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Big Brother Spoilers – Monday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! What a wild night in the Big Brother house. It’s been covered quite a bit by me last night and Mel this morning so I won’t ramble too much about it. We all know about Kaitlyn’s crazy night as she’s still trying really hard to be trending even though that twist has ended, but I want to talk about someone else – Sam.


How many caught her extremely awkward interview with Brett last night? She sat there for a solid half-hour in one of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever seen on the feeds where she rambled on and on and on about all types of crazy things. She went from asking if he was going to mercy kill her by voting her out because he thought she doesn’t want to be there to talking about the financial situation of everyone in the house. It started around 7:20 and definitely worth a watch if you have 30 minutes to kill with her talking in the background.

Today would have been a bigger day in the house had Kaitlyn’s meltdown didn’t happen last night. Brett and Winston had a shred of hope that Scottie was going to replace one of them with Kaitlyn (even though it was never going to happen) but that was dashed last night in the blowup. I’m sure the bros fully expect Scottie not to use the veto which means one of them will be going home this Thursday. Gears will shift to each of them campaigning through a proxy with Brett using Rachel and Angela and Winston using… well, he doesn’t really have anyone. It could get ugly as the week progresses which is why I’ll be monitoring that closely!



  • 9:45 am – Feeds return from the wake-up call and Kaitlyn is telling Rockstar how she was the flip vote on Steve which RS already knew
    • Kaitlyn really needs to clear her throat more. It kills me listening to her talk
  • In another cam, Rachel wakes up in the HoH room. Scottie gave her the room for the night for her b-day
  • 10:05 am – Kaitlyn plans on telling Scottie that she was the swing vote with Steve
  • 10:13 pm – Kaitlyn is playing catchup with her boss Tyler
    • Kaitlyn’s goal in the house is to stick up for people who don’t have a voice.
    • Tyler is trying to talk her out of confessing everything to Scottie
  • 10:22 am – Tyler tells Kaitlyn “tell you don’t trust me. Tell you don’t trust me”.
    • He’s tired of her questioning him daily
    • Meanwhile, the DR keeps calling Kaitlyn and she’s ignoring it (at least 2x by this point)
    • 3x now
    • She removes her mic and covers her face to talk to Tyler
    • Feeds cut
  • 11:05 am – Scottie has his HoH glasses for snapchat. I guess no veto meeting for a bit
  • 12:25 pm – Feeds are down for the veto meeting
  • 1:45 pm – Feeds back. Feeds very calm, unlikely he used it
    • Winston or Brett will be leaving this week unless Sam saves them
    • Slow afternoon in the house other than that
  • 3:15 pm – Someone check on Kaitlyn. This is Haleigh on Tyler’s stomach
    • Haleigh and Tyler agree that Winston would probably be easier to control if he stayed
    • Kaitlyn left and returned a few minutes later. Haleigh called to read in the bathroom stall. She must have ran to the DR to pay someone off
    • Haleigh is reading in there
    • She is on ACT IV Scene I
    • Only Bayleigh is listening
  • Fun Fact – This is actually not a long book.  While the largest books written by Shakespeare at 30k words (Romeo and Juliet has 24k) , other notable books in history are 3x+ longer
  • By comparison
    • War and Peace – 587k
    • To Kill A Mockingbird – 99k
    • Nineteen Eighty-Four – 89k
    • A Tale of Two Cities – 135k
    • The Grapes of Wrath – 169k
  • 3:35 pm – Haleigh is done reading. She’s ripping through these pages now.
    • RS is all impressed that Haleigh gets to keep the dress
    • JC asks if she can keep the box. Then says “nice!” very excited about her being able to keep the box she stands on
  • 4:15 pm – Rachel and Angela talk
    • Rachel is telling her how Kaitlyn wants to know how they’re voting so she doesn’t look bad voting against the house
    • They expect Kaitlyn to ask the rest of the house and they’ll try to split the vote
    • Angela says she’s sick of Winston
    • They are also planning on getting their group together and telling everyone no throwing the HoH this week
    • Winston told them that he threw the last HoH competition which they felt was stupid but they also think he could have been covering for his bad game
  • 4:40 pm – JC is talking to Tyler
    • JC wants to create some love triangle between Angela/Rachel/Brett
    • This is because Brett told JC that he wanted Angela. Angela kinda wants Brett back but Rachel really wants Brett
    • Meanwhile, Rachel also wants Fezzy
    • JC wants Brett to win HoH so RS has to kiss his ass
  • 6:25 pm – Super slow night.  Hopefully it picks up when the sun goes down
    • Kaitlyn does mention the veto speech today. I guess it was an attack. Maybe a personal attack on Kaitlyn
    • Someone impersonated Raven (probably Brett?)  to make fun of Kaitlyn
  • 6:45 pm – Rockstar complaining that Brett doesn’t talk to her.
  • 8:30 pm – Bayleigh chatting with Winston while a few playing pool. I’ll update if anything interesting is said
    • Tyler and Brett are playing pool talking about the house
    • Tyler telling them how Kait was mad that he didn’t rush to console her last night
    • He said all the people who egged her on didn’t even come to talk to her
  • Scottie is up in the HoH room talking to RS
    • Both of them are going off on this power that Sam may have that is super overpowered that she doesn’t even have
    • She has figured out because Sam got this power before she was a robot (it was after) she must be something special

