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Big Brother 25-Wednesday Recap for 9/6/23

September 7, 2023 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! It’s eviction Thursday again and I’m ready for it. Any do over week feels like a month and that’s how it’s been this week. It’s why I don’t like reset weeks, buybacks, etc. Sure, this Thursday could end with a different result but does it really matter? It’s not like Jag’s used this past week to gain more info or to do anything any different.

There’s still time for Jag to leave this week but I don’t think he will, unless something major happens this afternoon. You should also prepare yourselves for another unanimous vote if you’re someone who gets annoyed by them. Personally, I don’t if it’s for strategic reasons. Unanimous votes aren’t always about “voting with the house.”

There’s been some discussion about trying to do a 6-4 split but that idea is pretty much dead. Matt seems to be the only one who’s still trying to make it happen. The actual plan is for the vote to be 8-2, leaving Bowie and Cameron on the outs. By this afternoon, I don’t see that happening either. People like Cirie, want to set up an 8-2 vote, so she can go to Bowie and let her “in on it.” That way, she’ll feel more in Cirie’s inner circle and keep trusting her.

It’s the same thing Cirie suggested Jared do with Cameron. It’s about building trust, if only temporarily. It’s strategic and that’s why I won’t mind a unanimous vote. Besides, we’re still in the prejury phase so who cares?

The night before ended with Cory and America having their first little spat. She for upset because she thought she was left out of a For Real For Real meeting. She wasn’t. People were hanging out by bumper pool and a few you went into the HOH room. Eventually the people in the HOH room realized everyone from FRFR except America was in the room. Since almost all of them were there, they had a little impromptu alliance meeting. It wasn’t planned and she wasn’t left out of it. She was busy hanging out with Jag so it’s her fault she didn’t make her way up there.

To be fair to America though, She wasn’t really upset about the meeting. She was upset because she’s always being left out of things. She’s tired of Cory or anyone else telling her how she has to play her game. (If she didn’t have such a big mouth, Cory probably wouldn’t be doing it but I understand why she was upset)

Yesterday morning, Cory asked America why she was mad at him and she told him she wasn’t. She gave him the silent treatment for part of the day as they both hung out with other people. ( Maybe they should argue more often because hanging out with other people is better for their games)

A miserable Cory as America ignored him:

Izzy did some camera talking to her girlfriend Paige. We know from a previous camera talk, Izzy has concerns about her end game. She promised Paige she was playing for herself and not for Cirie. She said she still needed them in the house and said it would be lonely if they were gone this soon. (It would be dumb for Izzy to want them out now anyway)

For the record, I don’t think Izzy is playing for Cirie to win. I DO think Izzy is playing for herself. I just have concerns over the way she’s going about it. I think it was last week when I mentioned Cory talking to Izzy about their end game and she ran the info back to Cirie. That’s info Izzy should have kept to herself. If she really wants a shot at winning this game, she’s going to have to stop sharing everything.

America got the BB voice asking her if she washed her hands when she came out of the stall. She was very embarrassed:

Izzy and Cirie’s reaction when America told them:

Yes, she washed them before she ate the apple:

Izzy broke out the M&M’s with Jared in the hoh room. She broke everything down to pairs or trios and explained to Jared how they needed to be split apart. There’s no point in going over all of it but the idea was basically, get rid of America and keep Cory, get rid of Felicia so they have Meme and so on.

Cory is growing a mustache and his moms been on social media saying she doesn’t like it (haha):

Lately Cory’s lost his position in their final 5 or 6 but Izzy was trying to bring him back. She told Jared it could be bad for him if he ended up in a final 5, 6 or 7 as the only man. It would give people like Felicia Bowie and Meme ideas about getting rid of him and taking all women to the end. (True)

Juat hanging out:

They agreed their best case final 6 would be Jared, Cirie and Izzy with Bowie, Blue and Cory. (Now, if Izzy is serious about this being for her advantage, I don’t think she should want Blue to make it that far. She doesn’t need another person who is completely loyal to Jared)

Cirie joined them for a bit but left shortly after. She was paranoid about Red seeing her hanging out in the HOH room. Jared thought she was being overly concerned because Red’s leaving. Cirie said that Red already thinks Cirie has more pull with Jared than Felicia does. She’s trying to blame voting out Red on Felicia, as far as Bowie and Cameron are concerned. (These details are why Cirie’s a much better player than her son or daughter)

Group dinner from Reds b-day:

Jared and Izzy continued to talk about their F3. Jared’s trying to convince Izzy that Cirie will bow out and want her “kids” in the F2. This is all to convince Izzy that it won’t be 2 against 1 in that final 3. (Let’s hope Izzy is smarter than that) They also talked about Cory and how Jared thinks he’s falling for America. Jared seemed annoyed that Cory told America about his brother being on Survivor. He was under the impression Cory only shared that info with Izzy, Cirie and himself. (Yeah, the guy who told Blue his mom’s in the f*cking house is worried about Cory telling America about Zach!)

America painting Izzy’s nails:

After Izzy asked Cirie how they planned to handle Bowie, Cirie admitted she planned on telling her. She said everyone didn’t need to know they were the ones who gave Bowie the heads up. They also talked about needing Felicia out soon. (Not next but soon) There’s also been an abnormal amount of discussion about Red’s bed. They’d like to keep it vacant if possible but know they probably can’t. Felicia would be the obvious choice since she goes to bed early but I think they’d like to have a bit more separation from her. They definitely don’t want Matt in there because he snores.

Jag and Meme talked about next week and Jag said he’d target Cameron. He said he’d probably used Bowie and America as pawns. Later, Meme had a slip up while talking to Red. When they were discussing targets, she named Jag as one of the people she would put otb. Red reminded her Jag would be gone. (Oopsie!)

