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Big Brother OOTT Finale Night



We made it! Two straight seasons of Big Brother with only a week off between. 164 days of Big Brother (almost half the year!), feed watching, blogging, tweeting and more. Well, to be fair, I did take a vacation and a few breaks, but I had to mention that because it’s been a long run with a lot of help from a lot of people. Caryn has been phenomenal as my right-hand woman for BBOTT.  NKog stepped it up with moderating this season. Plus I can’t forget my summer help with the amazing Amy, Brianna, and Pam stepping in big time for my week off. Despite me slacking this past week, both of these seasons are easily the most I’ve watched feeds during my years of blogging.  The ability to have a second monitor and feeds going whenever I was at the computer allowed for me to get much more into the show even when I needed to kill time by playing video games. Shit, I even wrote a fictional story about the BBOTT house for my Creative Writing class this fall.

The seasons were polar opposites of one another. The summer season had a shitton of viewers and blog hits looking for spoilers, while the fall version had a fraction of the traffic but about 4x the engagement on each post. There was a span where literally every post I made received 100+ comments which is crazy considering the difference in website traffic between the seasons. BBOTT had quite a few flaws as I pointed out (America being Co-HoH weekly, especially with a veteran in the house was a horrible idea in hindsight), but it was also the most engaging and fun to watch season in a long time. The feelings were real, the division was there, and everything seemed just so damned raw from the moment Scott walked into an empty house until even 40 minutes before the finale when we’re watching them get ready.

Having the extremely limited feed interruptions was a huge gift to the hardcore feed watchers this season, and even if it doesn’t return for BB19, or if there isn’t a BBOTT2, most feedsters will remember this season for a long time. Scott’s crazy time alone in the yoga room during a competition. Kryssie “bleeding all out” during the wall comp. Watching competitions play out live yet people still claiming they are rigged for one person or another.  It was surreal. Keeping the house awake from 10-10 (for the better part of the season. I know they gave up in the last week or so, but I don’t blame them) made for much better feeds because people were not always around each other, but often times just in cranky moods.  Have-nots were a true punishment and felt like a death sentence for those who were placed on them. There were no special treats for them, and they weren’t allowed to just sleep the week away. It was brutal and it showed every single week have-nots were revealed.



They didn’t overload the house with dumb twists just for the sake of having a twist (You come back!  Now you come back!  Everyone comes back for a second turn!). Shelby, Morgan and Alex all were able to keep their secrets through most of the season until they were certain to be going home. Sisters who really seemed to not get along outside the house bonded on a level that we saw when Dick and Danielle were forced to spend time together in the house. There was only one showmance which was still one more than I would have liked, but a few less than the typical season. Overall casting was phenomenal and everything just worked.  That is also the reason twitter has been so invested in the season and admittingly far too carried away at some points (where families are receiving death threats.  Not cool).

Big Brother Over the Top didn’t have much help from CBS in terms of an audience, but it was easily the most fun season to blog in a long time, and I am so happy I decided to keep with it despite the lack of a break between seasons. You readers were amazing, the commentary was great, and I will always say this has been the best season nobody watched. Success all around – except for page views.

Alright, that is my last ramble of the season.  I don’t know how this finale format will go.  I don’t know if there will be a recap episode or anything. I do know Julie is expected to be there live along with an actual live studio audience! There won’t be a whole lot to actually blog about as there are no competitions, no selections or evictions. No jury house and not a whole lot to talk about since Justin was evicted. We know that Kryssie will finish 3rd based on every single poll taken by anyone who follows along with the show.  We know that Jason will probably win, but we do know that Morgan does have a chance – as slight as it is – to be the second female winner of the year.


I’ll begin updating here once stuff starts happening, so stay tuned….

  • 5:05pm – They are doing a recap sort of thing of the season. Julie Chen is in the house and there is an audience. Strange to see!
  • 5:20pm – The evicted players are called on stage
    • evicted-house
    • Alex admitted that they were scared to target Jason because of America’s twist.  They were waiting until America’s power ended (and it ended too late)
    • Julie does a straw poll of the houseguests and Morgan would win 5-4 if the evicted houseguests were voting.  Justin said he didn’t vote, but he would vote for all 3 of them if he could
  • 5:45pm – A lot of the stuff is done.  Julie tells the house that the votes are done.  Prizes are $250k, $25k, and nothing (well, stipend)
    • 3rd place and evicted – Kryssie
    • I almsot forgot to update this because I am still SHOCKED..  The winner of Big Brother Over the Top:
    • morgan-wins
    • By nearly 20k votes. Julie said the lead changed back and forth through the past few days and this is the closest vote for them

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  1. LindsayB

    Thank you Steve for giving us a place to geek out over BB. While I’m ready for this love/hate relationship with BBOTT to be over, I will genuinely miss coming here to talk about all of it.

