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We will miss you too, Dani

BBOTT Updates November 16 –

First update begins on 11-16-2016. Last update is on ?-?-2016 on this thread. This is thread 2 of 2.

11-16-2016 Wednesday (PT):

12:23am Kryssie/Justin – Justin: He told the girls he is going to throw the comp so he can win the ninth one. That’s why he is like you two can not throw the comp. Kryssie: I am not throwing.. Justin: No, I don’t think that. I don’t think you should. Kryssie: I don’t think you should either. Justin: I have a master plan. I am trying to ensure us at the end. I am trying to ensure between first and second it is going to be me and you. Morgan will come in last place. But no, I don’t think you should throw anything. Kryssie: I am not throwing sh*t. Absolutely not. I did not come here to throw comps. Justin: No, me either. Kryssie: Those girls don’t want to take you to the end. They are not taking you. Justin: I already know that. I am not trying to be a sitting duck. That is why I cannot win this one. Because I will be a sitting duck the ninth week. Kryssie: With who? Justin: With who? Kryssie: If you win and we take out Shelby this week, there is no way Morgan is going to take Jason no matter what. He is a bigger threat than you. Justin: How do I know Jason is going to take me to the end? I don’t. Kryssie: Because he doesn’t want to be at the end with Morgan. Justin: I can’t believe that. He has thrown my name UTB multiple times to those girls and I can’t trust him. Kryssie: First of all, you are listening to those girls like they have been truthful to you this entire time. Justin: They haven’t. They have not. But guess what, this is towards the end He threw your name UTB too. Kryssie: I know but he came to me and told me he was going to throw my name UTB. Justin: But he didn’t tell me and that leaves me in grass because he was probably really serious and I don’t trust him no more. It’s over. No, I do not trust him. It is dead. Kryssie: Ok.

12:23am Jason/Danielle – Danielle: The only way to keep him in line is if one of you wins HOH. Jason: I know. Kryssie said to me that she is positive that he will throw it. Just so he doesn’t have to be the person that broke deals. He is going to go with whoever has the power. I really want to win HOH but if Kryssie wins, great. Because I know she will not come for me. Danielle: No. She thinks if they win they are going to take out you and then they are going to take out him and take her to F3. She said, I don’t want that. You guys just have to win HOH next week to get him back in line. Jason: I know. Danielle: I definitely believe I am the one going home tomorrow because they are thinking of who is going to win comps. Jason: They are not looking at the end game totally yet. They know they only have one person competing tomorrow and you have shown multiple times that you are the best competitor from our side. So they are like, ok, we are going to take her out. Danielle: I am sure they told him he is guaranteed the Care Package if he sends me home and I am sure that is where his head is at. Jason: Morgan will do what Shelby wants and Justin will do what Shelby wants. Danielle: I am sure he will be voting for me. Kryssie enters the room. Kryssie: He is definitely going to throw the comp tomorrow. Jason: What did he say? Kryssie: He has a master plan and the only he can win is if he gets next weeks HOH. Jason: He is a fool. Danielle: Does he just automatically think he is going to win F4 HOH? Jason: He thinks so. Danielle: Because he thinks he is the best at everything in the world. Jason: That is his master plan so he can cut me and go with Kryssie and one of the girls. Which is, he thinks, his easiest way to win. Danielle: I was telling him (Jason) that the only way to keep him in line is to win HOH. That is the only way he will use the Care Package to benefit you guys. Jason: Yeah. How can I even trust that when the next week he is going to try to grime me? Kryssie: You don’t have to worry. I am going to protect you.

12:22pm Morgan/Kryssie – Morgan: I couldn’t really get a good read from you yesterday. Kryssie: I am not good at throwing comps. I am also not good at winning them either. Morgan: Even if you do win will you still be good with the four. Kryssie: Oh, yeah. That goes without saying. Morgan: And what I told you about Alex please.. Kryssie: Oh, no.That is not something that comes up in conversation. Ya know? That is safe with me. I told you my word is good.

