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Bug Brother 21 – Saturday Recap for 9/14/19



Good morning. I hope there are at least a few of you still here to read this because many people were deflated after the veto comp yesterday. I’ll get to the recap but here’s some other things I wanted to mention first.

I don’t ever remember the jury getting their comics while they were in the jury house but they did this year. They unwrapped them one at a time for a big reveal:

  • This is Sis, Jack and Nick trying to pretend they didn’t hate theirs:

Lets talk about Cliff since he’s probably going home. Cliff recently told Nicole he was afraid he wasn’t himself and was starting to make bad decisions. (This was after he told Jackson he’d keep him if he won veto and after Nicole had to remind him, he’d be the only vote this week if he won it) They’re all mentally exhausted but I think it’s worse for Cliff because of his age. I’m not saying he’s old, he’s just older than they are. He’s also used to getting up early and maybe they arn’t. Unlike the oldest hg in other seasons, (who goes to bed while the youngsters party on) he stayed up with them but continued to get up early. That’s a hard place to sleep anyway but to keep up that pace for 3 months is a lot.


With all the stress over having a big decision last week, it’s been worse. The comps have been hard on Cliffs body too and I think all of them have felt some lingering effects from Thursdays house meeting too. We’re only going to see a few minutes of it tonight but whatever was happening went on all day long. It was hours and hours of not knowing what to do or who to believe. Most of us even made comments Thursday night about how different and wiped out they looked that night. We’ll never known all that happened on Thursday but it’s definitely taken its toll. Usually, the wnner of the last hoh feels like they’re making a $500,000 decision when choosing who to take to the F2 but this year, I think they felt it was similar on Thursday. In a way, it was the same situation because keeping Tommy or Beth really came down to the same reasoning. Cliff knew he was probably guaranteed F3 if they kept Beth. Nicole knew it too and felt she had a better shot with Tommy….if Tommy wasn’t lying to her. I’m not making an excuse for Cliffs dumb moves recently. Many players have been in the house for 3 months without losing it.  I’m just saying, I believed him when he said it was affecting his thought process.

I think there’s also a 2nd reason for the desperation from Cliff. When a deal was struck to throw the hoh to Nicole, in order for her to avoid feeling like the “4th wheel on a tricycle,” Cliff was a huge part of her getting the deal. This took away one of only 3 spots so he was trying too hard and too soon so secure his own. The entire reason Cliff preferred to keep Beth was because it increased his chances to make the F3. He basically gave up the spot he was keeping Beth to get. How does that make any sense? (It may also be why Jackson was soooo supportive of the idea for Beth to throw it) Jackson may not be that smart and maybe didn’t think of it but having Beth throw the hoh was great for Jackson. It gave him better odds to stay this week. If Beth’s safe as the hoh, there’s nothing left for Cliff and Nicole to debate, assuming one of them had the one vote to evict this week. If Beth throws the hoh, Beth and Jackson both remain options to go if they lose the veto.

All the lying Friday was dumb for all 4 of them because it wasn’t necessary. They can make all the deals they want but they don’t matter at the final 4. When one duo wins veto, someone from the other duo goes home. Sorry, Cliff, you can’t have everything just because you want it. The same bad game play can be said for Beth and Jackson too. (They looked like geniuses compared to Cliff on Friday tho) Why continue all the lying and saying Beth would evict Jackson when it didn’t matter anymore? No one is deserting their partner at this point so it’s all for nothing. Sure, Cliff believes it for now but what’s to gain from tricking him for a couple of days? People can say Cliff should’ve kept Tommy but Cliffs mistake in my opinion, (other than the “deal making” the other day) was not pushing for Tommy to leave when Christie was evicted. Christie would’ve worked with Cliff over Jackson and Beth. Tommy would’ve already been out of the equation and Cliff had a better working relationship with her than Tommy. He could’ve more easily given up Beth and gone into the F4 with Nicole and himself as the last remaining duo. Christie and Jackson were NOT going to trust each other and work together. (Christie also said in her jury questions, not working with Cliff more was one of her regrets)

Before the feeds cut for the veto comp:

  • Cliff spoke to the cameras and gave us a better understanding of where he was coming from when he was making crazy deals. He said he was glad Jackson was ok finding out Beth was going to try for the veto. He said the deals he was making was hopefully getting him where he needed to go but knew he had to be careful. (It isn’t careful to make the same deal with a shomance and assume they won’t talk about it) He thinks it would be hard to go against Jackson with the jury if they were in a F2 but he doesn’t want to break his word. He said Jackson does belong in the F3 and said he can make his case if he has to against him. He really wants it to be him and Nicole. (For the record and the doubters: there’s never been a day Cliff wasn’t loyal to Nicole or changed his mind about wanting to be in the F2 with her, even when she started winning comps. It would be fine if he had, he just didn’t) He said he would try for the veto but if he didn’t win it, he thought Jackson and Beth would keep their word. He said he’s cried, been stressed and unable to sleep. He said he hasn’t been himself and worried he was making bad decisions. He realized he can’t keep being depressed and worried all the time and said everyone in the jury would love to be there. He just has to make his decisions and live wih them. If people don’t like it, too bad, he’s not going to give a damn anymore.
  • Nicole and Cliff talked about how lucky they were to have the experience. He told her she would experience everything from the first day to the last since she would either be in the F2 seats or walk onto the stage as the last juror. He said she’d never see the jury house and would’ve played in or seen every comp from the season. (When they talk about this stuff, it really is about the experience because they’re fans. It’s not about the amount of episodes they’re on or how much air time they’re getting. Well, it is a little bit for Cliff but not very much) Cliff said he would try hard for the veto and Nicole said Jackson in a F3 scared her. (It scared him too and that’s why he’s been beating himself up over saying he’d keep him) She said they just needed to secure Cliffs F3 spot and go from there. Nicole hoped nothing weird happened and Cliff said they just needed to win it. He said he thought it would be ok though even if they didn’t. They also talked about still not knowing for sure if Tommy or Jackson was telling the truth. Cliff said he knows his family is supportive but admitted he worried about what America will think. Nicole said the only move she may regret and worries fans will call her an idiot over is evicting Tommy. (Cliff would like to have AFP but aside from that, as a fan, he doesn’t want fans thinking he played a stupid game. Nicole worries about that part too. I don’t think AFP has ever crossed her mind as being a possibility for her tho)
  • Beth woke up still pissed over throwing the hoh comp to Nicole. (Broken record) Beth told Jackson she was mad because when she told Nicole it killed her to throw it since she knew she’d have won it, Nicole had the nerve to say, they didn’t really know what could have happened. (She did but it was said to make Beth feel better about it. She wasn’t bragging) Beth thought that was ridiculous and said of course she would’ve won it. Jackson told her America knew it too.
  • Nicole wanted to make sure Beth knew she wasn’t wearing the hoh robe yesterday morning because she was being a jerk or flaunting anything. She said she was just cold and told Beth to use it too if she was cold. (Both of them are always freezing. It’s why Beth wears that thick flannel shirt so much) Beth said she’d noticed no one really wore the hoh robe around the house this season (I just mentioned that in a recap. Lol)  Nicole also suggested that everyone use the hoh shower if they want and said the room is for everyone.
  • Beth told Nicole she had swollen lymph nodes so the ailment of the day had arrived. She also went into how she couldn’t believe how often Jess said the word “like.” Beth’s right but has she heard herself lately? Nicole tried to defend Jess a little and said they just noticed it more with Jess because she was very articulate. Beth said it was because it took her forever to say something. Eventually, Beth admitted she said “like” too much herself and Nicole said she did too. (This isn’t the first time Beth’s wanted to trash on a former hg and Nicole has shut it down. If Nicole played mean girl like Sis and Kat did, Beth may have actually gotten closer to Nicole. Look how many weeks it’s been since Nicole and Beth have been in an alliance and I don’t think they’re any closer than they were in the first month of the game. Hell, even Jackson has a better relationship with Nicole)
  • Jackson had a little snack when he got out of bed. Nothing like 35 pounds of watermelon to kickstart the day:

After Veto Comp:

  • Jackson won the veto. He cried, prayed and his emotions were sincere. It was obvious even if you don’t like him.
  • Jackson headed to the DR with Beth trailing behind him. They had an awkward exchange when she thought he wasn’t happy. He said “this is me being happy” and she said “oh, ok” as he kept yanking on the door to the DR. He left her standing there ad she was saying “I love you.” (Is it adrenaline or is it asshole?)
  • The comp was questions but with a physical component. It sounds like the one where they catapult balls into large cut outs of the other hgs. Jacksons time was the fastest (13 minutes) with Nicole coming in 2nd. (15 minutes) Beth (17 minutes ) said they placed in order of their ages. Cliff came in last. (38 minutes)  It sounded like Cliff might have had some sort of medical issue. (I think with his blood pressure and he brought it up a couple times last night. The feeds cut so it’s either for medical privacy or production doesn’t want us to know they’ve about killed him a couple times this summer) He said he couldn’t tell them about it but maybe could later. Beth said she had to use her inhaler 3 times during the comp. (Privately, she told Jackson she could’ve beat Nicole except she didn’t have air, couldn’t breath and needed oxygen. I’ve heard oxygen is important so we should let her have this one)  Jackson said his aim was great but he kept hitting the wrong people for the answers. (Later, he told Beth he would’ve been so much faster if he’d “understood the questions.” For someone like Nicole, who knew the answers so well, it had to suck losing because of the physical aspect of the comp) Beth was shocked Nicole beat her time. This led into her frustration AGAIN over Nicole having the hoh. She said she was waiting for news and it should’ve been her getting the hoh letter. (Don’t ya’ll know, her news about sick relatives and friends having babies is so much more important than everyone elses?)
  • Beth told Jackson how amazing he was and he deserved to win the game. He told her he did it for her and said he was fine with Cliff and Nicole. She reminded him that might not be true and said she was told Cliff and Nicole wanted to take her to F3 so he backtracked and said he didn’t want to take the chance. She told him the jury wouldn’t vote for anyone over him and this was his game. She said he’s going to be the winner. (Sooooo glad she’s playing her own game)
  • Jackson and Beth said they don’t think it will look weird they’re still together all the time because it will just appear they’re spending their last days together. (It looks to Cliff and Nicole like Beth is taking the loss like a champ) Beth also told Cliff she was ok with losing the comp and was simply grateful to have gotten as far as she did.
  • Cliff still thinks Beth will be leaving. Nicole offered Jackson and Beth the hoh room. They said no and she kept insisting. (They’re going to take it) When Beth wasn’t around, Cliff told Jackson he should take the room and “spend what time they had” together. (Awkward) Nicole was upset with herself for not winning. She said not only would it have saved Cliff for certain, it would’ve allowed her to feel worthy of the F3. She’s still uncomfortable with the way she won the hoh. She feels if she’d won the veto, everyone would know it didn’t matter because she’d be in the F3 anyway.
  • Jackson and Beth went over how badly they’ve been treated to justify kicking out Cliff. Beth said if she hadn’t been forced to throw the hoh, she would’ve won, Jackson would’ve won Veto and Cliff would be in the F3 with them. (True if she’d  have won it) They agreed Cliff and Nicoles recent actions (the Tommy vote and Cliffs deals) caused all of this to happen. None of this is their fault and Cliff is making them surprise Cliff at the veto ceremony. Jackson said Cliff and Nicole are snakes and he can slither in the grass with them or something like that. He said he handed Nicole the hoh and he’ll be damned if he hands Cliff 500k. (I wasn’t aware Jackson played n the hoh comp) Beth said something about how only a coward makes deals. (Isn’t  that what she just did to stay?) Jackson also said if Cliff wanted a F3 with them, he should’ve stood up for it and for Beth. Instead, he said Cliff stood up for Nicole. He said it made him sick and he wanted to throw up the way they want it handed to them on a silver platter. (The point is, Jackson is good and they’re making him be bad)

Later, once they got comfortable for the evening:

  • Nicole put on her owl onesie PoP TV gave her when she realized after dark was starting and Cliff went in search of the stuffed owl. Beth and Jackson hugged Nicole, told her they loved her and how adorable she looked. As soon as she left the  room, Beth said she was waiting for news and would’ve gotten it if she had the hoh letter. (Kill me now)
  • They were given a tie dye kit to play with but they decided to wait until today so they could do it outside. (I doubt that’s what Orwell had in mind)
  • Jackson talked about his Xanax issues and said coming into the house helped him kick it. He said it’s the first time in years he’s slept without it and talked about the  dosage being enough to tranqualize a horse. He also mentioned how much coffee he drinks because he said he “loves stimulants.” (Old story, dont feel like rehashing it but if he wins this game, let’s hope we dont have another Adam from BB9)
  • Jackson said this comp was the best way to end the season for veto comps. (Would he have thought that if he’d lost?)
  • They talked about the evicted hgs. Jackson likes to talk about how arrogant some of them were. He said Jack wanted everything to be about him all the time and they talked about Bella not knowing anything about the game. (She was at a party somewhere when she got recruited) Cliff said he was proud of trying to take a shot at Jack. Beth said she was glad too even though he was in her alliance. (??) She also said something drew her to Jackson, Cliff and Nicole from the first day they were there. (Bullshit) Jackson said all 4 of them had taken a different paths to get there but they were all there and that’s what mattered. (True. Cliff bargained, Jackson comped, Nicole friended and Beth stooled)
  • Once they were hanging out in the hoh room, (Cliff was in the DR) Nicole cried and talked about feeling guilty over doubting things and them on the past. She said she doesn’t know if she could’ve done it (throw the hoh) and told Jackson and Beth they were better people than herself. She said she wished the F3 could be a F4 instead and told Beth how amazing she was as a person. (Nicole may have just given Beth what she’s wanted all summer) Jackson consoled her and told her how great she was, said she had a great social game, started winning comps and said she deserved to be in the F3. (Nicole was crying for Beth in this moment because she still thought Jackson may be getting rid of her)
  • Once Nicole left the room, they said they felt a little guilty but quickly clarified they don’t feel bad for Cliff, only Nicole. (We knew that was coming as soon as Nicole began telling Beth she’s the winner of the morals comp) Beth told Jackson it did bother her the way it worked out because she wanted to get herself to the end. She doesn’t like it looking as if Jackson just drug her along. (He did and earlier she told him no one could beat him so what does it matter?)
  • Uness something crazy happen, here’s  your Final 3:
  • Here’s the Final 3 some of you may have been hoping for:
  • This, mixed with some conversation about The Challenge is the only chance Cliff had for that Final 3 to happen:
  • Beth (alone) told us how much she struggled having to throw the hoh comp. She said she knows she would’ve won it but she had to weigh her game against her morals. (She’s always saying she’s cold and if she’d put her shirt on, it might help)
  • Nicole kept feeling guilty for securing her spot while Cliff still isn’t safe. (Suck it up little unicorn, you’ve got 2 comps to win) Cliff told her he feels confident Jackson will keep his word. He said he looked him in the eye, Jackson’s a southern gentleman and a handshake means something. He said if he’s getting played, he can’t do anything about it now. He isn’t going to stress and worry anymore and get himself back in the mental state he’s been in lately.
  • Jackson and Beth celebrated making the F3 in the shower. They forgt the towel for under the shower stool and without it, the stool can slide around but they decided to live dangerously:
  • Cliff and Nice talked about campaigning against each other when they were both otb. He said he told people she had conversations with people she shouldn’t and talked too much. She named off specific days there were blow ups which started from info Nicole shared with someone. She said “America, you’re welcome.” Cliff  teased her and called her a troublemaker. They both said they won’t be bothered by anything the other said because they know they kept it to the game. They shared one of their last happy days in the house together even if they don’t know it yet. (Nicole is already skeptical)
  • Why can’t this guy close the damn refrigerator door?!
  • Cliff (alone) told Sharon he’d  secured himself a spot in the F3 and he’d just have to see how things went from there.
  • Nicole talked to the cameras and worried about Cliff. She wants him in the F3 but she’s doubting Jacksons going to evict Beth because she doesn’t know why he would. She said “why would he keep her duo over his own?” She’s wishing she’d pushed harder for Tommy to stay so she wouldn’t have to compete against 2 people who will take each other if Cliff ends up leaving. She thinks there’s a good chance Tommy and Jackson would’ve tried to get rid of each other instead of her.
  • All of them talked about jobs they’ve had in the past. When they talked about getting an allowance, Jackson said he hates entitlement. He said it’s people saying “here’s  my platter, serve me.” (We’ll  hear about a platter a lot today and tomorrow)
  • Beth and Jackson discussed where they should vacation and went over some possibilities. He said he wants to blow the 10k he won in the luxury comp on a vacation. He said something about a casino but quickly said he didn’t think it was a good idea. (If it hasn’t been talked about before, Jackson loves casinos and loves to gamble)
  • Jackson asked Beth if she would rather him use the veto on her so she could be the one to evict Cliff. He said she might feel vindicated since Cliff pushed for her to make the deal to throw the hoh. She told him to do either because he won it. He laughed and said he was a little scared she  would evict him. She told him she’d never do that to him. He said giving it to her might help him with the jury because he’d have less blood on hands. (No Jackson, what would help is telling Cliff you’re evicting him and that it’s a game move. Because Cliff isn’t a baby, it would also be fine to remind him he almost broke his word to Jackson and because of it, he feels like fair is fair) Beth said she knows she has a better chance of beating Nicole but she doesn’t care and she’d take him anyway. (Keep playing your own game sister, what a role model)
  • As Beth heads to the DR, Jackson tells her not to be shy about saying she’s proud of him while she’s in there.