  2. Avatar

    Thanks Steve for all you do for us junkies. Now if the dang thing would just have sound I will be happy

  3. caRyn

    Thank goodness Kryssie was third place.

  4. LindsayB

    Super happy that third place didn’t have a prize.

  5. LindsayB

    Holy shit! Morgan won! Yay!!!

  6. Avatar


  7. AIO_7

    Morgan wins, Morgan wins !!!!

    Thank you good people of America.

  8. Ann

    Yaaaay, Morgan!!!
    I’ll bet Shitstain could just shit his pants right now…

  9. Avatar

    Oh my freaking GOD!!!!! That was awesome

  10. Avatar

    Oh well freacking you win some you loose some Congrats Morgan! BimboPower

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  13. Avatar

    Oh freaking well you win some you loose some Congrats Morgan! Jason talking crap about Justin got the best of him!!! @Jason you’d betta watch your mouth next baaby!!!!

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    Almost makes up for the hosing at the end of 18. Even Paul preferred Morgan now that’s FRIENDSHIP !!

  16. AIO_7

    With Morgan winning it will enhance the get together’s of the Three Willett sisters. Good times; I wish they would televise that.

  17. Avatar

    WOOT WOOT! MORGAN WINS!!!! IM so frickin excited!!!! Good prevails!!!! Jason is fuming and Krissy is holding up the interviews because she had to check the rule book to see if Jason is able to be beat! LOVE IT!!!!! We did it y’all!!!!!

    • LindsayB

      Amber!! I’ve missed you on here!

      • Avatar

        I’ve been here to read what Steve says because I love his writing and he cracks me up. I turned my feeds off in the middle of that stupid corn veto and didn’t really turn them back on until finale. I was heartbroken and couldn’t bear to watch! I had to come celebrate the outcome of it all with y’all! I’m so happy for Morgan! I hope this season inspires some changes for summer BB. I’d love to see maybe like a weekly live DR. Anyway, yeah I’ll always be here, I was just heartbroken after the girls lost that veto. I love all y’all and can’t wait to reunite when BB19 starts!

    • AIO_7

      Amber: Yes we did !!!!!!!

    • Avatar


  18. AIO_7

    It’s official now: I despise DaVonne. Almost as much as I do Skidmark.

  19. LindsayB

    Jeff’s live after show on facebook right now. He’s doing the dollar store gifts. Scott got plastic clapping hands. I hope the LNC all get Kleenex for their boogers and deodorant for their armpit sweat.

  20. Gerardo for AFP

    Wow, I am so happy that Morgan won AND Dis-Krusting finally got evicted from the Big Brother house! I hope to never hear from that Kreature ever again in life!!! My faith in humanity has been restored!

    • NKogNeeTow

      G, considering how bad we wanted her out of the house, I’m actually glad now that she didn’t get out until the end. We were under the impression that she would at least get $10,000. She thought she was at least a shoo-in for $25,000, which made her little sow heart go pitter-patter. Well lo and behold, she comes in third, which comes with a prize of goose-egg! When she was sitting on that sofa and Julie was telling them that the 3rd place HG would leave with nothing, then announced her name, I wanted to do one of Morgan’s cheerleading routines. She was so smug these last few days….wonder if she felt embarrassed when she walked out onstage. She should.

  21. Avatar

    Thanks to everyone it’s been a great season ! Have an awesome holiday season and best wishes to you all ! See you all next summer. MORGAN !!!!

  22. Avatar

    Goodbye fellow junkies. I had a lot fun on this site. Even though most people don’t like me I liked visiting this site daily. No worries I’ll be back this summer. Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season especially my favorite BBJunkie @Ann 🙂

    • AIO_7

      We like you, Kerry; we think you just like being contrary for no good reason.

