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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 9/13/23

September 14, 2023 | 48 Comments
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Author: Mel

G’day BB Junkies, as Bowie would say. What a wild Wednesday! “Waffle” doesn’t do it justice because it really was wild! I’m not only talking about the flip, the activity on the feeds was crazy. There was constantly 2 game convos happening at the same time, ALL day long. I had feeds playing while I worked, between appts. and even had to listen to them in my car for part of the day just to keep up.

A couple of things before I start the recap:

I read in the comments it was Mr. and Mrs. Beans anniversary so if true, Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Beans!

The 2nd thing is about the episode last night. After alot of speculation as to why it was 2 hrs, it ended up being an extended version of the veto comp and the punishments. The length of the spinning veto comp was torture and pretty boring. (I watched feeds thru most of it.) The extra time for the punishments was actually enjoyable. I liked all the time they dedicated to it and overall, I thought it was a really good episode. I also think it’s funny that this sums up what I tell my friends is a show about a social experiment, strategy and other intelligent things:

Everyone also likes to be right and I liked the confirmation that Cirie really cares about Izzy. She’s so good at playing everyone but its always seemed like it was different with Izzy. They truly enjoy each others company and I enjoy them together. Forget the shomances and the Matt & Jag bromance, Izzy and Cirie have been the real power couple this season. If they’re split up tonight, I’m really gonna miss them on the feeds together.

Yesterday, I did my recap, gave my farewell paragraph to Felicia and shortly after, it was all irrelevant. I was comfortable doing it early because even for this waffling cast, I knew Cirie would never let Izzy leave this week.

Well, about that….things have changed. Alot of things happened for this flip to come together so let’s go over how we got here:

The day began with Cameron talking to America. She told him Felicia was being voted out, he said he didn’t care which one left, (he did) and then he went to tell Felicia she was leaving. Cameron said a lot of his usual stuff about sitting on the block with his best friend, his best friend being turned against him, how they’d a future planned for the outside and now it was over, etc.

Cameron also told America, he knew Cirie was behind Red turning against him. He said he wanted to go tell all this to Cirie and say “I know who Jared is.” This got my heart going for a second but it was a false alarm. He meant, he wanted Cirie to know that he knew, Jared was a plant or a mole. He asked America if he should put all that info out there just to blow shit up. America seemed a tad hesitant because there was so much already going on but talked like maybe he should consider do it.

He ran back to the HOH room to watch things unfold from the tv screen. While he was doing this, he had separate conversations with Jared, Matt and Jag. There was more rinse and repeat. It was all, ‘I don’t care who leaves but if Izzy doesn’t leave, everyone is screwed’ and so on.

Side Note: I wonder if Cameron had a better communication style, maybe he wouldn’t have to work so hard to get people to see his point. He likes to tell people they’re stupid if they don’t see what he’s seeing. Even if he has a point, no one likes to be called dumb. Along with the other things he says, he really likes talking down the people.

I mentioned this yesterday but I think Cameron would’ve gotten further with people if he’d stuck with the truth He tells people things that are actual facts but he embellishes too much. This is the information that isn’t even close to being right so it makes everything else he says seem like bullshit.

It also seems like for the first time, someone finally kept one of America’s secrets. In all Cameron’s talks with people, he left America out of it. I think this was to be expected because Cameron wants full credit for figuring everything out himself. Not only did America have to tell him, she had to argue with him repeatedly because he denied any of it being true. That’s before you even get to Cory, Matt and Bowie questioning him during his HOH.

Back to the recap: During Cams talk with Jag, he told Jag about Jared repeating the things Jag had said yesterday to Jared. (It was about Jag saying they should ignore Cameron and he was trying to drive a wedge between the rest of them) Cameron was able to give Jag almost the exact wording Jag had used when he’d spoken with Jared. Jag’s spent the past couple days thinking things over already and this apparently finished convincing him.

The night before, America, Cory, Jag and Matt had finally been able to meet up. Once again, America and Cory laid out what was happening in the house. Jag had doubted America before and a lot of it had to do with her telling him he couldn’t trust Blue. I think it was just something his brain couldn’t accept. Cameron didn’t change Jags mind but I do think a couple of things Cameron said, got it to finally click into place.

