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Big Brother Angela and Winston

Big Brother Tuesday Spoilers! Will Sunshine C Join The House?

Good afternoon, everyone! Now that we’re on a regular Big Brother schedule, the week feels like it’s flying by. It’s amazing how just a few days of adjusting the schedule can feel like a lifetime when you’re used to a Thu-Mon game (in a normal week, everything – HoH, PoV, etc – takes place between those days). We’re already on Tuesday and Swaggy only has 2 full days to campaign before everyone goes into live show mode on Thursday.


Chris “Swaggy” has quickly earned quite a few fans both inside and outside the house over the last 24 hours when he put down the Swaggy mask and started showing his true self. In fact, last night he and Sam had a long talk during the wee hours of the morning where he told her that was basically all a persona to cover his shyness. She told him to make the best of the remaining two days (if he’s evicted) and reintroduce himself as “Sunshine C”.

In counting the votes, Swaggy still has a lot of work to do as it will take some Dan-like miracle to overcome the hole he’s in, but he needs one of a few things to happen…

  1. Sam gets generous and gives him the power (odds – virtually none)
  2. Convince people from Winston’s side to flip (odds – virtually none)
  3. Swaggy convince both Sam and JC to vote in his favor (odds – very much a longshot)
  4. Convince JC or Sam to vote his way then work Kaitlyn on the tiebreaker (odds – better, but still pretty long)

Needless to say, he’s screwed. The best he can do is prep himself for his career after Big Brother and hope he can launch this into something to make money. A podcast or something.


I’m going to be working off and on today so if updates get delayed, it’s because I went to work. If I hear there is drama, I’ll shoot home and cover it fully.

Updates –

  • 10:20 am – People are slowly waking up. Some (JC) much slower than the rest.
    • Production is starting to get mad and playing the “I said it’s time to get up” voice more and more
    • Meanwhile, Rachel is telling Sam how this is the real Winston.  This is because Winston has been chatting like a normal person
    • Brett comes out and Winston immediately turns into ‘bro mode’
  • 10:50 am – Angela post workout to show basically what this house will be doing all day
  • 11:15 am – Here is JC telling production IDGAF about your rules
  • 3:50 pm – Stepped out for a bit taking advantage of the slow afternoon in the house
    • Feeds have been on fish for about 30 minutes now for some reason
  • 4:40 pm – HoH lockdown is over. They must have been fixing whatever was wrong with the HoH room
  • 5:15 pm – JC is giving Swaggy a chat but not really budging on flipping
    • Meanwhile, Tyler is up in the HoH room with Kait
    • She is concerned because Swaggy is offering her safety but the other side isn’t offering anything
    • It’s amazing how much power Tyler has right now.
  • 5:30 pm – Kaitlyn writes on Tyler’s hand
    • This is done so she can talk to him without the cameras knowing.
    • Production is pissed. They say “please, stop!”
    • She then got a “shut it down”
    • Kaitlyn says that production is just being annoying at this point. Bro, you’re on a TV show. We need to know what you’re saying. That’s why pens and papers aren’t allowed (well, that and many reasons I’m sure)
    • Tyler is trying to leave to go work out but Kait is making him feel bad. Fun stuff
  • 6:15 pm – Very slow night. Rockstar sitting outside by the pool. Bayleigh and Swaggy in bed
  • 7:00 pm – Going to watch some TV. I’ll check on the feeds soon
  • 8:20 pm – Back. Everyone still just hanging out
  • 8:45 pm – Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler are playing Jenga
    • Angela is mentioning how weird Kaitlyn is with Tyler and how she’d be super pissed if she was her bf
    • They are working on a plan to get out Kait sooner than later. Smart on Tyler’s part because he has to get rid of that connection
  • 9:30 pm – Kaitlyn and Tyler have a long talk about how Kaitlyn told people like Haleigh that she was the swing vote
    • He’s clearly getting sick of her as a liability but trying not to show it

Check back for updates


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  1. strwar1

    Swaggy might try to stay and fight to remian in the house,but it is not looking good at all for him. Lately his chances staying were a little better the last 24 hours ago,but it seems he is screwed like you said Steve.

  2. HappyHippo

    I wonder which players were recruited? Why do they do that?

    • Jenny

      Ratings. They put pretty people on the show to attract viewers. They don’t care about the integrity of the game, it’s all about ratings.

