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Big Brother Live Eviction Recap


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When the twist for the summer was introduced a few weeks back, it was only speculation that someone could win HoH yet still be evicted the same week. Julie threatened it on opening night, but as the weeks passed, it became an unwritten rule to keep the other HoH safe… until this week.

The opening line of the show featured Julie talking about the twist that finally came around to bite one of the HoH’s, and unfortunately for Big Brother fans, that HoH was one of the most liked players in the house… second only to Donny. Despite multiple clips leading up to the eviction showing Nicole possibly having a chance this week, there was really no chance. It wasn’t ever close. The second she became the replacement nominee, she could have walked out the house. Everyone knew it, including Nicole.  She gave it a little effort to remain, but it wasn’t going to happen despite the teaser highlights.

As predicted, it was another unanimous vote, the 5th this season.  Nicole was out of the house and talking to Julie before the midway point of the episode. She gave a pretty good interview and said she was relieved to be out of the house but would love for a second chance. She will get a chance at that along with Hayden, Jocasta and whomever is evicted this upcoming Thursday as the four players will compete to re-enter the house. This is also the last week of the double HoH twist, so I anticipate Thursday night to be similar to BB15’s competition. Everyone stood on a wall (including the four Jury members) and the last one standing won HoH. If all the jury members fall off, the last jury member standing will re-enter the house (welcome back, Hayden or Nicole).

Last night, the staff had some fun with the cast as they scared everyone by flashing zombie images in the mirrors randomly. The house got a kick out of it and ran around enjoying it for a bit. They then gathered in the living room listening to the fake news broadcast about a zombie apocalypse and had to pay attention for clues. I knew this was setting them up for the HoH competition tonight, and I was right.  When the remaining houseguests entered the backyard, it was a cemetery theme and Julie asked them questions based on the news broadcast of the prior night.

Unfortunately for Donny, he was a zombie himself (he is an early sleeper), so he didn’t get to pay very good attention to the broadcast. He had no hope in winning this competition which set up the detonators for a pretty easy win. Derrick and Frankie were the last two standing, and they will share HoH duties for a day.

Tune in Sunday night to see who they nominated, or just keep checking this blog for updates.

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  1. Comments (1446)

    Derrick is already schmoozing Donny, the same as he did Nicole.
    Sounds like he’s “spraying the mist” on Donny before he sends him packing. But somehow I think Donny will see the truth. Unfortunately, it may be too late.

  2. Comments (692)

    I want to see MORE Zankie “bonding” time shown!!!
    Derricks going to win, give me some reason to watch the rest of the season.
    Between last year and this year I’m ready to give up on BB altogether. Just tired of it.

  3. Comments (138)

    It’s funny how I don’t think Victoria is AS ugly as I used to now that it’s only her and Christine left.

  4. Comments (88)

    I don’t think that Derrick is going to win. I think somebody in the house is going to get smart enough to figure him out. isn’t there a big brother big brother curse that if you get up so late in the season that you run a greater chance of going home. maybe that is what will happen to Derek.

    • Comments (426)

      Donnie and Nichole did / have figured it out. But the numbers aren’t there.

    • Comments (1288)

      Derrick has positioned himself well but is susceptible to over-confidence and random chance (good reason to hope Zach lasts for a while). Derrick did very well pulling the wool back over Victoria’s eyes when Zach told her what was actually happening in the game. A second enlightening may not be so easy to pave over.

      If Hayden is the return player perhaps hearing his side will actually stick with her and expose Derrick’s duplicity. But even so, what threat is Victoria? The rest of the house knows he is snowing her. She might even not be around after this week.

  5. Comments (1446)

    As all of the HG’s are in the HOH room gushing over Ariana Grande, you can see the wheels in Derrick’s head spinning. Between Victoria the groupie and Caleb, who wants to be her back up dancer, they better get rid of Frankie, pronto.

    • Comments (23)

      Oh, that would be excellent. Frankie agrees to lose the BOB (so he can play in the HOH comp next week) and then gets backdoored. Yes, please!

      I can’t take the constant lip-licking, duck face making, prancing and leaping, attention-seeking, close-talking and hugging. I’m sure there are good reasons that he is an overgrown child; the dude honestly needs therapy and I would feel for him, but his personality is insufferable.

      • Comments (610)

        YES, please get Frankie out of there asap, he’s past his expiration date, in my opinion. And I hope he doesn’t get America’s Favorite Player, because I don’t think he is!

      • Comments (426)

        I so agree, and that might happen because most of them have admitted that he needs to go. But it will all depend on what Derrick wants, and I think he sees Donnie as more of a threat.