I think Cory and America could’ve gotten to Jag and Matt on Tuesday if they’d given them all the info. I think they should’ve went ahead and told them they knew about the seven deadly sins alliance that night. I think Cory didn’t because voting out Izzy was only supposed to be the backup plan this week.

Felicia began questioning different people and asking about the vote. They assured her Cameron was just mad and was lying to her. She was told some people hadn’t decided yet. America, on the other hand, told Felicia (or told Meme who told Felicia) she didn’t think she had the votes to stay. Naturally, this made its way through the house and everyone was pissed at America.

Remember, America had wanted to tell Jag (both times) he didn’t have votes and everyone said she couldn’t. America was simply tired of everyone telling her what to do. She’d agreed with Cory, Izzy would only go and they’d only flip the votes if things blew up. Maybe it was an accident the way America claimed or….maybe America decided to light the house on fire. (Haha)

Cirie, Izzy and the others already had a specific way they wanted to tell Felicia and America had just screwed it up. Izzy was really mad over it. She went to Cory and went off about it. She basically told him, he was being played and he had to cut America loose.

Now, I don’t know if it’s the smartest move to say things like this when you’re on the block. In Izzy’s defense, I’ll say she feels like she and Cory have a close enough relationship, they can be pretty open with each other. That’s fair because it’s true. Unfortunately, this came right on the heels of Jared making Cory distrust him. I think he was tired of having everything America did in the game blamed on him. He also didnt take well to being called a dumb 21 yr old who was being manipulated. (Not those exact words)

After this convo, Cory felt like he needed to make the move and said “we’re flipping the vote.” This was up by bumper pool and around the time Jag came out of Cam’s HOH room. After the recent talks Cory, America and Jag have had and the new info from Cam, Jag told Cory he was ready to flip the vote. (Cory’s never been able to fully trust Jag. It’s not because he’s untrustworthy, it’s because Jag’s a terrible player but Cory doesn’t know that) Cory finally felt like he could trust it because Jag was the one coming to him.

It’s not possible to go through each time so and so met up with so and so, I’m just gonna hit the pivotal conversations. The main thing to know is that after this ball gets rolling, different combinations of America, Cory, Jag, Matt, Bowie and Meme all talk separately throughout the day. This was good because it wasn’t playing telephone. These people were all able to talk individually and start to feel good about each other.

Jag and Cory talked, with most of it being Cory downloading the info he’s been holding in. He told him about his brother being on Survivor, how he’d told America weeks ago but right after telling Jared recently, Cameron found out. There was a funny little exchange between Jag and Cory about it. It went like this:

Cory: My brother was on survivor. Jag: Who’s your brother? Cory: Zach Wertenberger. Jag: I’ve never watched Survivor. Cory: Then why the fuck did you ask who he was?

Cory told him he’d competed in the power comp. This was where Jag had the most to contribute. He explained to Cory about Matt telling Jag (pre-evixtion) he was going to save him and said no one knew but Cirie. Jag said shortly after, Jared came to him and said he thought a power might save him but to be quiet about it. After the eviction, he asked Matt if he’d told Jared. Matt said, he’d only told Jared after the eviction. Jag said he knew Cirie and Jared were closer than they were pretending because Cirie had shared the info with Jared before Matt told him.

Up to this point, Cory had only known about Cirie telling Matt, she had played in it too. (This was when Cory realized Matt had taken his spot) After this convo, he knew Cirie shared the info with Jared about Matt playing in it too. Not only that, Jag told Cory about Jag questioning Cirie and asking her if she’d told anyone else about Matt’s power. Cirie had told him no. A little while later, Jared came back to Jag, was mad and accused Jag of saying something about it. Jag knew Cirie must’ve told Jared that Jag asked her about it. (Its why Jag’s been trying to tell Matt for days he shouldn’t trust Cirie anymore)