      • Avatar

        Maybe you’re right 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        She does AI. She’s like that 1 mischeivous (sp) child you have that no matter how many times you spank them or give them a time out, they still come back and do something else…lol. Maybe if Santa brings her something good for Christmas, she’ll come back as our good little cherub 😉 Until then little Kerry-Poo, have a safe winter, a great holiday and BEHAVE! 🙂

  23. kneeless

    Thank God we NEVER have to see that nasty ass jacket of Kryssie’s, oh and no more Krusty either! Woot, woot!
    Congrats Morgan!!!

    • Ann

      Krusty was so worried about looking like a ballerina, why in the hell does she keep wearing those poofy dresses? She looks more like a damn saloon girl from Gunsmoke especially with the flower bed sitting on the side of her head.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    I was never a Morgan fan, and was pulling for Jason or Justin in the beginning. But once Justin left and after the way Skidmark, Krusti and Morgan, trashed him, Skid and Krus moved completely off of my radar. The only reason why Morgan stayed on was because she was the lesser of THREE evils. The other 2 bashed him about everything, whereas Morgan just mainly lied on him. Tough choice, but I had to choose someone so Morgan lucked out.

    Although he tried not to show it, you could see Skid was just oozing with jealousy and resentment. And it not only came out during his interview with Jeff, it boiled over! He had the nerve to rag on Morgan. He sounded like the bitter, petty little Basement Troll that he was, is and most likely always will be. It’s sad to, because Skid isn’t really a dumb guy. He’s actually kind of smart, just not smart enough to know when to keep his mouth shut. He let his neurosis, insecurity and mouth lose him $250,000. He was clearly pissed about only getting $25,000, and had no problem letting Jeff AND America know it. He felt cheated. Well, game play aside, with what you showed us of your personality, so did we Jason..so did we…

    • Ann

      Very well said. Had Jason not been such an ass I believe he would’ve won. He lost that $250k all by himself. Once he showed who the real Jason was, he totally & completely lost my vote. No matter what after that, he couldn’t get me to vote for anything except a one way ticket back to his mamas basement. He acted like he didn’t know America was watching everything they said & did. He should be kicking himself dead square in the ass once he goes back & watches it for himself. Hopefully his family & friends will tell him how bad he acted & maybe he’ll learn from it. Either way, I don’t care because I hope I never see him again.

      • Shivani33

        @Ann Jason really did lose the win all by himself. What made him think that talking about burning down Shelby’s family home, messing with her family’s SS #s and causing Shelby’s mother to take out a restraining order against him would make him look like a winner? But he lost me before any of that came out of his mouth when he and his minions called Shelby things like an anorexic crackwhore, etc., etc. He was incredibly demeaning to women. Then he started in on Justin, my beautiful fisherman…and showed that he was unhesitant to be down and dirty with men & women alike. This is a clear example of of how Jason couldn’t get out of his own way and just let himself win the game. Welcome to this gigantic whirling schoolhouse which we call earth, dear Jason, where there’s always too much homework…and we are all works-in-progress.

      • Ann

        @Shivanni, you’re right on point. It just baffles me how he & Kryssie thought that they’re horribly bad behavior on national tv would get them a first place win. I voted for Jason to come back over Jozea but once the REAL Jason came out into the light I was oh so sorry for making that mistake. Justin was my first choice to win & then Shelby but once they were gone there was not a snowballs chance in hell I would give Jason or Kryssie my vote. As NK said, Morgan was the lesser of 2 evils between the 2 left to vote for. I’m just glad Jason didn’t get 1st place & his minion got ZERO.

    • Ann

      I didn’t recognize Shane with his hair cut all off. I couldn’t believe he cut it considering how much he loved his hair.
      Neeley had on that GIGANTIC wig that was not cute at all.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I just ignore Neely altogether….Never Cared! I did like Shane’s haircut. I think he looks much more handsome and masculine with shorter hair. I was sorry to hear that he’s still with Dani though. Something tells me that girl is a man-eater.

    • nancy

      Any doubts I might have had about voting for Morgan over Jason were eliminated the minute he opened his mouth after the winner was declared. He just can’t stop himself from being nasty.

