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Care Package Day In The BBOTT House



It’s Care Package day in the house, and it’s kind of a mixed bag of a package. The Co-HoH is completely useless for the ballsmashers, but pretty important for the LNJ. If Whitney or Morgan win the CP, it’s almost just a sacrifice for the smashers to waste one of their packages in order to prevent the LNJ from screwing with their week. Seeing as Whitney is on the fence with her alliance, it’s probably best if it does go to her so she’ll just play on the fence and do whatever Shelby wants. Based on the polls, it’s either going to be Jason or Whitney, and we’ll find out at 4pm.

Shelby is making it no secret that she wants Justin to leave this week, but getting him out this week is a tough task considering America has a vote, and as the numbers are so small that it plays huge. One knock on the Smashers alliance is that they’re doing a poor job reaching out to the other side to make them realize that Justin needs to go if anyone wants a chance at winning the game. This is not me wanting Justin out. I don’t care if he stays as I think he’s a good guy. However, looking at it from a game PoV, the entire house has to wake up about that situation. The Smashers are aware of Justin’s guaranteed win, but the LNJ seem to still be delusional that they can beat him – or they don’t care if they lose to him.

When you break down their alliance, it’s clear that Kryssie is both delusional enough to think she’ll beat him, nor does she care if she loses to him. Danielle and Jason may think they can beat him, but I know both of them are gamers are want to win this game. Once they realize they can’t beat him, I know they’d flip on him with the right convincing. Shelby, being the upcoming lawyer, is in the perfect spot this week to convince Jason and Danielle to flip on Justin for this week.  If she can’t do it, or refuses to do it, well they need to cut back on the talk of being the ‘best female alliance’. The best alliances and the best players reach across the aisle and temporarily work with their opponents to get out a bigger threat. This is a defining week for the Ballsmashers to see what kind of alliance they are.



  • 11:00am – Shelby, Alex, and Morgan are in the HOH room talking about the situation today (care package), while Jason is outside alone.  I guess the rest are in the HN room talking, but they’re not on cam
  • 12:53pm – Ok, Care Package time coming.  Sounds like it will be Jason
  • 1:00pm – Here we go…
    • Jason wins the CP.  Co-HoH
    • jason-cp
    • This is Shelby’s perfect opportunity to use her lawyer skills to convince Jason this is the time to get rid of Justin.  If she doesn’t, well….
    • As far as tie-breaker, it was answered. The person who performs better in the PoV competition gets to break the tie
  • 1:15pm – Justin is outside talking to Whitney
    • Whitney is worried about her position in the house now. She thinks her alliance is going to tell Jason to put Whitney up. Justin says Jason is going to put Alex up and Whitney needs to vote her out
  • 4:30pm – Note, there will be NO havenots this week due to the care package
  • 5:00pm – Shelby, Alex and Morgan are in the yoga room talking about the conversation Shelby had with Jason
    • Alex is talking about how she got pulled into the conversation with Scott and Jason about who should go home. This resulted in people thinking Alex turned on Whitney
    • She’s also upset that people think she’s a guaranteed win if she makes the finale. This I agree with her on. She’s not. She has a good chance, but it depends who she’s against
    • Shelby is saying Jason is going to put Danielle on the block but none of them believe it
  • 5:30pm – Alex and Shelby are in the HoH still talking about what Jason is planning on doing.  These girls certainly love game talk

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    I enjoy the three birds conversation, especially while they are in the HOH room. I like hanging around them. That dynamic will change if/when Jason wins CO HOH and moves his shit stain into that room: a turd in the three birds punch bowl. I don’t like the sight or sound of that twerp.

    On a lighter note,. I heard Shelby say that BBQ Pringles were her favorite.

  2. LindsayB

    I have a feeling (or hope) that conversations with the other side will start happening after the CP. There has already been talks on LNC side to get rid of Justin (led by Jason). The addition of America’s power has changed many dynamics, one being timing of conversations. There really doesn’t seem to be a point to reaching out to the other side until they see what power America has given and to who. Next level conversation then has to wait on America’s nom. I think this is one of the downsides to America’s involvement because premature conversations can go to complete shit based on our votes.

