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Big Brother 25-Weekend Recap for 9/3/23

September 4, 2023 | 20 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone! It was another crazy weekend and by now, we should just accept that this is the normal for this cast. I tried to think back and I can’t remember a cast that gamed this much. There’s almost always more than one game chat happening on the feeds sumultaneously. Most years, I hop around looking for a game conversation. This year, I’m having to choose between them, if I don’t want to go back and listen later. It’s crazy!

I’ve also accepted, this season is more about the process that it is the result. Between Cirie and Jared’s advantage, combined with Cirie’s unmatched social game, there’s a high probability that one, if not both, will be in the final 3. I think in order to enjoy the season, it almost has to be looked at through a different lens.

Initially, I tried to figure out how I could recap so many game conversations from the weekend. I finally realized, I can’t. This will have to be a summary with a few details thrown in because it would be a novel. As usual, they went thru 500 possibilites, only to land back where they began…almost.

It didn’t take long for the hohitis to set in with Jared. He won the hoh by default. First, they eliminated Red, Cameron and Bowie in the comp, which was their only competition for getting what they wanted. After that, Cirie threw, it, Izzy messed up so Jared won. (I can’t believe Cameron threw it! That was dumb)

The hoh may have gone to Blues head too. Either Meme called Blue “the first lady of the HOH” or she said it about herself. (I misses the initial convo to know) She’s also been saying she’d push Jared for certain outcomes like she has some influence. Meanwhile, Jared spent the entire weekend bouncing between Blues 2 closest allies to go on the block.

I have to admit, I enjoyed Cirie and Jared’s game talk during their 1 on 1 Friday. They don’t have that many and I like them because it’s the only time you know what Cirie is actually thinking. It was weird hearing Jared wonder why his letter didn’t come from Kenzie. (His gf or ex gf) Cirie had to tell him it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea with his current situation.

Of course, they already had a plan in place to put up Cameron and Red, in order to get rid of Cameron. Jared convinced Cameron he was the pawn and did the same with Red. The real activity didn’t begin until they did the picks for veto. America being chosen to play really set Jared off. To sum it up, he was mad over her throwing the comp….before they played the comp.

Some of this is Cory’s fault because he doesn’t know which info to give up and what to keep to himself. For someone who mapped out how he would handle every scenario prior to coming into the house, he’s really blowing this one. In his defense, I’m guessing he didn’t plan for a showmance so he’s winging it. I get he’s tried to downplay her abilities and say she’s expendable so Jared, Izzy and Cirie wouldn’t be threatened by her.

He still knows everything about the show and should remember what happened last season. This is exactly what Kyle tried to do with Alyssa. He spent a couple of weeks trashing Alyssa to his alliance and then didn’t understand when they decided to get rid of her because they believed the things he’d said. I like Cory but sometimes, it feels like he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. (He isn’t outplaying Cirie) I also don’t think he factored in how stubborn Jared would be. Even if you temporarily set aside the relative thing, he’s not the pushover Cory thought he could control in my opinion.

Cory’s been too loose lipped about how America hasn’t tried to win and has also said it about himself. Jared’s felt like if they aren’t trying to protect him next week, why should he care about them this week. (That’s overly simple but the gist of it) I actually get Jared’s thinking on this, to a point. I don’t agree with his arrogance about it. Yes, America threw the pressure cooker. Still, how do you tell someone you don’t think they’re trying, when they lasted 14 hours in a comp where you lasted an hour and a half?

America also has a big mouth and she’s part of the problem too. She HAS told some people she threw the pressure cooker. (Besides, Meme was still in there when they made a deal, right?) Jared said she told him too. Later, she told Cory she didn’t remember saying that to Jared. (I actually think Cory may have said it but I’m not positive) It doesn’t matter because she said it to enough people for it to get back to him. America was warned by Cory not to throw the veto comp. She tried but Cameron won it. This is when the nomiation roulette began. Throughout the day on Saturday, America, Jag, Bowie, Red and Matt were all considered as both targets and pawns. They’d settle on the target and while one group was in a room confirming it, another group would be off changing it. (And when I say group, I mean the same group of people who are working together)

Because they game consistantly, they also notice everything going on in the house. Sometimes players are noticing what someone’s actually trying to do. Other times, it’s just plain old paranoia. For example, when Felicia can’t locate someone, she decides they’re off conspiring and needs to go. Times like when Jag talked to Red in the kitchen for 2 hours, they knew what he was doing. (He was WAY too obvious about it and this is an observant house)

It’s understandable when they change their minds based off new information. That’s also something that’s happening. Because they talk game constantly, they’re always gaining new info. It’s why Red was the back up target but it changed after Red and Cameron broke up. It’s why America could go but if she hates Cameron now, maybe she can stay. If there’s no way Jag will work with Cameron or Red, why not keep him?