Check back for updates


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  1. HappyHippo

    Can somebody please tell Kaitlyn to stop talking like a baby!! I can’t handle it anymore! She’s so whiny and needy.

  2. Helen

    Tyler would be smart to cut that tie with Psycho chick…little does he know she has already blown up his game by spilling her guts to bayleigh yesterday…

  3. Colby

    Sam’s ‘talks’ were a little bizarre last night.
    Saturday afternoon she told whoever it was she was talking to that she had hurt her back, which happens from time to time and at home she has a Chiropractor that works wonders for her. Then said the DR told her……….and the feeds cut.
    Point being, I wonder if they gave her some pain pills or muscle relaxers or something.

  4. Helen

    So now thanks to Psycho chick everyone in the house pretty much knows sam has an advantage….what a see you next Tuesday Psycho is…now I hope Sam does use her advantage and saves both dumb and dumber….

  5. WhereisPablo

    Does Winston ever put that blue ombre mug down?

  6. danmtruth

    Poor Scottie is having to listen to BatShitCrazy (BSC) talk on and on Unfortunately she told him of Sams power And natural gets it wrong So now Scottie is thinking of using the veto to put up a pawn So he can get Bret out Thinking he can get Sam to use her power to save the pawn Dumb plan

    Earlier Bay was talking tooKaycee and saying how stupid Scottie was for giving his bed to Rachel for the night Kaycee pointed out it was nice to do for her birthday Bay said she might have offered but she would have to share the bed with her How selfish

  7. Colby

    Now Chakra is telling Tyler that his dad (Tyler’s dad, who is dead) came to her in a dream and told her to tell Scottie everything.

  8. AIO_7

    Now Chakra and Tyler are laying together outside …


  9. Helen

    Has Tyler even bothered to break away from psycho to tell Sam what has happened? Nice friend you are Tyler…

  10. Lou Lou

    So Kaitlyn told Scottie she voted to evict Steve??? How is that going to effect noms???

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  12. LO1004

    2:50 PM EST – Camera 2. Did we miss something? Did Kaitlyn tell Tyler she loves him?

    • Colby

      How did she say it? She tells everyone she loves them.

      • Helen

        She has told Faysal she loves him..I think she tells every guy in there that…

      • LO1004

        She was being secretive and sneaky about it – if you watch for about 5 min at that 2:50 marker, you can see how the conversation goes down. He seemed uncomfortable.

    • Lindsey

      I was watching that, too! She referred to something she told him ‘earlier’. Maybe she was talking about the ‘hand talking’ when she said “I would drop everything for you” & “I want you to kiss me”.

      Whatever it was, Tyler DEFINITELY felt really uncomfortable. Poor guy – he just wants to play the game, not get in a showmance!

      • Helen

        The problem for Tyler is not only did he make that bed he is in for almost two weeks he laid down in it…now he’s so tangled up in the sheets he’s kind of stuck till he can get her evicted

  13. Alda

    She told Brett she loved him too.

