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Breaking News – Tom Made A Good Move!

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If you’ve been trying to come to the site and it was down, oops. I let the domain name expire. But, it’s back and we’re all good!  I set that to auto-renew so no more of that.

It’s Veto day in the Big Brother house and – get this – Tom actually made the right move!  After tossing around crazy deal ideas with the house and then creating some drama with Tamar by telling Kandi he was considering putting her up as a way to guarantee Ricky’s exit.

Today, Tom decided to go a different path and not only pull Ricky off the block, but he nominate Lolo in his place. This means Lolo and Natalie are the final people on the block this week and one of them will go home tomorrow night.



To be fair, I don’t actually know what the ‘right’ move would have been. He is still swimming upstream this week as he’s not able to play in the HoH competition and will have at least two people angry with him. I just know this feels like the right move because they were going to cruise to the end and this may have been the one shot to take one of them out. As someone who watched Lolo completely blow situations out of proportion and exaggerate ‘threats’ made against her, I won’t be sad to know the duo has been cut in half moving forward.

I’ll update this if something else happens today.


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  1. Alda

    This is the best news of the season!!! Thank you Tom for doing something right.Send one of those bitches right out the door.

  2. danmtruth

    A great big thank you needs to be sent to Kandi for FINALLY getting thru Tom’s paranoia to split the weave sisters Now please get Lolo out of their Next Tamar At this point I don’t care The only one I can cheer for I’d Kandi

    • stillstanding

      i was wondering why kandi seemed to be playing so low key. she has always said, she’s very competitive. but looks like she’s making moves her way, her time. i hope nat gets the boot, because she seems a little more strategic than lolo and if lolo somehow makes it to the end, i can’t see her getting too many votes. too much drama, too hot-headed and dare i say a little bit crazy.

      • Mel

        I think a few of the reasons Kandi was playing a quieter game was (1) her fight with Tamar. Nolo took Tamars side so they never talked to her. (2) She was otb twice early in the game and (3) she said before she came in, she was going to observe at first while she tried to figure out the game. She knew nothing about it.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I thought she said in one of her DRs that she was a superfan and she and her husband watch it together. Either way, I’m just glad someone finally listened to her and I’m glad Tay is really on her side.

      • Mel

        Tamar is the only one who has said they’re a superfan, at least that I can recall. Kandi said in both her entry interviews she’d never seen the show. Her daughter encouraged her to do it when it was offered to her. She only watch a few episodes before she came into the house and she called Brandi since she knew she was on it. Brandi told her to hook up with someone athletic and that about all she had to go on.

      • Mel

        Nk, I’m still not sure Tamar is really on her side. I hope she is and maybe I’m just skeptical since I don’t like Tamar. I don’t know why she’d have gotten so mad at Kandi for talking to Tom if they were really working both sides as a team. She does a lot of stuff to keep Kandi a target too. Maybe she’s on her side but she’s just super bad at the game.

      • Sassy

        I think Tantrum is on Tantrum’s side. She’s on the side of whoever she is with at the time, except Tom. She wants everyone to team up with her, but not each other.

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s right Mel. I got them mixed up. It was Tamar who said it. I think I got confused because I remember Kandi saying something about her daughter and her husband. Thanks

    • Ann

      I thought Kandi was there not knowing or caring what in the hell she was doing but Kandi totally made me see her in a whole knew light. Kandi knows what she’s doing & she is doing it well. I’m on board with you 100% dan & stillstanding.

  3. mona77450

    Heck!!! Tom has ball(s) after all! Way to go Tom! I think LOLO DESERVES to go but it might be Natalie…..

  4. LO1004

    I’m loving the hell out of this move. Lolo’s already pissed NEM had more time to campaign. I smell the beginning of another Lolo meltdown. This bitch is like a toddler that didn’t get their afternoon nap.

  5. mona77450

    Can anyone read the piece of paper on the bedroom door for Ricky, Tamar, Natalie and Lolo? Looks like a list?…

  6. Sassy

    Lolo thinks she has been inspirational to other people through this show, but she’s afraid some people are going to use it against her…

    All cameras on Tantrum sleeping while Ricky does some pressure point thing on her feet…

  7. Painter1

    Loco “What’s wrong with Kandi,?” LoL like Kandi can’t think for herself. Self centered much?

