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Caleb Worries About Upsetting Ariana’s Fans, Wastes Opportunity


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I am still trying to decide if I should consider yesterday sad, or just plain pathetic. I guess both?

About a week ago, I posted rankings for the house and the person who topped my list (Frankie) was in a very vulnerable position yesterday morning. Late into Sunday night, Caleb, Derrick and Cody discussed what to do at the veto meeting that was to be held Monday afternoon. Christine won the veto and was certain to take herself off, so Caleb basically had two choices.. a) put up Victoria as a pawn to send Nicole home or b) put up a big target and further his game.

The choice he made is obvious now, but when I found out why, my jaw dropped.  Derrick told Cody he knew Caleb would back out when just before bed, Caleb made the comment about “now he has to be hated by millions of fans”. There it is… Caleb chose to worry about his music career and Frankie’s connections to the industry rather than having a legitimate shot at winning Big Brother.  I really mean legitimate too.. had Caleb made that huge move, I likely would have bumped him near the top of the rankings and I think BB16 would have been his to lose.

Whether or not he won, I think he also would have given Donny a run for his money when it came to fan favorite.  Naturally, Caleb isn’t privy to the information we know and he actually thinks Frankie is currently a super huge fan favorite, but he’s not. Evicting Frankie this week would have launched Caleb into Big Brother history as the guy who knocked out one of the ‘villains’. That’s exactly the type of stuff Caleb lives for, and he doesn’t even realize the opportunity he missed.  I’m sure he’ll kick himself in the ass when he’s out of the house, so I’m not going to be too hard on him here.   Simply put, Caleb chose his career over Big Brother and just made his chances at winning half a million dollars a hell of a lot tougher.

It was so embarrassing for Caleb that even Nicole went into another room after the veto meeting and instead of crying, she was practically laughing at just how bad of a move this was. You know it’s bad when the person you’re evicting can only laugh at the moves you make.  Needless to say, Caleb likely lost Nicole’s jury vote (which also means Hayden, Donny and probably Jocasta’s).

The fallout lingered for awhile until Derrick finally had some time alone with Cody and talked about the situation.  Cody was pretty pissed, but to be fair, Cody is always pretty pissed about something. Should Cody actually follow through with his threats (which would be a first this season), Thursday night could get pretty fun pretty quick if he wins the HoH competition.  Cody promised to go after Caleb before Christine, although that likely would have happened anyway.  Christine is basically a smart Victoria. Everyone wants to take those two to the final 2 simply because they can be beaten, so there is really no rush to get either one out.

This Thursday night, the guys may finally turn on each other, but the way the season has gone, we’ll likely end up watching Nicole and then Christine or Victoria walk out the door in a ‘not so’ epic double eviction night.

I will have a live thread up in a little while. School starts tomorrow for me, so I need to prepare a bit.  Also, feel free to follow or friend me on facebook, my link is in the contact section. Also, to those concerned, I should be getting more information on both of my parents this week as they hit up the doctors.  I’m still crossing my fingers my fathers doctors are wrong and the lump is benign… but my mother for sure will be heading into surgery at some point in the very near future (I’m still not sure why she hasn’t yet. Maine doctors seem to be absolutely terrible).

Have a good Tuesday!

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  1. Comments (21)

    I don’t think it was that bad of a move. The entire house had a plan of evicting Donny and Nicole in any order. The problem is that no one wants blood on their hands.

    Derrick and Cody could of gotten Frankie out last week but didn’t, and now their pissed because they didn’t get someone else to do their dirty work.

    Caleb did the right thing here because i believe Frankie will win the next HOH. If Derrick or Cody wins it, they probably won’t do anything special either.

    • Comments (412)

      Honestly, this season has been so predictable, so boring, so irritating. BUT it’s all about to start getting good. Mark my words. After Nicole leaves, everyone in the detonators (or bomb squad) think Victoria will be the next target. Little do they know Derrick isn’t going to let that happen. They will all start to turn on each other. And I really hope the remaining houseguests see Derrick has been playing everyone. Maybe, just maybe, they will all start to play for themselves.