  14. Shivani33

    No wonder Kaitlyn’s brother didn’t allow himself to be referred to at all on Big Brother..

  15. Alda

    Scottie didn’t use the veto.Noms remain the same.

  16. Mr. Beardo

    Hey y’all! Long time reader, first time poster. Love this forum! I def got the vibe that Shammy was doped up in that bizzaro convo w Brett in the HOH last night. So I’ve got a thought and would love to hear your feedback. If Sam doesn’t use her power on one of the Bro’s this week next weeks eviction is pretty much guaranteed to be a wash. Wouldn’t it make more sense for her to use it this week and solidify a relationship with the Bro’s and have a greater statistical chance of one of her crew winning HOH? I understand it’s a safety net, but if she doesn’t use it her side is down a # and if one of her crew wins HOH they can’t evict anyone..

  17. Painter1

    Someone should tell her the pigeon told them Chakra needs to self evict. Would she buy it? LoL

  18. danmtruth

    Tyler knows all to well that she is an anchor He knows that every thing Chris and Crayon head said are true BSC Kaitlyn IS a loose cannon She cannot keep a clear thought let alone a story straight
    Yes no need to worry that this season was going to slow down after Chris left I do like what Scottie did this week He targeted two people and went after them It made good game play decision
    We seem to be getting multiple groups forming with many people in multiple different groups Need to get a score card The two that started FOUTA and L6 seem all but alive in name only

  19. Helen

    How long before these housepets have the light bulb go off that Scottie has no more power? Noms are set…there can be no tie vote…he can’t be HOH next week…I don’t think threats by Scottie to others is a good look for him tbh…

    • Mr. Beardo

      I totes agree. He’s getting a little too big for his own britches. Needs to play up his meek and mild shtick. I’m all for him standing his ground and not getting pushed around but he needs to turn it down a notch or two.

    • danmtruth

      Wait Helen you forget Scottie is an EVIL GENIUS !!!

      Crayon Head and BSC Kaitlyn were complaining that Dr Winston and Bret do not need the money Bret comes from money After BB he can go to St Kits to HOLIDAY Nice coming from a women who names drop and points out how expensive her clothes are
      Moving closer to Raven territory BSC Kaitlyn just revealed that she has a heart condition STFU

    • Colby

      Yeah, it definitely has gone to his head a little bit.

  20. AIO_7

    It’s odd seeing Fais intermingle with one of the Bros.. Maybe he is just being nice.


  21. AIO_7

    Though there are others that I’d like to see go before the Bros., they need to be broken up. If Sam plays her card this week then she will slide further down my totem pole than her baby talking ass is right now.

  22. AIO_7

    Unfortunately, I can foresee Jr Chuckie making the final 3 …


    • Shivani33

      The very first time I saw him on the screen when feeds had just begun, he was trying to forcibly undo Rachel’s bra and bellowed, “who wants to see Rachel’s p*ssy!”

      Not many days later, production had a talk with him about his increasingly misguided sexual misbehavior. I speculate that houseguests see him as easy to evict and somewhat pitifully irrelevant. After all, his conversations are mainly from the point of view of a self-centered know-it-all, with very little give and take.

      Also, he has often treated Rachel strangely, and I’ve wondered if he thinks that she might have told production that she was uncomfortable with how he acted. I get a sense that he resents her but tries to cleverly disguise it. Jr. Upchuckie is the vengeful sort.

  23. kneeless

    Watching BBAD from last night. Wonder what Kaitlyn’s emotional intelligence is, maybe that of a 12 yr old? Maybe that’s too generous! I bet she not only lost her bf but probably her “business” as well. Kaitlyn, STFU!

    • AIO_7

      She put a huge target on her back with that performance.

    • ElaineB

      If anyone has ever given her money for her so-called ‘life coach’ skills, when she leaves BB, they need to sue for their money back. Moving forward…………hopefully, she will need to find a new career.

      • Colby

        I was thinking that exact same thing earlier.

      • Helen

        I guess Vegas4sure says she’s not a life coach…she wants to be a life coach. She just does spray tans at a spa

      • danmtruth

        She took an online certification Like an on line minister to be able to marry them Just hang a sign and call yourself what ever

        Scottie is OVER thinking this power of Sam’s

      • ElaineB

        Well look like giving spray tans will continue to be it for her. Thank goodness, she doesn’t have any real career power. Lol.

