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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Saturday Eviction Fun

Good evening, everyone!


It’s Saturday night but that doesn’t stop the Big Brother train from rolling along. It’s about to slam into Kandi tonight (or Joey, but it should be Kandi) and she should back in ATL to catch some Super Bowl fun in her home city. You know she’ll be rooting for the Patriots because everyone from Atlanta are huge fans. Oh, wait. Nobody around the country likes us.

Quickly skimming some comments earlier, I promise I will write a post about my meet and greet with Kevin and crew. I took pictures with a few people and got to chat with a few others. It was fun. Regarding the job, thank you for wishing me luck, everyone.  As you know, I drove for Uber but I’m tired of that so I decided to get all fancy and become a professional driver for a corporate place. Something to kill some time while I’m studying for something else.

Enough about me! Well, I’m just filling some time because I have zero clue what happened in the house today. I had a birthday party and then training for the new job. I walked in the house about 30 minutes ago and didn’t read anything. I’m going in blind tonight! I still don’t expect much changed, however. Kandi should be leaving 5-1.


Oops, we’re live, time to publish….

  • Time for some flashbacks on Tom ruining his week
  • After watching Lolo act a bit crazy, it’s time to see Natalie win the veto
  • Pretty funny comp. I liked the slow-mo of Dina yelling
  • Joey begins working for the vote
  • Note – Tamar made a HUGE deal about Kato’s tiny slap on the table
  • Time for the live vote!
    • Lolo – Joey
    • Kato – Joey
    • Natalie – Joey
    • I’m guessing something happened today. Did Joey volunteer to go home?
    • Tamar – Joey
    • Dina – Joey
    • Ricky – Joey

So, seems like we have nothing going on until the live show on Monday.  During the episode, it’s going to be HoH, Veto, and Eviction. Should be fun. I’m going to find out how Kandi managed to get all those votes though


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  1. danmtruth

    Steve it is impressive to hear how you grow and work to get what you want As I said you put together a good team with NK and Mel
    Can’t wait to hear your stories with the BB past HG
    Let’s see this is another game Tom said he blew on PURPOSE

  2. danmtruth

    The way everyone are sitting on the couch can you say you would need a chainsaw to cut the tention ? Kandi will give a low key classy speach Joey a rambeling religious speach ? Not sure where he will go

  3. danmtruth

    One thing Kato said yesterday or the day before He knew Tom from before Doing shows and other projects together Lolo and Ryan Olympic Dina and Jon mean girls Kandi and Tamra we all know that connection That leaves Nem and Ricky not sure if they have any connections

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Sooooo excited for Kandi! This is a crazy season, I’ve been positive the last 2 days that Kandi was done for. Hopefully now she’s ready to get her hands dirty and make some moves!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hey stranger! *waving*

    • Ann

      Please tell me what hapened with Kandi. I’ve been on the road all day with my daughter bringing me home (ThankGod). Iv been watched like a hawk, they inventoried food so I couldn’t get what I wasnt supposed to have while they we at work & even counted water bottles to make sure I drank 8 bottles a day. I hate chicken, I hate fish, I hate turkey & I hate salads. I know that shit & my meds plus exercise is the only thing to save me so I had better lay off the hate thing, at least its food.

  5. NKogNeeTow

    Lo and Nat voted for Joey…”Whoa!”

  6. NKogNeeTow

    Steve called it. Joey’s outta here. Wonder what changed though…

    Yep, Steve PLEASE find out. Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. hogwild

    One reason I’m not really into CBB is no one really seems to care if they win if they stay or go they already have fame to some degree and they don’t need the money it’s more of a promotion gimmick for them more than anything else.

  8. Painter1

    Joey talking Bout Loco LMAO.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Joey seems like a nice guy. He cracked me up talking to Julie about Lo. He also cleared things up about his beauty regimen.

    • Avatar

      That was the most I’ve heard from Joey. He was very funny in his description of Lolo. I wonder if he had displayed that side of his personality, if his gameplay would have been received better. He always seemed so standoffish to me.