Matt’s golf outfit:

Since they were locked inside, most hung out for conversation and played chess & bumper pool. Bowie and Red even got a game of golf going. They used pool cues and flip flops to make clubs. (No one is going to ever top pot ball from BB7) Cirie tried on Cory’s pink suit for fun so you get the idea of the vibe yesterday.

We all need someone to look at us the way Izzy looks at Cirie:

Red and Matt had a pizza eating contest:

Cameron looked to really be enjoying it:

Meme was on the hunt to discover who ate her leftover steak from the night before. Matt and Jag admitted to making fajitas with it and apologized. (This was no muffingate tho)

Red told Bowie he thought he was good this week but said anything can happen. Bowie made the rounds confirming they were still keeping Red. (Unpopular opinion but Bowie isn’t terrible at the game. She just doesn’t have anyone that will talk game with her. For the most part, she keeps her mouth shut, she’s loyal to her alliance and she’s uses common sense)

She doesn’t have that killer instinct about betraying people and trying to win the game. It’s like Indy from last year, where the BB version they’re familiar with is different. It’s more about being a likable person so the viewers will vote for you. Bowie will never be a good BBUS player for that reason alone but she’s a hell of a lot better than Jag or Red. (Yes, the bar is low)

Matt complained to Cirie about Blue always being in the HOH room. She’d ask Matt if he and Jared had done their fake bonding with Cameron yet for the week. Matt said they couldn’t get anytime alone with him. Eventually, they did talk to Cameron about sticking together but it was all bullshit so it isn’t worth going over. (I’m not convinced Cameron believes them either) They planted the idea that Felicia was trying to flip the vote to take out Red. They also told him Cirie was fighting for Red to stay.

This isn’t that moment but these are the people he cares about so close enough:

Red had a nice moment with the people he cares about the most. It was the comic room group and he went around telling each of them what he had enjoyed about them,. (I guess just in case he leaves)

There was also some discussion about why a lotion bottle keeps being left in the bathroom stall. Yeah, I’m not really gonna touch that one anymore than what I just said. Ok, I’ll add that the suspicion is mostly landing on Cameron. (I’m also not going to judge because hey, most of the house is avoiding him so what else is he going to do with this time?)

America and Cory made up so that’s nice, I guess. I think the best part of their talks yesterday was about Jag and Matt. I think America has FINALLY realized they don’t have Jag or Matt and can’t trust them. Thank you!!) Cory said if Jag wins the hoh, maybe they should tell Jag they know about his Seven Deadly Sins alliance. They’ll out Cirie, Izzy, etc. so Jag will know he can’t trust them. Jag’s such a bad player, I’m not even sure this will work. Matt’s put in a lot of work this week to make sure Jag doesn’t trust America. (So has Blue but I’m not sure she’s even doing it on purpose)

Once again Jared gave Cory more shit about being a naive little boy. He was telling Cory that at 21, he had a lot more game. Cory asked Jared how he spent his time when he was 21 because Corey said “I’m spitting mine on national television.” Jared, who isn’t one to be outdone, said when he was 21, he was on TV too. (He’s just dying to tell his secret, isn’t he?) When they kept questioning him, Jared started joking around about being on Big Brother when he was 21.

Izzy joined the conversation, was told what they were talking about and change the subject. (I don’t know if she was trying to help him out or if it was a coincidence)

Jared also had a conversation with Blue that made me happy the feeds weren’t on the HOH room much this week. (We’ve barely seen the hoh room when Jared and Blue are alone up there, another thank you!) This is just a summary but Jared was basically telling blue that she’d needed to change who she was in order to be with him. He was kind of complimenting her because she’d made those changes. He was also letting her know he was concerned about her changing back once they were on the outside. He insinuated strong women made him uncomfortable. (I doubt that revelation surprised any feed watchers)

Cirie vented to Jared a little about Izzy. Jared said Izzy was annoyed that Cirie left the HOH room earlier when she was going over the M&M’s. Cirie said she didn’t give a damn about the M&M’s, she’s seen it before and needed a break. She said she’s with Izzy from the moment she wakes up until the time she goes to bed. (No, don’t get excited, she was just venting. There won’t be any Red/Cameron type break up happening)

Mimi was cleaning house and on guard so no one stole has left overs again. Matt and Hag were pulling a prank to make her think they stole her left overs again. Lastly, Cory and America were back to cuddling again.

As for last nights episode: If Cory’s real F2 is Jared, he’s screwed. America killed it in the DR. It also sounded like we might get a live HOH comp at the end of tonight’s episode.

Some recent quotes and random tidbits:

Jag: I’m sorry about your steak.” Meme: ” Too soon, way too soon.”

We found out Jared’s dog’s name is “Jared.” (Who’s surprised?)

(Cirie and Cory discussing the difficulty in voting out Jag last week) Cirie: “I’m not trying to be insensitive about it but…” Cory: “Yeah, but you’ve vote out 55 people over the years. We’ve voted out 3.”

America to Cory: “Lets all get in a room and see what mastermind Cirie comes up with.”

Izzy, for no apparent reason: “Cameron really is a piece of shit.”

Felicia: “I knew it was gonna flip, we were gonna go back and forth because we’re not done. We’re never done.”

Felicia: ” We’ve taken down the balloons, we’ve blown out the candles, now it’s time to say goodbye.”

(When the vote flipped last week) Cory: “How did this happen?” Izzy: “I don’t know, I was busy crying in the have not room. It happened while I was all like, fuck this place.”

Blue: “I believe I’ve played a very strategic game.”

Have a great Thursday!


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