  8. Ann

    Ooh hell yeah, Kandi is playing this game. Kandi is nowhere near the floater that I thought she was.

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  10. Mel

    Watching Tom and Rickys deals are the funniest proposals I’ve ever seen. Lol I’m glad that made the episode.

    I can’t believe with the material they have to work with, we had to hear about Kato’s colon and now Dinas catfishing story.

  11. NKogNeeTow

    I like the way Tom worked out the moves in his head while watching the others.

    • Mel

      I did too. That’s not one of the elimination comps you want to give someone a lot of attempts, it ends up helping them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep, and have you noticed that every time they’ve had a comp like that, they always keep picking him, trying to tire him out so he’ll lose. And he always seems to beat them. You’d think they would have learned by now. I’m telling you, he might not know what to do with his wins, but in that group, he’s a comp beast.

  12. Painter1

    Watching Tom do the solo meetings and knowing he used the veto on Ricky , I’m thinking he’s playing us the viewers also. LoL

    • danmtruth

      No Tom is playing himself He did all those one on one Only to find out how bad he is at reading people Because he was lying to Ricky he KNEW Ricky was lying to him It was not till Kandi came in To explain how dumb his plan was NEWS FLASH 4 CAMERAS ON RICKY THROWING DIE ALONE now back to normal CBB
      I did like Lolo complaining that she was the only person put on the block who did not have a chance to play veto to take themselves down Ummmm it’s called a backdoor for a reason It is also what you did to Ryan
      Dina stop talking clothes from your daughter closet
      Ricky trying to ask how the room will vote Ummm that’s only you and Tantrum voting
      Lolo is just on a low simmer Still mad at Tom

      • NKogNeeTow

        I don’t know why Loco is complaining. Didn’t she tell the Scarem Harem that she was going to get backdoored. Now she acts like it’s new to her..lol

  13. NKogNeeTow

    With any luck, hell will be apoppin in the house tonight!

  14. danmtruth

    Mel I miss what is the Kato colon story? Does he have cancer? Who was catfishing Dina? Miss a little miss a lot
    With this new Tom listening to a SMART person for a change the game has gotten a bit more interesting
    Perhaps I won’t need to imatate a sleep apnea tech watching a client The big question is who won’t Lolo snap at This will not make for a peaceful night with the bedroom bunch

  15. NKogNeeTow

    I think it was Mel or Steve that said they would get rid of Nat before Loco and I totally agree. Loco is more volatile and not all that smart. If left in the house without Nat, she’ll rant, rave, curse, stomp, scowl, attack and pretty much piss everybody off with her bad attitude. If you leave Nat in the house, she’s smarter. She’ll conform, engage, and participate, which makes her more dangerous. I say Nat must go!

    • Mel

      Ya, she has to imo. I know we’re sick of seeing her but any good player would make a secret final 2 deal with Lolo and actually honor it. It’s who I’d want to take to the F2.

      Natalie has been Kandis target for a while now and she’s the best one. I’ve seen some people saying that it’s better for Tom to get out Ricky and in a way its true but Tom needs to make it easier for Kandi and Dina to win the hoh. They’re his only hope except for veto so that makes Natalie the best target even for him also. He missed an opportunity by not listening to Kandi. He should’ve put Natalie and Lolo otb together from the start. There would’ve been more time for them to go against each other. I think Tom was going to use the veto no matter what because he wants to play the game but he worries too much about making “good tv.”

      • Sassy

        I was thinking the same thing about the Veto. He is constantly talking about what he “thinks” would make good TV and it was burning a hole in his hands. He will try to say he saved Ricky, but it will fall on def ears.

    • mm22

      Oh yes nat has to go-does anyone else notice
      she walks like a guy-must be the wrestler thing-
      just wierd

  16. hogwild

    I love how Nat and Lolo the lunatic think they are the only people in the house who have right to lie.