Yesterday may not have ended the way some of you wanted but this is where we are. No sense crying over spilled watermelon juice. Last summer, I had a watermelon explode while it was sitting on my kitchen counter. It took me hours to clean it up because it ran down the cabinets and dripped in some of the drawers, along with all over the floor. Because it’s so sticky, I had to clean it up, wash everything with soap and water and then do it a second time. I’ve never had that happen and still dont know why it did. I hadn’t thought about it again until just now. You don’t think I manifested this, do you?

I’m ready for tonight and hope we get to see a lot of the blow up from Thursday so until then, have a great Sunday.





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  1. AIO_7

    “Cliff recently told Nicole he was afraid he wasn’t himself and was starting to make bad decisions.”

    No excuses, Hank Hill Hogg Cliff; you threw Nugget under the bus for your top (Jackson), and now you will go down in BB infamy. I’d hate to read your Twitter feed when you get home. Buzz off!

  2. AIO_7

    I feel so sorry for poor Nicole this coming week. She will be the little mouse among two gloating vipers.

  3. AIO_7

    ” Cliff knew he was probably guaranteed F3 if they kept Beth.”

    You know what they say about probable guarantees … they don’t exist.

  4. Joy

    thanks for the recap Mel. Who can I pay to break them over sized useless fucking glasses that FAH wears?

  5. JennX

    With a lot of fans (casual and hardcore) getting into heated debates about production interference and favoritism I wish CBS would show some accountability to their viewers. Even if it’s the illusion of accountability. For example – when the first episode airs (and the houseguest have already be lock into the asylum) CBS could officially announce the planned order of comps. It wouldn’t have to be that much details! Just say if it’s mental, physical, endurance or mixed.

    One small thing could help us not be bitter viewers.

  6. AIO_7

    …”he thought Jackson and Beth would keep their word. ”

    Ha ……. hahahaha ……… cry.

  7. SoftKitty

    Mel, you’re so good at these recaps… Would it be possible for you to give us a final recap of the entire season? Nothing on the level of your dailies… But One that would give highlights \ Lowlights of each week. Maybe list who was HOH, who was OTB, the blowups (of course), and who eventually went home? I know it’s probably too much to ask, but if at all possible… I know other BBJs would LOVE to read something like that from you!

  8. Mary

    Wonder if Holly thinks it was morally right for her to tell production to F off, when she was in a drunken stupor.

