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Breaking Down The Final Four



Note – this is all under the assumption that Victor is evicted. Currently that stands at about 99.78% chance, so I’m going to go with it (that number is made up)

Here we are, the final four. Not the alliance called ‘The Final 4’, but the actual four remaining houseguests. Sure, 3 of them are from that alliance, but the flip from Corey and Nicole this week prevented ‘The Final 4’ from making the final four. Seriously, what a stupid alliance name, especially considering they had the power to make it happen, but chose not to.  It’s like the house creating an alliance literally called “The all-guy alliance” and then kicking out a guy to bring in a girl.

I’m not here to bash alliance names. I’m here to talk about the chances of each person in the final 4.


First, let’s break them down by teams…  You have Nicole & Corey versus Paul versus James. While James may say he’s working with this person, or Paul with that, the reality is – Nicole will slice the throat of anyone not named Corey to get to the final 2, and I’m not 100% convinced Corey is safe, either.  (She totally has to slice Corey, so she can change her nickname from The Snake to The Black Widow.. much cooler nickname).

Round 1 – We have Paul, James, and Nicole competing for a guaranteed spot in the final 3 (HoH). That’s it.  I would put the odds around 40/35/25 for Nicole/Paul/James to win the HoH here. James is a tough one because you never know if he’s throwing these comps or not, but I do think Nicole and Paul are smarter and in better shape regardless.  Up next, we have the important PoV, and all 4 will be playing this.  I have no idea what the actual comp is, but this season you have:

  • Corey: 3 PoV
  • Nicole: 2 PoV
  • Paul: 2 PoV
  • James: 0 PoV

Looking back, Hayden (BB12) is the last person who has won their first PoV on the final one of the season.  Even Porsche and Danielle had a PoV prior to their final PoV wins. This does not bode well for James, especially considering Hayden won 3 HoH’s that season, and James can only win the wall endurance comp.  With that, I would put the chances of a PoV win at:

  • Corey: 40%
  • Nicole: 25%
  • Paul: 25%
  • James: 10%

This means the best chance we’ll see Nicole win the next HoH, Corey win the PoV, and then vote to eliminate Paul.  That is my prediction for the final 3.


Once the final 3 hits, it’s honestly a crapshoot. The endurance comp is sometimes super easy, or just flat out dumb. The second comp is skillful which give anyone not named James a chance to win. The final competition is seriously almost pure luck as the players have to guess quotes from players.  So, instead of predicting who will be in the final 2 (I think Nicole/Corey or Nicole/James), let’s see who could win…

(note, these are all votes for them to win)

  • Nicole vs Corey
    • Nicole: –
    • Corey: Paulie, Michelle, Natalie
    • Leaning Corey: Victor, Paul, Bridgette, Z
    • Leaning Nicole: Da’Vonne,  James

In this scenario, Corey likely worst case wins 7-2. It would be a landslide because Corey has the comp wins, and he played ‘good cop’ to Nicole’s ‘bad cop’ all season. He has the boys vote, and many of the girls

  • Nicole vs James
    • Nicole: Victor, Paul, Paulie, Corey
    • James: Natalie, Michelle
    • Leaning Nicole: Da’Vonne
    • Leaning James: Z, Bridgette

Surprisingly, I think Nicole would pull out a win versus James. Most of the guys in the house are not a fan of the way James played, but Natalie, Michelle, and the rest of the girls aren’t a fan of Nicole. Da’Vonne would respect what Nicole has been able to accomplish, and I think she’d jump with the guys for a 5-4 win.

  • Nicole vs Paul
    • Nicole: Da’Vonne, Corey, James
    • Paul: Victor, Michelle
    • Leaning Nicole: Paulie, Natalie,
    • Leaning Paul: Bridgette, Z

This will be another close one with Nicole edging out Paul.  I am not sure if Michelle will actually vote or slit her wrists, but if forced to, I still don’t think she can vote for Nicole. Da’Vonne will vote for Nicole, especially after she finds out Paul was lying to her face during his HoH. Paulie will vote for Nicole because of Cody being friends with her, and Natalie doesn’t like Paul.  This pairing would be a situation of voting for the lesser of two evils for most of the jury

  • Corey vs James
    • Corey: Paulie, Nicole, Victor, Paul
    • James: Natalie
    • Leaning Corey: Michelle, Da’Vonne, Z
    • Leaning James: Bridgette

Another landslide victor for Corey. James would be lucky to get the 2nd vote.