  17. Mrs. Frisby

    If Tom is to have a chance of winning, he needs Loco or Dina to be in his final 2. He may get enough votes to beat Loco but that means she will get 2nd (blehhh). He may get the votes against Dina because he actually played BB but the jury could be spiteful and give it to the drunken lamp. As much as I was hopeful of Tom winning, I just don’t care for the people that would get second for him to do it, so I hope Kandi wins it and Tom gets second.

    • Mel

      Honestly, I think Dina wins against everyone in the game. I don’t see a scenario where Dina loses if she gets to the end.

    • Mel

      That’s the top 2 and the order I want too, I think. Sometimes, when I’m feeling petty, I want Kandi and Tamar to get to the end and I want Kandi to win by a lot since Tamar is sooooo sure Kandi can’t beat her.

    • Sassy

      If Tom and Lolo are the final 2, 1/2 the cast isn’t even going to show up. I would want Lolo with me at the end. I think she loses to everyone even if she wins from here on out. She’s a nasty person. The edit was not favorable for her or NEM tonight.

  18. LO1004

    Was anyone else under the impression that the HOH was a crap shoot by the way NEM and Lolo were talking? That’s comp is the furthest from a crap shoot and one of my favorites to watch. They haven’t done it in a while!

  19. Mel

    This cast as a whole are possibly the worst players we’ve ever watched. Kandi and Dina are the only ones playing winnable games. Kandi still hadn’t figured out which things can bite her in the butt as far as what she tells people and Dina thought as recently as yesterday that the veto winner made the replacement nom….these are the 2 best players. Hahahaha

  20. LO1004

    You know production is frustrated as hell when they give Brandi Glanville endless supplies of wine and this season they got almost nothing.

  21. Mel

    Ann, I think Dina recently filed bankruptcy so she may not be negative anymore. Joey was negative too but he also file for bankruptcy not too long ago.
    Net worth:
    Dina -1.3 mil (maybe not anymore)
    Joey -400k (maybe not anymore)
    Tom 5 mil
    Tamar 6 mil
    Jonathan 1 mil
    Ryan 6 mil
    Lolo 1.5 mil
    Natalie 2 mil
    Kato 500k
    Kandi 38 mil
    Ricky 3 mil
    *These may not be exact obviously but close

  22. Sassy

    My favorite part of the episode was NOLO saying they are nominating Tom and Kandi next, then telling everyone they HAVE to keep going after Tom during the comp, after they are pissed that Kandi didn’t follow the deal (she never agreed too), they say she proved she against them.

    Huh, how was she ever with them?

  23. danmtruth

    That is how they seem to make these deals It makes no sense It only benefits one side

  24. hogwild

    Whats sad is Lolo the luantic will probably lose her shit more than usual being on the block and production will cut the feeds for ten hours and we wont to get to see or hear about the meltdown we have all been waiting for.

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  26. Mel

    I know we’re all upset over how cbs is handling the feeds but Steve’s so pissed, he didn’t even bother to show up tonight. Lol

  27. Sassy

    I turn on the feeds

    2 cameras are on Tom laying in the HOH bed sleeping
    2 cameras on Toms TV, that is watching the girls sitting at the table.

    NO conversations! Silence…

  28. Mel

    I’m out guys! I have an early day tomorrow.
    NK- good luck tonight. Bless you and your stamina.
    Sassy -stop threatening me.
    The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves) – #TeamKandi #NoloSTFU #TamarSTFU
    Everyone else, see ya tomorrow…

    • Sassy

      I offered you a good deal that benefits me, not sure what your problem is.

      Good night Mel!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nite Mel. I might not need the luck. I just looked at the program guide and BBAD isn’t supposed to start until 1 am as opposed to the usual 12 am. I’m thinking this might be a case like the other night, when I went to bed early and started to watch BBAD then next day and it was a re-run of the show, followed by Schitt’s Creek. If that’s the case I’ll have my happy azz in bed by 1:05…lol


  29. Sassy

    Oh, some game talk. Bedroom bunch trying to decide what to do. They are talking about Ricky and Tantrum are going to split votes, and let the rest fall where they will. They just can’t figure out how Tom went from wanting Ricky gone to the girls being OTB. They are bashing Tom.

    Tom must have said something about Ricky being legendary at the Veto ceremony.