12:52pm Kryssie/Morgan/Shelby – Kryssie: It dawned on me how we can make next week work 110% perfectly. Depending on who ends up staying – Justin or Jason – depending on the Veto, that person still trust me. If we are going to make this F3 thing work.. You (Morgan) had come to me asking to throw the HOH to you. That makes a good argument in theory, but I figured out a way that if I win HOH and you win the Veto, our comp win still stays the same and the only way to get rid of Jason is to backdoor him. If he is not paying for his own life I can convince him that you want Justin. That way he will throw the Veto to me. I will make the nominations the same. He will still think I am trying to get rid of one of you if I pawn one of you next to Justin. That way every single one us are playing to take one of you down. If it is Jason and Justin up against one another, Jason has to go first. Period. I let everyone in our alliance know that Justin made a deal with you guys last week but my involvement is zero. I did that on purpose. They think every time I was talking to you guys it was about me going up as a pawn. With that being said, I can nominate Justin next to you (Morgan). Justin will play along because he wants Jason out of here. Whoever wins Veto can take the pawn down and Jason goes up. If this works out that will keep us (Kryssie & Morgan) comp even going into F4. Justin is less likely to win. He has it in his mins that he is going to win last HOH and do whatever. He also had it in his head that he was going to win the 7th one. He didn’t win the 7th one. He hasn’t won sh*t. He is going to be easier to take out. Shelby: We know that. Morgan: We just need Jason to go this week. Shelby: The only problem I see with your plan is what Justin’s Care Package is going to be. Because he may not be able to be pawned. Kryssie: But we will get the Care Package before the nominees. Even if I pawned the two of you the Care Package doesn’t matter and I can convince Jason not to use the Veto. Morgan: I think the Care Package might help him send somebody home. Kryssie: It would make perfect since for me to win HOH. The only way I see it from where I am sitting is for me to win HOH and for you (Morgan) to win Veto. I am not going to the end with someone like Jason or somebody like Justin. Morgan: If Jason doesn’t go this week he is in the finale. Kryssie: And he wins. You guys are a package deal to go to the end with and I made peace with that. The only issue I can see is the Veto and I want him to go into it as complacent as possible. If Justin is up OTB he will be fine, you did me grimy last week, you can go. Shelby: Justin did not do him grimy though. Kryssie: He doesn’t know that. He is convinced Justin did. Shelby: Jason did it to Justin. Kryssie: He and Danielle are convinced Justin did. They (Danielle and Jason) told me after they came up here – just so you know you are safe because Justin is going home this week. That is the beauty of my role on my side of the house. I just do a lot of listening. I just take in what everybody is saying. If you (Morgan) are HOH Jason is going to bust as* in the Veto because he will know you are coming after him. If we lost him or Justin this week we would still be closer to F3. If I nail Jason.. Shelby: That is the biggest game move this season. Kryssie: You (Shelby) are taking out the biggest target. I trust you have not made a F3 deal with Justin as well. Shelby: No, he (Justin) is taking you. He told us. Morgan: He (Justin) said you are his ride or die. Kryssie: Justin is coming up here. Do we tell him? Shelby: Yes.

1:14pm Justin/Kryssie/Morgan/Shelby – Kryssie: I think I have a plan for next week. Justin: Ok. Kryssie: If I pull out HOH today, Jason still trust me, which means he will not know that he is the target. If I pawn you (Justin) next to one of them (Ball Smashers) and convince Jason to throw the Veto because he thinks my target is you (Justin), that leaves four people playing to get one person out. If he plays the Veto for himself he will win it because that is what he does. But if he goes into that Veto not worried about anything he is as good as gone. I know you (Justin) are done with him anyway. My feeling is if I win HOH and everyone throws the Veto to Morgan our comp wins stay even going into the F4. Jason doesn’t know what is going on until the Veto meeting. And then boom. That’s just where I am at. Whatever you Care Package is really doesn’t matter. It just benefits you. The only way to get Jason this week is to backdoor him. You can’t nominate him because he will just pull himself off. Justin: Alright. Jumbalaya Gang. Justin leaves the room. Morgan: Easy. Kryssie: I didn’t think it would be hard. He listens to me and he doesn’t like Jason. It is the only way Jason will not se it coming. I haven’t told anyone this, but I threw this weeks Veto. I knew if I won that Veto it would sell out whatever I had going on with you guys. And I cannot sell that out until Justin is gone. Because him being public enemy number one with Jason and Danielle this week has been perfect for me.

