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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Live Eviction Spoilers!

Good evening, everyone!


We’re on now! Our week of getting to know the cast was all fun, but things get real after tonight because we’re going to go from 11 houseguests to 2 in just 19 days! Expect an eviction every other episode on CBS now which will average to about 2 a week over the next two weeks until the final few days when they’ll knock off a solid 5 or so between the double eviction and the finale night.

Also, it appears the HoH competition will play out on the live feeds after the episode, so be sure to get them here.

This afternoon, there was a little bit of drama between Ricky and Tamar and then that carried over to Tamar and Natalie (Eva). I’m pretty sure it was because Tamar wanted to go skiing but Ricky told her there is no skiing available in Los Angeles. This created a big argument between the two and she put on her ski goggles to prove the point how much she really wants to go.


I’m kidding. Tamar told Ricky that he’s been overly aggressive recently and he snapped at her about it (which proved her point) and that set Tamar off for about an hour or so.  Things are growing to the boiling point in the Big Brother house, so it could be a fun weekend!

Let’s get to some live updates:

  • Tamar is instantly annoying
  • Julie talks about the twists
    • One celebrity is not a real houseguest (on the TV screen)
    • Mooch does indeed mention his ‘mark in Washington’
    • He is giving the current noms a second chance at safety
    • This is a second PoV competition
    • Ryan nominates Kandi as expected
  • The POV competition is a theme based on things Mooch has said
  • Jonathan is confident he’s going to win
  • But, Kato wins the POV
  • Kato uses the veto on Tom. Joey is the replacement nom
    • Ryan uses Joey as the pawn to take out Kandi. Oops
  • We’re ready for some votes
    • Dina – Kandi
    • Kato – Jonathan
    • Tamar – Jonathan
    • Ricky – Jonathan
    • Tom – Jonathan
    • Lolo – Jonathan
    • Natalie – Jonathan
  • Jonathan is the first evicted ‘celebrity’.



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  1. AIO_7

    “Things are growing to the boiling point in the Big Brother house,”

    It’s always amazing the things this house does to people. It only takes a few days and everyone gossips and becomes so paranoid and house centric. I love it.

    I’ll be here for the live show …

    • danmtruth

      Doubling back on the last thread Unlike normal BB where part of the fun is getting to know the house guest On CBB we feel like we already know these people Yet as was pointed out Dina has surprised many with how level headed she has been so far Ricky Williams is showing a thoughtful side to himself Contrast that with Ryan Lochtie who has not surprised anyone Except who in the house needs to remind him when to breathe At times I think his brain has been oxagen deprived

      • NKogNeeTow

        Dina has certainly surprised me. I remember those days, when someone on the last thread referred to her as a “hot mess”. She was, glad to see she has learned and grown.

        I’m also glad that Kandi doesn’t feed into Tamar’s BS. Actually, the only 2 people in the house who seems to not only doesn’t cause trouble and drama but tries to avoid it, are Kandi and Dina.

  2. AIO_7

    I think Eva and Lolo are only acting like they are buddies with Tay-Tay. I think they’d give her the boot in a moment.


  3. hogwild

    I wonder if LOlO might pull a Bayleigh and just go for it with someone in the house?

  4. AIO_7

    The Mooch thing is sooooo bogus by CBS.

  5. danmtruth

    Why did they superinpose the hands as Mooch was talking

  6. hogwild

    I have held back as long as I can STFU Tamar.

  7. AIO_7

    The more I see and hear Tay-Tay, the more I’m reminded of Michael Irvin …


  8. danmtruth

    AIO I see your Muchale Irvine and raise you Denise Rodman

  9. AIO_7

    So, I guess the “fake news” that Kato won POV and pulled Tom off of the block wasn’t so fake after all.

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  11. AIO_7

    I like the 3 people on the block concept.

  12. hogwild

    I can honestly say before CBB I had never heard of Jonathan so his going really not a big deal for me.

    • Sassy

      I wasn’t sad to see him leave. Being OTB made him paranoid. After or during his interview with Julie, he was SOO self absorbed! I didn’t like how he thinks he’s the mastermind and blames Ryan for his departure! Ryan was his only true friend. If anything, he has messed with Ryan’s game not the other way around. And unfortunately, Ryan isn’t bright enough to turn things around. Unless he wins the veto, he is gone next.

      • hogwild

        Ryan is about as sharp as a butter knife but I do feel sorry for him he got the Cody card where he had to keep putting people on the block that is tough enough to recover from on the regular BB on these mini editions all but impossible.

      • Sassy

        Absolutely, having to nominate almost 1/2 the house is excessive…

    • NKogNeeTow

      I didn’t recognize Jon from Mean Girls until it came up on the show. I do remember him from Cupcake Wars on the Food Network though.

    • Alda

      I didn’t know him either,so I’m ok that he’s gone.

  13. danmtruth

    This shows how production plays with time We never seen how the decision to nominate Joey came up

  14. HappyHippo

    I’m so not used to this schedule! Missed the first half! What’s the deal with mooch???

  15. LO1004

    ‘it was like trying to get puppies to face the same way’ hahaha.

    I’m gonna miss watching Johnathan. He’s one of the main reasons I was excited about this season

  16. mm22

    I wonder if kandi knows the vote against her
    was dina n not tamar

  17. Beez

    Tamar joins the list of people I hope I never have to see another day in life! She joins Frankie, Paul, and Marisa, Tamar is loud and obnoxious for no reason. I hope she is next to go!

  18. Sassy

    **New Thread**

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