Jags blind spot had still been Jared. He was getting hesitant about Cirie but he still trusted Jared, mostly because of Blue. Jared ruined that too by intentionally scaring the shit out of Jag over the weekend, making him think he may go otb. I know that was alot but I think it’s going to be important moving forward. (Even if it’s not, It shows how much damage Jared’s done to both his and Cirie’s games)

Cory went for the biggest info drop and told Jag he knew about the 7 Deadly Sins alliance. He said he’d known about it for weeks and explained how he was in a similar alliance. He said instead of Jag, Matt and Blue, his included America, Meme and himself. They agreed for Cory to talk to Matt first and then Jag to come in after to try to convince Matt.

Cory talked to Matt and it was basically the same conversation. You could see the hesitancy on Matt’s face while they were talking. Cory dropped in something new to sweeten the deal for Matt. He brought up how Jag, Matt and Cory were all picked to play in the power comp. He said it probably meant America (us) wanted them to work together. (Lol)

Jag came in after and he and Matt had their own talk. I’m not gonna lie, this one was really frustrating. At one point, Matt agreed to vote out Izzy because she might be a tougher competitor but then thought the 6 remaining (seven deadly sins people) could still work as a group. I think the part about Cory knowing about that alliance for so long had gotten lost somewhere. Jag finally got Matt to realize he couldn’t trust any of the people in that group. Cirie had done such a number on Matt, it took a while to sink in. It was similar to the way Jag had a hard time accepting he couldn’t trust Blue anymore.

Cory moved on to working on Meme. If you remember, Cory’s tried to get something going with Meme since the first week of the game. She’s never given him anything back. (Matt made me a little nervous about this working but Meme scared the hell out of me with it) Cory’s pitch to her was different. He shared most of the same info but he focused more on how they’re both at the bottom of their alliance. He told her Cirie, Izzy and Jared we’re making all the decisions. He didn’t push it too far about starting an alliance because he knew that might scare her off. (Meme already wanted to keep Felicia. America had discussed it with her the day before but because Meme doesn’t trust America, she didn’t give it much weight)

Meme doesn’t have a close relationship with Jag and Matt to suddenly start and alliance with them. He also didn’t want her to feel like Cory, America, Jag and Matt had just started an alliance and was inviting her into it as the 5th. He made his pitch, explained why taking Izzy out was the smartest move for both of them and said they could move forward from there. He told her who the votes would be and said they were all secretly discussing it.

He encouraged her to have her own 1 on 1 convos with all those people to make sure she was comfortable with it. She admitted it was a lot to take in, she mostly sat there quietly and finally said “I’m in.” He even told her he’d had a secret alliance name for the 2 of them for weeks but hadn’t been able to get close enough to her. She asked the name, he said it was the Writer’s Room, she laughed and said she loved it. (Don’t know if that’s true or not)

Not going to lie, I still wasn’t convinced about Meme. I also wasn’t convinced about Matt at this point in the day. I knew Bowie was in because she can’t stand Izzy but I wasn’t convinced she was going to keep it a secret. Cirie’s been working on her to get back in her good graces after leaving her out of the vote. The two of them had just agreed to share anything they knew about the vote. Cirie promised she’d never leave Bowie out of the loop again so I wondered if Bowie would go to Cirie and tell her what was happening. She did end up telling Cirie, she was hearing rumblings that Izzy may be leaving. Surprisingl, she made it sound like maybe no one was really telling her what was happening. (Technically, Bowie kept up her end, right?)

While a lot of this stuff was happening, America went back to Cameron and asked him not to go to Cirie and follow thru with his plan. He kept saying the lines were already drawn, it didn’t matter and all his other stupid metaphors. She finally got through to him. She told him the lines were drawn for him but they weren’t for her, at least publicly. She said the flip was happening but they needed to do it secretly. She said Cam going off on Cirie and/or Jared wasn’t going to help anything. Cameron didn’t understand anything about a flip because according to him, Izzy’s always been leaving. (Ugh)

Side Note: Along with not wanting Izzy to go, I can admit I’m sick Cameron’s getting his way this week. I’m even sicker that he’ll try to take credit for this move. The only thing that makes me feel a bit better about it is that an alliance formed yesterday which will give Cirie some opposition. That alliance formed during Cam’s hoh and he’s not even included in it.