      • Ann

        CBS made a few mistakes if all they wanted was pretty people on the show because Rainbow Brite sure as hell wouldn’t be winning any beauty contest unless it was all about gigantic glasses, a huge flappy ass, trying to act a hell of a lot younger than she is & those bright ass colors tha shet wears claiming to be dressing like Cookie Lyons.
        They missed the shot on Braggy too because is not cute, his conceited attitude is makes him ugly. JC makes himself ugly with his nasty attitude. Bayleigh thinks she’s the best thing since heck was a pup..
        I hope like heck they don’t fall for Braggy’s sob story because if they do he’s lying to them & coming after them hot & heavy. I hate his attitude.
        Tyler & Sam are my choices to win.

  3. danmtruth

    Chris is trying to sell Tylor and Katlyn that all is forgiven and come bake no hard feelings That they are not targets Chris might want to run this past Haylie and Rockstar They are not in the forgiving mood
    Nice game play this early

  4. ElaineB

    If the plan is to backdoor a HG, then do it dammit! If they had wanted Chris to have a chance, he would have made the block the first time around, and been able to play veto. I don’t trust his “Mr. Nice Guy” routine, since it has suddenly appeared when his back is against the wall. He made a poor decision for game play up to being put on the block, and I hope the cocky and bossy behaviors or “act” (which it is conveniently called now), will cost him his place in the house.

    • Helen

      They do it every season ..before going OTB Chris told Bayleigh he stayed up all night being with people he couldn’t stand. Now he is on the block he is all of a sudden the poor misunderstand guy….and housepets fall for it every year…
      If they listened to him closely he is still into the “I am in charge” mindset..keep me and I won’t go after you….

  5. hogwild

    Since the odds seem long he will stay in the game I will not call Chris braggy anymore this week he really should have listened to Bayleigh when she told him tone it down one day one.

  6. Shivani33

    Angie has begun spreading it around that (SHE has decided) Kaycee and Rachel are having an affair. Whatever, Angie. From the beginning, Angie has reminded me of a D movie madam in a bordello of unwashed crackwhores. No offense, Scores gentlemens’ club. Your furniture is a little fancier than Rockstar’s mental interior. The guys in the house seem to generally avoid much interaction with her. Her only chance so far to gain any allies has been via being a cheap Mother Wisdom character to the female players. Barf.

    I’d like to congratulate her Boobness for starting to blow her own ass out of the competition. Now Tyler won’t have to work as hard to finish her off. I hope that she packs Mounduix in her luggage and keeps the little f* cker in a highchair in her kitchen.

  7. hogwild

    I would go ahead and get Chris out if you vote to keep my feeling is he would go back to his day one personality pretty quick.

    • AIO_7

      Plus, we would still have that lame showmance.

      • hogwild

        Yeah we don’t need that though last seasons worked out pretty well in the long run they won Amazing Race and got engaged.

      • HappyHippo

        Yea surprisingly a few have worked out. Mark and Elena live together. Nicole and victor live together too. I couldn’t care less what happens to swaggy and bay after though

      • hogwild

        I find it a little funny Paul’s ride or die in 18 ended up with the person who beat him and his arch nemesis in 19 won a million dollars and got engaged.

      • ElaineB

        hog~ I hadn’t thought of Paul’s losses (TWO of them) in that way. Love it! For that reason, I think it is great that Cody and Jessica are together. I do like both Victor and Nicole, individually and as a couple…..and the Paul connection. Made my day. Lol.

    • ElaineB

      Chris is a good competitor, so getting him out early is smart. Bay will be on her own, or with, powerhouses Haleigh and Angie. Lol.

  8. danmtruth

    Dont hide your feelings Shivan133 tell us how you truly feel
    Angie just can’t stop from being so smarmy That sweet I hate your guts look

  9. Shivani33

    Here’s a tweet like a 500 lb. canary from the UnChakra’s (seemingly former)

    “I’m aireatlantica’s ( ex-bf’s social media name) sister and Kaitlyn’s former friend. Stop tweeting at him. We are all aware of her psycho and out of character antics. Trust me, he can and WILL do much better than her and doesn’t need anyone’s pity….”

    The UnChakra’s 350 hour certification course to become a lifecoach is a road chocked full of litter and burned bridges. Zero surprise here.

  10. Seattle Kari

    ( hopefully) it’s too little too late for the bragging one.

    I need to see Rockstar gone as well. maybe I’m too much of an old fogey but I’m sick and tired of the overt sexual talk, and the fact that she says things to get people riled up that are completely inappropriate.(About race, sexual choices,etc.)

    Kaitlin is just too weird to deal with..