  • Corey vs Paul
    • Corey: Paulie, Nicole
    • Paul: Victor
    • Leaning Corey: Natalie, Michelle, Da’, Z, Bridgette, James
    • Leaning Paul: –

All 3 Corey scenarios leave him with landslide victories.  The only person who would have given him competition is walking out the door today. (Victor)

  • James vs Paul
    • James: Natalie,
    • Paul: Victor
    • Leaning James: Nicole, Corey, Da’, Z, Bridgette, Michelle
    • Leaning Paul: Paulie

As you can see, the people leaning James are likely to hold their nose and vote, but they’ll all vote together and James should win this showdown easily


I believe that’s all the possible scenarios (unless I had a brain fart)…

Nicole v Paul/James/Corey are up
Corey vs Paul/James/Nicole are up
Paul vs Nicole/James/Corey are up
James vs Nicole/Corey/Paul are up

Breaking that down, Corey’s best option is to take anyone. He’ll win. He should probably take Nicole if he has the option so they can pool the $550k

Paul’s best option is to take Nicole. He may not win, but his speech to the jury could flip a vote in his favor.

James’ best option is to take Paul. While he’ll probably also beat Nicole, I don’t think it will be close if he takes Paul


Nicole’s best bet is to take James. Her jury speech can focus on how she has made a lot of behind the scenes moves, and even convinced James to throw the comp which changed the game around. He doesn’t have a very big argument as far as gameplay goes.

So, there you have it.   Now, let’s see what you think.  With all that information, who do you think will win Big Brother 18?  I think it will be Corey.

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  1. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Ugh. That is depressing!!!!

  2. Avatar

    I won’t be surprised if given the chance Nicole does not bring Corey for F2.

  3. Jannie

    I’m not so sure that the black widow (like the new nickname)would get Vic and Paul’s votes. Those four backstabbed each other so many times that they may just want to screw her over one last time. Maybe wishful thinking…
    And, I would also think that Meech and Gnat have some fresh stories for the jury about what a snake Nicole is – Meech seems to be pretty vengeful. I don’t know how persuasive they would be.
    I would rather have Lamsey or Bunyan win it all.
    I thought Bunyan played a pretty good social game. But it all depends on if the jury is bitter, or will reward the person who really played the best game.
    I’m hoping Bunyan or Lamsey win the next HOH. I want to see Nicole sweat.

  4. Kari B.
    Kari B. (1000 comments)

    All I’m going to say is that if Corey wins BB I might throw up. 😉 James had better not throw comps from here on out he’s already been stupid enough he needs to wake up!!

    • Helen
      Helen (5578 comments)

      It’s really messed up but I also believe Corey will win BB. Before Paulie was evicted I wrote a comment on here that I thought CBS already had written the check to either Paulie or Corey and that time would tell. Not long after that Paulie was evicted. I don’t know that Corey has ever actually WON any comp…..the first HOH he won on the double eviction he was just as surprised as any..you could see the shock on his face. The McGyver comp was so obviously rigged that they can’t even cover that one up no matter how much “edit” they do.
      The question is why? My theory is what does CBS do? They make money off of television and actresses and actors.
      Corey is in on the development of an App that is called fan Connexion which allows fans of uh huh actors and actresses to connect with said actresses and actors via this app. How can CBS help him to promote this app which will of course benefit CBS? Well I think you have your answer….And the winner of Bb18 is………….Corey Brooks….
      That is just my always looking for a reason why opinion.

  5. Avatar
    Raider34 (328 comments)

    I hate myself for saying it but I think Nicole will actually win

  6. Avatar
    Morgan (86 comments)

    Idk, I think if Nicole is up against anyone other than James, Natalie will vote for her because she’s a girl. Hasn’t she said all along she wants a girl to win?

  7. Avatar

    Team Vic all the way. This is my last season ! It was the worst one yet, should be Vic and Paul at the end. Not the honeymooners or James who threw almost all of his comps! Go Paul! Enjoy the end peeps! I’m sure I’ll see in the FB feeds who won

  8. Avatar

    This is the 1st season that I kept changing who I was rooting for every week or two. But I have been for team Victor for awhile now. I guess with him gone (hopefully not) I want Paul and Nicole as final 2. They were leaders not followers in the 2nd half of the game.