    Lo goes to diary room.

    NEM thinks it might be best if she leaves, because she doesn’t think Lo could handle leaving mentally. She says Lo pulls at her heart strings. Ricky is leaning towards saving NEM because she saved him. Tantrum, also leaning towards saving NEM. They discuss how they think everyone else is going to vote. Tay says Kandi and Dina will vote NEM out.

  30. danmtruth

    Ricky ask the bedroom bunch how they should vote Umm Ricky that’s you and Tantrum
    Lolo on low simmer just mad at Tom for going back on his word Mad she did not get a chance to save herself in the veto comp Said she was the only person who hasn’t Well Olympic genius that’s why it is called a backdoor Its what you did to Ryan
    Early vote for Kandi as American fav player?

  31. Sassy

    NoLo talking about how they should handle this. Lo doesn’t think it’s fair that NEM got to petition people yesterday and she didn’t. They go back and forth on their options. Lo is really giving Nat a guilt trip. They bash Tom every chance they can. Guess they need to get it out on their last night together.

    Lo is frustrated, she didn’t get to fight for Veto and she has less time to talk to people. She getting ready to cry. Poor Lolo! She talks about the pain of losing the Olympics and now this. They don’t want Tom to get to decide who leaves, that’s not fair. He’s the reason they are OTB! All the people that trash Lo ALWAYS wins! Life is not fair, whoa is me!

    They want a sign from God on who should stay and leave.

  32. Sassy

    NEM wants to fall on the sword and Lo is happy to let her do so. Lots of talk about God. Lo in tears. She’s been burnt by girls numerous times, she says working with 6 girls on the bobsled team was awful (hope you don’t try to get on that team again). Nat says maybe that was her purpose on the show, to show Lo that women can work together. Nat talks about how the other female wrestlers didn’t like her.

    No matter what happens, they are leaving with their heads held high. Lo is going to pray on it and tomorrow, they will tell the house what to do. Lo needs NEM to be her brides maids. They are talking about what they will do together after the show.

    • danmtruth

      Many on the bobsled team did not want her in the first place
      I hate hate the whole let’s pray thing So God cares about this game and chose one person over the other
      Dina trying to give game lessons to Kandi ? Does Dina Understand it was Kandi who changed Tom’s mind Dina is feeling like she is one of the cool kids now

      • Sassy

        I don’t mind the let’s pray, but it just never comes across as genuine. Lo was reading (looking at) the Bible earlier, every other word was F**k. Have a little respect!

  33. Sassy

    NoLo says, “Damn, we got played by Tom Green.” Then they decide, they really didn’t, because they got rid of his side kick. Back to asking God what they should do. Lo wonders if she should leave and go back to training. Lo says the money at the end is not life changing (I thought it was going to be make or break her Olympic dream).

    Nat never thought they would be in this situation. Tom is an asshole for flat out lying. She guesses maybe they kind of lied to Tomato, but not really. They were genuine with them (NOT!!). More Tom bashing.

  34. Sassy

    A little Ricky bashing. Nat got really upset last night, she thinks Ricky was petitioning against her. Still wanting God to answer them, Lo tried to fast today but they were given pizza, so now she’s fasting til morning (I fast every night from the time I go to bed to the time I wake up).

    I’m tired of the words Literally, like, and F**k.

    A little Tay bashing. She should be OTB, she’s the one that put up Tomato. Tom bashing again.

  35. Sassy

    A little Dina and Kandi bashing. Floaters, don’t win anything, no blood on their hands.

    Lo came up with the name “Cursing Christians”. Hmmm…

    Jon’s purpose in the house was to go out first and do all the press.
    Ryan’s purpose leaving 2d was to go back to his pregnant wife.
    Joeys was to unite the house.

    Tom bashing! He pulled out a Hail Mary in last HOH. If it was anything but numbers, they would have won. They think his luck is up.