    I’m wondering why the hell JC hasn’t been kicked out because of his refusal to follow the rules Production is really pissing me off the last couple of years.

    Once again I really don’t find myself liking anybody in particular. It’s been going on for the last couple of Seasons not only on Big Brother but also Survivor. Maybe I’m just out growing these things and stuff is bugging me more than it used to?

    I guess if I was asked to pick one person from the group this summer I would have to go with Tyler or maybe Kaycee.

    • Avatar

      Tyler is cool, I like Sam, Winston is okay(I like him a little, as he reminds me of my friend a little, but Winston is a tad more annoying)

      • Helen

        I like Sam. But I’m pretty much over her in this game .I am liking Brett more and more…his talk with Scottie yesterday in the hot tub and talking about adoption this morning have given me a totally different perspective on him …Kaycee has always been a fav and she continues to stay at the top of my likes…

  11. AIO_7

    Long talk in the HOH; I think that Scottie is on board for a shiv of Swag …


    • Shivani33

      Scottie needs to be a good little goat right now. Or there will be no butter on his scraps of bread. Meanwhile, Sam thinks that she’s in some kind of popularity contest. She even said that she’d like to be able to stay in the BB house but not have to play the game. She still has culture shock, but her bumbling humble cute act is wearing a little thin.

      Angela the fitness model has a real game going. See Angela eat breakfast. See Angela tanning poolside. See Angela sleeping. Ride ’em, cowboy!

      • AIO_7

        ” She [Sam] still has culture shock, but her bumbling humble cute act is wearing a little thin.”

        Yeah, I can do without the baby talk speech pattern.

      • Helen

        Sam said she is treating this like 50 first dates…she forgets everything that happened yesterday and starts each day new…seriously?

      • ElaineB

        I am glad Sam has had a chance to play outside of the bot punishment, but she is wearing on me. I watched her confess her ‘counseling chops’ to Tyler about advice she gave Chris (Wake up tomorrow as ‘Sunshine C’) and to Winston (When you are the ‘Bros’, be a little more accepting of others). For unsure HOHs, she might be an easy pick for a block sitter.

      • Sassy

        She would be an interesting HoH.

  12. Avatar

    so how do you think the votes will turn out from each person?

    • Avatar

      imo votes will fall
      Kaycee- Swaggy
      Rachel- Swaggy
      Brett- Swaggy
      JC- Swaggy
      Tyler- Swaggy
      Angela- Swaggy
      Scottie- Swaggy
      Sam- Swaggy(Tyler will convince her to)
      Rockstar- Winston
      Faysal- Winston
      Bayleigh- Winston
      Haleigh- she could go either way tbh, but in the end I see her voting Winston

  13. AIO_7

    Question: Where is Winston?

    Answer: Where is Brett?


  14. Ritchie

    Swaggy needs an early exit for sure but only temporarily. As I start to think about people who will be getting the boot, but have a chance to possibly battle back in the game (Steve so far, Swaggy upcoming, Bailey/Angela/Rachel and Winston not far behind), Swaggy has my vote. He just needs to comeback with some humble pie food coma, yet still keep his senses and slight swag about him to some damage, and screw up the landscape of the game.

  15. Shivani33

    Kaycee has a large tattoo of the Capricorn sea-goat on one of her arms. But can she win comps? Hope so! She really is a good, nice kinda guy-of-a-girl. I like her integrity. She hasn’t been unkind to anybody and isn’t needy, phony or self-indulgent. She could turn out to be a strong player. I like the way that she avoids some of the jackasses in the house without showing that she’s keeping her distance.

    • AIO_7

      “She [KC] really is a good, nice kinda guy-of-a-girl.”

      She also has no breasts. I just wonder if she is “transitioning”.

      • Colby

        She may just wear sports bras, which tend to flatten them, especially if they are not large anyway.

      • Sassy

        Not all women have huge breasts, some of us weren’t blessed that way 🙂 it is common for women athletes to be lacking in that area. Several of the girls in the house have implants, they were talking about them on BBAD on night….

      • AIO_7

        I know all of that; but there is also the possibility that she has had them surgically altered.

      • Sassy

        Yep, a possibility, I’m sure Angie will make that up soon too…

      • Yael Sara

        To what Colby said, I think is likely the case. She probably wears sports bras which flatten her out. Especially with her career as a football player lives in those things and is just comfortable in them. If she were transitioning I think she would have also made other changes like cutting her long hair, etc.

      • Jenny

        I think 1) she’s an athlete, so she has low body fat, and 2) she wears comfy sports bras instead of boob-shaping bras. I don’t think she’s trans, she’s just a woman who is gay.