      • Comments (247)

        yes sir, it started out great but fizzled quickly. It is like nobody but Derrick and Donny can think past the immediate play, not 2, 3, 4 moves deep. Look at some of the winners of BB and Survivor, they went over every scenerio many different ways is what they said during the interviews. The FLD players think of life outside of BB, caleb music career, lol…and the immediate play, maybe someone they dont like or just go along with whatever they all do which has been what Derrick wants generally. BORING…the only satisfaction will be when they starting backstabbing one another next week…other than that this season is one of the worst…the Most Twisted Summer Ever was a bust……

      • Comments (5)

        I am seriously losing hope that any of theses dingusses will let a move happen. Caleb is so willing to go down at final 3, it’s pathetic. It’s the house of gutless and dumber! Caleb is flat out dumb, right from the start with his amber delusions, right on down to being strung on the outside of the alliance the whole game. This guy is so dumb that he will watch the playback of the entire season AND STILl NOT GET IT! ? Derrick cannot and will not save his game with a competition win. If he wins its because one of the idiots hands him a final 2 seat. If he ran circles around someone with a brain cell I could be impressed but like I said they are dumb or gutless. Nobody likes watching a CAKEWALK! Donny was derricks only threat because he wasn’t having any of his bulllshit. Frankie although disgustingly transparent had game saved himself and his alliance in competitions but the idiot actually looked into the camera and uttered these words, ” Derrick is the person he trusts most in the house”. Crashed and burned with that statement, another idiot. There isn’t anyone to root for. I am actually thinking that I want divine justice for all us viewers that look forward to a summer of big brother excitement, this cast of idiots ought to pay the ultimate price for stringing along Victoria. Let the biggest fruit loop dingus of them all win. Dare I say go Victoria???

    • Comments (20)

      Also there is a DE this week… so we shall see who else goes home this week.
      FRANKIE I hope.. But if you keep Frankie and you are F2, I can’t see anyone giving him the $5000,000. But I don’t want him winning anymore than he has with TA, not even 2nd place.

      • Comments (1446)

        I think the HG’s view Mango differently that we do here on the outside.
        First, they are star struck that he actually has REAL connections to fame.
        And, they honestly think that he is going to use the money to build schools in Africa.

        I’m sure there are times when they find him annoying, and I don’t know why he still has limbs after all of the molestation he is visiting on the male HG’s.

        Caleb – I didn’t like him, then he sorta grew on me, and now I’m back to thinking he’s nothing but a simpleton w/a giant ego.
        God bless him for his service, but even a true soldier wouldn’t use it to win BB. The hats, the flag and military cords are wonderful, but I thought it a bit suspicious that they show up in the BB house. Trying to tug at heartstrings a bit, Caleb??

      • Comments (247)

        I find it interesting how society has changed its view of military personel, police, fireman. My father said when he came home from the military nobody cared, nobody at the airport nadda. Since 9/11 the word HERO is just thrown around, basically has no real meaning anymore. I mean, if you can join the military, police, fire and instantly become a hero then hero means nothing, its not about your job title its about your actions.

      • Comments (1446)

        How true.
        I have many family members, including my husband and father, who served. My dad NEVER told WWII stories( and he fought in the Pacific) – I think they just wanted to forget. He was a hero to his family, and that’s all that mattered to him.

      • Comments (1)

        I agree with your view point Monica! Society is changing a lot these days and large numbers of people, myself included absolutely appreciate anyone putting their life on the line to protect their country and their fellow citizens of a country. In the same sense of saying that people are starting to really shift their focus from WAR, as it is becoming increasingly senseless to be still fighting wars that are politically motivated and people are becoming increasingly de-sensitized to War and war “heroes” because more people are seeing through the political motivated wars. The heroes of the future will refuse to fight and see that war is senseless and too many innocent lives are being wasted for political “power” and agendas that are meaningless to true human life.

      • Comments (383)

        Randy you are so right. And this is why I spend my time watching BB instead of the news. I can’t take the real world. It breaks my heart.

      • Comments (469)

        Jannie – I too find it odd that a man talks about his military war experience – most choose not to – I did notice one thing Caleb said about his shoulder braid – not everyone gets one – untrue every soldier that graduates from infantry training recieves one – it is simply a sign of being infantry -I recieved a red braid for artillery.

  2. Comments (6)

    Why are all of the house guests so worried about what “fans” think? We don’t vote for the winner. Fans are more upset that nobody dares to do anything.

    Now I hope Frankie wins the next HOH and gets rid of one of them for not having a set. Caleb can return to the farm assured that he didn’t upset the fans of Aryana Grande, who aren’t his fans. I’m continually bewildered that people on this show think they will become celebrities. At best they will return for an all-star season, but not the way they are playing. The only people worthy of returning, love them or hate them, are Derrick, Donnie and Frankie.