Izzy and Cirie were aware of the activity in the house but didn’t know what it was about. Cirie gave Izzy a pep talk and said everything would be fine.

Felicia started packing and seemed very down. Cirie tried to convince her she thought everything was fine. Cirie had one of these conversations with Felicia and front of Meme and I definitely think Meme took note of how Cirie operates.

Matt told Bowie some of the snarky comments the women had made about her. He said it wasn’t fair to her and it was a nice moment. (I probably should also mention that Bowie spent the day living her best life)

Blue was preoccupied by being convinced that tonight will be a double eviction. In a separate conversation with blue Jared told Blue they were counting on her with the wall comp. She actually had to ask him “counting on her for what” and he actually had to tell her, “counting on her to win it.” (I guess with the long build going on this week, they figured out the wall comp is tonight)

Jag talked about wanting to bring Meme more officially into an alliance with them. Cory said he thought they should wait. He didn’t want to scare her off with pushing too much on her too fast. This was something Jag brought up throughout the day. We know by now, Jag is gonna Jag and he’s a ‘the more the merrier” alliance kind of guy. He absolutely cannot grasp the concept of having a 4 person alliance and using other people on the outside of it.

He even had a recent conversation with Matt about something similar before any of this Izzy stuff even happened. Matt kept trying to tell him, they could work with certain people but they didn’t have to be in an official alliance with them. I honestly think Jag is such a loyal guy and to such extremes, that anyone he’s working with he feels he owes it to them to be in an alliance with them.

Cory and America agreed to ‘break up.’ This should’ve been written above some of the other stuff but whatever. They broke up in the bathroom, giggled and sealed it with kiss. She went off to mope and be depressed.

She also apologized to Cory for her mistake that morning. Does this look like the face of someone that feels guilty or someone trying hard not to Smile?

Cory told Izzy and Cirie separately about what had happened. Izzy was very pleased with his decision. Cirie actually seemed like she felt bad. She told Cory, she didn’t think America said anything intentionally. She said she thought it was an accident. She thought he needed to be careful with her in the game but didn’t think he needed to take it to such extremes.

America apologized to Felicia for telling Meme she didn’t have the votes to stay. She said she jumps the gun. knew people were still talking and said she was really, really sorry. They hugged, Felicia said it was okay but also questioned her about the decision people had made. Felicia said she knew people had made up their minds by now.

Felicia camera talked and said she knew she was leaving and “the young people got her.” She said she could tell because people were acting differently around her. She also said it was obvious because people who were never in the kitchen, were in there making food. (This would have made me suspicious too but she was actually wrong. They’d agreed the day before, they didn’t want Felicia to feel used by having her cook dinner and then tell her she was leaving after they ate) Well, Jared was trying to suck one last meal out of her but Cirie’s plan was to cook for Felicia instead.

Felicia had a nice convo with Matt. She told him she thought he had a good chance of winning the game and she would really be rooting for him. She also told him she’d been serious about wanting to go to Paris and watch him compete. He told her no matter what happened on Thursday, she should feel really proud of her game.

Jag was still “Jagging” and talking forever about their strategy moving forward and boring the hell out of everyone. Jag is someone who can put you to sleep when he’s talking game. When he’s talking about his life and his family, I hang on his every word. To give you the short version, he was trying to find a way to cover the votes. If everyone sticks with the plan,the vote should be 6-3. He thought maybe they should intentionally Make it 5-4 to give them more deniability.

America, with her old school bb mentality, said they should just own the votes and say Izzy was a better player so they voted her out. Cory had his own opinion about the votes too. He thought all 6 of them needed to vote one way and none of them should be trying to hide their votes. He said it would solidify them more as a group and help them trust each other going forward.