  9. Shivani33

    I keep hoping that James was told that the tie-dye craft project was really a comp, so he could arrange to throw it by destroying the house by smearing huge globs of dye everywhere. Instead everyone is sleeping on BBAD. Where are the Play-Do masterpieces for mature audiences only? Send in the graffiti drones. I want to see Snackhole in her true colors. Paul for the win!

  10. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Maybe I’m just underestimating the level of pettiness and bitterness in the jury house, but I have a hard time believing Paul would get crushed in the votes by Corey and James (especially James). There’s a reason why Paul has been nominated more times than all of the other remaining HGs combined, and it’s not because everyone just dislikes him (I think he is actually pretty well-liked in the jury house, though not as liked as James and Corey). The other HGs have acknowledged for a long time that Paul and Vic were two of the strongest players in the house, which is why they were targeted so often. Sure, Vic was definitely the stronger competitor of the two, but Paul pulled off some pretty incredible flips throughout the season (I thought for sure he was a goner he lost that wall comp HOH) and saved his butt countless times. He helped orchestrate the demise of several of the strongest players in the house.

    Again, maybe I’m giving the jurors too much credit here, but I think most of them recognize that Paul played a strong social game and was the “brains” of the strongest duo in the house (Vic/Paul). I at least think the vote would be close in a Paul/Corey or Paul/James finale.

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    Well Boys and Girls, we have come to the end of another crappy BB year. As most of you that know me may have noticed, I’ve pretty much checked out already. I don’t think I’ve been here for a week or more (which is unusual for me). I’ve gone to bed on BBAD just about every other night (which is unusual for me). I got the Feeds for the first time this year and I’ve gone to bed on that a few times too. I’ve had more fun reading and chatting on the Live site than I have actually watching the Feeds. With what’s left in the house, I’m not really interested. The Chatters are kind of fun though. But still, I plan on cancelling the feeds as soon as the Wrap Party is over (I just want to see if Bambi really does ditch The Black Widow (LOVE IT STEVE!) as soon as the show is over. I can’t do Over The Top. I need to get back into a decent sleep pattern and also if I invest that much time and it ends like this one will, I’ll be “PISSSSSED”!

    Okay, now my final thoughts on the Houseguest:

    Nicole,Bronte, Bridgette, and Natalie. I had those 4 pegged from the very beginning (tried to tell you AI :-p). They were mean all along. They just did it with smiles and baby voices, but these witches were mean as snakes, the lot of them.
    Nicole: Couldn’t really stand any of the women and wanted them ALL gone. Main interest was being bedridden with Corey, while playing Finger Panty under the covers while waiting for the other women to be eliminated and the house numbers to dwindle down so she could finally start to play.
    Bronte: Had pretty much disstain (sp) for everyone in the house except Nat, Bridgette and Paulie (who she would climb like a tree if he gave her the time of day). Spent most of her time giving people nasty looks behind their backs.
    Bridgette: Thought she could bake her way to the end. The Gloria Steinham (sp) of the house, who believed in respect for all women…except Frank’s girlfriend.
    Natalie: Worked her way through the entire house, looking for a man to attach herself to (no takers). She didn’t CHOOSE James, she SETTLED for James. BIG difference. To choose means you have options. To settle means you don’t. She kept proclaiming she was a good person with a good heart…REPEATEDLY. If you’ve got to say it that much, it ain’t so Sister.
    Honorary Mention: Michelle: Would go on full attack then feel bad about it and cry…and eat…and sleep…and cry some more….and eat some more….and sleep some more.

    Frank: Tried to be the master manipulator but got out manipulated by over manipulating. Ran around the house starting little fires between the other houseguest but didn’t realize when his own heels were on fire.
    Paulie: The Godfather. Sat back and stroked his chin and strummed his fingers while he barked marching orders to the troops to do his bidding. Rose to the status of House Hitler, with Zakiya as his Eva Brahn(sp). Once the house started to turn, he lost his mind and couldn’t handle it and we watched him crumble right before our very eyes.

