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Big Brother Power Of Veto Ceremony Blogging



Let me just say, I am glad yesterday is over. It was a long, long day on the Big Brother feeds.

With the upcoming veto ceremony, the house had to scheme a way into putting Jeff on the block instead of the expected Audrey. Well, Saturday night they set Jeff up to confront him in a few lies he’s been telling, and Vanessa blew it up from there. He fell for the bait and walked right into the trap as it ended with him and Vanessa in a shouting match (more of a loud talking match) before going their own ways.

This meant yesterday was the day Vanessa spent calling people into the HoH room one by one and re-telling the story while explaining why Jeff is likely going to be the re-nom today instead of Audrey.  I listened to Vanessa tell nearly the same story to about 5 different people before I couldn’t take it any longer and had to walk away from the feeds. This isn’t to bash her game, but listening to her talk for hours on end will drive any person crazy.


Personally, I am far too lazy, so I would have just said ‘Meh, I changed my mind. Jeff is a bigger threat, he’s going on the block’ and left it as that, there is a reason Vanessa has made millions playing a card game – she is a lot more patient than I am (and probably smarter).

Today is veto day, Jeff pretty much expects he’s going on the block, but I’ll be here to update you on his reaction when he does.

  • 9:00am – Some houseguests are up early getting ready for the day, as they typically do when they know they’ll be on TV
  • 9:50am – Nothing going on, still a few roaming around the house. Expect that to be the same for a few more hours
  • 10:15am – Guess not. Feeds down, early Veto meeting perhaps.
  • 10:30am – False alarm, feeds up.
  • 12:0ppm – Feeds down for PoV ceremony. For real this time
  • 1:12pm – Feeds back, Jeff has been the re-nom like expected.  Bye Jeff
  • So far Jeff is calm, but he was talking with Meg and Jackie about how they want to blow up the house if he goes (blow up Vanessa’s side)
  • Jeff thinks Steve is playing the game harder than he lets on
  • 3:00pm – Shelli is upstairs chatting with Audrey. I just walked in the door, so I’ll get caught up on their conversation
  • 3:30pm – Austin is mentioning how many rude remarks Jeff has made about Jackie. Hinting that she’s ‘easy’, etc. Something you wouldn’t say to someone about another person on live feeds
  • The talk between Audrey and Vanessa turns to astrology signs. Boring
  • 4:20pm – Not much going on, just listening to Meg and Jason have a casual talk outside. Vanessa is on the other feed and I’m done with her for now
  • 6:11pm – Lack of updates today because the house is boring as shit. Sorry about that, I wish I could spice it up
  • 6:45pm – The nightly bash session of Audrey is going on. Jeff says it’s embarrassing she had to play that card (transgender). But, I personally haven’t heard her use it.
  • 7:20pm – Most are outside. Clay and James are playing pool and trying to adjust the level. Big Brother keeps yelling at them to ‘Stop that’
  • Random note – I got a tablet today for my long flight, tried to download a movie from Comcast and it was 4gb!  That was about 40% of my available space, and they won’t let me transfer to an SD card.  That’s crap.
  • Ok, back to feeds….  The house is still hanging out. James is wondering if he’ll get booed when he leaves the house.  He won’t. Nobody is any more. I don’t think CBS allows it

check back for more updates


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  1. danmtruth

    Austin is trying to hard with this split personality shtick . He forgets his own rule when the hat is on he is this all evil person Bad wrestling promo
    I hope for his sake that is not how John talks outside of the house . Once more STOP YELLING!!! I am trying to like the guy he does seem like a lovable loser . The look on his face every time he is called into the HOH to be ask to throw a comp is priceless . Can’t wait for the day he is on the block with one of those exHOH Then they will be thinking is he going to blow this ? Am I being set up like I did too someone else? John does well in BotB and veto but can’t win HOH . I hope when he wins he ask Clay to throw a comp and back doors him

    • Avatar

      I hate it when Austin talks about his alter ego. I really like JMac except when he is yelling. He is funny and how he handles these situations makes me like him more. I do think that he has to stop agreeing to throw comps though before it backfires.