    • Comments (38)

      I would include Zach in that list….

      • Comments (1092)

        How can you include Zach as an all star, when he got booted out a few weeks ago. Before Donny and Nicole at that.

        Zach is no all star player. He was an intermediate at best, and that is only because he was fortunate enough to be in the alliance.

      • Comments (79)

        Zach was a HORRID player. He had one of the worst social games I’ve ever seen on BB. Remember in one of the first weeks when he told Devin to put him up and Devin hadn’t even considered it and then instead of trying to defuse the situation and talk Devin out of nominating him, Zach said “whatever man, I don’t care”. Yea, he was absolutely awful.

      • Comments (1)

        You don’t have to be “good” to return to All-Stars…you can either be a fan favorite or someone who would make the show more interesting. Zach fits the definition.

  3. Comments (248)

    I guess they have never met anyone who has been on BB except the ones who are celebrities. They are in for a huge shock. Their are a lot more exhouse guests who went home after the show and life was exactly how it was before the show. They are a sad bunch, aren’t they?

  4. Comments (328)

    Love the blog, sir! Been playing catch up after getting one son back to Baylor and my other son back into the high school routine. So the last week has been all your blog and a lot of fast forwarding through my dvr.

    I hope all will be fine with your parents, we always see them as our heroes and it is hard to see them ill or any other way. Many parayers for you and your family. Thanks for sharing some of you with us!

  5. Comments (412)

    It’s all good. It’s a double eviction week. Frankie could go then.
    I really hope it’s Frankie, but if it was Christine, I wouldn’t be upset.

  6. Comments (8)

    When does America vote for their favorite player?

  7. Comments (692)

    best wishes to your parents. many of us will be praying for both of them and hoping for the best. I hope they’re doctors visits go well and you get the answers you need as soon as possible. Sometimes the waiting is the worst.

  8. Comments (1799)

    Derrick and his not wanting to get blood on his hands has led to this.He did not want to say he favored targeting Frankie So Caleb flip flop back I don’t buy into Frankie thinks all is good between him and Derrick
    Derrick is now seeing that he should had worked harder to keep Nichole His boy Cody is cracking and might be getting a bit to close to Christine Caleb has his music fantasy that he has dreamed up Looking for help from his butt buddy Frankie who has all those big time connections
    What would be funny is the only person from this season to find fame might be Donny It is also nice to see Derrick is thinking about Victoria feelings He has started to tell her not to be surprised if she finds things out about people after the final Even Derrick can see that Victoria is fixating on him Reminding her he is older and has seen more That she should not be upset about finding out things she never knew about people

    • Comments (5)

      I hate to say it, but game wise, I agree, Derrick has played an incredible social game. But that’s it. He has nothing else. I know it’s BB, I know it’s a long time to be away from home and families, I know it’s challenging and I know it’s a lot of money. The winner’s life will be instantly and permanently changed. But not like this. It shouldn’t happen like this. I’ve never seen anyone “mindfuukkkk” people the way Derrick has. Derrick will win this game if the other HG’s don’t wake up and actually play the game to win for themselves.

      • Comments (1446)

        I found myself gagging last night as Derrick was telling Victoria that he was upset that SHE thinks that Cody and Christine are closer than they(D/V) are in the house. He was telling her that they are all going to vacation together and she is going to come up to Rhode Island and stay with his family. Blah, blah, blah.
        I think he could be doing real psychological damage to her – seems she came into the house already kind of “delicate” and he has taken every advantage of her neediness and her crush on him and used it to his full benefit. She’s may well have some kind of melt down when this is all over and she sees how Derrick used her again and again.

        I’m pretty sure Derrick’s wife does not want to go on vacations w/Victoria.

      • Comments (832)

        After last night’s BBAD, I worry about Vic’s psycological health. She went on & on about she would not let Derrick get voted out & if he got voted out she self evict if that would keep him in the game. She had a breakdown just thinking about the possibility of Derrick getting evicted. After Derrick & Nicole talked her down she sat staring, looking lost. I wonder about her mental well-being.

      • Comments (412)

        Poor Victoria. I’ve always known she wouldn’t be good at big brother, never expected her to get this far and I never expected it to be this hard on her, even though she’s being carried. I have always kind of liked her because she reminds me of my bestfriend in high school. So vain because she’s so fragile, emotionally.