      • Mel

        She’s actually a spray tanner but wants to be a life coach. It isn’t the first time CBS has lied about someone’s career.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Helen, she has a life coach website (I think Elaine or someone posted on an earlier thread). I looked at it. She is truly crazy. I think her charges start at something like $1500 and go up to $15,000…that includes her personal ph# for emergency sessions. You have to fill out an application and once she looks at it, she decides whether or not you need her…lol

      • Yael Sara

        Here is the link to her “life coach” page


      • Jenny

        thanks Yael Sara. Amazing. I had a good time filling out her questionnaire and telling her she’s a total fraud and has no idea how the real world works, also she needs to grow up because every blog entry is peppered w/obscenities. I can’t believe anybody pays her for this garbage. I feel bad for her “clients”.

    • Avatar

      For real! I don’t know how anyone would deem her worthy of being their life coach!

  24. Helen

    Man,Psycho chick has so totally f’d up Sams game….now she’s gonna have Scottie laying a guilt trip on her …plus Bayleigh just told Scottie Tyler knew about Sams power too. Rut row….

    • Shivani33

      Scottie said that he wants to have a talk with Sam but not to reveal that he knows about her power.

      • Helen

        Yeah. He said he’s going to say he made a big risky move this week and if someone uses a power to mess that up for him it’s like a betrayal of trust…knowing that’s a big deal with sam

  25. Helen

    Not sure why Tyler has not bothered to tell his friend Sam that Psycho chick ratted her out to Scottie this morning….you would think he might find that important to do if he was really looking out for Sam….

  26. ElaineB

    After hearing Hay reading, these ‘punishments’ have been lame. It takes me back to when poor Brittany had to kick over 2,000 soccer goals, feet bleeding, toenail fell off….and she was evicted, if I remember. What were some of the others that were TRULY punishments. These nimrods have had it easy.

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  28. Shivani33

    House talk between Angela-Ashley and Winston reveals that Brett made a verbal stab at Kaitlyn’s “dreams” during his POV speech. Angela said that she had a hard time keeping a straight face during it. Then Brett came into their convo and made futher remarks about his speech. Winston asked Angela whose decision is it when she said that she was following someone else’s decision as far as how she’ll vote. She gave Winston a polite kiss of death when she told him to just enjoy his next few days.

  29. AIO_7

    Did I just hear Chakra say that because she stood up for herself that she is # 1 on Spotify?


  30. Mr. Beardo

    Has Bay told anyone about her power? Maybe Scottie? I feel like I remember a convo between them on the feeds in HOH room.. I know Ty hasn’t. He’s keeping that firmly tucked in his man bun.

  31. Alda

    Does anyons see a resemblance between Psycho and Rachel Dratch from Saturday Night Live?

  32. AIO_7

    I can’t see Rachel voting to oust Brett.


  33. Mr. Beardo

    Sorry for going #3 just a lot of pent up thoughts. Do we know who is a applicant and a recruit? I feel like that plays into motivation.

    • Shivani33

      Mr. Beardo. Recruits: Brett, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Sam, J.C. The rest applied, though some sound rather nebulous about it in cast interviews. Some, such as Rachel and Tyler have waited awhile to get cast. Also, recruits still fill out applications. Hollywood Reporter cast interviews gave me most of the info. You want to know your horse in the race.

  34. danmtruth

    is there anyone in this house that does NOT blow-up others peoples game every time they talk to Scottie

  35. Jenny

    So am I the only one watching BBAD last night when Rachel was in the hammock with Winston, and her boob was just about to pop out of that dress? He didn’t seem to notice but I bet the camera guy was rooting for it to happen!

  36. danmtruth

    is there anyone in this house that does NOT blow-up others peoples game every time they talk to Scottie
    It just information overload for Scottie

  37. Helen

    Lordy how I miss last years feeds…Raven not so much but Kevin had me crying from laughing so hard usually at least once a day!! I miss cool daddy!!