    • Alda

      Kaycee seems like a good egg.No drama surrounds her.I hope she goes far in this game.

  16. hogwild

    I showed my dog a picture of two on the block and asked her should go she tapped Chris picture with her nose smart dog.

  17. Helen

    Psycho chick is dumb as a stump if she does not get Chris out now…she made her bed…the reason she put him up is because Chris said he didn’t trust her and she was a loose cannon…if she backtracks now he just can say to his minions..see I told you so…she gets mad at you and puts you OTB…
    She wanted to make a “Big Move”? Own it then…her back and forth is just showing what a weak player she is…
    Bayleigh is going to “talk” to her again …your first clue psycho..these people didn’t want to even give you the time of day until you put up their fearless leader..
    Is it Thursday yet?

  18. danmtruth

    First they split the house into two groups Have two lame comps One in the dark pure chance comp The other a suspension challenge With Swaggy and Angela winning Nice comp Than Swaggy gets to chose who will be safe But weight he must chose the random groups that production put together So Swaggy or anyone would chose his own group Than he did the easy thing and chose the other group that he came in with
    For the first HOH only half the house played and only half the house was eligible for eviction After that eviction had the lucky shoot comp for HOH we never have seen how good thees people can compete

  19. ElaineB

    Kait hasn’t been the only HOH that has wavered in decisions, if in the spot of possibly breaking a tie. I give her credit for her HOH. No matter what, a duo will be split up, whether it will be Bay/Chris or Win/Brett, so that is a success. If Chris does leave, then the backdoor plan was successful. I don’t seem to be as much of a hater of Kait as others are, and she is playing the game.

    • Sassy

      I agree, this week is a win, regardless of who goes home. And she was ballzy to put up the leaders of both sides. You don’t see this often, if ever. I give Chakura credit for not wasting her HoH!

      • Colby

        I don’t think anyone sees Winston as a leader, except maybe himself.

      • AIO_7

        Yeah, Winston is a follower; but I still want Swag gone.

      • Sassy

        Your right! I should have said “self proclaimed” leaders. I don’t see either of them leading anything…

      • Mel

        I can’t give her the credit. Tyler dicmatized her, she cried and regretted it, he’s already had to keep her from changing her mind at least 3 times AND make sure the votes are there so she can’t back out again and break a tie to keep Swaggy if she changes it again. This is completely Tylers move and his hoh.

      • Sassy

        Yes, Tyler was definitely pulling the strings, but I still give her credit for going through with it.

      • Avatar

        Totally agree, Mel!! Tyler gets all the credit here!!

  20. Colby

    What’s up with the fish. Any idea what’s going on?

  21. HappyHippo

    I was just going to ask the same thing

  22. danmtruth

    Swaggys argument to just let him stay till jury so that him and Bay can have that time alone in jury house without the cameras was pathetic The other angle he pitch If she flipped it would make BB history ( all these people talk about BB history when none of them seem to know much of it ) That history would be how dumb she was and how lucky Swaggy was to have such a gullible person as HOH

  23. Zach

    This may have already been said.. but does anyone else think Haleigh has an uncanny resemblence to Nicole?

    • Mel

      Well since I was on here posting this morning, Scottie is possibly convinced the Bros voted to keep Steve, Kaitlyn’s been dumped by her BF and Sam and Kaitlyn had to have it explained AGAIN why they shouldn’t keep Swaggy.

      Rockstar continues to piss people off too! Ya’ll know I’ve been a supporter and focused on her good qualities (yes she has some) but she sucks at BB. She can have whatever closed minded views she wants but to preach them all the damn time is just stupid. I’ve liked some of what she’s said, especially funny one liners so have cut her slack on the rest but she’s one of those people who is very closed minded about their open mindedness if that makes sense.

      Yes Rockstar, we get it, we’re all people, everyone is different, there are problems in the world, some people are biased, racist and sexist and if we don’t agree with everything you say….we’re pieces of shit. Got it, now STFU and play BB or get the hell out of here!

    • Mel

      Sorry Zach, that wasn’t meant to go under your comment. Lol
      Yes, something about her reminds me a little of Nicole. Thankfully, it isn’t looking for a BF.

      • Zach

        No worries. I’ve did the same occasionally. I realized it when she started hooking up with The Fez, but seems to have calmed down on the boy crazy.

      • Jenny

        She looks more like Alicia Silverstone or Maggie Lawson to me. Nicole wasn’t that pretty and good GOD her voice was annoying. Hope she’s smart enough not to spend her whole summer in bed w/a boy!