  3. AIO_7

    Whitney, Justin and Jason were talking while on the recliners in the back yard. They brought up the CP and Whitney said to Jason that she thinks it’s down to her and him, and that he would most likely win. She’s probably right.

  4. Shivani33

    Whitney’s mother doesn’t want her to have this CP and wants her to be able to receive a better one later.

  5. AIO_7

    Does anyone know what Shelby’s relationship is with this Monica ?

    • Avatar

      I think this is a catch 22 due to the safety ceremony thing. Shelby can still save Alex and Morgan. At least there are no more care packages for Jason.

    • Helen

      It’s not all bad…..Shelby tolerates Jason better out of all LNC. They were pretty close at beginning of OTT. Maybe they can strike a deal for this next week? Especially if the two of them have some alone time without all the interference. Shelby and Jason both have good strategies so I am hopeful…..plus it keeps Jason from getting better care package!!!!! Hopefully this week will send either Danielle or Krustie out the door to talk with Julie!!!

  6. caRyn

    Now we know that whoever does the best in the Veto between Shelby and Jason will break the tie if there is one.

  7. Helen

    I am actually starting to not like Alex so much!! Hope she can go to have not and get her out of the picture at least part of the time!

    • Avatar

      I’m not an Alex fan either but I kind of like Morgan. I think Morgan can play a better game if Alex wasn’t around. In fact, I think she can get far without her sister.

      • Helen

        It’s weird because when this first started I liked Morgan better than Alex. Then I started liking Alex. Lol. Now I’m back to liking Morgan better.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I hate the way Alex always seems to talk down to her. Sometimes it seems like Alex is trying to brow beat Morgan into submission when she doesn’t agree with her. Maybe it’s just me.

      • Mell

        I see that too! It isn’t just you. She does do that.

    • Avatar

      Morgan socializes better then her sister and she’s a competitor. I can def see Morgan in the end but Alex still present, that can cripple her game.

      • Mell

        I’ve never really liked Morgan. I started to a little the week she won veto and Alex kept trying to get her to use it on Scott and she shut Alex down. Everytime I start to like her she says something really catty and turns me off again. I do like her more than I like Alex though. I think I just had high expectations for Alex in the beginning and then realized her hype with online chatter is a lot better than her game play. I can’t say she’s playing terrible since she hasn’t been oto but shes had to play a defensive game constantly and it’s by her own doing.

  8. caRyn

    Ball Smashers should get out Danielle (best strategic player & Care Package) and LNJ should get out Morgan (Care Package).

  9. Helen

    So ….the way they are explaining it is pretty much what I thought…..but it sounds like Shelby goes first in each safety pick…..so wouldn’t she get to name her nom first? So like say it’s Danielle and Whitney OTB. Can not Shelby claim Danielle as nom before Jason?

  10. Mell

    I hope this doesn’t send Justin out the door this week. Listening to his stupid strategy last night and this afternoon may soften the blow if he does get evicted. I’ve heard some pretty dumb strategy over the years that his may be the worst. I was fine with him laying low and trying to play the friendly floater game. He lost me when he started talking about needing to win either the 7th HOH on the 8th the week or win on the 7th week, etc. I love Justin but I understand why his alliance was pissed at him last night. It became clear to them he didn’t even try to win the last HOH comp and apparently he doesn’t want to win the next one heading into a DE either. He wants to win the one after because he’s superstitious. Big Brother isn’t a team sport but you almost have to use that mentality in this type of season. When the two sides can’t stand each other and you’ve waged war, you have to play as a team until the numbers get low. Even Jason tried to make him understand that he may get evicted before his chosen week arrives. I’m going to be somewhat surprised if Jason doesn’t end up proving that point to Justin with his Co-HOH.

    • AIO_7

      “I’m going to be somewhat surprised if Jason doesn’t end up proving that point to Justin with his Co-HOH.”

      Sorry, Mell, but that wouldn’t bother me at all. Though I’d rather see Krust or Dani. go first.