    • Sassy

      I laughed at his speech with Julie too. His description of Loco was spot on. It’s obvious he doesn’t care for her or Kato, and I don’t blame him. I think him and Ryan will have a good laugh about all this tomorrow. He refused to say “Whoa” still!! I like that he explained his nighttime ritual, but he said he spends 45 minutes in the bathroom. He actually spends 2 hours! I thought maybe something had changed because in his speech, he didn’t really talk about staying. The only other thing I’ll say about Joey, I’m not sure how his OCD allowed him to walk around with 1/2 his shirt untucked…

  10. LO1004

    I’m so confused by that vote. He had to have volunteered to go home. Maybe he really wanted to be home for Super Bowl

  11. danmtruth

    Im just putting this out there Could this be the room crew went the way to keep peace with Tantrum They also know if Tamra voted that way It would be a tie The last thing they wanted was to let Tom feel like he beat them with HIS vote
    So now we have Kandi with the swing power Tom Kato Dina feel they have Kandi Again I see Kandi as waiting to see how the HOH goes The only person she might have a hard time with is Ricky That should be interesting to watch They both are not that emotional and can talk things out
    For all concern it might not be bad to get Lo or Tom out next

    • Sassy

      I’d be surprised if Kandi has to worry about the block on Monday and Tantrum probably won’t get to flex her power app. I think it will either be Tomato or the weaveline sisters OTB.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I really don’t think they voted that way to keep peace with Tantrum. Hell, compared to Loco, she’s a piece of cake (Let me live Annie). If you noticed in just about every clip tonight, Loco was exploding at someone for even asking a question or making a comment. Yes, Tom does change his mind every nano-second, but he never raised his voice to her and she was all over him like stink on a monkey. She gets up in people’s faces and yells and screeches at them. I just can’t with her and her crappy attitude. Ricky puts up with her because he needs her for a vote at the moment. Nat acts almost mesmerized by her. Tay doesn’t trust her. Kandi doesn’t give a damn about her. And the rest of the house is basically scared of her because of her outburst. She needs to go sooner than later.

      On another note, I got caught up watching the NFL Honors. I don’t know who 99% of these people are but I’m enjoying the show. Now come on Super Bowl! So I can see some good commercials, I don’t know a damn thing about sports.

      • LO1004

        Lolo is a damn lunatic and I’m happy about it came across in tonights episode. I hope she watches this back and sees the monster in her and makes a change. I cannot.

        I still love the Doritos commercial from last year w the guy and the kid in the ‘time mschine’. Gets me every time.

      • mm22

        Lolo didn’t get a good edit last night because thats the only footage
        they have her ranting like a maniac-nem is so far up her azz she’s never coming
        out-but yay kandi’s still there

    • Ann

      Im seriously thinking Loco Lolo is just that.. Homegirl has got some serious issues….

  12. Sassy

    Unless there was more to the Kato slapping the counter, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Loco was the one that seemed aggressive. She’s definitely taken over Tantrums role. Speaking of Tantrum, she did not take over the show tonight. She was hardly even seen or heard other than playing host at Veto.

  13. Avatar

    Slick Rick & Eva OTB, BD Loco.
    When I say Slick Rick, I’m not trying to be racist or sexist by comparing the two. So don’t go all Ta Ta on me.

  14. danmtruth

    Sassy that seems to be the direction things are going In reality I would not mind to see anyone of those 4 go
    Will we get anything on the live feeds ?
    Don’t they need to do the HOH tonight

  15. Avatar

    Kato- “What did the hand say to the table?”

    “SLAP [email protected](H !!!”

  16. Avatar

    I wonder if Joey is going to do a cameo on The Big Bang Theory now?

  17. danmtruth

    Will we need to wait till next year during that CNN to see what is happening in the house

  18. Avatar

    If Tom Green goes OTB, I expect some good ole Tomfoolery to be released on the HG.

    “The Swedish”

  19. Avatar


  20. danmtruth

    Wow Mrs Fisbey have the night off at the laugh factory Or just waiting for the late nite open mic at yuk yuk’s

  21. Alda

    Four men in a row have left the Big Brother house.What’s up with that?

  22. Shivani33

    Even with Tamra’s ups and downs with Kandi, they have been sticking to their choice to have a better relationship and to drop the past, keep it fresh. Tamra might not have known Joey from Adam before this show. I think Tamra went with her heart. She was curious enough to get to know Joey a little. She talked with him more than any of the other women did. I hope that Tamra and Kato realize that Lolo instigated trouble between them not as anyone’s friend, but she did it to divide and conquer.