  36. Sassy

    More Tom bashing, he doesn’t need the money and he is trying to win (damn him for trying to win). They think he tries to annihilate them in the DR. They never talk bad about him, other than saying he’s a looney toon (I’ve been listening to them bash him for an hour straight…)

    They talk about who they would take to the end. Lo says as much as she hates it, she thinks it would have to be Tom. But if she gets HOH, she would put him OTB. Nat says that’s not a good idea. NEM thinks she would have to take Tom to the end too. Lo thinks they would both beat Ricky. They think Dina would win against everyone. They think the mom thing is powerful. Kandi has ruffled any feathers. Those 2, would win. Lo has ruffled feathers, but she always comes back and makes amends.

  37. NKogNeeTow


    NoLo in the parlor talking about Tom. Lo says dice game was ridiculous. Nat says he doesn’t need the money, he just wanted to get some exposure for some of his shows but now he wants to win.

    Dina/Tay/Kandi talking. Dina says that Nat told her that Tay said she wanted her to won. Tay says he has to go or they are f*cked.

    Nat tells Lo that it is not in her best interest to get rid of Tom. Lo says that the only people she could

    Tay is telling Kandi that Tom said she (K) was safe. Kandi asks her which Tom? She says he only told her that the first time. Kandi said she’s never kept it a secret who she’d vote for anyway.

    Lo is saying that Kandi if very successful and has never anyone the wrong way. Nat says they (K/D) never ruffled any feathers. Lo says that she feels she has a connect with Joey and she hopes when he goes back and sees, he will know she was on her side. Lo says that Ricky would take whoever he thought he could beat. Nat says she’s through with the drama. Lo says Ricky would have Dina and Kandi’s vote. Lo says that if she won HOH, she would put Ricky up. She says she would keep Tom. Nat asks her why. Lo says because it’s because of Ricky and Tom that they are both on the block. She says she tried to help Ricky so many times. *So much for THAT alliance*

    *Sorry for the choppy information. I wasn’t really expecting a live BBAD and was getting ready to go to bed..lol*

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Nat and Lo are talking about how many will be left at the Finale. She says they will be down to 5 by next Wednesday. Lo is counting the days and what is going to happen on each day. Nat says technically they were in every single show except the last one so they did good. Lo says she wonders who watched tonight. Nat says she does too. Nat says that if there are any BB fans out there, they will see that she and Lo played from day 1 and not sit on the side like Kandi and Dina. Nat tells Lo what would have happened if she had won the Veto. Lo asks Nat who she thinks AFP will be. They think either Kandi or Tay but it would have been Jonathan if he had stayed. Lo says she wishes Jon and Ryan would have been more to them (N/L) then they could have run the whole thing. Lo says Joey told her that Ryan said that they (L/N) were just there batting their eyes. Nat says but then the boys got crazy and wanted to backdoor Lo and that was on day 2 and just crazy. Dina walks in while they are talking and asks them if they are good. They tell her they are just chatting. Lo tells her that they are just trying to make it easier on the house. Dina leaves. Lo says they are just going to say one quick prayer. Lo prays and starts to cry.

  39. Sassy

    Lo says they don’t want to win next HOH, because after they are split the other one is not really a threat. They think Everyone wants Tom out, so they are safe next eviction.

    K/T/D/R talking on the balcony. Ricky says it only makes sense if we don’t piss off the next HOH. Dina doesn’t understand. Tay says she’s struggling with the decision, leaning towards Keeping Nat. Ricky thinks they should all honor what NoLo decides.

    Ricky asks Kandi if she’d honor NoLo decision. Nope! She’s honest. She’s set on evicting Nat. Ricky says if it comes down to it, if Lolo stays she’s going to be pissed at Kandi and Dina. (They are already targets for them).

    Good night all! Way past my time.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, Tay comes in and tells N/L that Kandi stresses her out. She asks them what are they doing tonight. They say praying. They asks her how is Kandi stressing her out. Tay says she is just being Kandi. The Sloth asks Lo if she talked to Dina. She says, no why? Nat says she thinks they have a 3 way deal (K/D/T). Ricky says he noticed it when he was upstairs. Tay says they had an attitude too. She says that when she asked them what they (D/K) were thinking, they said that they think N/L were coming after them. Tay says she told them they should be grateful.