      • Mell

        Yeah I’m a die-hard and it’s hard for me to let go…even when one of my faves is a dumbass! Lol. I’m loyal. I’m very ready for Krissie to leave too! I can’t stand Danielle but she is playing well and I’ll admit it as bad as I hate to.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Totally agree Mell. I was watching him last night, talking about that damn #7. Jason was getting so frustrated trying to explain to him that at this point in the game, you don’t throw a Comp for any reason. It went straight over Justin’s head and when Krusty tried to help Jason explain to him and he still didn’t get if, Jason seemed a little pissed and finally said “Just leave him alone and let him do what he wants”. At one point, Jason looked like he just wanted to smack him…lol.

  11. Helen

    So no have not vote. Danielle. Morgan and Alex are the final have nots by default!! Does not hurt my feelings!

    • AIO_7

      I’ll get negged for this but this may be good for Alex to starve off a bit of the chunk she has built up from all the candy she has been eating.

      • Helen

        I would have voted Alex as have not anyway……

      • Mell

        AIO7, you crack me up! With all the trash we talk, I was not expecting that. If anybody gives you too hard a time over it, you can always claim you only meant it out of concern. Lol

      • AIO_7

        LOL….a concern troll.

      • Avatar

        I am putting this out there and not pitching a fit. Unless you have your pic as your little square, you don’t know who our other junkies are on this site. Just like earlier this week, some of the comments were perceived as racist and offended people, there are probably overweight people on here too. Plus AIO, tell me what exactly would you do if you were in the BB house. You can’t sleep, you cant, watch tv, listen to music, read nor really move around so what are you going to do to pass the time. Eating is the one thing they are allowed to do with minimal space to exercise. Body shaming is not ok, just as racism, homophobic comments, or whatever a hot button topic might be. Just think about some of the things that are said. I for one think Alex looks healthy, Shelby on the other hand needs a sandwich or two and even that I shouldn’t say.

  12. AIO_7

    Did anyone else notice that Dani put her hands on and rooted through all of Jason’s HOH goodies as if it belonged to her?

    • Mell

      Whitney was the one who said that if they weren’t bb budget and got to have zingbot, Danielle’s would be “Danielle, you do realize there are 10 other people in the house too, don’t you?”

  13. caRyn

    2:14pm Danielle/Jason – Jason: I almost want to put it to Shelby that we need to nom our own people so that if our people win the Veto it’s on us to backdoor. That’s the only way to make this fair.

  14. caRyn

    Chat: Half are saying Alex 3rd nom and half are saying Kryssie 3rd nom.

  15. caRyn

    2:18pm Justin/Jason/Danielle – Danielle: If I am willing to go up as the nom to guarantee a strong competitor in Veto we have to win the Veto. We need to convince Whitney that even if she wins she has to use it on me.

    • Avatar

      Don’t do it Danielle!! I’m afraid she’ll be the one walking out he door. Put Justin up. He doesn’t even try to win anything.

    • NKogNeeTow

      The caveat about Dani’s plan is that if Whitney wins Veto, even if she promised Dani beforehand that she would use it on her, she could change her mind at the last minute and not use it on her. That would endear her to not only The Plastics, but secretly to the LNC too. They really don’t like Dani either and what better way to get her out. With the way this game goes, you never know when or if the next chance will come around.

  16. Shivani33

    It would be cool if Shelby and Jason insist on talking alone as the co-pilots of the week. Both will be more free without interference or witnesses. There’s not a thing wrong or rude about having one-on-one discussion.

    • Helen

      That’s what I’m hoping for!!

      • AIO_7

        It’s happening right now.

      • Helen

        He is such a weasel……he just went back and told Danielle everything!! Krustie for americas nom!!!!!

      • LindsayB

        What did they talk about?? I’m at a ridiculously long work lunch and am missing everything!!

      • Mell

        Lindsay, Jason and Shelby had a talk in hoh and we’re both lying to each other. They both told some truths about their long-term game threats. Jason admitted Justin has to go at some point,Shelby acknowledged that Alex is a big threat and Jason tried to Spill the Beans about Scott and Alex working with JJ. They both agreed they each need to nim their own alliance and Jason told her that Whitney did not make any kind of deal with him last week. He told her the Alex and Scott were trying to get Whitney evicted last week. They agreed to share the HOH room but have neither side use it as a hangout place. I don’t know yet if they believed anything the other one said yet and I missed some of it so you may want to catch the updates with Caryn.

