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A Big Brother “Caltoru” Type Of Competition

July 3, 2014 | 3 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


I don’t like to exaggerate much when it comes to Big Brother, but I have to say this was a pretty important veto competition considering how early it is in the season.  Sure, it may not have been a huge game changer in the long run, but not often does a genuinely good guy come along where you root for him from the beginning.  A “Chicken George” type of player (for all of you old school Big Brother fans). Donny is quickly reaching that level, and the reaction to him being placed on the block in week 1 was met with some moans and groans.

Needless to say, for a lot of Big Brother fans, there was a clear fan favorite heading into the power of veto competition, and that guy was simple groundskeeper who apparently also happens to have a secret life as a navy seal. Caleb and Devin think it’s just far too impossible for someone to be so simple and regular, so they spent the better part of the first week trying to figure out what Donny’s alter-ego is.  To be fair, when you’re in the Big Brother house, it really wouldn’t be surprising to have a former navy seal in the house acting like a country boy.

To any reader wondering – As far as I know, Donny really is just a simple groundskeeper.

Before the power of veto competition was set to begin, Joey took it upon herself to do what she said she would do in the pre-season interviews. That was to form an all-girl alliance. What she didn’t realize is that two girls in the house were already snatched up by Caleb and his “Bomb Squad” alliance, so her attempts of building something quickly fell flat when Amber showed absolutely no interest in Joey’s plan. Being part of the alliance, Amber ran right to Caleb to tell him about it which eventually led to a confession and a completely awkward sit down meeting with both Caleb and Frankie.

Like something you’d see out of an old mafia movie, Caleb grilled Joey on her attempts of starting the alliance and lectured her about trying to create a power move. It was kind of fitting that Caleb was giving Joey the uncomfortable lecture considering both of them created most of the weird moments of the house this season from the Amber “break-up” to Joey’s alter ego.

It was finally time to play the first power of veto competition of the season, and the players who joined Caleb, Donny and Paola were Zach, Cody and Victoria. The competition was called “Miami Lice” and players had to splash around in a gross looking pool collecting fake lice with letters on them. They would bring the letters back to their area and try to spell out a word. The person who spells the longest word in the shortest amount of time won.  Caleb felt it was a pretty easy competition because he graduated high school..  (I know plenty of people who have graduated from high school yet rely on spell check quite regularly – me especially!)

Five of the competitors ran around like crazy people trying to find lice with letters, and Zach even had a plan to hide some letters in a tube to prevent others from spelling any words. None of that mattered to Donny as he walked back and forth like it was a Sunday afternoon in the park and he didn’t have a care in the world. He’d pick up a letter, bring it back, and slowly go find another. It was quite an impressive display of going against the grain and just doing things his way. Too bad it would cost him the win – or would it?

The words were revealed…

Zach opens with “Warning”
Cody follows with “Competively” (sic)
Caleb busts out Specialize, except missing the P
Victoria reveals Pharmacist, yet missing the C
And Paola… well, she made up her own word “Caltoru”

It was up to Donny to spell at least an 8 letter word to beat Zach (who was the only person to spell an actual word until this point), and much to the shock of everyone, he opened his box with the word “Splitters”. 9 letters, game over, Donny wins the first Power of Veto of the Big Brother 16 season!

As a live feed watcher, I know first hand the power trip this gave Caleb throughout the weekend as he decided on the replacement nominee. What CBS didn’t have time to show was the debate on whether or not Devin would go up, but that was a non starter anyway. Joey was the replacement option even before Donny won the competition, so it was no surprise when she was put on the block to replace the new “Chicken George”. Caleb did put on a show like there was possibly going to be a different option, but the end result was not surprising, nor will the eviction on Thursday.

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