    In the parlor, Dina tells Kandi that they should talk to Tom and she doesn’t care if they see her. Dina says that she doesn’t care what Kandi has with Tay, she told her she didn’t trust her. Kandi says it doesn’t matter and say that does she think that at the end of the game she’s going to change her mind. Dina says that she or Kandi have to win or they will get rid of Kandi. Kandi says they are trying to mess with their minds. Dina says Tay said she doesn’t know who she’s going to vote for. She says they have to talk to Tom. Kandi said she’s not thinking about them. Dina says she’s not going to worry about those stupid girls, they are her kid’s age. Dina says she and Kandi are going into Kandi’s room tonight and study the days and everything. She says to hell with the card game.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is telling Kandi that she’s not picking anyone else’s stuff up. She tells Kandi that that’s what you do. Kandi says she’s not worried. Dina whispers something and Kandi says she can’t. They start talking about the girls winning. Kandi says she only won one thing. Dina whispers to Kandi that she has to stop that because she was ready to get her out (you can’t hear the name). Kandi says how she is is she always tries to keep her word. Dina is talking about Tay. She tells Kandi she sees what Tay is doing.

    Lo is telling Tay that she and Nat didn’t want the vote to come down to a tie. Tay says she’s just telling the truth that D/K were saying that they are voting Nat out. She says she didn’t go up there to lobby, she just wanted to know what they were thinking. Lo asks Nat to go to the bathroom with her. In the bathroom Lo asks Nat to cut on the hair dryer while she uses the bathroom.

    Ricky is telling Tay that the reason she is picking Lo is because she’s pissed so many people off. Tay tells him that she’s so sensitive, she’s 36 years old and needs t grown the f*ck up. She says and that’s why Kandi is here. Ricky asks why. Tay says because of shit like that. Tay tells if “she” stays it’s just going to be the 2 of them (R/T) against the 4 of them (K/D/T/L?)

    • Sassy

      Paranoia is in full effect. 1 of 2 things is going to happen when Nat leaves. 1. Lo is going to have a complete breakdown and they will have to take her out in a white coat. 2. She will play 100% better.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Nat can’t understand why K/D thinks she’s such a threat. Lo says that they (N/L) just wants them to decide what they are going to do tonight. Tay says it doesn’t matter because you still have the 2 of them (K/D). Lo tells them that if Dina gets to the end, she will win. She says they want Tom out so he won’t get to the end. Tay says that if she gets HOH, she doesn’t have any trouble putting up Tom and Kandi.

  43. danmtruth

    Dina was also saying this will be the last HOH when they get to 5 people
    Ok now that they are talking most forget to put their mic on
    Dina is feeling very powerful

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Lo is telling Ricky that Nat is already at peace with leaving. She says that she’s a f*cking rock star. Lo says that that’s the reason why she tried to underplay her(L) athletic ability. Ricky says it wasn’t Nat’s athletic ability that got her it was her social game. Lo tells Ricky that she knows they are mad, but she’s ride or die, and asks Ricky if she could tell Tay that. He says he will. She asks him how do they want to do the vote. Ricky is telling K/D has an attitude for no reason. Lo says she just doesn’t want to sit up there and get shocked. Ricky says that maybe they should just let Tom do it (decide who goes). Lo says she might talk to Tom. Ricky says that Nat doesn’t deserve to go out like that.

    In the bathroom, Nat is brushing her teeth while talking to Tay in the shower. Lo comes in and sits on the sofa. Nat is talking about her skin and she’s upset that she has to talk to Julie tomorrow with bad skin. Lo gets asked to put on her mic. Nat is talking about cleaning but doesn’t have her mic on.

    Dina is cleaning the kitchen and Ricky is giving her an attitude about cleaning the kitchen. He asks her what’s up with her and she doesn’t have to act like that. She says she is just tired of picking up everyone’s stuff. She says she’s tired of it and so is Kandi and so was Joey. Dina leaves and Ricky goes into the bathroom and Nat asks him what was Dina going on about. Ricky is mad and said she’s complaining about the house. Nat says Dina is the messiest one in the house and she’s constantly picking up her shoes and stuff. Lo asks what just happened. Ricky says that’s her response to stress and she’s tripping. Lo says Dina was just fine a few hours ago. Ricky says it started after she was upstairs with Tom.

