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Big Brother Over The Top Live Eviction Thread



It’s been a week since Big Brother Over the Top premiered, and it’s time for the first eviction of the season.  It’s been a pretty crazy week for anyone who is a fan of the show because we got to watch a ton of firsts that usually briefly skimmed over on the episodes.  I went over how great this season is in my earlier post today, so I’m not going to repeat that.  Let’s just say it’s worth the watch.

Tonight there are 3 people on the block, and one of them was selected by America via a poll inside the live feed area.  Danielle, Kryssie, and America’s selection: Cornbread.

There is so much to talk about, but the recap is currently on, so I am distracted while writing this. I’ll just get right into posts…



  • 7:10pm – They are showing a  bunch of highlights for the week like a typical CBS episode.
    • They’re on night one right now and show the clip where Alex called her sister Mo’ an hour or so into the game. Shelby noticed but didn’t catch on
    • This was Morgan’s reaction
    • morgan-reaction
    • Now it’s HoH time and they show the clip of Shane running around the house looking for the Diary Room after he drank the potion
  • 7:30pm – Ugh, now it’s the Shane / Danielle showmance clips
  • 8:00pm – Live eviction time!
    • live-eviction
    • They jump right into it.  Danielle gives her speech. Standard ‘I hope you keep me’
    • Cornbread goes with the fun route. If you keep him, he’ll have everyone’s back somehow
  • Votes:
    • Neeley: Cornbread
    • Jason: Cornbread
    • Whitney: Cornbread
    • Note – this is incredibly weird without Julie talking to them
    • Morgan – Cornbread
    • Justin: Cornbread
    • Shelby: Cornbread
    • Scott: Cornbread
    • Alex: Danielle (to create paranoia)
    • Shane: Cornbread
    • Cornbread eliminated
    • Here is Alex’s face when she evicted Danielle for paranoia
    • alex-happy
    • Monte heads to the DR to get the results.  No Julie tonight, so he is Julie
    • Cornbread says ‘Fuck ya’ll’ on his way out. Not a happy
    • cornbread-evicted
  • 8:10pm – And that’s it. Now they’re trying to figure out who did the 1 vote
    • I don’t even know what to think about that. So far, eviction night was by FAR the weakest part of BBOTT. By a mile.  I really hope they take a lot of BBOTT to the summer, but I will gladly take Julie Chen and the live eviction episode
    • HoH competition to begin at 8:45pm
  • 8:40pm – The house goes back to the bedroom and Monte heads outside (to get instructions I’d guess)  Comp starting soon
  • 9:00pm – HoH Comp time!
    • hohcomp2
    • Endurance competition. They need to hold up some crown with their sword
    • They need to push their sword against their heads and hold the crown up. After 1 hour, they will only be able to use 1 hand
    • shelby-crown
    • Very quiet.
    • Whitney has her serious face going (her normal face)
    • whitney-focused
  • 9:15pm – Everyone hanging in there. Jason is the only one talking.
    • Shelby – down
    • Justin – down
    • Alex
    • Shane – down
    • Jason – down
    • Scott – down
    • Kryssie – down
    • Morgan – down
    • Whitney – down
    • Danielle – down
    • Neeley
  • 9:23pm – Jason down. I had a feeling he wouldn’t last. He was acting like James. Too overconfident and talking while everyone else focused.
  • 9:38pm – Shane down
  • 10:04pm – One hour mark! Switching to one hand now finally
    • Morgan down 1 minute into second hour
  • 10:09pm – Scott was struggling for a bit before he dropped it
    • scott-struggling
    • 10:14pm – Kryssie down
    • 10:28pm – Alex is leaning in on the pole a bit after being warned for using two hands (she didn’t, but her right hand was close)
      • alex-leaningin
    • 10:30pm – Danielle down
    • 10:55pm – Still going. Just 4 remain standing
    • 11:02pm – Whitney down
    • 11:13pm – Justin started dancing and he dropped his thing.  Dumbass.  Down to 2

Check back for updates


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  1. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Thoughts about the live eviction:

    1) Wow…that was… awkward. It was so quiet without the audience, and having Monte read the instructions instead of Julie was…well, you saw it. Then Monte even had to go fetch the results? Yeah, I think the live eviction process for OTT has some kinks they’re going to need to work out as the season progresses.
    2) Danielle is GORGEOUS
    3) CB said in his last plea speech “If I stay, I got everybody’s back”… Well, if you hadn’t raised enough red flags before, telling the entire house that you’re on all of their sides is a great way to put a nail in your coffin.

    • Mell

      I think they should put the results up on the tv screen for them or something because that was a little wierd. I’m not complain though. I really thought they were going cheap until I got on here and saw Steves thread. I didn’t switch cams and didnt realize there was video of the voting. I heard them vote while looking at the diary room corridor. Hey, people in their 40’s can still have blonde moments occasionally.

      *Surely next week they can devote some time to Justin and Shelby crazy stuff. There’s alot of material to pick from.

  2. Avatar

    Did you have to have the quad view on to see the votes live?

  3. Avatar

    O.M.G. Did he just say “F*ck y’all” when he walked out?!?!?!! Wow. Yes, I agree, it’s incredibly awkward without an outside host. I wish they would change that part.

  4. BBBonbon62

    HoH in 30 minutes…wear athletic clothing!!!

  5. BBBonbon62

    I would love me some endurance comp tonight.

  6. Avatar

    Love the cast. hate the generic look of it all……I wonder if they feel slighted with all the recordings of Julie and such?