  38. Helen

    From jokers site…

    Angela and Rachel talking about the all girl alliance and approaching the other girls saying they are willing to cut their ties from the guys

    • ElaineB

      LOL….that is rich. Considering I hardly ever hear Angela (or according to NK, Ashley) talk, I find it hard to believe she will bond with the likes of RS. Rachel has been hanging mostly with the men, so I find it far-fetched that she would be able to carry on convos with just the women in the house. Maybe they are psyching themselves up to do it, since there will soon be three men out the door. Don’t see it happening any time soon though…..let me check with Kait’s intuition and get back to you.

  39. LO1004

    Rockstar and Haleigh are a mess. RS blew up Bayleighs game to backdoor Kait to Haleigh. That went over like a fart in church.

    Then, they both declare 9/11 was an inside job. I can’t w these people. It’s a train wreck I absolutely can’t look away from.

  40. Yael Sara

    The people is this house have such amazing self control. I don’t think I could have gone this long and not have ripped Kaitlyn a new one and punched her in the face. #sorrynotsorry

  41. Yael Sara

    I like Rachel and Angela, so there is that – but the part with Kaitlyn, this is pretty good!


  42. danmtruth

    First thing I see when I turn the feeds on — Rockstar in the back yard with her dirty feet on the couch

    Earlier in the day Rachel was working out / posing for Bret As she was doing crunches He told her to wrap her stomach in plastic wrap to help shed stomach fat Ha-Ha he is sooo clever Him and Winston wanted to try that on Jc then get him to add hot sauce also Doctors orders

  43. Helen

    Ugh…girls in hn room back to talking about making this an all girls house….sorry. Not interested in watching beauty shop scenes from steel magnolias ladies…most of the day that’s all you see on the feeds…someone getting their hair done…hours on end….

  44. Ann

    Please, somebody tell me why Bay keeps snorting like a wild f’ ing hog? I can’t take these people.

    • Helen

      It’s weird right….I had to change feeds…but the only change was to look at the rocky horror in Scottie’s room so I guess I’ll call it a night…

    • Colby

      She does that and also blows her nose all the time. Even in the kitchen when people are eating. I don’t know if she is sick or just has allergies, but somebody needs to give her some medicine.

      • Ann

        When she keeps snorting like that 2-3 times in a row, it looks like some sort of tic or torettes syndrome. Not to be funny but it is disgusting when she blows her nose in the kitchen & when she damn near blows up our ear drums because it’s so loud in the mics.

  45. danmtruth

    Scottie STOP talking and taking advice from Crayon Head Now he mistrust Sam because she did not tell him about her power Her lying to him is this big betrayal in his eye Yet him lying about flipping on Chris was just smart game play Sorry dude you can’t have it both ways

    Tyler your game is burning before your eyes The whole house hates Psycho chic and your her man That adds to that target on your back

    • Helen

      He best pull his head out of her azz ….he keeps telling everyone he don’t like her,needs to distance himself then goes and lays in her lap…dude …red alert…..he is oblivious….

  46. danmtruth

    Back to Scottie dip stick and Crayon Head they are so caught up in Sams power Yet they have the power ALL WRONG Just like the Bro’s these two have enter an echo chamber Agreeing with every thing each other is saying Now if all the BB Junkies can help me These two are convince that Sam is related to Christmas Just like Rockstar KNEW Winston was an orthopedic surgeon I need the junkie supper sleuths to get to the bottom of this Thanks

  47. NKogNeeTow

    I signed on after BBAD started and had to read the blog then catch up on the comments. Here’s what I’ve got so far (BBAD):

    Beavis & Butthead:
    Sounds like they want to get Sam alone and tag team her to get her to use her power on one of them.

    Winston has a feeling he’s going home. *One can only hope*

    They discuss people not looking at or talking to them.

    They saw Chakra Khan do the dishes (which they say she never does).

    Brett says if he’s going out, he’s going out with a bang. *So far he’s more of a dud*

    Winston says he’s sick to his stomach that one of them has to go. *Will he pull a Juliette and off himself if Brett leaves?*

    Brett says he doesn’t know if he can stay in the house with these people. He says they are shallow.

    Winston says the only ones in the house who hasn’t played to the cameras are Brett, ANGELA, and himself. *You have NO idea how hard it was for me to remember that end table’s name*

    Winston says everyone in the house is trying to get Instagram followers.

