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Big Brother Top 20 Tweets of the Week

Big Brother 20 has been everything that the show should be: blindsides, split votes and tons of backstabbing. This week was no different. Bayleigh’s power as HOH went right to her head, Level Six had to choose between two alliance members and Rachel ended up as this weeks evictee in a shocking blindside. All of this beautiful reality TV drama gave twitter fans a lot to work with, so here’s this weeks, “BB Tweets of the Week.”


20. Kaitlyn’s still causing trouble

19. Ironic, isn’t it?


18. Whenever Sam comes into the room

17. Bay showing all her cards

16. Some people don’t know the meaning of anonymous


15. Excuse me, does anyone know who this is?

14. Tyler and JC

13. I thought this was Big Brother…

12. What a great day!

11. Rachel’s going out swinging



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  1. Hope Scottie wins veto and takes himself off the block.. why didn’t queen b use her power?

  2. Ann

    If Scottie or RS comes down who’s going up?

  3. Ann

    Omg, I didn’t realize Ty is on the block. Please let there be a way for him to get out of this mess. He can’t use his power now can he?

  4. Ann

    Oh please., somebody tell me something. I can’t stand the thought of Ty leaving.

  5. Barracuda

    “When you look at the confusing furniture instructions from IKEA.” Loooooool. Too funny.

  6. Ann

    What the hell is the Hacker under Hayleigh’s name mean?

    • Colby

      Ann, it is better explained in the prior thread.
      There is a new twist called the hacker. It was an individual comp and the winner is anonymous.
      Haleigh won. Fessy knows.
      The hacker can replace 1 nom, select 1 veto player, and cancel out 1 vote at eviction.
      She she took down Scottie and put up Tyler.

  7. Zach

    -*Disclaimer: this comes from a place of love, don’t take it personally and also know that I like Tyler as well…
    But come on people, get off his dick. You all were losing your shit when he got put up as a replacement nom. Haleigh made a bold move, props to her for doing it. She probably is starting to catch on to Ty’s game, which means he needs to switch it up and think how to get himself off her radar.

  8. Fessy knows Haleigh won? He is doing a decent job of pretending with JC that he is trying to work thru everything.

  9. Ann

    So does he have a chance to get otb by winning VETO or by someone else taking him otb if they win VETO ?
    Please help me out here.

  10. Apopkedave

    Why isn’t Tyler sitting on the cloud?

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