  23. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Since the live feeds are down, can I take this opportunity to ask if anyone knows how I can make my avatar visible again? When I view my profile I can see my Dominican flag but it’s not showing up on my posts. 🙁

  24. LO1004

    Sounds like Tamar won HOH?

  25. danmtruth

    Tamra as a long time BB fan Let’s see if HOHitetest takes hold of her No worry it will be a short week for her When will they find out about the short week and eviction on Monday
    Tom was complaining he could not see the screen
    Can locololo keep it together If Tomoto is smart hang back and let Locololo sink herself

  26. Mel

    Tamar probably told Nolo and Ricky she was keeping Kandi. Maybe Kandi reassured them she wasn’t going to work with Tomato but it’s more likely they didn’t want to give Tom the power to break a tie. If they knew what Tamar was doing, they knew it would be a tie. Tamar went back and forth as recently as this morning overy her vote. She got in an arguement with Lolo over the grocery list today. Either Tamar was always keeping Kandi or the fight with Lolo may have helped her decide.

    I made a joke on the last thread about seabass deciding who went home tonight and the arguement is what I was referring to. Lolo put seabass on the grocery list. Tamar either marked it out or commented about it being too expensive. Tamar requests lamb chops constantly and Lolo told her those were more expensive than the seabass. Obviously, they were both sure they were right and it turned into a thing. The feeds went down for the day shortly after we saw it happen.

    After the show ended, feeds were on for a bit and Kandi was telling Tamar that NEM was the most dangerous one in the game.

    Lolo was bummed and wanted a physical comp. Since they told the hg’s it didn’t matter what they wore, she’s guessed it isn’t physical.

    Production spoke to all the hg’s today and based on a few comments, it sounds like they told them to take it down a notch with the personal attacks and comments.

    I think I want Kandi or maybe even Tamar to win the hoh because I have no idea what they’ll do and everyone else is too predictable. Tamar is safe anyway on Monday and it’s only a 2 day hoh. I’m still not a Tamar fan but what the hell…

  27. Shivani33

    Our new HoH says she wants to slice some Tomatoes out of the game.

  28. Seattle Kari

    Glad to hear Joey went went out instead of Kandi. I have to watch the episode tomorrow. Thanks for all the updates!!

  29. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: (I got another late start)

    Tomato playing pool. Ricky/Kandi playing chess.

    Nat/Lo in the parlor talking about Tom. Sounds like they are trying to justify their votes. Nat is saying she’s so happy Tay won HOH. Loco says today just wore her down. She says Tay thinks that she doesn’t like her. Nat says Tay tried to tell her that Loco was always wrong but she told her that it’s both of them (She doesn’t, she’s too far up Loco’s butt to think she does wrong). Nat and Lo say that Tom just needs to shut the hell up because his reign is over. *And of course the cam goes back to the dry ass pool game…must be the same crew from last night*)

    • LO1004

      And we’ve got an enabler in the house. NEM telling Lolo the way she fights w T is ok but w Tom it’s completely different bc he’s crazy. Ok homegirl, I see what you’re doing. Keep that Target on your bestie. (I talk about Target so much that my phone autocorrected to capital T) hahahah yes

      • Alda

        Last night on BBAD Nem started the mf…ing language while “chatting”with Loco.It’s so nice to watch these two sophisticated young ladies communicate with each other.They have really grown while in the Big Brother house.Gag me!

    • Sassy

      NEM says if Tantrum doesn’t put up Tomato, she’s going ballistic on her. I would love to see that. HOH was a question game, NEM gave someone an answer and Loco told her she messed up and said it to loud.

  30. Seattle Kari

    Having to listen to Tamar as a HOH all week so it’s going to be hell on ears. God help us all.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    And we’re back…to the pool hall/chess room. No sign of Dina or Tay.