    Paul: Bullsh!t his way through the entire season. He was the brains to Vic’s brawn. He could talk the Devil out of taking him to Hell.
    James: Prankster with a bag full of stale pranks. Late night Pervert (Live Feed reference). Will some day wind up either in the penitentiary for a sex crime or dying of some incurable venereal disease. Bounced so may checks, Vic should have closed his account when he had the chance.

    Corey: Floated his way to the end and is not only astonished that he got there, but still hasn’t figured out how he got there. Nicole’s bedridden partner, who plans to drop kick her ass to the sideline as soon as the show is over. Finally realized he was playing for $500,000 15 days before the show was over. His mama didn’t raise no bitch…well, she did, he just doesn’t know it….but everyone else does.
    Jozea: The MESSiah, with emphasis on Mess. Was so busy “running the house” he didn’t realize that he really CAN’T walk on water. He floated right out of the house.
    Zakiya: What can I say. Paulie’s Diddle Doll…Natasha to Paulie’s Boris…Paulie’s “Ride”,forget the die part.Every chance she gets she wraps herself around him like a choking vine. I wouldn’t expect a invitation to his family’s Thanksgiving dinner if I were her.

    Da’Vonne: Eyes of a hawk, mind like a steel trap. Just can’t win play worth a damn. Will slap the taste of truth in your mouth without batting an eyelash. Just can’t sneak up on a Comp.
    Victor: Loyal to a fault…which is what sent him home. A man of his word, who expects the same from everyone else. Hasn’t learned that the Big Brother House is another world all together. Has principle, has character and keeps a damn fine house. Unofficial wife of Paul (but not in a sexual way). They make a lovely old married couple.

    Tiffany: Started off fine but quickly morphed into her sister. Smart enough but let the pressure get to her. Once the house found out who her sister was, there was nothing that she could do to regain their trust again.
    Michelle: Self proclaimed Super Fan, and crazy as a bag of cats…and as neurotic as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Likes to throw “bombs” and blow the house up, yet as soon as someone throws a firecracker at her she crumbles like a house of cards. A combination of Audrey, a newborn baby, and that ghost with all the hotdogs hanging out of his mouth in Ghostbusters. Says nasty things to people then crys hysterically because America will think she’s mean.

    Glenn: We hardly knew ye.

    It would be interesting if at the end of the Finale and either Nicole or Corey won, someone walked up to them, with a microphone and asked “How does it feel knowing the world thinks Victor should have won”? Would Corey’s eyes swirl around like opening of The Twilight Zone? Would Nicole’s nostrils completely close, cutting off her air supply permanently? Would Paul try to “bone” the Interviewer? Would Da’Vonne face slap the Interviewer with a mean braid flip? Would Zakiya bump and grind on the Interviewer? Would Victor flex for the Interviewer? Would Jozea bless the Interviewer? Would Bronte stare the Interviewer down? Would Bridgette bake the Interviewer a cake then plant a feminist flag in the Interviewer’s skull? Would Paulie demand the Interviewer declare he was bred for this interview? Would Michelle cry on the Interviewer’s shoulder then fall asleep on it? Would James slather the Interviewer in Vaseline then try to do unspeakable things to him? Would Glenn remind the Interviewer “Hey, I was in the house too!”? Stay tuned for another episode of “As The Stomach Turns”.

  13. Mello_One

    This is a Rumor, I just read that PAUL won HOH, but some folks are Confirming it to be TRUE!….And sadly Victor was Evicted. 🙁

  14. Avatar
    mindyboo (379 comments)

    NKogNeeTow good to have you back! I could see Paul winning HOH. I could even see Snakole letting him win as he will nominate herself and Cory. Then the black widow will let James have that blood on his hands, do her dirty work for her and vote out her lover boy. Well that’s my prediction for the week. Just for the record I am normally wrong and there is some wishful thinking involved. 😀

  15. Avatar
    mindyboo (379 comments)

    As far as production helping people with care packages and twists, I believe it has been going on for several seasons. Season 16″ the reset button” I believe that twist was only add to benefit Frankie as Derrick was HOH that week. No evictions, and then Derrick was unable to compete in the next HOH. If it were a true reset button than Derrick should have been eligible for the HOH comp.There were many other times that I feel strings were pulled for Frankie that season but I have to get ready for work.That twist was never used again.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Sometimes big moves do not necessarily mean that they are smart moves…….while it most likely was smart to break up Vic/Paul I don’t think it may have been the smartest for Snacole and her sidekick Blinky to get rid of Victor. Paul is way more ruthless than Victor and I’m not sure that he is the weakest. In the wall comp where Snacole was thrown the HOH by James Paul outlasted both Vic and Corey. He was one of the last three standing. When it comes to mental comps Nicole has said it herself…she is book smart but has no common sense. Paul has both…so while yes it was a big move I personally think that in the end it may have not been the smartest which you know Paul will use in his argument if he makes it to F2.