      • Comments (328)

        Overly sheltered at home does that…

      • Comments (211)

        I agree about what others have posted about Victoria’s mental health…I don’t know how many more signs BB needs to see her exhibit to realize the meltdown she’s going to have at the end of this game, regardless of the outcome, and hope they have the necessary mental health experts on hand to help.

        It’s clear Derrick will say/do anything to win this game, but to do so at the expense of another person’s sanity/well-being is taking it a little too far. (As others have posted, it’s not like he doesn’t see or is not aware of her obsession with him.)

      • Comments (722)

        Omg! Why tell her that lie?
        The lies this season.. and the dummies that believe them..

        Ill introduce you to Justin Beiber! Ill make you a country star! Ill take you on my family vacation!

        Derrick used up his vacation time and has to appear before town council to ask for more.. so that’s a total total lie! !

  9. Comments (1)


  10. Comments (401)

    Steve, I’m so sorry to hear that both of your parents might have health issues. I’m praying for all of you.

  11. Comments (722)

    Hello Steve Beans.. hope things get better for your parents.
    Charlotte doctors aren’t any better sometimes..

    Your school starts late… the rest of us matriculators have been back for a few weeks..
    I’m already counting down the 3 months til winter break..!!

  12. Comments (722)

    Caleb has a music career? Oh, the one in his head that will never ever happen.
    What a dummy. Ive never even heard him sing.

    I don’t think anyone from BB ever really “made it big”.. yeah, some have gone on to more reality (Rachael, Amazing Race, etc), some have invested big (Mike Boogies restaurants) .. but no one has made it BIG. Like big time big. A list movies and Grammy’s big.

    I’m sure the connections that made Mango such a huge star .. wait, what, he’s barely famous on Youtube? .. oh, then good luck Caleb!!

    • Comments (832)

      I’ve heard Caleb’s attempt at rapping. Of course he thinks he’s much better at that than he is. I remember on a BBAD episode where Mango was padding Caleb’s ego & telling him he is a natural at acting. To which Caleb made some smartass comment that with a few acting lessons people would be knocking at his door! His 15 minutes of fame won’t make it to 10!

  13. Comments (843)

    Caleb is in for a rude surprise when he gets out of BB. Frankie has no intention of helping him in any way, but, even if he did, he has no connections in the country music world. Frankie is a legend in his own mind. It is sad to see Caleb be so gullible. Hard to believe he was ever in charge of anyone or anything in the military since he can be ‘led’ so easily.

    • Comments (722)

      Jr ROTC doesn’t count as military service.
      Mango can’t get himself a paid acting/singing/dancing gig..

      I suppose those who can’t, teach…

      Although I swear Mango is in Arainas “Problems” video .. right up front being her back up dancer…

      • Comments (328)

        Haha! I will admit to trying to pause at the right moment on that darn video, but no luck. The face is always blurry!

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah its so quick.. but its definitely him.. the blonde mohawk.. I think he is the one on the left..

      • Comments (79)

        I just watched the “Problem” video. Frankie is definitely not in it.

      • Comments (1276)

        I just put my self through some serious pain trying to confirm if he was in the video. Fyi, I will not be listening to that crap agan! lol It’s not Frankie. I paused it over and over, but it wasn’t him, at some points it did favor him.

      • Comments (722)

        In my defense, I’ve seen some of it once early in the morning on VH1.
        Thought it was him.. sorry guys..

      • Comments (328)

        LOL! No worries, just think of it as One Less, One Less Problem!!

      • Comments (722)

        Whomp whomp whooomp!

  14. Comments (69)

    Well mouse – in one of his tirades he mentioned that he was one level lower than corporal – which in the Army would mean a private – privates do not lead anyone – and in reality a “combat hero” does not go around discussing it to everyone – I am probably the oldest blogger on this site – I was in combat in Vietnam – and that is the last thing you talk about to anyone – just saying.

    • Comments (722)

      I’ve bothered my mamas dad many times to tell me about Nam… 1967-1968..
      Nothing. I get nothing more than the weather report. Rain. Then sun. And someone stole his TV. That’s it.

      Btw, Nam was a real war. These “oil wars” don’t count.. many young ppl lose their lives for nothing..especially when we don’t need to be dependent on oil..
      Google Tom Ogle.. and then cry when you realize things will never get better…

    • Comments (1276)

      I’m pretty sure he said he was a Specialist. I think when he put on his hat he said “Specialist, First Class Reynolds”. That isn’t anywhere near a Corporal. But I could be mistaken.