    Dina is walking around upstairs crying. Tom comes out and calls her into the HOH and asks what’s wrong. She says they are such assholes. She says she and Kandi need to talk to him but she wants to wait until Kandi comes out of the DR.

  45. danmtruth

    Tantrum is saying a double evidence tomorrow She has been saying for two days NEM says no single fri and another on mon Maury has the envelope it says YOUR WRONG
    NEM is mad at Kandi saying how dare her talk about cleaning Than goes on a rant about Kandis poor cooking How all she cooks is grease southern cooking Could some of this anger be because Kandi already said she does not care how the host is voting She is voting NEM out

  46. danmtruth

    It’s like listening to my kids when they were younger Everyone was worried that they cleaned one more dish than the other
    Now Dina is ratting on her BEST FRIEND Kandi to Tom

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is telling Tom that Tay and Ricky want to know who the house is voting for. She said that Tay wants to keep Nat and Ricky asks Tay what she was talking about, he told her who he was voting for all the time. Dina says she told Kandi that Tay wasn’t her friend. She said that she kept telling Kandi that Tay was against her. Tom says that he should tell Lo that all of them wanted to vote her out so she’ll freak out. He says but that might not be a good idea. Dina says she’ll tell her. Dina says that Ricky is trying to mess with their minds. Tom says he’s going to win every one and if they are on his team, they are going with him. Dina keeps telling Tom how she has constantly told Kandi that Tay isn’t her friend and that her husband and daughter are seeing this on TV. Dina says that Tay/Ricky were telling her and Kandi that they are going after Tom. Dina says she doesn’t wnat Kandi to be alone because they are tag teaming her.

    *I missed a lot of the convo because my computer keeps freezing* Dina says tells Tom about her heated exchange with Ricky. Dina says that T/R are guilt tripping Lo and that they are using her as a pawn because now she’s feeling guilty that her friend is leaving. Tom wants to tell Lo but Dina says to wait until after Nat is gone. Tom says the reason why he wants Lo to stay is because once Nat leaves, she will work with them. Dina says she is going to tell Lo that R/T wanted her to go before Nat, then that will pull her to their side.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is telling Dina that Kandi might be on their side (R/T/L). Dina says she doesn’t think so. Tom says then why did she go back downstairs and tell them everything they said. Dina says N/R/T/L are scheming now on what they are going to do when Nat is gone.

    Ricky is in the kitchen with Nat/Tay/Lo and telling them pretty much the same thing. Tay says it’s not her business anymore. Nat tells Tay that if they put one of them up (her crew), she would be so pissed. Nat whispers something (can’t hear it). Ricky says he doesn’t know. She is wondering what happened with Dina, she says she was normal 3 hours ago. She said she’s been floating all this time so stay floating.

  49. danmtruth

    Tom & Dina in the HOH it is two paranoia people just talking in circles The two of them feel sorry for Lolo the feel she has a kind heart WHAT! ??!! That she is being bullied by the others Now they are not sure if Kandi is with them

  50. Seattle Kari

    Hi everybody. I’m really wondering what people are thinking this year with focusing on the boring shit. Why the hell are they showing Tom acting like an idiot waving cereal boxes acting like a bird? Really? How old are you again Tom? 5?

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Dina tells Tom that they (N/L) were lying to him. He says he knew it. He said Kato knew it too. Dina says she was always on his team. He says he knows. Dina says that Nat has to go. Tom asks what does Nat knowing she’s going do? Dina says that Lo now knows she’s next. Tom asks what are they telling Lo. Tom tells her to go out and call Lo in front of everyone and asks if she wants to play pool with her. Tom says he’ll pretend he’s asleep. Dina says that if she calls Lo up, everyone will follow her up there so she won’t be alone with Dina. Tom says that every time he tries to talk to Kandi, she shuts him down and tells him don’t tell her what to do. Dina says that Kandi says she’s voting out Nat and she’s not going to change her mind. Tom says is it possible that Kandi has a deal with Ricky and is trying to fool them (T/D) but is really against them. He says Ricky gives Zen backrubs trying to make people change their minds. Dina says she told Ricky that Nat is a stronger player and Ricky told her she could try to make a deal with her. Tom asks why does she think that Ricky wants Nat to stay so much. Dina says that it’s because if she leaves, he’ll be all alone. *THESE 2 RIGHT HERE! All of a sudden they both have a case of HOHitis and think they are the smartest BB players EVER!*