  9. Ann

    I know this is WAY off base of the conversations but can someone please tell me if it ok to put texture on my kitchen ceiling without doing anything to it first? PLEASE, any positive words can help.

  10. AIO_7

    ” She’s (Nicole) wishing she’d pushed harder for Tommy to stay so she wouldn’t have to compete against 2 people who will take each other if Cliff ends up leaving. She thinks there’s a good chance Tommy and Jackson would’ve tried to get rid of each other instead of her.”

    Uhhhhhhhhh, ya’ think? Thanks, Cliff.

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  12. Kari

    I’m here but… Yeah. Wtf Cliff. Sigh.

    Waving to Steeler fans, let the game begin!! 🙂

  13. Mary

    Wonder what Cliff would think if Jackson used the veto and took Holly off the block. Do you think he would realize his goose is cooked.

  14. Nancy

    Thank you so much Mel…always enjoy the recap and ur humor..
    I’m speechless today. Cliff feels his thinking could be off, and its understandable, hes older and tired..lord knows I couldnt do what he had done. I just wish he had listened to nicole, or nicole should have been more forceful..cliffs game is over, and probably Nicole’s too. HollyBeth is proud of HER game, Jackson is still a pompous ass..I’m sad they’re loving all over nicole, but talking shit about her, guess that’s mostly HollyBeth..and I sure wouldn’t want a brother like JJ ..oh, someone mentioned this last nite, HollyBeth is definitely trying to talk like nicole..nothing like being your own person Hols..
    Well, guess I did have something to say. Season is over for me..the excitement I usually feel about BB this close to the end is nonexistent. Everybody enjoy your Sunday afternoon..peace

    • Colby

      I will watch tonight’s show because I want to see the blow up, the HOH comp (cause I’m still not convinced HB threw it), and hopefully the jury house arrivals.
      But I probably will not watch the CBS episodes until the finale. They will probably just make me mad and I don’t want to give CBS the ratings.
      Of course, I will continue to check in here. This place is more entertaining than the show most of the time. LOL
      I do want to watch the finale to see who gets AFP, to see if Bella brings a date and kicks Nick to the curb, to see whose families show up, etc.
      Plus, Survivor starts the same night. Yay!

      • AIO_7

        “I will watch tonight’s show because I want to see the blow up,”

        Just keep in mind you will only be seeing what CBS spoon feeds us about the blow up.

  15. amareels

    Thank Mel for the recap. That part about your watermelon exploding….I took that as analogy. JJ has spread into my life and its sticky and messy and I will have to take a couple of showers to get rid of his dirtiness when this game show ends. This social experience this season hits so close to what we are seeing in the news everyday that when JJ won last night I did feel defeated and said goodbye to everyone. But I woke up this morning and missed y’all. So I’m back, I just love reading what everyone has to say. It keeps me entertained.

    Have a great day everyone!!

  16. danmtruth

    Remember this is ENTERTAINMENT not a COMPATION That way it falls under much different rules In other words it is not like a quiz show with restrictions on how compations must be run As an entertainment show production has much more freedom It is important that we all keep this in mind
    Now for a sharp left turn Does anyone else feel thet Jackson feels so safe about jury votes that he might dump Holly and bring Nicole to F2 ?
    Better yet Most F3 go physical comp first – figure Jackson – The remaing two do a memory type comp – advantage Nicole – last comp big scale memory That gives you the last HOH winner Thats why i wounder if Jackson does not dump Holly telling her it is best for the image for them both to let nicole be in the F2

    • Nancy

      Never ..not in a million years..HollyBeth is to self centered..she cant separate game from personal..

    • mm22

      I understand I’m probably the only one thinking this but I’m gonna say it-
      I think Jackson may really love hollybeth and it wouldn’t surprise me if their
      relationship survives out of the house. He loves him a mommy figure n she loves
      her a boy toy and they are both mean peoplies so they get each other

    • AIO_7

      As to your first point. Dan; Yes it’s considered “entertainment”, and just like making an episode of Miami Vice or Seinfeld, they can come to any conclusion they like. Other “game” shows like Jeopardy are audited for honesty. In the old days they would announce who audited the show (i.e. White Waterhouse) It’s the same with talk radio; they are classified as “entertainment” and can say pretty much what they want, be it true or false.