      • LindsayB

        Thank you Mell!!!

      • Avatar

        Mell, what time was the Jason/Shelby talk?

      • caRyn

        Sorry it was 2:58pm (PT).

  17. kneeless

    Jason just made a comment that the 2 dumbest people have the most complicated care package. He still hasn’t caught on that she’s smart! Who’s the dumb one!!

  18. Mell

    These noms are like a reverse battle of the block. Instead of wanting your nom to lose, you actually want them to win.

  19. Mell

    Actually I don’t suppose you have to want your nom to win but you either want that or you want to make sure you nom someone who someone else will for sure save. Danielle isn’t a bad choice because she’s a good competitor but Whitney isn’t a bad choice either. Justin would save her if he played and won it… as long as this week’s number lines up with his nail polish strategy!

    • Shivani33

      @Mel I enjoy Justin. Of course, a lot of his strategy has been around a witch hat and his nail polish and lucky number… never mind that his magic wand gets lots of TLC. So, here’s an old Louis Armstrong tune. Krustie can fart the percussion.
      “Do you know what it means, to miss New Orleans?
      And I miss it each night and day.
      I know I’m not wrong, the feeling’s getting stronger,
      The longer I stay away.”

  20. Avatar

    Shelby wanted to see who was nominated first for HN. Wonder when they are going to tell them we don’t vote anymore.

  21. Helen

    I am only hoping that Shelby is smart enough to nom Whitney and not Alex!

  22. Avatar

    My mom will be Kryssie no matter what because I want her on the block by America and the LNJ are starting to get there big head again. Did anyone see how they were acting last night when they were outside. That was disgusting

    • Helen

      Mine too….I didn’t watch last night…I don’t watch much anymore because of how negative and nasty LNC get…..I’m not saying that PBS does not bitch because they do but they are just that…bitchy….
      LNC is crude and nasty hateful and I don’t enjoy watching that…..it’s supposed to be entertainment…..

  23. caRyn

    There will be Have-Nots. We just don’t vote. The Have-Nots are the last three eligible.

  24. Avatar

    Well I’m going to wait untill Sunday to spread the word that Kryssie for third nom because that’s who I will be pushing for and hoping everyone is also

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’ll be waving the banner Wild. There is no one in the house I want out more than that woman, not even Dani (but she’s my close 2nd). I’d like to see Dani stay as a player but I’ve seen her as a person and I just can’t get behind her to win….no matter how well she plays.

  25. caRyn

    Last night – 7:45pm Shelby/Alex – Alex: If you get to the end and you have been loyal to your alliance it is something to be respected. You don’t want to get to the end and be the villain and backstab all your people.

    That makes me laugh. Js.

  26. Helen

    hmmmmm. Wonder what Jason would do if Shelby saves Morgan and Danielle? Might be a good move?? What do you all think? She would have to get picked to play in veto and Jason would have to pick between Justin Whitney and krustie

    • Mell

      I think Alex and Whitney would be otb. Shelby saves Morgan, Jason sAves Krissi, Shelby saves Dani and the Jason saves Justin.
      I don’t think Jason would be bothered that two BS are otb. Even with AN, it’s good odds for LNC initially. It’s a gamble that could pay off for BS depending on AN and who gets drawn to play in veto. (gives them better veto odds) If they didn’t win veto, they wouldn’t have the votes to sacrifice Whitney though which I think would be the BS back up plan. Morgan would be the only one voting.

      • Mell

        I was thinking something similar earlier. It mat be too big of a gamble but I thought about if one of them tried to have both noms be their own people and hope AN was your alliance too. It would be 4 BS against 2 LNC in veto but you can’t predict AN so too risky.

      • Helen

        Big risk I know…….

      • Mell

        They smash balls, maybe they have them too.