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is saying that Ricky has to know that they get what he’s doing. Tom asks her if she understands the strategy of him pulling Ricky off the block and putting up Lo. He says that he told Lo he was putting her OTB but she wasn’t leaving and to pretend to be mad at him (*WTF? The girl is mad for REAL!*) Dina says she just thinks that Lo will be better without Nat so she wants Nat gone. Tom says that he can’t trust Kandi anymore because she’s a mole. He said he knew it the minute he told her something and she went right up the hall and told Tay and Tay came back and yelled at him. He said he knew then that Kandi wasn’t on his side. H now doesn’t want Kandi in the HOH anymore. Dina says they should get Kandi in there and make her tell them eye to eye if she’s on their side (*Now she’s throwing someone she just told an hour ago is her best friend, under the bus…and backing it up over her*) They are watching the crew in the kitchen and Dina asks what is Ricky doing in there with them. Tom says because he doesn’t want the girl to be alone so his side can’t get to them. Dina says Lo is the weakest link. Tom says that there is a chance that Lo can be convinced to be on their team. Dina says she can do that (*she said about 5 minutes ago that she could read people and so can Tom…talk about sucking up!*)

    And with that BBAD is OVAH! Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow.

  53. danmtruth

    NK it’s that staring into that monitor Dina and Tom are in the grips of HOHitts Dina thinks she can convince Lolo to be on their team Tom is blowing smoke up Dina that it was his idea to pull Ricky off WTF Tom tells Dina that she was ALWAYS on his team Dina was you never said I was in your alliance Dina loves the Moniters because she can read body language AND read lips WTF

  54. MickeyLumbo

    Hi everyone… i just need to vent… is it just me or has Dinamom gone off the rails? Tonight, in the HoH with Tom (and joining them later, Kandi) Dinamom can’t seem to LISTEN. She is talking over both Tom and Kandi, argumentative, and is constantly interrupting. Almost each interruption is incoherent, an incomplete thought, or irrelevant. It is making me coo-coo. I never thought anyone in CBB2 could be more annoying than Tay, but tonight, Dina has given me a headache – forget about the pizza boxes already!!. I don’t know where Tom and Kandi have found the patience.

  55. LO1004

    Kandi’s face when Dina was in the die was hilarious.

  56. AIO_7

    CBS must have received quite a few complaints about Wednesday nights BBAD. On last nights BBAD we actually got to hear the conversations.

    • Ann

      Why would Kandi be stupid enough to run back to Big Face with info when she knows Big Face can’t hold water. She had to have known Big Face would run & tell it. Did Kandi not care or was it just a dumbass move on Kandi’s part?

      • danmtruth

        Tom was planting seeds of doubt in Dinas vast empty head Tom wants to make sure Everyone comes to him for and with an information

    • Ann

      AIO7, CBS is messing with us. They show a little leg & then they take it right back. Show a little thigh & take it right back & leave everybody pissed off & wondering what happened & some keep the feeds hoping to get a little more & then there’s us who say FUCK IT & cancel that shit.

  57. danmtruth

    Should be an interesting night Tom and Dina were sequestered in the HOH room most of the night Watching the monitor all night Going over who they could trust Who would team up with them Thinking that Lolo would be perfect to team up with As the poor girl is being bullied by the others into doing those terrible things These two are dillusinal Once more Tom shows his HIVE side

  58. danmtruth

    Well Ann Dina was scooping it up and chowing down on everything Tom was dishing out To Dina Tom & Kato NEVER lied to her After last night’s convos She feels closer to Tom than anyone She feels Tom listen to her She also told Kandi the other side sees her as more of a threat than her So she will be put on the block
    Are we sure she is not drinking ? Could those water bottles be straight vodka?

  59. danmtruth

    Will need my BBJunkies as I might be late to the show

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