      • Ann

        I want them all who were nasty, mean & showed really bad behavior to know what America really thought about them.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Now it’s time for goodbyes…make that farewells, goodbyes are so final. I’d like to give my usual praise to Steve, always enjoy your Blog and love this site. Thank you for giving me this position and also for having my back. I look forward to next summer 🙂

    Thank you Amy, Briana and Pam, for keeping us filled in with the overnight updates and while Steve was away. A special thanks to Ryn for your daily updates. You’re like the Mom who makes sure we get to school on time…lol.

    Thank you to Gerardo, AI, Ann, Helen, Mel, Knees, Raider, Lindsay, Shivani and the rest of our Regs, who decided to take a chance on the BBOTT experiment. Looking forward to seeing you all again, along with the rest of the Regs, once BB19 starts.

    Thank you to all the new members of the Board. Some of you said you had been reading the Blog for years, but just decided to finally comment. Welcome and I hope to see you back for BB19. I also hope that others who are only reading but haven’t joined, will change their minds once the new season starts, and register to let their voices be heard.

    I will miss reading the comments everyday but I have to admit, after almost 6 months of BB, I need a break. I am looking forward to getting some sleep again. I’ll continue to check the comments for a few days then I’m going into hibernation..lol

    Until next summer my friends….Have a safe winter, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

  26. Renee

    Now I want to go to Louisiana and visit Justin’s restaurant. It was difficult watching how home sick he was at the end and how he was just so genuine.

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  28. Avatar

    Wow I sure miss everyone I check in here several times a day to see if the comment count climbed from 74 but no such luck. I guess it truly is over for now, so sad !

    • Ann

      @Raider, I keep checking back too. I miss everyone so much & I miss being able to vent & laugh at housepets dumb moves or at least those dumb moves that piss me off. I’m feeling a little lost & sad right now. Season 19 can’t come soon enough for me.

    • AIO_7

      Well, this comment will make # 77

      No reason why we can’t still comment: Speaking of which, I wish we cold post pictures here because I found some great pics. of the Three Willett Sisters together post BBOTT. Good times. I didn’t save the link, but I found the shoot on Twitter.

      • Ann

        I didn’t know there were 3 of them.

      • AIO_7

        Shelby called herself the third Willett sister.

      • Ann

        LMAO,,, here my dumbass went searching all over the place looking for the 3rd Willett sister & Shelby kept showing up in the pictures. I could not for the life of me figure out why there was no pictures of another Willett sister. “DUH”

      • Avatar

        @Ann hell I wouldn’t feel bad about not figuring the 3rd Willett sister out. Kryssie was in the house 62 days and her dumbass didn’t believe there were 2 sisters until Julie told her at the end ! So don’t be so hard on yourself lol

  29. AIO_7

    Actually, Ann, there could be 4 Willett sisters. Morgan and Alex’s mom is a nice looking young(ish) woman too.

  30. Avatar

    @Ann totally agree, and since he is such a super fan you know he read everything every where about himself and realized that his trash bag mouth cost him $225,000 ! KARMA is truly a spiteful bitch lol

    • LindsayB

      The sad thing is that he won’t realize that he’s a prawwwwwblem and will continue to justify his horrible self.

      • Avatar

        So very true, he’ll blame it on every one of us as the assholes ! Narcissism in such a petty human is an unfortunate trait !

      • AIO_7

        Lind, just think how “justified” Skidmark would feel HAD he won the big prize. He is a loathsome worm; and how anyone, like DaVonne, could still publicly support him is foreign to me.

  31. Renee

    Does anyone know why a comment would be waiting moderation for an extended period? I commented yesterday morning and it still shows waiting moderation.

  32. Ann

    That’s funny, Jason said America didn’t pay him back for playing hard. No you jerk, America didn’t like you because of all of the stupid stunts you pulled & you shower us who you really are. That fool is delusional.

    • AIO_7

      What’s so “hard” about laying about on a couch, smoking cigarettes, attracting like minded lizards, lead the chorus in using foul language, conspire to farting on other peoples bedding, and so much other deplorable behavior too much to chronicle. He left his mom’s basement for a two month vacation.

  33. Ann

    Have you guys been watching Survivor & The Walking Dead? Those are 2 more of my favorite shows.

    • Avatar

      I watch Survivor religiously, however I must admit I’m the only person around who doesn’t like The Walking Dead. My wife watches it all the time and tells me how great it is so I get crap all the time lol !