    Pool game is over. Tom won. Tomato goes downstairs to the bathroom. Kato uses the toilet, Tom lays on the sofa for a second then tells him he’s going to the room. Tom goes into the bedroom, looks for his sunglasses in his bag, puts them on and lays on the bed and sighs (*he’s been doing the latter a lot lately*)

    In the parlor, Nat is telling Dina she likes her tights. Cam goes back to Tom laying on the bed playing with his hair (*as much as he’s been doing that lately, he should be bald by the time he leaves the house).

    Nat asks Dina and Loco if they can say how crazy Tom was when he yelled: “LET’S HAVE FUN”. Loco says she’s going in the pool later. Loco is telling the girls that she wanted to win but since she doesn’t have kids or a husband she doesn’t mind. She says she doesn’t really care she didn’t win. (*I think she’s trying to convince them that she lost so they could get a picture). Loco aid that she feels that Tay’s Nom speech will be epic and they’re going to have to edit it out.

    In the bedroom, Kato says he is okay with not winning. Tom says he thinks that somehow they have convinced themselves that they(Tomato) are bad people.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Kato is telling Tom that they(the other side of the house) and he has a feeling they (Tomato) is going to be OTB. Tom says that it’s too early to think like that. He says that everytime they think a certain way, they have been wrong. He says that they can put a bug in Kandi’s ear and have her talk to Tay. He says they might be able to get Tay to put Ricky and Loco up. He says worst case scenario is one of them leaves and the other slides up the middle. Tom says he really thinks they’re going to send him home. Kato says no matter what, they are both going to be on the block together. Kato says he doesn’t want to go to the last day and pick the winner. Tom tells him that after the show they will have a beer and laugh at the meanies and hang out with Julie. He says they want to leave a good impression. Production tells Kato to put on his mic and he remembers he left it in the bathroom and goes to get it.

    Dina is telling the girls that Tom said that he and Lindsay text back and forth. Nat asks what do they do? They then leave and go towards the bedroom

  33. LO1004

    Ika just took a poll for least favorite HG. 98% of the vote goes to Lolo! Nice work Team USA. Way to represent.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Tom says hi to his girlfriend Jessica. Kato tells her that Tom invited him to their house.

    In the SR, Loco and Nat are playing football with Orwell and kicking him back and forth (BLASPHEMY!). They start looking for snacks. Loco says Tay is HOH so she’s(Lo) not touching shit.

    Tom is telling Kato that he’s just thinking of other strategies. He says any single person in the house should be thinking what the best way to the end is if Tomato was gone. He says that Joey’s best move would have been if he had sucked up to Tomato but he didn’t even come and talk to them. Kato says his winning came down to hitting that button first. He said he just couldn’t figure out someone’s leg. Tom says it just came down to a split second like when he threw that football.

    On the landing, Dina and Loco are playing pool. Dina and Nat is saying that the guys should just let bygones be bygones. Dina says yeah, just get over it.

    Tay just got out of the DR and is downstairs and singing to the girls on the landing that she got her HOH. She asked if anyone cooked. They say no. Tay says “Damn since Joey is gone, nobody is cooking nothing.”

    Tom asks if Tay came up to the room when he was HOH. Kato says no.

  35. danmtruth

    It is getting hard to listen to either Tomoto or the weaveline sisters Where ever that Laura tavern is They are getting a million dollars worth of advertising
    Kato has all but given up Tom has ask 5 or 6 times about pitching different plans to TaTa and Kato keeps saying NO
    The weaveline sisters are just as bad Instead of dreaming up different plans They just come up with different reasons they don’t like Tomoto We get it they are bad mean people
    Don’t be surprised if TaTa does not no I ate Kato and Loco Saying she can compete in the veto Even if Kato wins they can put Tom upAll is good unless Tom wins the veto
    It is about to get loud Tamra is getting ready to do her HOH to reveal Save your speakers Turn down the volume The shreeckinh will be sysmic

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Tay is cooking and says she wants a family picture and one of her son. She asks if anyone wants lamb. They say no and she says she’s lambed out anyway. She says she wanted pork chops but she doesn’t feel like cooking them. Ricky said Dina said she’ll cook them if she tells her how. Tay laughs and says no, that’s alright.