  27. Mell

    My thoughts on tonights DR’s:
    JUSTIN-He isn’t changing anything about his game and things are gravy. I’m going to start preparing myself now to say bye to Justin so I’ll be ready because I don’t think his exit is very far away. Have not life sucks.
    SHELBY-She thinks sharing the hoh with Jason sucks and she though that about 20 times during her dr. She feels it ruined it. She’s my girl but I wonder if she remembers taking 3 votes away from someone’s hoh 2 days ago.
    KRISSI-She’s ready for the people who don’t know what they are doing to leave and the deserving people to stay. (So are we Krissi, SO ARE WE!!)
    DANIELLE-She should live in the dr! She isn’t annoying at all. She’s smart, loyal and NORMAL. If players had agents, Danielle’s would have insisted the dr was the only filming she would participate in and he should have gotten a raise for doing that.
    ALEX-When asked what moves she will make if she stays in the game, she starts pleading to America and for quite a while. THIS IS NOT A MOVE! She did finally tell us she will go to the other side of the house and get stuff going since there will be 6 left after DE. (not a direct quote and this should have been done before now) She feels very alone in the game. She thinks Jason is a snake for things he may say to Shelby this week to get in her head. ( She thought he was a snake for what he may “twist” to Whitney last week) That would make Jason a tattle tale technically since he’s telling the truth. I keep saying she knows BB and should know America doesn’t like a liar in the DR. Tell us you are devious and we’ll applaud you but lie to us and it leaves us annoyed. (that’s one reason some weren’t impressed with Derrick in 16)
    MORGAN-She thought it was Tuesday. (not judging-I do that and I’m not stuck in the BB house) When asked what her moves will be, she will kick butt and get out big targets. (Ok-thats specific-thanks) She says the Willett sisters may be in bad shape this week.
    WHITNEY-She may get the loud talker award this week. Maybe the slop messes up your hearing. She either contradicted herself alot or she has ideas she’s scared to share with us. I can’t tell. She will vote Alex out if the numbers are there but she’s still loyal to BS as long as they don’t screw her. She mentioned talking with Shelby to send a bigger target home this week. Danielle? I have no idea.
    JASON-He’s happy with the care package, has evicting Justin soon on his mind and he needs to hire the imaginary agent that Danielle hires. He is alot more likable in the dr.

    What I’ve realized:
    Sketch was the annoying word of the season for me in season 18 and for BBOTT it wil be weaponize.

    The entire house is being fooled by the sisters but the 1 person in the house that this secret will possibly screw the most is Shelby. It’s obvious she is fiercely loyal to Alex and Morgan. That may be her downfall in the game. I don’t believe that Alex will go to final 3 with Shelby. I think she will prefer Morgan and either Krissi or Danielle as the 3rd.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    I have a question which is completely off topic and may have been asked and answered before. With the election coming up next Tues, how will they vote? When they came into the house, wasn’t it to early to do mail in votes? It never occurred to me until a few minutes ago. Since it’s their given right to vote, I’m wondering how CBS handle it. Anyone know?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Let me add that I am NOT trying to get a political conversation started here. Those who know me, know how much I hate when politics are injected into any blog that isn’t for that specific topic. So PLEASE, let’s not start a thread about who should vote for who and why. That just leads to to much in-fighting. I am just curious because the HG are not allowed to leave the house. 🙂

    • Helen

      I’m not sure….the way most of the housepets have been talking sounds like they were not voting?

    • Mell

      They were told to vote in advance of going into the house. It was mentioned in an interview Julie gave to someone or one of the interviews with Scott. I don’t remember exactly but I read it recently.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Well, Krustie is crying again. And those damn slippers look like her real feet. Uggh! What day is she going home again???

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Jason’s head seems clearer now that it’s not clouded with smoke.

  31. Shivani33

    Jason’s head clearance will receive a respite when he leaves during the upcoming DE.

  32. Mell

    They read so much into the order have nots are announced and it doesn’t even mean anything. Hopefully that will be put to rest this week. I know the truce won’t last but I liked Jason comforting Shelby in the hoh. They were the alliance I wanted in the beginning. I think funny Jason would have been around more than ugly Jason if that had happened. Oh well, it wasn’t to be.
    I can see so many things happening this week. Except for the hoh’s, anyone could go home this week. I’m fine with that. I don’t like that Justin could go but that’s BB. I like Shelby and he is her target so there’s my silver lining. I’ve recently started to warm up to Whitney but it’s not like she’s Dan that we would be losing. I’m completely fine with losing a sister and I think it could help Shelby not get screwed in the end. Danielle is playing hard and I do like that but her crappy attitude would leave along with her and her duffle bag. That’s not a bad thing. Krissi is worthless but if she stays, it may give Shelby more options down the road. The first hoh of the DE will be 3 on 2 no matter what. This may be the first week I can relax and just enjoy whatever happens.