    Winston also says that everyone in the house complains too much and it’s driving him to the edge. *The way his eyes rattle around in his head like a quwpee (sp) doll when he gets nervous, he’s been on the edge for quite some time now*

    Brett says the HG are all spoiled and should be grateful.

    Scottie/Rocky HorrorShow:
    She asks him who is the 1 person in the house that everyone loves. He says Sam. So she starts in on Sam.

    Scottie says he thinks Sam and Tyler are trying to play him. This pisses him off.

    Rocky is also jocking hard against Brett. She also doesn’t trust Krazy Kait.

    Scottie is starting to doubt Sam.

    Bayleigh is telling Sam no one is doubting her.

    They are talking about Sam’s power. She says she’s not going to use it.

    Bay tells Sam that Kait confessed everything to her and that it was strange.

    Bay said that Crazy Chakra told her about Sam’s power and said that it’s why she didn’t try to save Swaggy, because it would unleash Sam’s power on the house in a negative way, and that she (Kait) saved the entire house.

    Sam tells her that her power puts no one in jeopardy. Bay is shocked.

    Bay still has a case of The Snots.

  48. danmtruth

    Tyler trying to do damage control with Sam about him telling people about her power First he tried to convince her that she also told Jc Sam is saying she was told by somebody Sam would not say who But Tyler got it out of her that it was Baylie Tyler threw Kaitlyn under the bus Not sure how much Sam is buying his sweet talk

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Sam is telling Tyler that Bayleigh told her Kait told her (damn this is getting confusing), about Sam’s power unleashing something bad on the house.

    Tyler laughs and tells her “Yeah, I told her that”.

    Sam tells Tyler that she told Bay that it wasn’t true.

    Tyler tells her he also fed her wrong info about the expiration date of Sam’s power too.

    • Jenny

      lol that reminds me of this line from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: “Um, he’s sick. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.”

  50. NKogNeeTow

    From Sunday Overnight Recap….

    HEY MEL WITH ONE L! Thanks for worrying about me. I missed you too! I loved reading your recaps, as always. I just type what’s going on as I’m watching. You put it all together cohesively, along with your BB wisdom. I always look forward to reading everything you and Steve write.

    Luv you to life 🙂

  51. NKogNeeTow

    JC is telling Fessy that Tyler thinks Rocky got in between him and Kait. He said some other stuff too but he was talking low and fast and as usual, I couldn’t catch it.

    Scottie is telling Rocky that he’s going to watch Tyler and Sam and he’s not going to say anything to them at the moment, but if things get out of hand, he’s pretty much going to call them out. *Rocky HorrorShow has done a pretty good job of planting seeds in Scottie’s brain about Tyler and Sam…mission accomplished*

  52. danmtruth

    good luck folks off to the land of nod Look forward to reading anything I miss

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Still no Gerardo sighting? Lindsay, Wayne, Jannie, Shoes, BBBons, Felts? With the exception of I think Wayne and Felts, they’ve been coming here for years. It seems odd to not see them comment. To bad we can’t send personal messages anymore. Where ever they are, hope all is well.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Slow night in the house. I keep dozing off. Not to worry, Mel will have all the good stuff for you guys tomorrow.

    Good night and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  55. Helen

    Wow…winning an HOH and a veto comp has made Scottie’s Head so big I’m amazed it can sit on his shoulders….

    • danmtruth

      Between his winning and Rockstar blowing smoke up his posterior The kid eye are fog over He is buying into Crayon head as his biggest fan and supporter All she is going to support is getting Scottie the Evil Genius out the door

  56. HappyHippo

    Thanks for all the overnight updates! One thing I know for sure…Kaitlyn must go for Tyler to get anywhere.

  57. LO1004

    Watching BBAD – did I just hear Tyler tell Sam Kaitlyn is the worst person in the house and that she has to go (regarding Kaitlyn telling people about Sam’s power)? I tried rewinding, but he mumbled.

    • danmtruth

      LO1004 yes Tyler threw BSCKaitlyn under the bus in a talk with Sam This was when Tyler was trying to do damage control About Sam finding out that Tyler told people about her power

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