    • Jannie

      But then there was the MacGyver comp…
      Bunyan he is – MacGyver he is not.
      He likes to think he’s the brains of the operation…I’m not so sure.
      But I still hope it’s true that he won the HOH!

    • Avatar
      Alisa (25 comments)

      I would have gotten Paul out over Victor, I believe he was the bigger threat.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Victor was the bigger physical threat but Paul is the bigger mental one. When they were studying, Paul could remember things just as well as The Black Widow. Victor has said many times that his memory is bad and that sometimes he can’t remember things from one day to the next. James has limited mental capacity… very limited, and he hasn’t bothered to study at all. He thinks being a “vet” *cough*, that he already knows everything. He doesn’t understand that being a vet doesn’t mean you’re good, just means you’ve been there before.

  17. Mell
    Mell (4888 comments)

    It was also posted on Jokers that Paul won hoh but the source they used is also Ms Cleo so we still can’t be sure. If its true, I think James will be gone unless he or Paul wins veto. I think there is a slim chance if Corey won, he might vote out Nicole. (SLIM) IF James or Paul win it, I think James will keep Nicole. This is based on the assumption that Nicole and Corey are the noms.

    • Helen
      Helen (5578 comments)

      I agree….the only way James will stay is if he or Paul win POV….my dream is for Corey to leave at F4 and for Nicole to take the walk of shame going out on F3,making her the last member of jury…..
      Hey I figure if your gonna dream it may as well be a good one.

    • Helen
      Helen (5578 comments)

      Do you think that it’s possible that Nicole would keep James and vote out Corey? She told him that out she and James had F2 deal the other day…his response was….good for you
      She has also told Corey in the past she has yet to make her biggest move which may be alluding to getting him out as she has told him she does not feel she could beat him in F2?

      • NKogNeeTow

        That twit is also vain and insecure. She might get Bambi out and just explain to him before hand that she’s doing it for the both of them because she thinks she has a better chance at the money. But who knows with this group.

  18. Alda
    Alda (2221 comments)

    Nicole will definitely take out Corey over James.She thinks the jury loves Corey.

  19. Avatar

    Yes, Vic was evicted, and Paul won HOH. Damn, I wanted Vic to win but I will settle for Paul.

  20. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    There was a leak saying that Paul won HOH. The game is on now!!!

  21. Colby

    Just curious. If Paul did actually win HOH, any conspiracy theories that prod rigged that?
    And, if so, why?

  22. Avatar

    I don’t know why people even think of it being rigged. I feel like most of the time people just say that it is rigged because the game isn’t going the way they want it to go, so therefore, it is rigged i guess. lol

  23. Avatar

    I love James. I believe that James has been flying under the radar this whole game, and when he makes a big move (to vote vic out) he just comes right back. Either way if Natalie was still here and Vic didn’t come back he would still be in a great spot. At this point James is just cruising to the final three( that is of course if nicole or corey win POV), but he is watching Corey, Nicole, and Paul battle it out to see who will go to final 3 with him. James also has a good shot at becoming the final HOH. He is an endurance beast. The only way I see him losing the final HOH is if he has to face Paul in part 3. Paul is really the only mental competitor left in the house. But sadly the only way James will win this game is if he takes Nicole to the final 2, she has lied to so many people, and not to mention how many girls she has voted out this season. James will not win against Paul or Corey. I have no idea why people think that Corey has played an awful game and don’t want him to win. He has been playing dumb this whole season, and now that it is in crunch time, he is winning comps, and taking out big competitors! Paul has just played the best game this season, it’ll be too long if i go into depth of Paul’s game.

