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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Live Eviction Night!

Good evening, everyone!


I will say, I kind of like the amount of live shows and HoH competitions a faster season provides. Every other episode, someone is getting the boot, and the super long period between Saturday’s veto comp and Thursday eviction. Although, sometimes that area is when the best drama hits so there is a give and take, I suppose.

I am running a bit late, so I’m going to post this now as the show is about to begin!

  • Julie confirmed it’s live veto comp tonight so I expect one of those 5 minute puzzle games like the maze or whatever. Good for someone like Kato
  • Some higlights of the last few weeks. There was some drama after the nominations because Tamar didn’t take kindly to Kato mentioning her son
  • Clip of Ryan sneaking up on the TicKLE alliance talking about him and realizes he’s in danger
  • But now, time for the live veto comp
    • Tom, Natalie, and Joey were picked to play along with the others
    • One of the ball rolling into a slot game that is typically used for HoH comps
  • Highest score wins
    • Tom – 35
    • Dina – 0
    • Kato – 15
    • Natalie – 0
    • Tamar – 35
    • Joey – 25
  • Tiebreaker
    • Tom – 70
    • Tamar – 45
  • Tom wins PoV
  • Tom uses the PoV – saves Dina
  • Ryan is the replacement nom
  • Votes:
    • Joey – Tamar
    • Tom – Ryan
    • Lolo – Ryan
    • Dina – Ryan
    • Kandi – Ryan
    • Ricky – Ryan
    • Natalie – Ryan
  • Julie asks Ryan where he went wrong then basically flat out tells him targeting Lolo was his mistake for his early alliance

Not sure when the HoH competition will be, but it should be tonight.


America’s Vote – Power to remove themselves from the block for the next two evictions



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  1. AIO_7

    Here for the show.

    Should be buh-bye Ta-Ta or Ryan.

  2. AIO_7

    “I will say, I kind of like the amount of live shows and HoH competitions a faster season provides”

    I agree. I think they should shorten the main season, then come right back and give us a bbott.

  3. Alda

    Julie looks beautiful tonight.

  4. Painter1

    Holy drama queen and taking words out of context

    • Ann

      How dramatic was that bitch??? I said she blew it all out of proportion, we know she had to have all of the attention & make it all about her. Kato should have told her ass about herself.. I just couldn’t have stayed quiet & let her talk to me like that.

  5. mustangsally

    First ….Julie, love the dress.
    What is up with tart tart?

  6. danmtruth

    Don’t shorten the season just add food comps and luxury camps
    Julie looks very good
    Yep crap shoot It’s up to Joey to save Ryan and himself

  7. danmtruth

    Dina off Ryan up 5-2Ryan gone ?

  8. Painter1

    On a side note Eva Marie WOW.

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  10. hogwild

    Saw veto comp I truly can’t stand these blind luck challenges.

  11. Seattle Kari

    So what are the chances of Tom actually voting out Tamar?

  12. Seattle Kari

    Actually liked Julie’s dress last time as well, the black form-fitting one..

  13. danmtruth

    Vote NEM Lolo,Dina ,Ricky,Tom Ryan gone Kandi who cares where her votes go

  14. Painter1

    Was hoping Tamar would go off after Tom picked Dina so everyone would vote her out. Oh well.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    From the previous thread…Steve, I like the name “Tickle” alliance. It’s FETCH!

    I get a kick out of this group. Tom’s Coffee Song was the best on the spot ditty was cute.

    Sometimes being OTB does an attitude good. Tantrum is still loud and obnoxious, but not as much since she’s been OTB. She’s still not going to make it to the end though.

    About their ages: Tom is 47 but looks older than the rest of them. Dina is 52. Kato is 59.

  16. danmtruth

    Is Ricky sneeky enough to put a hinky vote out their
    Julie has finally gotten a good stylists

  17. g8trgirl

    Someone is going to vote for Tamar and she’s going to make it her life’s mission to find out who and make their life hell.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Poor Ryan, he was just sitting there waiting for his name to be called.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    I do like how Ryan is a good sport about leaving and about keeping the game in perspective.

  20. Ann

    I’m missing the damn show now because of breaking news about cops being shot. You guys have to keep me updated on what happened. I only got to see up until the VETO comp.

  21. AIO_7

    I’m glad Ryan is a good sport about it.

  22. Painter1

    Publicist maybe to Joey, he seems to be high on the list and it would be a good wrench in the machine.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ann is going to kill me for this Painter, but I was thinking Tantrum. Just to keep the house on their toes…lol. (Annie, please forgive me *making the sign of the cross*)

      I also thought about giving it to Kandi too, but I can’t think of a reason why. Maybe because she seems to be the calmest one in the house?

      Kato has also grown on me. He’s a bit manic but not nearly as anal as Joey. Joey got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and gargled before he went back to bed. Who does that?

  23. AIO_7

    If anyone needs some lousy pillows and bad customer service, that huckster the My Pillow Guy is on HSN.

  24. LO1004

    I’m sorry, but Team USA is the ultimate alliance and I wish I could reach through the TV and smack the shit out of Lolo. She’s shady as hell – I’m very much looking forward to her eviction. Bring it bitches!

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  26. hogwild

    Keep a lunatic to vote ot the scarecrow from wizard of oz sure why not.

  27. Ann

    Did Ryan get evicted? Let me know what’s goin on guys.

  28. mona77450

    What is this about America’s Vote and the power to remove themselves from the block? Missed part of the episode due to the interruption of police shooting in Houston.

  29. AIO_7

    Joey and Ta-Ta are trying to form an alliance …


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