    Los Lonely Boys are lamenting on how if Tom had just put Ricky up, they wouldn’t be in this situation now. Then he says they would still be in that position. Kato is bummed he didn’t win. He said he saw it 5 seconds before Tay did. Tom says they can not try in the Veto comp and just throw it and night fight for it and joke around with it. Kato says just wait to see what it is. Tom thinks it might be OTEV. Kato says they are going to get breaking news tomorrow and it could be an announcement that no one used the power so it’s rolling over. Tom says “So like Dina has it and can still use it on us?” Tom says the power didn’t really change the game so would’t the audience really want to see that? Kato says or the power wasn’t used since Joey is gone. Tom says it must be funny people watching 2 grown men laying around wondering about a power. Tom says they shouldn’t lay in there and just go out and mingle. Kato says he just wants to have a few minutes to himself. Tom says he shouild go out and shake Ricky’s hand. Kato tells him not to do it. Tom asks why, does he think Ricky will punch him in the face. Kato says no, he just wants to be there when he does it

  37. Alda

    Tom goes downstairs and says “Guys it’s nice we try and smile through the last few days here.Then Ricky says”we smile a lot when you’re not here.” WOW!!

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is sad because he won’t get any more cheese plates as HOH. The says he doesn’t want to do what he’s seen others do and have sour grapes and not be prepared to talk to Julie. Kato gets called to the DR and Tom tells him to keep his chin up and go in there happy and in a funny frame of mind. Tom walks him out to the DR. Kato tries to remember of the headlines comp. Kato goes into the DR and Tom ask Tay if she got her room yet. Tom tells everyone that they should just smile and try to get through the next few days happy, then goes upstairs. Tay looks at Ricky and says “Let’s be christian”. Ricky says but it’s true though. Nat says how are you going to walk into a room and tell people to be happy. Nat and Loco are being negative. Tay says love always wins and to believe it.

    Dina and Kandi are playing pool with Tom watching. Tom tells them that he thinks they’re angry with him and he’s just trying to keep things happy. He tells them that when he told everyone to be happy, Ricky said they were happy when he[s not around. Kandi says don’t stress it. Tom says he just feels bad for everybody because they are going to look petty. Kandi says that everything is stressful and everyone is stressed. She says just do you. Ricky brings something to Tom and Tom thanks him. Ricky goes back downstairs. Tom says that’s the way it should be. Kandi tells him that things just got real tense when he was HOH.

  39. danmtruth

    Some shade being thrown Tom came into the kitchen With Tamar cooking Loco NEM and Ricky all sitting their Tom says congrats can we all just smile for these next few days Ricky shoots back we do smile when your not around Tom just walk away To her credit Tamar told all of them that’s not cool Says some Bible quote Ricky must have gone upstairs and said something to Tom When he came back down she thanked Ricky and hugged him Saying that’s a real man Ricky went and laied on his bed He came back and ask Tamar to have a talk with Tom & Kato saying they need to give a heartfelt apology to everyone in the house Let’s see where this goes Just think Tamra is becoming the calming influence in the house

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is now playing pool with Tom.

    In the bedroom, Nat is telling Ricky that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and she will treat them that way like they always have. Ricky is telling Tay that he thinks it would be appropriate if Tomato apologized to the entire house since they sat upstairs and talked about the entire house last night (*he forgets then entire house talked about them too*)

    Nat is in the kitchen telling Tay that everyone should be treated with dignity, value and respect..

    Ricky is in the bedroom telling Lo why Tomato thinks everyone is mad at them. Lo is telling him that she just thought everyone with a family should get a picture and letter so that’s why she didn’t win. Ricky says that shouldn’t have made a difference. They change into their swimsuits. Ricky stops in the kitchen on his way to the pool, and asks Tay, who is cooking, if she’s getting in the pool. She says she can’t so he goes out.

  41. Sassy

    NEM is so proud of herself, for saying everyone deserves dignity, value and respect. Not sure how many times she’s going to say it. She says, that’s what they will get from her and then trashed them. The weaveline sisters better hope, if they make it to the end, they are together, because they are not winning final votes.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky, Nat and Loco in the pool. Nat on the treadmill. Lo says one of these days she wants to turn the speed all the way up on the pool and try to swim like Ryan did.