1:20pm Shelby/Morgan – Morgan: I don’t believe a word she says. It is a smart plan. Her and Jason have talked way too much and it is a plan to get you out. Shelby: Yeah, it has to be. I want to talk to Justin and see what he thinks. Morgan: I am not throwing that comp. I 100% will not throw that comp. I don’t care if that means Jason has to fight for Veto. That is still four against one fighting for a Veto. Omg, she thinks I am so stupid. She’s like Shelby you deserve to be in the finale and Morgan you were just brought along. I was like, ok. Thanks, Kryssie. No. I do not believe a word she says. I think her and Jason have been talking way too much. I think there is a plan behind this. Jason, I’m sorry, coming down to this far in the end, no one is going to be throwing comps. Jason is not going to throw that Veto. It is coming close to finale and that is just another notch on his belt. Shelby: Even if he wasn’t the target this week, wouldn’t he want to win just to take you out? Morgan: Right. I may just act like I am tossing it to her so she doesn’t play as hard. I firmly believe she is not going to get rid of Jason no matter what. Shelby: I want to talk to Justin. He is the person I trust besides you which is so weird. Morgan: I do not trust Kryssie at all. She is contradicting herself. She is playing the loyalty game and honest game and she has been the closet with Jason since day one. Why would she take him out when she said she wants to take the biggest players to the end. She thinks we are so stupid and we are going to buy this. No, I do not believe her whatsoever. Shelby: It is going to be us OTB because Justin will get the Care Package. Morgan: That is why she said Justin can go up as a pawn. Shelby: No, he can’t. Morgan: When she caught herself in that she said well, it can still be ya’ll two. Shelby: Her plan is good and if she wins we will have to go with it. Morgan: If she does win we will say I threw it to her. I also do not believe that she threw that Veto comp. She is wanting to up her comps for the finale so why would she throw that.

2:49pm Kryssie/Justin – Kryssie: I think I am going to tell Jason, to make him feel comfortable, is that the plan is to backdoor Shelby. Justin: The girls, they don;t trust your plan. Shelby thinks it is for her to get backdoored. They don’t think you are really going to try to get Jason out of here. Kryssie: Why wouldn’t I? Justin: Idk, but you need to talk to them. Kryssie: Well they obviously don’t give a fu*k on what I have to say. Justin: I trust your plan. I trust Morgan but she is going straight for the kill and put him OTB and one of us has to win the Veto. Kryssie: That pisses me off that those bit*hes don’t trust me. Justin: Let’s just ride this out. It is you and me to the end. I think it is all going to work out. Kryssie: They have to trust me because we are all they have. My plan is perfect. Justin: If you win HOH they don’t have any say. Kryssie: I hope Jason fu*king wins it. Justin: That would be really gangster. I feel like he is going to throw it because he wants to compete in the last one. Kryssie: You need to convince him that he has a shot with you going to the end. That is the only way he will try to win this HOH is if he thinks you are going to take him. Justin: He thinks I am not going to take him? Kryssie: He thinks you are not going to take him. Justin: That is what he said? Kryssie nods yes. Kryssie: He thinks you want to take one of the girls and me, which is not incorrect. Justin: Which is very right. Well he knew that he broke my trust. And that is why I wouldn’t want him to be HOH because he would send me home. Kryssie: No, he wouldn’t. Justin he wouldn’t send you home. If he is HOH this week he isn;t taking you out he is taking Shelby out. Then it is you, me, Jason and Morgan in the F4. And then basically you have three people playing to get one person out. Getting Shelby out this week would be awesome if he got it. He is my plan this week. If I fu*king win it I am getting rid if Jason. But those bit*hes need to trust me. Justin: I want you to win so we can implement your plan because I think your plan is probably best. Kryssie: It is the only way he won’t try in the Veto. It is the only way. Justin: I need to get Shelby out of here. Kryssie: She is honestly a bigger threat than Jason. Justin: She is. We probably need to convince Jason that he needs to fu*king win this sh*t this week. Kryssie: If you win and get out Shelby or Jason there is still one big threat left. Justin: I am not going to throw anything. If I can win this sh*t I am winning it. Kryssie: They’re convinced you are throwing it. Your odds are even better if you win this week. Week nine all of us would take you except for Shelby. If you win this week she goes and we deal with Jason later. Kryssie: If I win I have every intention to take Jason out. But if those girls want to play this game with me I will happily backdoor Shelby. You can’t throw this Justin, you can’t. Justin: I’m not. Kryssie: If Morgan wins this she is buying Shelby another week. She has to go. It is the best chance you and I have going to the end together. Jason would take you. He wouldn’t take Morgan. Justin: I already know. I know you don’t trust him but you need to trust me. Justin: I just know that he has sold me out. Kryssie: He sold you out with the intention of getting rid of Danielle. Justin: I don’t look at it like that. Kryssie: I know what those girls are saying probably sounds legit but they are lying as* bit*hes. I have not lied too you this whole entire time and I won’t. We all need to bend and get rid of Shelby this week or we are fu*ked. If Shebly stays you and I are playing for second and third place and I don’t want to do that.