      • Comments (1288)

        Do we know if the Team America missions will continue if the team is broken up by eviction? That hasn’t been made clear anywhere I’ve seen. If it stops when one goes home then Derrick and Frankie have a profit motive to keep Donny around.

      • Comments (59)

        It still goes on. Remember the first member got evicted before they could even put the team together and on a mission. Joey was the 4th member.

      • Comments (1288)

        True, but TAver1.0 never got a mission and were never associated as a “Team”, Joey was the only announced member when she was evicted and it was that same episode when Donny was identified as a member. It may be like the twist was rebooted.

      • Comments (401)

        They’ve said they’ve asked and been told as long as there’s 2.

      • Comments (492)

        Or back door Derrick… Please
        Back door one of those HOH’s

      • Comments (644)

        Derrick being back doored would be a welcome surprise, or Frankie.

  6. Comments (4)

    Derrick needs to convince his nominees to lose the BoB competition so that he can backdoor Frankie. He should put up strong competitors so that they have a better chance in the POV. He also needs to convince Frankie to put up Victoria and Donny so that they are safe from eviction. They will vote however Derrick wants them to. If Frankie wins POV, then they could vote out Caleb. If Caleb comes back into the game, he’d believe anything they tell him and he still wouldn’t go after his current alliance members. That would be the smartest move for his game in the long run.

  7. Comments (610)

    Nicole seeing the first “zombie” while talking to Zach was absolutely priceless! So was Zach’s initial reaction to Nicole’s screams…he looked like ‘what the hell’ at first, like he wasn’t sure if he should be insulted or what. Best moment in the game in quite awhile!

    • Comments (692)

      Yes, it was great!!
      Did you see beast mode cowboy ducking down, hiding when they were all in the room together?? Even the girls didn’t seem as scared as he did.

      • Comments (610)

        I think I saw that, everything happened so fast & I was laughing so hard, that I probably missed a few things. I will have to watch that part on cable tomorrow & go thru it super slow. It will be worth a 2nd or 3rd watch! Oh, and did I see correctly? Didn’t Derrick kind of “herd” everyone into one room? I don’t remember who said/did turned off the lights? CBS, that was so awesome, do it again next year, but much earlier in the season so we get a whole lot more HGs all freaked out!

    • Comments (42)

      That and Cody slapping hisself in the face while asleep, LOL!

      • Comments (1446)

        Cody slapping himself was good, but when he was telling the story on BBAD the other night the best story was Caleb’s. He said that when a girlfriend tried to break up with him in high school, he wanted to get her attention so bad that he punched himself in the face and almost knocked himself out cold. Who does that?? Tells a lot about his future encounter with Amber.
        And I love the way Zach eggs Caleb on when he tells his “stories”
        Zach – “That’s right. You ARE the Beastmode!!” “No one can match the Beastmode!” And then Zach just laughs while Caleb’s head swells!

      • Comments (383)

        Cody hitting himself in the face was hilarious!
        Caleb is a freaking psychopath. I really hope he never hurts anybody. He scares me.

  8. Comments (426)

    OK. Now they are drawing skittles out of the bag to decide who will go up with Donnie? Gross! Who would want to eat the rest of them that their nasty hands have dug in?

  9. Comments (426)

    Question! Hoe did Zach burst his eardrum? Was it from diving into the comp water, or just some juvenile action that is his personality?

    • Comments (426)

      How, not hoe…….

      • Comments (492)

        Oh no!!!! I didn’t know he hurt himself??? He plays hard. It must have been in a comp.
        Yes, I would like to know.

      • Comments (492)

        He said earlier in the season that something happened to him when he was around 10 that his left ear started ringing and the ringing never went away. The BB doctor told him that apparently his ear drum is busted and there’s not much he can do for him right now.

        This is what I found on a different site. Not my words.

    • Comments (644)

      I read that he said he bust his eardrum 7 years ago.

  10. Comments (95)

    Ha..did you guys see the zombie or witch or whatever it was in the yard area when they were getting ready to start the HOH competition? It looked SO much like Christine. I laughed so hard!!

  11. Comments (469)

    Stevebeans – in your update above you once again say Nicole told Julie she was glad to get out of the house – if you will play that back she clearly said “they really wanted me out of the house” – and Julie replies why do you think that is – just a heads up.

    • Comments (46)

      We are so lucky to have you here. Maybe SB can have you proof read everything for him before he posts. You like to point out every detail that is missed or incorrect. Hopefully he changed the evicted picture to black and white fast enough for you this time!

