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Is This The Biggest Week In The House?

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This upcoming nomination is probably the biggest decision Adam will ever have to make, possibly inside the house or outside.  I can’t imagine many decisions outside the house that have a $500k check riding on it, so this may be his biggest ever.

He has two choices, stay loyal to his friend, or actually make a move in the game and side with Daniele.

While staying loyal to his friend may seem like the logical decision, the variables around it make it seem like a very bad choice right now.   I just spent about 15 minutes listening to Jeff go on and on about how he is tired of Kalia and Porsche because they’re ultimate floaters and have done shit in the house.  (note: While that’s true about Porsche, Kalia has at least been playing the game – when she’s not napping).  Here is the situation for Adam, though.  Staying with Jeff makes him exactly like Porsche, with the only difference being that he’s voting Jeff’s way, not Daniele’s.  There has been almost no difference between Adam and Porsche’s game this season.

Jeff assured Adam that if it came down to it, he would be picked over Rachel, but pretty much glossed over how tight his relationship with Jordan is.  He made sure to mention that obviously he’s working with Jordan if they are down to the final 4, but he’d pick him over Rachel for the final 3.  I wonder if Adam realizes just how strong that bond is?  I mean, it’s almost an unfair bond because there is absolutely zero chance Jeff or Jordan would ever pick him over each other for the very simple reason is if one wins, they both win.

This path means that Adam will basically have to try and get lucky that Porsche or Kalia end up splitting up Je/Jo, and then eventually get them both out and he somehow is miraculously in the final 2 with Shelly, Porsche or Kalia.   However, even that isn’t a guarantee because it won’t be Adam getting out J/J, and he’ll just appear to be the floater that Jeff hates.

The other option is to side with Daniele, which also has it’s pros and cons.    The immediate con is that he’ll lose rank with Jeff, and he’ll pretty much be completely on his own the rest of the way.   Adam knows he’s not good enough to do that, so that scares him.   When he tells Daniele that he’s scared of her, I think what he really means is that he’s scared of being alone because Jeff is just as much, if not a bigger threat than Daniele is.. that’s for sure.

However, with that becomes an immediate 4 vs 3 alliance (in his favor), and 4 vs 2 in the next HoH competition, with a very weak Jordan being 1 of those 2.  This gives his new alliance a very good shot at winning the HoH, splitting  up Jeff and Jordan and possibly ending the double elimination week with a situation of Adam, Shelly, Daniele and Porsche vs Rachel and Jordan.   I’d take that any day of the week to be honest.

I know this is a lot to take in, and may bore some people, but the balance of power is really going to be decided on the 2nd biggest floater in the game, yet possibly the biggest Big Brother fan there is in the house right now.   If anyone should know what the ‘right’ decision is, it should be Adam, but right now I think he’s honestly going to make the worst move possible for him by siding with Jeff.

I’ll put this out there right now.  If Adam sides with Jeff this week, the only chance of him entering the final 2 is if he gets lucky and the two ‘sides’ keep pegging each other off while forgetting about him.    So when he says he’s voting for Daniele this Thursday, he’s basically voting for luck the rest of the way…. typical floater behavior.

I have a feeling the live feeds are going to continue to be entertaining, and the campaigning is not over  yet, especially by Shelly, so make sure to pick up the live feeds and watch them for yourself.  Now that the summer is winding down, may as well grab them for 3 days free so you can keep up with the house between episodes.

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  1. Comments (1)

    omg i want jeff out so bad i like rachel more then him thats how much i hate his guts in rank of people i hate its jeff then shelly then rachel then a tie between adam porche and kalia then danny and then jordan but i want danny to win shes the only one who actually realized that the veterans alliance was stupid to begin with

  2. Comments (11)

    baloney. thats whats being served up in the big house right now. no way should adam trust dani.adam is smart enough to know the lesser of two evils is side with jeff. there is no way this week in double eviction that anyone will put up adam. to many targets ahead of him, plus he could win hoh. listen to the women spin their yarn but dani must go. she may be fun for bb ratings in house but so was brendon. love ya dani but you jumped the vets to soon even evil dick knows that. good game but see ya.

    • Comments (407)

      The thing is, Daniele is playing an awful game, Jeff is not. To side with Jeff is like those people who chose to side with Rob last season of Survivor, and watched him walk away a million dollars richer because of it.

  3. Comments (5)

    I’m sorry but Dani NEEDS to go. Right now theres a very slim chance a newbie will win Big Brother. I really want Jeff to win this whole thing. He has great game play. I’m telling you if Evil Dick was still in the house all 6 of the vets would still be in the house. I laugh because even Evil Dick thinks his daughter has a horrible game play. Now what I’m really hoping what happens this week is Dani leaves the house then either Jordan or Rachel wins HOH & then gets rid of Kalia. Kalia needs to go to but Dani needs to go now. I can’t stand Dani or Kilia!!

    Now let the hate comments begin.

  4. Comments (2)

    I want Dani to stay someone help her> Does it sound like she is out??? She is the only one that can take out jeff and rachael.

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