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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Brief Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s another eviction day in the Celebrity Big Brother house which is possibly bad news for Ryan unless he pulls off a miracle tonight.

Also, can you believe there are only 16 days left in the season??  It’s incredible how fast the Celebrity seasons go. Wednesday’s episode will also be more than half the CBS episodes this season. How are you liking the season so far? I’m torn. I think casting did a surprisingly good job at picking players both willing to play but also willing to spend a month inside the house (*cough* Metta, Keshia). I know people think Mooch was a quitter, but I actually believe the twist. I don’t think he left the house on Saturday or Sunday and was in Switzerland a few days later without it being pre-arranged. I’m firmly in the camp that his twist was planned and not BB scrambling to cover up him quitting.  It also explains why they had 12 cast members this season versus 11 last year. It was all planned.

Mooch was a big name and they wanted him in for the publicity. He likely told them it would be impossible due to Davos conference so they just paid him a bunch to be in for a few days. He earns the headlines and he’s off to Switzerland.


As far as what’s going on with the players still IN the house, as I mentioned above, Ryan is in trouble if he or Joey doesn’t win the PoV – which I assume will be played live on tonight’s episode. If anyone but those two people win, Dina will likely come off the block and Ryan replaced and voted out. Tom and Kato took out Jonathan because he was a strong player so it’s no surprise they’d rather Ryan go than Dina or Tamar.  However, if the plan fails and the noms remain, Tamar will likely be the one out the door.

The TicKLE alliance (yup, I’m still trying to make it happen – Mean Girls reference) is still together but I noticed Kato getting a bit close with Dina last night. She hung around him and Tom while they played pool and Kato really seemed to enjoy her company. I think he is now regretting even putting her in the situation and she’ll be the third wheel of the Tom and Kato alliance if and when the thing with Lolo and Natalie fall apart (let’s be real, it will).  I can see Kato, Tom, and Dina growing closer while the two girls get closer to Ricky and it becomes a 3 on 3.  Three people generally out of shape and almost all over 50 (Tom is 47) versus three people who have made careers out of being physically in top shape. Seems even!

And yes, that is my prediction for the final 6.

The live episode is on tonight at 8 est, so I’ll have a new thread up. They are not promoting the HoH competition to be on the feeds, so either it will be a quick one that takes place live or one that’s blocked out for a few hours after the show. Regardless, at least they’re not promising us something and not delivering.


See you tonight!


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  1. mm22

    Soooo I am pretty sure cbs had to love all the internet chatter over the lolo/tamar
    altercation n not being a big fan of production I’m going to be watching that pov
    very closely I don’t think they want to lose tamar cause they want more drama n
    they don’t want to lose ryan cause they haven’t gotten there viewing moneys worth
    after hauling that damn pool in especially for him

  2. Seattle Kari

    I agree that the mooch was planned as well. If people really stop and think about it it would be too hard to throw together the competition that they had about him in that short amount of time. Plus the fact that they use the things he said well he was inside as questions. Just shows that it was about people paying attention to what he was saying.. I know people disagree with me but I kind of think it was a fun idea.

    Tamar. Please please please please PLEASE people, get her out tonight.

    • Ann

      Plus the fact that they had 3 people otb makes me think it was planned too. After Mooch left it would’ve been a real rush to get someone else otb if they had started out with only 2.
      If they would get Tamar out tonight which I dont think they will, I would dance a jig & you guys would not have to read about my Tamar rants anymore. Well, I take that back, I’m sure I would end up finding some other reason to raise hell about her but it wouldn’t be as long.
      Lolo is crazy but I can tolerate her a hell of a lot more than I can tolerate Tamar & I wouldn’t have to mute my damn tv.

      • Ann

        I was wrong, they did put another 3rd nominee otb after Mooch left. I’m still convinced it was all planned though.

  3. Sassy

    If noms stay the same, I’m not sure Tantrum will leave over Dina. I know that is Tom and Kato’s plan, but have NEM and Dodo agreed to it? It would only be good for the girls to prove their loyalty to their alliance, but It’s not good for them personally because Tantrum will likely side with them and Dina would side with Tomato. Could this be the end of the Fun alliance? I hope so! We need some additional hostility in the house!

  4. danmtruth

    MM22 as long as the girls use the pool/swim trainer that’s all Production cares about
    Kari I must agree with you and Steve that the Mooch thing was planned At the time I thought it was obnoxious the Trump tower toilet joke Now I see it fit in with the veto comp
    I still say one of the difference with these people Is how sensitive they are Why the big deal that Dina voted for Jon it was 8-1 they got the person out they wanted Once more this you lied Tantrum with her paranoia about people Talking or worse WHISPERING this drives her crazier than she is already

  5. hogwild

    I’m just going to keep up with what’s happening here on BBJ listening to them on TV is making my ears bleed.

  6. Ann

    Uuuuggghhhaaaa, I m watching last nights show again & it only made me hate Tamar even more. I really could “punch her ass dead square in her throat & her face.” I hate how ignorant she acts & she thinks it’s cute when really her ass is too old for that high school girl shit. When she kept interrupting Kato during noms I wanted to wrap her whole damn head up with duct tape.

  7. danmtruth

    Ann it is crazy to watch the difference between Tantrum & Kandi While Tantrum does her Amos and Andy shuck and jive We get Kandi who shows what it means to be a strong independent woman of color She does not have time to buy into Tantrum drama I’m sorry if I offend anyone with those characterizations of tantrum It just frustrates me

    • WhereisPablo

      Agree Dan, I have always liked Kandi on RHOA. She usually keeps her cool and rises above the insanity of the other women. Tamar comes off as desperate for everything.

    • Ann

      You are absolutely right Dan & do not need to apologize. Kandi is a strong independent woman & she acts like a WOMAN & not a high school kid like Tamar. Somebody needs to slap her on the back of that bald ass head & tell her to grow the fuck up.

  8. mm22

    I agree dan and ann hit the nail on the head tamar thinks she is beening cute n sassy but
    but she’s a woman not a child-act it tamar

  9. Alda

    I can’t stand how Tantrum demands everyones attention.Plus,the fake laugh .She turns it on and off like a faucet.I wouldn’s last a day with that woman around me.I know I would burst out laughing with those stupid goggles that she wears 24/7.I hate talking to someone and you can’t look them in the eye.

    • Ann

      That’s just what I’m talking about Alda. I would have to tell her straight up that she’s making a fool of herself. I’ll bet the majority of her fans are young girls who don’t know any better yet..

  10. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

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