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Breaking News – Hell is Breaking Out In The Big Brother 19 House!

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Just a few hours ago, the storm clouds rolled in over the mountains and we had tons of crazy rain and hail. That should have been a sign that something was going on across the country because during that period all hell was breaking loose inside the house.  Now, that’s all I’ve been told as I couldn’t watch the feeds today, but I heard to start the feeds at 3:30, so that’s what I’ll do!

Seeing as it’s still raining, and there is nothing else to do, this is a perfect opportunity for me to blog the craziness!

Let’s jump in and see what’s going on:
(note – I won’t have as many screenshots because it’s a bitch to SS on my laptop. I need a new one asap)

  • 3:30 pm – Right away it gets crazy.  Mark talks about beating Josh in pool and then grabs the drink from his hand and throws it in his face
    • Josh heads inside to wash his face while Kevin is telling him he may want to go to the DR.
    • Note – the drink was spiked with hot sauce Josh is saying how his eye is burning
    • Josh goes to the storage room and gets some ranch dressing and maybe hot sauce and gives Mark a taste back
    • The speaker in the house keeps repeating ‘stop that’
    • Mark is still trying to play about it but Josh is very pissed
    • Josh is still pissed while Elena is trying to brush it all off
    • Kevin is trying to play peacemaker
  • This blog post is going to test my patience.  It is buffering every 30 seconds
  • 3:45 pm – Mark is telling Elena he thought it was going to go better than what it had
    • Josh is inside re-telling the story to Christmas
    • Josh tells Christmas he hears all these losers talking under his breath about him (people in the kitchen)
    • Christmas continues to try to calm him down
  • Mark comes in to apologize and Josh tells him not to fucking laugh in his face
    • Paul comes in and says ‘boys can we get a handshake or no’ and Kevin says ‘no, they tried’
  • note – I am terrified to fast forward because our WiFi is terrible here, so I’m stuck listening to the boring conversations until things heat up again which happens in another 20 mins or so
  • 4:00 pm – Mark and Matt talking about the situation in the apple room
  • 4:12 pm – Dom comes out to talk to Josh who is in the hot tub.  He is re-telling the situation
    • As Josh is ranting, he yells to Mark ‘how am I not a man of my word’
    • Mark replies ‘I will talk to you if it’s just like this’ n
    • Mark says ‘I wanted to apologize’ to which Josh cuts him off ‘you know you fucked up, right’?
    • Mark apologizes for the hot sauce in the eyes
    • Josh randomly brings up how Mark was plotting against Paul in week 1 (okay?)
  • 4:20 pm – Paul is still trying to talk to Josh who is still ranting and raving
    • More people are trickling outside to watch
    • Paul looks over at Dom and randomly tells her that Josh isn’t talking to him. He’s venting to him regarding Mark
    • Dom replies ‘Why are you even talking to me?’ (still angry at the other night I guess)
    • Josh has built up an audience
  • 4:24 pm – Mark comes out and joins
    • Josh tells him ‘All I gotta say is from here on out don’t talk to me. Nothing. If you win next week, send me home’
    • They ramble on for a bit with more Josh
  • Elena jumps in and asks if she can ask a question
    • Josh asks her why was she pinching him so hard during the interview last week to get him to shut up
    • Elena says ‘so he didn’t beat Cody’s face into the wall’ – Sorry Elena, Cody would destroy Mark
    • Elena calls Josh out on his ‘word’ because he said he was going to vote to keep both Jillian and Christmas
    • Jess jumps in and says how Josh told her that Christmas never talked game to him
    • He says Jess’s track record in this house is shit
    • (Jess should really just keep quiet and hope she’s in the house Thursday night)
  • 4:40 pm – Josh hammers at Jess but makes himself sound kind of dumb in the process

Summary of this fight – Josh is kind of a lunatic

  • 4:45 pm – Paul goes inside and starts bitching about how Dom called him out during that argument

Check back for updates!




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