  34. Ann

    Wasn’t that Miichaela blindside epic? I loved it & I was beyond ready for her to go.
    Hannah gets on every single one of my nerves. I’m beginning to wonder if the girl ever washes her face. She has so much dirt on her face & she looks dirtier than everybody else out there.
    I felt sorry for David but he’s getting a little too cocky & needs to really watch his back. I’m so happy that he’s coming out of his shell & building some confidence. If he won it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
    I like Adam & I hope he wins.
    Jay is growing on me & I guess I wouldn’t be too disappointed at the moment if he won.

    You should really watch The Walking Dead, I love that show. I have a serious addiction to it.

    • Avatar

      Ann I think I will go back to the beginning and try out a few of the Walking Dead episodes on your recomendation. I will of course let my wife know that it was her urging that did it !! HAHA

      • Ann

        That wife of yours is a smart cookie:)
        Please go back & start at the first episode & by the time you get to the 3rd or 4th episode, you’ll be a Walking Dead Junkie too. You won’t regret it. Let me know what you think about it, I’ll be waiting.

  35. Avatar

    Gee thanks Ann, now you’ve got me hooked, I went to Netflix and was up until 3 am watching ! My wife of course had to point out that she was right all along lol so thanks for that too haha 🙂

    • Ann

      Lol, I told you it’s addicting. I watched last nights episode 3 times because I always see something that I missed the time before. My brother-in-law got me hooked on it & my sister wouldn’t watch. Finally she decided to go back & start from the beginning & now she’s hooked. Lol
      Anyway, I’m glad you watched. How far did you get before you went to bed?

      • Avatar

        I watched 4 episodes and am getting ready to start again. This morning I watched this weeks Survivor and all I could do was focus on Hannah’s dirty face it cracked me up so much. I had not even noticed until you pointed it out !

      • Renee

        That is the same reason I haven’t watched TWD. My husband would get to tell me he told me so. I did attempt to watch an episode last year but with intention of not liking it. I’ve been giving it a second thought since I’m having problems finding anything else to watch now. I guess if I enjoy it, I will have to swallow my pride and let him gloat. Ugghh! I’m on leave from work the whole week of Christmas, so maybe that will be binge worthy. I do LOVE survivor though.

    • Renee

      @raider34 @ann1 That is the same reason I haven’t watched TWD. My husband would get to tell me he told me so. I did attempt to watch an episode last year but with intention of not liking it. I’ve been giving it a second thought since I’m having problems finding anything else to watch now. I guess if I enjoy it, I will have to swallow my pride and let him gloat. Ugghh! I’m on leave from work the whole week of Christmas, so maybe that will be binge worthy. I do LOVE survivor though.

  36. Ann

    Hannah’s dirty face irritated me to the hilt. I mean they surrounded by water, true enough they may not have soap but dammit go put water on your face & at least get the visible dirt off. Lol

    I’ve been binge watching old episodes of Survivor. I’ve seen each season at least twice & some more.

    Check back later so we can talk about the things that we think we would’ve done different from the people on TWD. 🙂

  37. Ann

    @Raider, @Rennn let’s watch our shows & come back for discussion on SURVIVOR & TWD. 🙂

    • Ann

      Sorry I misspelled your name RENEE. I should have caught that because that’s one of my favorite names. I don’t know if I told you that I named one of my sons Renee.

  38. Avatar

    Ann I’m looking forward to watching tonight’s finale. I’m this far in and don’t have a clear cut favorite. I like David, Jay, and even dirty faced Hannah lol, but I’m not really sure of who I want to win. To get ready I just re watched season 4 of Survivor. I wanted to see again why I like that little turd Boston Rob so much ! haha

  39. Ann

    @raider34, I burst into tears when Adam said his mother passed away 1 hour after he got home. I was totally not expecting that, I just knew he was going to say she was still fighting. She waited for him to come home, she waited for him. I’m so happy he got to see her that one last time. God Bless them!!!

    Caleb & Ozzy are coming back next season. I love them both. That’s going to be one hell of a game with those 2 REALLY strong players going against each other.

  40. Avatar

    @Ann wow I just finished watching the finale this morning. I too cried when Adam told his story, that was unbelievably emotional. The fact she hung on to get to see him was just so special. A very emotional and epic season, a hard one to follow up.