I’ve seen comparisons between Cirie’s group and Foutte. I agree they’ve made some silly decisions but I don’t think they’re the same. Foutte made mistakes because they believed the wrong people. (I agree its what everyone but Cirie’s group is doing) For her group, it’s different. In part, they’re all over the place because they’re always evaluating new info. (Its still too messy)

All the debating carried over to all day Sunday too. Its finally landed on Jag going up against Red. After another meeting Jag wanted to have with 7 deadly sins, he’s been told he’s the pawn. (He’s not the pawn) There’s not much point in going into detail over this either. It’s because after the noms are set this afternoon, all of these convos will continue. They’ll be debating Red vs Jag all over again.

Part of the reason they went off track is because Jared already didn’t like or trust America. After a DR session, he came out feeling like she needed to be the target since they couldn’t get Cameron. This is part of what got the America thing going. He feels Cameron’s going to come after him and he wants to eliminate the amount of people who would be willing to work with him. He also wants people who will try to win and protect him. Unfortunately for America, she’s been seen as one of those people who may work with Cameron and will throw comps.

Side Note: No, I don’t believe the DR said “you need to take out America.” What the DR does is ask alot of questions. They need the answers for different scenarios, then they can play the most relevant DR’s for whatever they’ve edited for the episodes. In the past, the better players can decipher between questions for content and questions they can use as clues.) I actually think this was both because they need a bit of anti-America content since she’s talked the most about going after Jared’s group. He’s also not paranoid because I think she would’ve gone after them.

I also don’t buy into the theory that production is trying to eliminate anyone that might be after Cirie. She has almost the entire house with her already so America wouldn’t have the votes to get her out. Even if America decided to try to take her out, production isn’t going to give up one of their showmances that easily, not when Cirie has the votes to stay. (Now, do I think they’d be happy if America left to end the Cameron harassment/conversations? That’s a different story)

After some heated discussion between Cory and Jared, Cory had to work to keep America off the block. (At least he thought he did) America did a pretty good job of talking Jared down on her own but after a talk with Cirie, Jared backed off it. Cirie doesn’t see the need to take out America yet. She’s also making the correct decision in wanting Jag out over Red.

After finding out America could go as soon as this week, Cory’s woken up and realized his position isn’t as good as he thought. Once he felt like America was safe and Jag would be the nom, he went to work trying to make Red the target over Jag. Initially, Cory wanted him out. This was so he could have more influence over America. This only really mattered if his positioning was good with Jared and Izzy. He’s finally realized he needs Jag in the game because he has no numbers.

He’s been focused on Cirie playing a messy game. Yesterday, it dawned on him, she’s the best positioned person in the house, regardless of her messy game style. He’s right about wanting to keep Jag but he went too hard for him. I get it, he’s really screwed if Jag leaves. Not because they’re close but because he needs options. (Then again, Jag is so bad at the game, I don’t think he’s an asset to anyone at this point except as a vote)

Red was down because he’s been told Cameron volunteered to go up as a pawn to take out Red. We didn’t see this happen on feeds but after piecing some convos together, here’s what it appears may have happened. Right after the HOH comp, Cameron said he’d hoped to get the week off but he’d do whatever Jared needed to take out ‘that room.’ Cameron pointed towards the comic room. I think it’s pretty obvious Cameron meant Izzy but at that time, Red was the backup target so Jared just pretended Cameron meant Red.

It also got back to Red that Cameron was telling people Red had called America a bitch. This was a legit misunderstanding which started between a convo with Cirie and Cory. Red didn’t say it but he’s said everything else about her so it doesn’t even matter. This, mixed with Red being told Cameron volunteered to help get him out, caused them to have a break up.

There was a brief plan to try and get Cameron to use the veto on Red for his birthday. Felicia approached Cameron about it and he gave her a hard no. If this plan ever had a chance, (it did not) Felicia’s approach would have blown it anyway. Felicia sitting around giving everyone orders is starting to wear on people. What was once seen as endearing because she’s an older house guest, has started getting on everyone’s nerves.