    • Alda

      I noticed the resemblance on the first episode.

  24. Mel

    Do any of you guys watch the challenge?

  25. danmtruth

    rockstar and Bay on the hammock complains about Rachel not doing any thing Yet what have those two done Than rockstar says how embarrassing she is That she shows off her body Saying doesn’t she realize she is on national TV WTF ?? This coming from rainbow brite ?
    Swaggy working hard on Jc Only thing is Jc is blowing a lot of smoke up his sphincter

  26. Ritchie

    See this is my issue when you get rid of a Villian of sorts (Swaggy) so early in the game, what do you have left? Tyler hasn’t learned from the past seasons, its always better to keep somebody who is always a bigger target than you around. Many dislike Swaggy and want him out, but who is the next villain? Floaters are in such abundance this season its ridiculous.

    Usually the next people to go when its void of a true villain is the comp beasts! Angela offers nothing to the game which is a hell of a lot more than Rachel, but she will be out soon because she competes well.

    Tyler is already on more than one persons radar, and he can compete and is playing hard which usually spells doom for players like him early on. IF Tyler gets ousted, whose left (Faysal, Winston, JC, Brett)????

    C’mon Tyler wake up and smell the coffee bro, your excellent execution of removing Swaggy this week leaves you so vulnerable and exposed to attack its not even funny.

    • Avatar

      is Swaggy doesn’t go, swaggy or faysay have a high chance of winning HOH and Tyler will be gone, and no one will have the chance to get Swaggy out for a while, its best to get him out now, at this point

      • Ritchie

        I’m glad he won that power because he’s gonna need it, so time will quickly tell if he’s playing too hard or not.

      • Ann

        ColbyF, I think it’s best that Tyler get rid of Braggy now too because he’s a too cocky & if he gets lucky enough to stay now, all kinds of hell is going to break loose.

    • Sassy

      Rainbow puke will be the villain and possibly Fessy. I love your statement about Angela and Rachel… I think the difference this year with the floaters, they are all playing the social game (except Angela and Rachel), but Angela has potential in the comps.

      I look forward to Chris’ tweets once he is ousted.

  27. HappyHippo

    I need them to get kaitlyns whiny whiny butt off my feeds, I’m so over it.

  28. danmtruth

    Don’t see all this confidence that Faysel or Swaggy will win the next HOH even if it is an endurance comp Remember who the wall champ is James a small oriental
    Not sure if it was BB Canada , BB UK, or BB Aus but the kitchen was in a different house across the yard They had food comp with only 2 different people each week in charge of cooking Plus it was only open at certain time

  29. Lynn

    I think my relationship with Tyler has to end because I didn’t know about his fatal flaw! He is a Buckeye fan and dissed my Baker Mayfield. That’s it for us, Tyler! Somebody help! I need someone else to cheer for! Which way do I turn to salvage my B.B. season?

  30. Avatar

    I am 99% sure Swaggy will go, and I am changing the way Heleigh will vote, I now think she is gonna evict Swaggy, as Haleigh will vote how Kait wants, and Kait said that she let(cant believe I am saying this) Swaleigh have sex in the HOH room. *shudders*

  31. hogwild

    Just curious which boob does rockstar have almost falling out tonight the right or left?

    • Avatar

      the one in her brain

    • Jenny

      That woman. Good golly. When I was a teenager, my friends and I were rebels who dressed weird, had weird hair, wore weird makeup. And then we grew up and became adults. Sure, some of us still have a quirky sense of style, but we dress like grown-ups. Dear “Rock Star” – grow the eff up!!! You’re not 15. You look ridiculous!!! You have kids who are horribly embarrassed by you. Get rid of those stupid glasses. Keep the hair color if you want, but dress like a damn grown-up.

      • Shivani33

        She’s got quite a resting bitch face, too. There are moments when she looks pretty mad at somebody, but then I realize that she’s just relaxing. Hahaha. Last night when I found the video of her running the pole dance contest at Scores in Baltimore, she was a poised emcee. But in context, hohoho.

