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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Live PoV And Eviction Night!

February 4, 2019 | 46 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It seems just like two days ago, Joey was refusing us with just one ‘woah’ as he was kicked out of the house. Oh, wait. It was two days ago. Damn you, Joey!  Not even one ‘woah’?? Even Julie tried to pull one out of you but you blew it off. Bro, that’s what you’re known for. Give us what we want! What’s next? Even Lil Jon had the decency to give us one of his phrases during his Super Bowl commercial.

It was a busy day outside the house as some drama is unfolding in the Big Brother alumni land. I am going to write a post about it, but trying to get a little more information on it, so stay tuned!  I do have a question, however. I saw someone in the comment section mention the PPV of Swaggy/Fessy was $15. Is that indeed the confirmed price?  I’m trying to crunch some numbers.

Inside the house, well, Tom or Kato are gone. I don’t know which one. Doesn’t really matter because the other will likely follow him either next or shortly after. Unless the remaining player gets some pity and is able to re-join the house which I’ve seen happen before. Many times, the house is content on breaking up a duo but end up with bigger fish to fry once that duo is split.  It is very possible that Tom will be voted out tonight and they’ll kind of forget about Kato.

I hate that it seems like I’m playing favorites, but it’s because I am. Lolo and Tamar are full of drama and exaggerate the way people act which is not cool. Natalie and Ricky are not as bad, but they enable the poor behavior so I’m just not a fan of the entire Bedroom Bunch. I still think Natalie is going to win, but I’m personally not a fan. Out of those remaining in the house, I want Kandi or Kato to win with Dina as a long third option. I try not to openly root for people (although I’m sure you can guess who I root for by the way I write), but in CBB, I’m all out in the open. I’m team Kato/Kandi.

Ok, the live show is about to start so let’s get to covering it!

  • Tamar feels like a fourth wheel in her alliance
  • Natalie threatens Tamar and tells her to check her girl (Kandi) because if she switches there will be a problem. I guess threats are only threats when Tom does it to Lolo?
  • Dina picked her HoH choice because she missed Jonathan.
  • Nominations – Kato and Tom
  • Okay time for the veto comp
    • Memory comp where they perform something on stage
    • Gallagher smashing things. Can’t believe this dude is still around
    • Question 1 – Everyone tied at 1
    • Question 2 – Everyone but Tom and Kato at 2
    • Question 3 – Everyone right
    • Question 4 – Tamar, Lolo, Dina, and Kandi at 4
    • Question 5 – Tamar and Lolo at 5
    • Question 6 – Lolo in the lead at 6
    • Question 7 – Lolo wins. She flexes before Julie announces it. Cocky
  • Veto is not used. Tom or Kato will be leaving shortly
  • Julie says she can’t tell the house who won the Super Bowl. Weird
  • Live Vote:
    • Ricky – Kato
    • Lolo – Kato
    • Natalie – Kato
    • Kandi – Kato
    • Dina – Kato
  • Kato says he aligned with Natalie and Lolo because they’re beautiful. At least he’s honest.
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