  15. Comments (21)

    Just a thought, but I’m wondering how Derricks supervisors feel about him now. Good gamer ok, undercover, no. Representing our community?? Not sure.

  16. Comments (69)

    Further on my comment above on Caleb – I forgot that most people do not have the go that Caleb does – you know – the State Dart Champion – until called out on it by Frankie and Christine – and then he was actually instead the wresting champion – the boy has a lot going on upstairs in his brain.

  17. Comments (1799)

    Mr.Wille Jones Jr keen observer of the passing scean Yes you are correct no one had or will make a life out of this Yet so many belive it will Derrick even said that 500k after tax is not a huge life changer Yet he is talking about needing to get an agent Vission of giving seminars on going undercover? Or for all his offers to be on talk shows or acting offers
    Another poster Bluebird I think said Mango has add to his twitter account , YouTube channel and what ever else he he can pimp himself out too There is a former bb guest doing gay porn Can you see a new version with these too Can Cody and or Caleb be cameos

  18. Comments (182)

    I seriously doubt that Araina’s teeny bop fans will crossover to the genre of Caleb’s country music, a very weak apprehension; anything else you afraid of Caleb?

    It’s not a good thing to play this game in fear. You should be more concern about how feeble you look to your army buddies.

  19. Comments (412)

    If I were Derrick’s wife, I would cry watching this.
    While it’s not as inappropriate as Christine and Cody’s relationship,
    If definitely doesn’t seem like a brother/sister relationship.
    When they are laying next to each other he has his leg on hers and the way they touch each other. I don’t touch my brother that way. Just saying.

    Victoria and Derrick Big Brother 16 tribute:

    • Comments (211)

      …and let’s not forget about how her dear husband let Frankie “play” inside his (Derrick’s) shorts the other night when he was laying down. (Frankie did this while Caleb and Nicole were sitting right there in the same room!)

      Me thinks that whatever $$ Derrick ends up with at the end of this game, will be going toward marriage counseling.

  20. Comments (469)

    Fruit Loop Dingus I watched the D/V tribute – what immediately comes to mind is just a day or two ago this same guy was with a group of five taking about raping this girl – Frankie introduced the subject but Derrick along with the rest egged it on and laughed about it – Derricked even did an animation of Zingbot raping her and then doubled over laughing – I said early on what these people were like and they have gone way past my expectations – and yes Victoria is going to be very hurt when she finds out this hypocritical POS is only using her to win this game. — A side note – I also believe in addition to using her to win the game – he is also using her as a vehicle for touchy/feely sexual gratification.

  21. Comments (487)

    While Nicole and Frankie were having a conversation, Frankie started giving shout outs to Justin (Bieber). Nic asked Frankie if he knew Justin personally, his response: I met him at a concert. Newsflash Frankie — meeting someone doesn’t mean you know them personally. But I guess in Frankie’s world that’s all it takes.

    • Comments (412)

      Frankie has a YouTube video with Beiber

      • Comments (722)

        Who Is Justin Beiber? I mean really?
        A druggie punk kiddie pop star.

        Adults could care less about a Justin Beiber. Not impressive. Know who’s impressive to adults? Meeting Edsel Ford.

        He is gifted, musically, yes.. but his songs suck. His attitude sucks. I don’t see a long future in what he does.


      • Comments (343)

        He interviewed him because of his sister’s connections. Big whoop.

  22. Comments (2)

    dear decent donny
    sweet nicole and zach
    poor dumb victoria
    simpering stupid ugly cackling christine
    full of himself caleb
    dumb pretty boy floater cody
    great manipulater derrick
    frankie worst caricature of a gay man, fame hog, fool, his own best fan, liar about schools in africa and unhappily admit, proving to be best player so far

  23. Comments (343)

    Yep, I said Caleb was in Frankie’s pocket as soon as Frankie said he was a famous singer’s brother. I said I thought that Caleb was playing the get-famous-with-the-Grandes game from that moment on. Remember, Caleb was sitting out of a competition — and then accusing Frankie afterwards — UNTIL Frankie made his announcement. He changed immediately, wanting to somehow help his country singing career.

  24. Comments (1)

    The big boys in the house act like p….’s grow some an play the game y’all are boring

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