  32. Helen

    Talk about someone being full of themselves and on a power trip…meet Paycho chick…
    She seems to think she controls who different people will put on the block
    Sam owes her an arm and a leg …on and on…

    • Lynn

      I know right? I was thinking the whole time 1. Are you delusional? 2. Have you ever seen B.B.? And 3. Get over yourself please! She also contemplated what she’s donwjen she wins HOH again in two weeks. Hahahaha

      • Lynn

        *doing when

      • Helen

        Has Psycho ever even spoken to Rachel? LOL. First she tells Hayleigh she isn’t working with L6 ..that she wants them gone ,then she tells Hayleigh those same people will do her bidding…..
        I’m just curious as to who will it be that knocks her off that pedestal she’s put herself on

      • Seattle Kari

        Don’t forget! She’s the best player in BB history according to… Who the hell was it?

  33. danmtruth

    What is with the wrap on Baylie’s leg ?
    Winston needs to go TALK to people on BOTH sides just to look like he is trying Than again he is probably better to leave the talking to Bret and Tylor

  34. Alda

    Trying to figure out who is more annoying-STFU Raven or Psycho Kaitlyn?

  35. Avatar

    so I know its going to at the very least be a tie
    but the votes that can break the tie are Sam, Scottie, and Haleigh

  36. danmtruth

    Jc is doing a great job of playing the middle Both sides think he is with them Still think this vote will not be known till people vote Again the swing votes are Sam, J c, and I still say Scottie

  37. Ann

    Who did Chakra Nut tell that she was the one who flipped her vote & got Steve out?
    I’m not buying that Sunshine C bull-shit for one stinking second. His ass needs to go.

  38. danmtruth

    poor Tylor needs hazard pay for having to put up with Charka Nut What a whinny needy unstable child
    Swaggy when talking to Jc was talking a mile a minuet Doing the same thing talking about winning comps Being a target so everyone else in the alliance So why does he think he can last

  39. Shivani33

    Tyler has been going around sowing seeds of doubt about Kaitlyn. He just told Rachel awhile ago that Kaitlyn has been trying to get too close to him and not in a game way. He has told people that he doesn’t want to get into a romance with Kaitlyn. Frankly, he has told Kaitlyn this himself several times, but she keeps on pushing. Several houseguests have said that Kaitlyn is being a bitch, too. Also there have been remarks that she has increased the target on her back this week. Tyler seems anxious to distance himself from Kaitlyn, not only when she’s hounddogging him to be her lover, but also in terms of his image in the game. I think that he’s preparing the ground for a new place to land.

    It is possible that he avoids Haleigh because he really would like to get close to her.

  40. Shivani33

    There have been broad hints and even some frank comments from Brett, Winston, Rachel and Angela about not feeling happy with their HoH, Kaitlyn, as part of their alliance. And they are all appalled at how much time Tyler has spent during Kaitlyn’s HoH babysitting her. Probably a majority of the house distrusts Kaitlyn right now. Some of this mistrust has rubbed off onto Tyler by association. Also, Tyler might have too many one-on-one secret alliances with pretty much everybody in the house.

    These houseguests aren’t blind. They are walking a fine line and biding their time until Swag is gone and Kaitlyn’s HoH is over. Kaitlyn moaned to Tyler tonight that when he was HoH, everybody was up in his room and that nobody comes up and hangs out with her. Well, nobody wants to set her off.

    • HappyHippo

      I definitely think Tyler has been playing hard but when you watch the feeds he has a lot of normal convos with people too so hopefully he can somehow get Kaitlyn out(the biggest liability ever!) and relax a lil and let other targets take the spotlight. I’m sure RS will keep running that ridiculous mouth. There will be more comps for people to win….and become threats. Etc. if he can get Kaitlyn out he still stands a chance, especially with Sam on his side with a power(I have no doubt she would use it on him) and with his own power. No matter what, he has to get Kaitlyn off of his back. I don’t think he realized how horrible she was when he first aligned with her. Either way hopefully she helps get rid of a threat to him…swaggy. Then bye bye Kaitlyn.

  41. Avatar

    Just wanted to say hello to my old friends on here. I don’t have much else to say cuz I just really haven’t gotten into this season as I have others but what i have seen I know is i DO NOT like Swaggy Whatever. He needs tp go but don’t be surprised to see him stay. He brings DRAMA. I haven’t read all the posts on here, either. I’ll try to catch up. When I saw most of the first episode I just thought I just really didn’t care about this season………still not sure I do AND YET here I am!! Lol

  42. LO1004

    I have to say I’m a little behind because every time I go to watch the live feeds, it’s on Kaitlyn and her voice is becoming nails on a chalkboard, so I switch it off. I thought I read there is some drama with her boyfriend – what’s going on there?

    Also, I’d be glad if Winston or Swaggy go home because they are both acting like Jozea and I’ve had enough of it for the season. They need to be knocked down a peg.

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