She’s done everything short of ordering Cory and America to go to bed at a certain time. Cory even changed rooms to accommodate Felicia since he likes to stay up late. Correctly assuming how Felicia would take it, he asked Cirie about it. He told her he was thinking of changing so the lights will get turned off in Felicia’s room earlier but was worried she might read too much into it. Cirie said he was 20, she was 70 and he shouldn’t worry about it. (Yes, Felicia decided Cory was up to something with the people in the scary room because he changed beds)

America made progress getting in better with Cirie after her scare with Jared and going otb. If she can stop talking game with everyone, maybe it will stick for at least a few days. This isn’t the best situation to be in but it’s the best option America has at the moment. She needs to stop telling her real plans to people like Matt, Jag and Blue.

She tried it and it’s only screwed her. For now, she has to talk fake game with Cirie and Izzy. She also has to WIN so she can take the shots herself. If you remember, America talked very little game to anyone the first couple of weeks. She’s been playing from behind so it’s the only option she has right now.

Instead of being greatful and laying low after Jag was saved with a twist, he put himself right in the middle of everything this weekend. He went too hard trying to question everyone and it made them uneasy. I think originally, Cirie felt like she could work with Jag to help take out Cameron. After all the questions, its better to let Matt blowing his power be the only win regarding Jag.

I get it, Jag had questions but come on! If the entire house just voted you out, you aren’t in a position to interrogate everyone. I understand the desire to do it but you just can’t! Besides, his questions didn’t make any sense to begin with. Cory & America blamed Cirie and company while they did the reverse. (It was planned) Jag and Blue had a brief moment of clarity the other night but poof, it was gone by the next day. Jag spent so much time trying to figure out which side was lying to him but it was simple math. How in the hell did Cory and America control the flip when they’re only 2 votes? How many votes did the other side have? It was alot more than 2! Jag also didn’t help himself by having a 2 hour game talk with Red…. in the kitchen….in front of everyone. Of course they’re worried he’ll try to team up with Red.

Unless something else changes in the next few hours, Jag is going on the block against Red. For now, Jag is a target to go. Cory may continue to push for Red to leave. The main argument for it will be concern over Red and Cameron making up and working together again. Cirie will be pushing for Jag to go. Red’s completely loyal to her and is better for her game.

I expect them to debate the decision all the way till Thursday. They’ll be watching out for things Matt does and says too. Matt is another one who made the same mistake as Cory this weekend. He pushed way too hard to keep Jag. Now, they see Matt and Jag together is as much of a threat as Red and Cameron together. They will also be watching for any conversations between Red and Cameron. If there’s any hint those two may be making up, I could see the target switching back to Red.

A few other things:

Cirie gave Matt, Red and Bowie corn rows:

Cirie said she saw a couple gray hairs while doing Bowies. (A little shade since they know/suspect she’s lying about her age):

After some joking talk about everyone there being related to someone from Survivor, Cirie called Izzy a Fields. I think Izzy’s life is complete:

Bowie confirmed what we already knew. She doesn’t give a shit about the game. The reason she wants to make it to jury is because she has her house rented out for 3 months.

Cirie got some 1 on 1 time with Blue that I don’t think she wanted:

Izzy had a good talk with Cameron which she described as awful. The game part went well, she just doesn’t enjoy talking to him. That was the awful part.

She’s also been putting in a lot of work with America. It’s been enough work that I don’t think America would target her anymore. America sees Izzy as someone she can trust, at least more than Cirie and Felicia.

Felicia telling her group they need to put Jag otb….while he’s in the room. She’s been making a lot of these mistakes lately:

As for the uglier part of the weekend….

They aren’t going to kick Jared out for saying a word we didn’t hear on the feeds. Yes we heard him reference that he said it but we didn’t actually hear him say it. Is that splitting hairs? Yes. Do I think it’s bullshit? Absolutely. I’m only saying, if we don’t have a clip of it, they aren’t going to do anything about it. (I’m not saying they would if we did have a clip of it)

I think they should at least, and I mean at the very least, pull people into the diary room and rake them over the coals. At a minimum, they should be given an official warning and if there’s a 2nd incident, they’re out. I think the same thing about Cameron with all the remarks he makes to America. Cameron’s crossed the line several times where America is concerned. I know I’m talking about 2 different things here and I’m not trying to minimize either one of them.

The only reason I think we even heard Jared talking about his diary room and America is because they were busy cutting the camera away from talk about Cameron and America. They cut over to Jared talking so we didn’t hear how creepy Cameron’s behaviors been.

Sorry, i didn’t mean to end on this but here we are. I also don’t know how to remove the image of Matt at the bottom so it will have to stay. I accidentally put it there and can’t get rid of it. I hope your week ahead is wonderful and you all have a great Monday.


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