    Caleb and Ozzy will be awesome, Caleb with his strength and Ozzy with his crazy abilities to climb and beast comps should be very fun.

  41. AIO_7

    Since my CBS All Access account is still active I’ve been going back and watching the early days of BBOTT. It’s interesting to see Justin and Monte when they actually got along. Danielle even seemed tolerable. I still switch any camera away if Skidmark shows up on it.

    • Ann

      @AIO7, I don’t look at shitstain or that witch Dani. I have zero tolerance for those 2, oh, & add the gargoyle Neeley in that bunch too. I plumb forgot about musty Krusty.

      Caleb & Ozzy will be back to battle it out because I’m sure they won’t let them stay on the same tribe & if they make it to merge it is going to be so good to watch those 2 strong players battle it out. I wish they would’ve left Makaela out of the new season because there is no way I would root for her, I couldn’t stand here.

      Do u watch TWD? That show is the best.

      • AIO_7

        Ann, are you asking me about TWD? I think I’ve seen it in passing (there are a lot of zombie shows around). As for Survivor, I watched the first season, and I watched the first episode from this year. Sorry, but to quote Paul, I pretty much NEVER CARED. Also, I’m not a fan of Mark Burnett, so I try to boycott his stuff.

      • Ann

        @AIO7, I don’t know who this Mark Burnett is but I’m a huge TWD & Survivor fan. Honestly, I never would’ve turned on the television to watch either of these shows but I just happened to be visiting my sister & brother-in-law & he turned on TWD & I thought to myself “what in the hell is this shit.” Then by the end of the episode I was hooked. By the end of season 1, I was addicted.
        Now as for Survivor, I had never heard of it. My sister wanted me to watch it with her & now hooked on it also. I started watching during season 3 & I went back & have seen all seasons at least twice. I love these shows & The Amazing Race too. Sorry to hear you’re not interested but I give these shows MUCH FRIENDSHIP. “It’s all gravy baby”

      • AIO_7

        Ann, Mark Burnett is a big wig producer of many hit shows, including Amazing Race, Survivor and others. Next time you watch AR or S wait till the very end of the credits and Mark Burnett Productions will show up.

  42. Ann

    @AIO7, why don’t you like him or should I say why are you not a fan of Mark Burnett? Should I go somewhere & read up on him?

    • AIO_7

      Ann, nothing sinister about the guy that I can report. Just something about the guy and his form of entertainment have always bugged me (maybe I’m jealous); and also some of it is political. Keep in mind, many will disagree with me, so don’t stop watching a Burnett production just because some poster (me) on the internet isn’t crazed about his work. Big Brother (not a Burnett production) is the only show of this type that I’ve ever followed.

      • Ann

        @AIO7, Thanks, I was hoping he wasn’t some type of weirdo. Trust me, I would’ve jumped right on the bandwagon with you.

  43. Ann

    I think I might be in too deep to stop liking those shows now because I’ve been watching for so many years that I’m totally hooked.

  44. Ann

    I hope everybody is having a Merry Christmas. I miss you all so much. Take care, enjoy the holidays, be careful & be safe.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Ann, I agree & hope everyone is having a great, safe holiday season.

      • Ann

        Diggin that new avatar Raider. I want to change mine but I don’t know how. Someone on here told me but I can’t find the comment.
        Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It was 85 degrees & cloudy on Christmas Day here but I loved having my children & grandchildren home with me, so no complaints. Now we just have to get through the New Year. Loving & missing you guys.

      • AIO_7

        Here, Ann:

        Just remember, if you ever want to change your avatar, point your mouse button to the right hand corner of the page where it says “Howdy, Ann”, when it drops down, click on “Edit my profile.” Then click “Profile”, then click “Change profile photo”.

  45. g8trgirl

    It’s almost time Steve. Where are you? Lol

  46. Ann
    Ann (1906 comments)

    Hi guys…I’m ready to raise hell again. I can’t wait!!!
    I’ve missed everybody so much.

  47. g8trgirl

    I’m waiting on the all access. Need to see if it will be worth it or not. But I’m ready for the season to begin, or at the very least, start hearing some leaks. Lol

  48. Ann

    Has anybody found out who & if any BB vets will play this summer?

  49. Renee

    I’m ready and anxiously waiting!

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