel like ‘YOU should be building trust with ME!’

He’s also been told not to campaign alot so he doesn’t make people nervous. Simultaneously, he’s being told to go campaign so Red isn’t suspicious. He had people confirming they were keeping him yesterday…the same people who said he was a pawn and he thought were already keeping him. I don’t know if he’s just going with it because he has no choice or if he’s oblivious. Either way, I almost want him evicted because he’s too nice and too trusting for this game. (Jag’s one of my favorite people in the house but he’s soooo bad at BB)

Felicia stabbing the shit out of dinner potatoes:

There was some late game talk America wasn’t included in and she told Jag she’s mad about it. She said she’s tired of being left out of everything and only being told about decisions later. She’s VERY annoyed with Cory.

When Felicia wrangled everyone up to go to bed, America went without Cory. They each laid in their own beds and ignored each other. I think Cory’s gotten used to the snuggling because he tossed and turned alot. (They’re also sick of Felicia dictating everyone’s bed time so she can get BB to turn the lights off)

I have no idea if today will be slow since they had waffle Wednesday a day early. I doubt it because this bunch plans for everything. They talk through who each hg would nom if they won hoh and who their replacement noms would be. They count votes for every scenario. It’s impressive but exhausting!

The main things for me today will be watching for America and Cory to have their first arguement if last night carries over into today. I want to see if Red or Jag says anything to accidentally to flip the vote back. I’m also watching for any talks America has with anyone. She keeps talking too much and especially to Blue and Matt. For now, Cirie’s group is planning on targeting Felicia and Matt before America but that could easily change. No matter who leaves this week, I need an America hoh!

I also need an Izzy hoh but that’s for fun and chaos. First, I need Cirie’s group to take a hit and America is out best hope for that to happen.

Have a great waffle Wednesday!


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