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Brendon Avoids The Dog House, Uses PoV On Rachel

big brother 13 jordan lloydIn a surprising move to only the people inside the Big Brother house, Brendon has decided to use the PoV, but not on himself.  He used it on the person in the house more disliked than himself, his girlfriend.. sorry, FIANCE.  Completely stupid move on  his part as he’s been lecturing her all game on her attitude and style of play, yet falls on the sword when she’s nominated.  Talk about whipped.   I know he’ll look at it as something he ‘should’ do, but that’s bullshit.  He’s whipped plain and simple.

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The funny part is that there wasn’t a doubt in my mind he would use it on her.. none.   The shocking part is he was actually able to convince some in the house he was taking himself off the block, as Jeff called it a ‘curve ball’.  Seriously Jeff?  That move was shocking to you?

To replace Rachel on the block, Jordan was the one nominated, completely as a pawn.  Daniele knows Jordan will beat Brendon with ease, and despite the look on her face above, she doesn’t really seem very worried.  That’s just her normal look.  Daniele has already assured her that Brendon is her target, and Jordan appears to believe her.

I do think was the best thing that could have happened to Daniele because I don’t think Jeff and Jordan are going to stay very loyal to Rachel when Brendon is not around to keep her toned down.  I can see alliances looking this way soon:

  • Jeff, Jordan, Shelly
  • Rachel and Porsche
  • Daniele and Kalia
  • Lawon and Adam as floaters

Sadly for Daniele, Rachel and Porsche will still work with J/J, Adam will also keep following them.   It’s going to be a long uphill climb for Daniele, as she badly needs to start convincing those semi-floaters like Shelly and Adam they’ll have no shot clinging to Jordan.

Follow the feeds to see if she can work her magic because this nomination is just the first step in her climb… and it’s a very slippery first few steps.

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