    James vs. Nicole James wins 7-2
    James would get: Da, Z, Bridgette, Paul, Vic, Michelle, and Nat
    Nicole would get: Paulie, and Corey

    • NKogNeeTow

      Corey hasn’t been playing dumb, he IS dumb. Unless it was a physical comp, he couldn’t win. And the non physical comps he won were crap shoots. He didn’t have to know the answers, he just had to guess them. Hell, he didn’t even wake up and start playing the game until most of the people were out of the house and Nurse RATchet convinced him that they could actually win. Remember, he kept saying he really didn’t care about the money. I do agree with you about Paul though. Paul is a smooth talker and he talks a LOT. People like that are usually underestimated because everyone thinks that because they talk so much, they don’t listen or pay attention. Paul did both…all while running his mouth a mile a minute. He rambled off at the mouth and took mental notes at the same time. I don’t know if he played the best game of the season, but I think he did pretty good and I’m hoping that he wins too.

  24. Avatar
    Lisa Hanson (5 comments)

    I just read on zap2it.com that Paul wins hoh. I really hope that is true

  25. Avatar
    BB Bopper (65 comments)

    Something that always gets me when it comes down towards the end of the game and there are only a few people left, is that often people start saying he/she are finally playing the game and are winning comps now. Well of course they are there’s barely any competition. They only have to beat two or three people (depending on if you’re a couple or not) so the odds are pretty good. So it’s not that they’re finally playing the game and finally winning comps it’s that who else is gonna? Not playing or winning anything now would just be pathetic.

  26. Shivani33

    Paul has been my pick to win all Season, and just the fact that he has made it so far has been (for me) fantastic. He has played the most skillful mental game by being aware of how to blend in with everyone when initially, the majority were somewhat freaked out and put off by him. He used the force of his intelligence and personality to disarm the others, deliberately using psychological catchphrases such as “friendship” and “your boy” to influence players to get to know and enjoy him and to build some trust. And still, he never stopped being himself – a somewhat outrageous young extrovert with multiple interests and a salty tongue. But it has always been something that I see coming from his eyes which has kept me interested in him beyond any of the others : a kind of very fast-moving intelligence and a tremendous philosophical fascination with life.

    I think that his friendship with Victor is very genuine. He is the only person who tried to help Victor stay, throughout the game. When Victor came back once and then twice, no one was happier than Paul. It gave his own game so much more meaning to see his friend be a true powerhouse, amidst a batch of sleeping conformists who think they’re so damn special but are actually dull, unkind bores. To me, the most glaring examples of this are Nicole, James and Corey. Paul has already won in my book. He is the last authentic, intelligent person left in the house. And the youngest of the entire cast. I will never forget Paul and his friend, Victor. These guys kept me watching.

    • NKogNeeTow

      EXACTLY Shi! In spite of the so called pranks by the Jellyfish, Paul has really been the comic relief in the house. He has the best attitude, the best DRs and the funniest personality in the entire house. It would have been excruciating for me to watch if he wasn’t in the house. I looked forward to seeing and hearing him on screen, more than anyone else in the house. Once he’s gone, the house will seem like a tomb. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that he makes it to the end!

    • caRyn

      I love Paul. I feel bad that he is left in the BB house with no mental stimulation but his own. I agree that his friendship with Victor will last outside the BB house. I see no reason why it wouldn’t.

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  28. Avatar
    Sammie (91 comments)

    I’m not sure if I agree with your assessment. I just don’t see Corey getting any votes, except Nicoles if she is not in the F2. He has not really played the game. I think Meech, Day, James, Paul, Vic, Nic all will vote for someone who played the game, even if it means having blood on their hands. At least I hope they respect the game that much.

  29. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    I have a question: WHEN if ever, has a girl won BB in their first season? If Nicole wins, how legit is it that it took her two tries and prior experience and knowledge and fans .
    Before her was Rachel. Again two tries.
    btw. Even though I’m a fan of a lot of vets and enjoy watching them play again, I hold their win in disdain due to the help they have having played twice.

    • Colby

      Season 6: Maggie Ausburn
      Season 4: Jun Song
      Season 3: Lisa Donahue

      • Avatar
        DingDong (92 comments)

        Thanks for the info. So it’s been 12 seasons since a girl won bb in a one-and-done. CBS pay attention! Cast better girl players!
        I think CBS really really reeeaaallyyy wanted a girl winner this year to be an example that girls can win this game. Poor example for women everywhere that the only way you can win is by sleeping with the strongest man in the jungle. tsk tsk

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