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Let The Campaigning Begin

August 29, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Excuse my horrible photoshop job

 Before I begin, quick reminders….
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The stage is set for a Shelly vs Adam showdown this week as the vets won PoV and are going to use it to save themselves, which automatically puts Adam and Shelly on the block together due to the Pandora’s Box rule *

It didn’t take long for the campaigning to begin, and can you blame them?   It may seem obvious that Shelly is going to jury this week, but with a few key words from Shelly, that could really change, and Adam is well aware of that.   Right after Rachel won veto, he started becoming best friends with them again, offering to cook breakfast, dinner, etc.    It seemed obvious Adam would just float on his magic cloud back to Rachel and Jordan, but is that the best move for Rachel and Jordan?

Shelly kissed and made up with Jordan, as much as you possibly can in the BB house, so they’re somewhat cool again, but the trust is gone, and that will remain the same for the rest of the season.  However, Shelly is still trying to mend fences and said she’ll work with the vets the remainder of the way if they keep her.   Adam, not letting his partner out-float him, went right into the padded room and worked out an alliance of his own with the girls.  Both Adam and Shelly essentially threw the rest of the newbies under the bus, and said they’ll remain loyal if they’re saved.

The card Shelly is holding right now is something Adam doesn’t have, and it’s a wonder if she’ll use it.  It’s basically called the “Russell Hantz Card” (I just made that up).    The card is basically an insurance policy for the finalists that they’re going to receive votes out of default because the person sitting next to them is so despised by the jury.   Once the jury gets confirmation that Shelly, not Adam, was the vote that removed Jeff, that will likely guarantee at least 2-3 jury votes for whoever is sitting next to Shelly in the finals.

Will Shelly throw herself under the bus, accept she’ll likely not win the top prize, but still push for the second place finish?   Will Adam convince the girls that carrying a very weak floater to the final three is the way to go?

Right now Rachel and Jordan basically have to figure out who  has the better chance of winning the HoH on Thursday if either of them don’t win… will it be Adam or Shelly.   And if that floater does win, will they stay true to their word?   Adam is incredibly weak, but remains loyal to whoever has power.  Shelly is a tad stronger, but has shown she can and will flip.   At this point they just need to figure out the lesser of two evils, and my guess is it will be Adam who wins their votes.

* For those who don’t know, Porsche opened Pandora’s Box and won $5,000.  In exchange for that, the house must go back into teams like the early weeks which means people are nominated as pairs, and if someone saves one through power of veto, both partners are saved. This twist only lasts a week and they’ll be back to individuals after evictions on Thursday. Current teams are Porsche/Kalia, Rachel/Jordan, Adam/Shelly

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