  7. Avatar

    Cornbread gone now that’s Friendship!!

  8. caRyn

    This will be the first time I see all of an endurance comp – assuming it is endurance because of what they are wearing. Not sure how long it will last.

  9. Mell

    I have early appointments tomorrow. Pissed. I can finally watch a full endurance comp but have to give myself a curfew instead! Have fun guys. I’ll have to check in here in the morning to see what the heck happened so get all the good stuff Steve!!

  10. caRyn

    8:32 pm (PT) Shane tells Justin that Monte is scheming with Alex and Scott so they need to win HOH. Shane thinks the hinky vote was Alex or Scott. Justin agrees and says he already knows they are always scheming.

  11. Avatar

    I bet Monte feels right at home sitting on that throne wearing that big King crown. He probably thinks they made this comp just for him, so everyone knows he’s king. Yeah right! Gag! Hope he goes next!

  12. BBBonbon62

    This is so boring. Not sure what I was expecting but this is making me sleepy.

  13. caRyn

    Whitney is pressing hers against her body.

  14. caRyn

    10:24 pm (PT) Alex receives a warning from production. Reminds of BB18. Corey questioned production on the baseball comp a number of times. James and Paul were talking about it on BBAD.

  15. caRyn

    Two overnight vs. two Plastics.

  16. Shivani33

    Justin to Monte: Comin’ for that ass, baby.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    While watching this lonnnng drawn out competition, I noticed something about Whitney. That girl scares me more than anyone in the house. She has the eyes of a Great White Shark…cold and dead. That southern belle has the look of pure evil. I sincerely believe she is 10 times more dangerous than Monte or anyone else in the house. The killer instinct. I may be wrong, Lord knows I am probably half the time, but there is just something about her…

  18. Mell

    Those women are pretty bad ass! Alex did get busted for cheating tho. I like Alex but having a sibling in the house is much more of an advantage than Jason being a vet. I’m still voting Monte, Whitney and Morgan for have nots.

  19. Avatar

    Plastics and monte on slop… and for nom im thinking shelby only because she has no chance of winning veto. Any other suggestions?

    • Avatar

      Everyone always complains that there’s never strong girls and girls alliance don’t work but the first time we have a strong potential girl alliance that’s here to play and are not scared of making moves everyone starts to hate on them. I just don’t get it

    • Helen

      I want to know what the care package is first

      • caRyn

        Care Package is today at 10 am (PT). So hopefully we will hear something in the next 22 minutes.

      • Helen

        Any thoughts on who to give this care package to?

      • caRyn

        I am trying to look up information now to see what is in the care package.

      • caRyn

        Wk 1: Save-A-Friend. Package winner can save one person from eviction that week.

        Wk 2: Pick-A-Veto. Winner picks what veto HGs are playing for out of the following: Diamond POV (remove one nominee and pick replacement), double POV (two normal vetoes in play), Boomerang veto (veto can be used twice, saving both nominees)

        Wk 3: Safety Servant. Winner is safe that week but must do EVERYTHING HOH tells them to keep safety.

        Wk 4: Eliminate 3 Eviction votes. Can single-handedly flip house this week.

        Wk 5: Co-HOH. Works just like in BB18

        Wk 6: Double Eviction Veto. No veto comp this week. Package winner gets the veto. THIS MEANS DOUBLE EVICTION WEEK OF NOV. 17-18

        Wk 7: The Final Four Challenge. Winner will play in a personal challenge from BB to automatically advance to Final Four if they win.

      • caRyn

        What about Neeley? Alex said she wasn’t going to put Neeley OTB.

      • caRyn

        Chat room right now are mostly saying they are voting for Kryssie to get the care package. The second name that I am seeing in the chat for care package is Neeley. I think either one is a good choice because they don’t seem to be Alex’s target.

    • Mell

      I’m voting Monte for nom. Tiny chance he may be an a**hole and they decide to go ahead and kick him out. It still takes a vote away from that side.

  20. caRyn

    11:39 pm (PT) last night Jason called Scott out for talking alone with Monte before eviction and Scott explains and says he was voting out Cornbread.

  21. Avatar

    I say we all vote for Shane as AN because he seems to think he can run the house and I want to see him shake a little

  22. caRyn

    11:44 pm (PT) last night Alex tells Shelby that Neeley’s crew wasn’t rooting for her until after Justin dropped. Shelby says to mention that to Neeley if Neeley sleeps in the HOH room with her.

  23. Avatar

    So who’s voting for who for AC

  24. caRyn

    At 12:31 am (PT) Alex said she wanted to put Shane and Danielle OTB to break up the showmance.
    I thought she was leaning towards Justin. Idk.

  25. Shivani33

    Alex and Scott were analyzing the votes and expressing confidence about her ability to prevail as HoH, regardless of who wins the veto. She is renominating Danielle and saying that she’ll nominate Shane, too. If this continues to be her plan, her aim is to eliminate the romance from the house, one way or the other. (Monte wants Shane to go up as a nominee, too.) Alex wants to crush Danielle the most, because of the way that Danielle, while being on the block this past week, managed to flip the house to bulldoze Cornbread. She said to Scott, “who gets to run the house while being a nominee?” Alex has other plans, too – such as reeling Neely and Kryssie onto her side to use their votes to get what she wants accomplished. Though Monte keeps making noises about getting rid of Justin, Alex has her own ideas, and she’s smart enough to keep thinking and watching with her own goals in mind.

  26. Helen

    Well if kryssie or Neely get care package they will save danielle

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