    • Helen

      I know I will probably get a thumbs down for this but I would really like to see Jason and Shelby in F2. The 3rd is still kind of up in the air…..maybe Morgan

      • Mell

        I totally get that Helen. I’m certainly not rooting for Jason but he’s playing the game. They all are in their oen way this year. I also agree with Steve that Jason isn’t guaranteed a win. Many players have out ranked him in popularity since week 2 or 3. He’s so convinced America couldn’t like Shelby that he may thinks she’s good to take and that helps her game. She’s screwed with the sisters.

      • Helen

        I don’t think she is screwed if it’s Morgan……I think Morgan would place 3rd
        Jason and Shelby would be a close vote IMO
        But either way first or second either one comes out with something……..

      • Mell

        I think that’s possible too. I meant screwed in the sense that there are 2 if them and I don’t think they will take Shelby to final 3 anyway. She is odd man out of that trio no matter how well she plays and doesn’t even know it.

  33. Helen

    If they don’t get a couple of big threats out this week they may miss their opportunity!! After DE they are down to 6 and it’s going to become more difficult to get some of these people out!!

  34. Shivani33

    Several cracks were showing between Alex and Shelby, with Alex complaining because Shelby was complaining. For crying out loud! Shelby not only has a compromised HoH with Jason, but also she has complicated choices to make, plus has to go first during the Safety ceremony, and so far, prefers to first make Morgan safe. Since she cannot rely on Whitney to be on her “side,” who else but Alex can Shelby choose for the veto comp? Yet meanwhile, Jason gives her more empathy than Alex. “Alex, come to the SR for fresh batteries….”

    As I try to do the equations to render possible outcomes this week, there are at least 15 potential ways that the dice can land IF Krustie is America’s nominee. Add to this another 7.5 possible differentiations if Alex is America’s choice as nominee. Even with all of this out of the way, winning veto, which is crucial – changes the combined equations. Thankfully, whoever wins this veto begins to minimize the confusion.

  35. caRyn

    Alex can’t play a social game and Justin can’t play a strategic game.

  36. caRyn

    1:13am (PT) The sisters are talking. Alex said she is glad Morgan has been keeping her emotions in check and how she has ben doing a fantastic job doing so and not going off on people like Danielle. Morgan said she hasn’t freaked out like she does at home.

  37. Mell

    Reasons I’m voting Alex for 3Rd nom:
    I would like to see an Alex-Danielle veto showdown. That’s good BB. She says constantly she’s in danger but has never been otb. She’s actually only been a target for nomination 1 time and we saved her from it. What hoh was she was the target except Krissi’s? (Not an option-a target. They’re all options every week) Alex doesn’t have the hardest road in the game simply because she says it 100 times a day. If it worked that way, Nicole didn’t doooooo anything to anybody this summer. She doesn’t have a social game so she really does need to build the resume Danielle is building for comps and saving herself to win in the end. Alex is more at risk as a backdoor anyway if she doesnt play.

    Reasons I’m not voting Krissi for 3rd nom:
    She sucks and is expendable anyway. She’s an easy out when some bigger targets leave. (Alex,Danielle,Jason)
    I don’t care if Krissi is under the temporary impression that America likes her. They arn’t in the house for a year so it isn’t very long to wait for her to find out how wrong she is. No one but Jason will go to bat for her anyway and he may leave during the double eviction. I’m also not taking out people who will lose against players I would like to see win.
    I don’t like Krissie=I don’t care when she leaves=I’m not wasting a stragegic vote on her because she isn’t worth it or my time.
    She’s a wash for me. For LNC fans, why take out a number even a gross one. For BS fans, why take out someone BD doesn’t want out. There’s a reason they don’t want to target her. Taking out Krissi won’t help them much.

  38. Shivani33

    A week ago, a rooster showed up in our backyard. He’s decided to become a resident and is a very handsome fellow, good-natured and sporty. We’ve named him Mr. Justin Cluckington.

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