  12. Comments (1288)

    I am very disappointed with the “most twisted” season ever. Julie definitely said only 1 players would get to return, why just 1? The way it is shaping up, as SB predicts, the return will be tied to an endurance comp as it was last season. I am OK with them recycling competitions but how about updating the “twists”.

    My “Twist” count
    1 big – 2HoH/BotB format
    1 small – mult-iplayer TA

    After that nothing but Donny’s cricket chirps.

  13. Comments (843)

    Wasn’t one of the punishments in the domino game Caleb and Victoria won No HOH the rest of the season? I don’t keep recordings of BBAD or the shows so have no way to check.

  14. Comments (25)

    The vibrating zombie’s face during the HOH was really funny. Did anyone notice the graves? There was one for Angry Penguin and the Tooth Fairy. There was also a tiny Angry Penguin next to the grave.

    • Comments (383)

      re: vibrating zombie. BB had some sort of banner across the bottom of the screen so you couldn’t see what the arms were doing. Made it look like the zombie was….pleasuring himself.

  15. Comments (492)

    They all need to figure out how to back door Derrick. Just like they did Nicole, when she won HOH last week. Sweet! Now that would be fun to watch.

  16. Comments (38)

    Is it possible they bring back double HOH next week? One HOH from current house and one from Jury? That would make sense no? What do you guys think?

    • Comments (332)

      No one wanted the dirty work, they are setting Derrick up. But someone has to figure out he is saving Victoria and she is not in the alliance. So my guess is, Derrick and Victoria will go up sometime. So Derrick better come down with his nominees winning and not be final HOH or he will go up not having a chance to play for HOH.

  17. Comments (487)

    I watch BBAD and I felt so bad for Donny as he listened to Derrick assuring him that he will doing everything he can to keep him off the block this week because we need to protect Team America. This is after the young ones had already decided that Donny would be on the block and Victoria would not be on the block. Derrick looked Donny in his eyes and lied to him.

    But I was glad that Zach said if he was on the block he would battle to win and not throw the comp because he needs to do what is best for his game. Derrick and Frankie did not like that one bit.

    • Comments (332)

      I loved that Zach’s skittle was not pulled for nomination. And I also loved Donny saying to Derrick, I have been up four weeks in a row it is time for someone else to be in the hot seat. Yeah, Donny, truth is truth but with this group there is no consideration for truth.

  18. Comments (843)

    I want production to leave a “get off the block” card somewhere only Donny can find it! One that can be used multiple times would be great! Just have Julie announce that Donny is now off the block without any explanation. That would put their lying faces on the floor!

  19. Comments (332)

    Derrick realizes him and Frankie are in a pickle. It truly would have been better to have another HOH person. Because they know if they sent out an America’s Team player, America will not like it. And right now, America loves DONNY all these two know is he is one of three not favorite.

    • Comments (487)

      That is why I can’t wait to see the look on Frankie’s face when Donny is voted America’s Favorite. They way these guys keep using Donny is despicable and blaming it on game play. Ugh!

  20. Comments (332)

    I am praying Victoria truly goes out and Nicole gets back in and Victoria is really left in the jury house. That girl is terrible and she is skating by week after week after week. Brushing that fake hair and doing absolutely nothing.

    • Comments (1288)

      She is not skating, she is being dragged along by her hair by Derrick. Skating implies she is at least providing her own movement and she is more a dumb lump of stump incapable of independent movement.

  21. Comments (644)

    It would be a dream if one of the last two standing was Donny . Then give the money to Donny since he was in the finale against all odds with practically no one on his side and he was able to make it. Derrick and Frankie would be good as 3rd and 4th place, so close but no cigar.

  22. Derrick is Overrated
    Comments (28)

    Derrick is just an decent player in a season filled with idiots. Hes not doing anything close to what Dan did… mind you Dan also did it to people who had already played the game once before! Plus he plans on taking Cody to the final 2 and as it stand now Cody will win the 500k. For it to come down to Cody/Derrick he would have to burn Donnie, Frankie, & Victoria. All 3 have good relationships with Cody and he has done enough to justify winning without burning all the bridges Derrick would have had to. Plus is doesnt hurt that Christine & Nicole are in love with him. They talk about things in jury house and if things start to add up as more people enter it will become clear Derrick relyed on double crossing allies more than Cody. No matter what happens win or lose he is not on the list of greatest players ever. Its just the typical reaction of people who always think that the most recent memory is the best… there has been alot of winner and some that didnt win who played better games, Ill give credit where its due, hes competent but far from a mastermind. Im sure I could lead a group of blind people through a hallway. But the best can do it with all eyes watching while they convince people who have morals and commitments to abandon them because its best for their game. Derrick is no Dan, hes not even a Boogie.

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