      As for your second point; I don’t think Box gives a damn about their image. If he drops her in F2 it would be because he realizes Holly just might beat him.

    • hummingbird

      I’m sorry but I disagree. There is a “prize” at the end, a “chance to win” $500K and that makes it a game show.

      As for the entertainment part of the show….is it soft porn? I have no idea what I’m watching these days. I’ve been watching BB since season 1 and that makes me an older audience. Maybe they’re going for a different demographic?

      • AIO_7

        “I’m sorry but I disagree. There is a “prize” at the end, a “chance to win” $500K and that makes it a game show.”

        I agree, and it should be treated as a game show.

      • danmtruth

        Humingbird no problem I just point out that a few years back there was a lawsuit In that CBS argued and won That they are entertainment Think of it like the difference between the WWE and the NFL This is why they do not fall under the game show rules They claim to money at the end is a bonus

    • Colby

      I think he has no doubts that he will win, but he will take his porn star with him to F2 if he wins HOH.
      I hope Nicole wins HOH and kicks his ass out the door.
      I do think she can beat Holly in F2. If she wins HOH she will have more wins on her resume (no matter how she got them) and everybody knows HB has just ridden JJ and his coattails to be where she is.

      • Nancy

        Colby. That teeny tiny little bit of hope is all I’m holding on to..i believe she could beat HB..I just feel the stars aren’t aligned for that to happen. or maybe production isn’t aligned for that to happen..

  17. Avatar

    I am so over giving the HOH room to everyone to use. nicole is the worst, “because she feels bad for someone”. But then ja thinks it’s his room to use anytime….. total loss of control of the game by big brother. I have always like the fact that the hoh winner actually was being rewarded. Since I’m really cranky today I will add the I hope ja and FAH win final 2 and the jury votes for FAH to win. To me that would be pure karma. At this point none of them deserve to win… well, maybe a bus ticket . Ok, sorry, not sorry

  18. KelBel

    The Vikings look like a f-bomb joke today, so I’m pissed. To calm myself down, I logged on to read Mel’s update…which is great as always, but it only fueled my pissiness because I cannot believe the pompous, entitled, and delusional crap that comes out of Jolly’s mouth. Cliff is just delusional and Nicole needs the backbone everyone wanted to hand to Cliff. Maybe Tommy would still be here then (sorry WhereIsPablo) and Nicole’s chances wouldn’t be so crappy.

    And yes Mel, Grandma Beth stooled her way to the end. Couldn’t agree more!

  19. Tam

    Good day, everyone…..
    Here is how I feel everytime I see or hear anything about what JJ says, does, breathes, acts. And his sidecar, too…….Can’t even put it all into words after reading that JJ says he hates entitlement…WTF…Really….Really…..Really…..Just over the season at this point…..

  20. Nancy

    I think I know what will make us ALL happy..
    I’m going to dairy queen and get me a blizzard..see?…dont ya feel better already??

  21. Houseguest Doug

    Guess what folks as predicted prior to the Tommy eviction. HOH this week means diddly and it is the POV and as I foreseen Jackson would win the POV and Cliff is going home and now the F3 will be Nicole, Jackson and HOLLY (not Beth).

    I know many of you hate Holly but now Jackson has a 75% chance of being in the F2 with Holly and if that is the case if he wins the final HOH he has just won $500K as there is no way anyone is voting for Holly.

    Jackson is now 1 HOH away from being champion.

    I would like to say Production had no hand in this but I would be lying. I am more than certain the POV was set up for Jackson to win.

    Cliff must feel like a total idiot now as he trusted Jackson to throw the POV…. “SUCKER!” Jackson lied to get Holly in F4 why in the hell did he think Jackson was a man of his word. I believe the word I am searching for is “PLAYED”

    Not sure why the people in this house are so dense. But Nicole and Cliff just watched $500K go up in smoke.