  2. Avatar

    Vanessa is the worst, she loves taking credit for things she didn’t even do. She was a crying floater until Austin won HoH, she came in 2nd and they devised a way for her to stay hoh so he can play next week. Really just a puppet for Clay, Shelli, & Austin. Plus she continues to protect Audrey because shes a tranny, that makes me sick, a person is a person they dont deserve shit for their choice.

    • danmtruth

      LazEH not sure what you are basing that on about Vanessa saving Audrey on . I would say it’s more the just keep a big target their to make it easier to backdoor someone. I think it might also be that she has a secrete alliance with her . Going back to the girl power thing Audrey first tried to startLazEH do you think Vanesea also favors Jasson?
      QueenBrat I am starting to come around to JMack I agree I hope the throwing of comp don’t come back to hurt him

  3. Avatar

    John called to DR about 5 minutes ago.


    Once Vanessa turn do go on the block her cry baby ways will return

  5. AIO_7

    Is it just me, or does it seem that they are letting too many visitors into the house. (why I hated last nights BoB)
    It’s CBS’ show and they can do what they want, but I liked it better when, in past seasons, the house guests were truly sequestered. I remember when the house guests saw no one from the outside world until their game was over.
    Am I alone in wishing we could get back to that?

    • Avatar

      That’s a great point.

      The more guests they have, the more entertaining and less stressful it is for them.

      Get rid of the guests, build the stress, and then there will be more drama because the stress will lead to more paranoia and more backstabbing.

  6. danmtruth

    so is the voting block now. Clay ,Sheili, Liz, Becky, Austin , will that be the 5 to take out Jeff So once more Audrey slips by

    • Rita

      They need 6 people. Steve told Vanessa he will vote to evict Jeff as well. But Steve and John have been close and John says he is voting to evict James.
      Too early to tell but I bet Audrey votes to keep James just to keep lying about her vote.

  7. Avatar

    6 votes are needed for elimination. Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz/Julia, Becky will vote to eliminate Jeff. That’s 5. I’m not sure if Steve will go against Vanessa since she has ‘included’ him in the group. Jason, Meg, and John I’m not sure of even though John has said he is voting to keep Jeff. Jackie will vote to eliminate James. Audrey is a crap shoot! They need either Steve to follow orders or Jason, Meg (who has a little crush on Jeff), John, OR crazy witch Audrey to vote Jeff in order to get him out. I really don’t want James out, but it would be hilarious for all of Vanessa’s scheming to backfire on her.

  8. danmtruth

    So now things heat up. The floaters now have power. If James has a crush on Meg but she has a crush on Jeff won’t he have more of a reason to save himself and eliminate Jeff. Vanessa does seem to be overplaying things Personaly I would rather see Jeff go as James seems to be a bit stronger of a player Is it safe to say Audrey would be happy to see James go as he would follow thru on eliminating Audrey. Next is John who does he see as needing to go

  9. g8trgirl

    My prediction for final 3: Steve, Jackie and Becky unless they stop going with the infamous group think.

  10. danmtruth

    G8trgirl do you base this on Jakie and Becky staying low and not being on anybody’s radar? Be key and Steve seemed to have a plan Steve might have the harder time as he seems to be on the outer ring of both sides of the house . This might help him as not being an early target . When numbers start getting low is when I see him having problems finding votes . Than again he can sit back and let everyone get blood on there hands

  11. Rita

    Steve you should watch the HOH cam at 4:20 (I know it’s hard watching Vanessa endlessly rambling) but Clay and Audrey had a little spat. I think Clay may be losing his patience with her. I can’t blame him, most of her discussion is her trying to get them to protect her. It started because he pointed out how much time she spends in the HOH room.

  12. Rita

    How funny will it be if Liz and/or Julia win the whole thing?

  13. Jannie

    Don’t have the live feeds but catch BBAD most of the time.
    Thought I was going to like Vanessa and Austin, but it seems they have gotten a bit too heady with the power. And do the three of them (with Liz) ever leave the HOH room? Hope they have to sweat next week.
    Hate it that the oldest person in the house is 33. Wish they had a few more “mature” people in the house.

  14. Avatar

    Thank you, ShoeLover. I’ll try that.

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