Since Cirie had advised Cory he needed to cut America off completely, they went to have not room to have another talk. This was the story for people like Cirie and Izzy. They really just met up so they could download the info they’d gathered through the day and make out. Later, Cory thanked Cirie for the advice with America.

Cory started working on Matt for a Jared eviction next week if possible. Cory doesn’t want to work with Cameron but he wants Jared out first. I actually think he was trying to prepare Matt for Cirie to potentially be hitting the block.

Izzy was starting to get more nervous and camera talked a little bit. It seemed like it was the first time it hit her, she could potentially be walking out the door. Cirie had done her best to reassure her but Izzy knew it was a possibility. She and Cirie counted the votes they felt confident about which was Cirie, Jared, Blue and Matt. Izzy knows everything hinges on Cory’s vote.

Izzy was a bit cocky this week and only focused on the 5 votes she needed. She openly stated, she didn’t care how the other people voted as long as she had her 5. I wonder if she’ll end up wishing she’d been a little nicer to Bowie.

Corey gave Izzy the assurances she needed and went to make sure he was still pals with Jared too. (Cory was working!) Throughout the day, Jag, Matt and Bowie came to Cory a lot. I don’t want to say he was giving them advice but that’s sort of how it seemed. Cory has found himself, at least in my opinion, as the leader of this new counter alliance. Oh, and I almost forgot, Cirie is already doubting if the break up with Cory and America could’ve been be fake.

They prepared a meal for have nots ending and Cam even brought down some of his leftover hoh food to share.

Felicia still feels like she’s going home because she hasn’t been let in on what’s happening. Meme said they couldn’t tell her because she’d start “praising Jesus and blow it.” It’s weird because they aren’t even including her as numbers moving forward. They aren’t saving her because they want to work with Felicia. They just want to take out Cirie’s right hand gal pal.

I had other things I wanted to include in this recap but good grief, it’s going to be really late before I even get it posted. I still have to add pictures. If its anything that important, I’ll include it later. I haven’t had time to turn the feeds on this morning and if everything’s flipped back and I written all this for nothing, I’m gonna be pissed. Haha

As most of you already know, I’m heartbroken I may be losing my Izzy tonight. She’s given me so much entertainment, she plays the game so hard and I’m bummed we’re probably losing her before jury. (Ya, ya, ya, I know ya’ll dont agree) I said yesterday, it’s just me and Julie crying in these BB streets tonight. I think Julie lives for that 1 moment a week when she gets reveal Jared and Cirie being related. She won’t get to have her moment, I won’t get to post anymore amazing Izzy facial expression pics and Izzy will have to leave the house in a pig costume. It’s lose, lose and lose.

Looking at the bright side, this house may blow up tonight. If Cirie isn’t given a heads up, (and she might be) she’s gonna be furious. I don’t think Jared will be mad Izzy’s gone but obviously, he’ll be mad at the way it went down. I also think it’s amazing, after an eviction like tonight, we head straight into an endurance comp.

Cameron’s probably going to be even more unbearable than usual. As already stated, he’s going to think he made this happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for a blindside and I’m even excited for Cirie’s group to take a hit. I just wanted Jared to be that hit and not Izzy.

Cirie still has an advantage with her son in the house but she doesn’t have the numbers moving forward, at least for now. I’ve said before I’m not at all disputing what a huge advantage is to have her son-in the house. I’ve also said Jared has been a big disadvantage to her game too. If nothing else, this week should prove it.

Everyone’s been debating over who deserves the most credit for the move. Is it Cameron, America, Cory or Jag? If you want my opinion, Jared deserves the most credit with about 10% going to Izzy. Jared destroyed several people’s games in the 48 hours Cirie was in that kayak. Well, those 48 hrs mixed with a few other things he did prior to that time frame.

Don’t count Cirie out though because there’s still alot of game to be played. For me, Cirie doesn’t need to lose this game for the season to be a success. She also doesn’t need to win the game for this season to be a success. Yesterday, along with many other days so far, has proven that this season’s been a blast so far!

Let me know who you’re rooting for in the comments to win the wall comp and don’t forget, the show airs an hour earlier tonight. Have a great Thursday!


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