  22. Avatar

    Well time to make tonight’s playlist and I’m doing something special today. If you have a song that you want to be on Tonights playlists reply with the link to the song and I will add it

  23. Sunny

    I read on another site all the good that Jackson says he’s going to do with the money he’s going to win. He’s counting his chickens before they’ve hatched.

  24. Nancy

    So many avatars, so little time..I only found this one last night..so I’m gonna use it..

    • danmtruth

      Nancy you never fail to deliver a great avatar along with great commentary

      • Nancy

        We both know I dont give good commentary..I depend on y’all for that..I’m being serious, i get confused and yall straighten things out in my head..now, I’m no dummy, I designed circuits for AT&T..but strategizing BB gets me confused at times..I just wanna be the lady with the avatars..maybe somebody smiled..but thank you dear Dan

      • KelBel

        BS flag, Nancy! I love your commentary!

  25. Sunny

    Jackson just spilled the beans to Nicole – she knows Cliff is out on Thursday. It will be interesting to see how this changes her attitude over the next couple days. She definitely knows she was played and made the wrong choice. Hopefully this will give her the incentive to play as hard as possible to get to the final 2.

    • TeeJay

      Where is Geraldo? I have never felt the need for someone to STFU as I do right now with FAH perched buzzard like in the HOH talking to Nicole. Tag teaming with JJ, explaining how badly they were hurt last week, theirs is a deep love that the bond cannot be broken. Blah Blah Blah

  26. Betty Boo

    JJ just told Nicole Cliff is going home.

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  28. Avatar

    And we have worst unhygienic think this season. Jackson earlier accidentally dropped the steaks in the trash, yelled, and they washed them and still cooked them. I don’t think the 5 second rule involve trash cans and I will never eat in any restaurant that he works in.


  29. Kari

    IF Nicole to the final 2 with Jackson, who do you think the jury will choose?

    Do you think her kindness and last hard gameplay / wins will be enough or do you think they’ll see Jackson’s gameplay ,(regardless of the fact that he pissed people off) as a better choice?

    I would like it to be Nicole but I don’t think it’s going to be..

    Thumbs Up: Nicole
    Thumbs Down:Jackson

    • Sunny

      I think it will really depend on how much Cliff (and Tommy to an extent) can influence the jury with what they say about how the whole thing went down – and then if they believe him. I think Jack will come off as pompous and arrogant. With the people in jury, they probably think that is a good thing. Confidence is a good thing – arrogance is not.

    • TeeJay

      I say Jackson only because I dont think the “cool kids” could see that someone who THEY see as a bottom feeder/outsider beat them at the game. Pure ego to pick another like them so they can feel like at least someone on their level won.
      However, I would LOVE for Nicole to win. I am manifesting as hard as I can.

    • SoftKitty

      The 6shitters will stick together to vote Jax the winner. Even Tommy will vote JJ because he’s a BB superfan and in the end, will reward good gameplay. IMHO.

  30. Avatar

    Since the Pikachus didn’t work last night during to Beth’s make up, I’m already working new punishment for the Empress of the BS Empire. Let’s see how she would react if I send Crazy Courtney from the Amanda Show into the BB House. You may scream in horror now.


  31. Sunny

    Please Please Please Nicole – kick them out of your HOH room and lock the door. I feel bad for Nicole because she’s blaming herself, but I can see that she’s always deferred to others who think they know best. Whether it’s because Cliff is older, whether she doesn’t have the self confidence in herself, whether it’s just how she was raised, it’s in her character to not stand up for herself. I hope that after being with her family and talking about some of the things that were said and done in the house, she realizes her opinion and thoughts are just as important as everyone else’s. She reminds me of me when I was that age. It’s taken a lot of years to not care what people think of me, but I do find I still defer to certain people, even when I know I’m right.

  32. Avatar

    Based on gameplay JJ deserves to win. But if JJ stupidly gave Holly the veto to help with his jury management I would love if Holly started playing BB for herself and her family, not for the 24 year old man she just met, and voted his ass out.

  33. Avatar

    LOL. The title of this page says “Bug” Brother. Is this because it’s “Camp” BB? LOL.

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