    Tom is now in the kitchen with Tay. He’s getting a Coke and humming. Kandi is washing dishes. Tay is still cooking. Tom tells her that it feels good to win doesn’t it. She says yes, she’s never won anything in her life. She tells him the music she asked for. She says she doesn’t think she’s going to sleep up there because she doesn’t like to be alone. Tom tells her it’s like a little apartment up there.

    Tay and Kandi are being very civil to Tom and engaging him in conversation. The 3 of them are talking about music.

    • Sassy

      I can’t believe trap music is a real genre. The more I see Kandi the more I like her. I have yet to really like anyone in the house, she may become my favorite. She’s not competitive at all, but she’s the most genuine in the house. She doesn’t play it up for the cameras.

  43. Sassy

    Ricky is enjoying himself in the pool, looking at the girls butts. Looked like he was going to fall over.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Nat/Ricky/Loco still in pool. Can’t hear what they’re saying because of no mics and the pool jets.

    In the kitchen, Tom is imitation a musical instrument and explaining music types to Tay. *I have to comment Tay and Kandi for how they’re interacting with Tom, even if they don’t trust him*

    Nat/Loco/Ricky still talking about Tomato (*Remember, these are the people who think Tomato owes them an apology for talking about them*)

    I’d like to say that I’m pretty impressed with Tom’s knowledge of pop culture and hip hop.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Tom/Kandi/Tay in the kitchen eating. Kandi says she’s glad that she and Tay are finally getting along. She says it’s going even better than she thought. Tay gets up to get the hot sauce and gives the side eye to Kandi (Kandi didn’t see it…lol). Tay is telling them that she thinks the guys owe them an apology. Kandi asks for what…And we’re back to the pool, where we can barely hear a damn thing.

    Lo is saying something about making amend. She is saying she wonders how they (Production?) can pick up sound when they’re in the pool. Ricky gets out, dries off and goes inside. SwingLo and Nat are talking about her not using the Veto again, and loyalty but I can’t hear what they’re saying. I heard Kandi and Tay’s names. Nat says that at the end of the day if they go home early (N/L), that they showed that Tomato aren’t solid players and are little brats. Nat says if they get through Monday, that they will have a double elimination. She says something negative about Kandi but I couldn’t catch it because she was walking around and the water was sloshing.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Tom goes outside with Kato and tells him that Kandi and Tay are very manipulative. He tells him about what he said about having fun. Kato keeps cutting him off and Tom tells him to wait and let him finish before someone comes. He says he told Tay that with power comes great responsibility. He says that Tay asks him if he’s going to apologize to his friends. He says why. The says that Ricky comes in and sits down and said that Tom was being rude and disrespectful to them. He says that he thinks it’s best to avoid Ricky and Tay and they are probably getting put OTB next week so just try to avoid them. He says they are basically accusing them of something that didn’t happen and trying to convince everyone that they are bad people and trying to railroad them. He says that he wasn’t the one bullying. That when the alliance met, he and Kato just sit around listening the them and Lo would start yelling. He says it’s best that there are cameras all around and can see their actions. He says that they can’t talk to Tay because she knows the plan (Ricky’s).

    In the kitchen, Tay/Kandi/Ricky/Dina talking. Tay yells at Production that it’s 12:19 and she needs her room because she’s only HOH for 24 more hours. She asks Dina the difference between sweet potatoes and yams.

    Ricky goes into the bedroom with Tay and she tells them that everyone has lost their damn minds. She says she’s only HOH for the day but she’ll take it. Lo comes into the bedroom and Tay says she doesn’t know what’s Kandi’s story. Lo says she’s mad. Ricky says he can understand. Tay asks why. Lo says because everyone says she’s not playing the game. Tay says she will have to get over it.

    • Sassy

      If only Ryan and Jon would have told everyone they were in an alliance with Nat/Lo, maybe then everyone would realize how shady these 2 really are. Tomato still thinks they can talk to Nat. Sorry boys, that ship has sailed.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is telling Kato that the best thing to happen is you put 2 people OTB and 1 went home. He says that when Ryan was HOH, he put multiple people OTB but only 1 went home (*he doesn’t understand why they are mad he put people OTB). Tom tells Kato to try not to feed into the fictional stories that will be going around the house. He says it’s probably better that they don’t sit outside by themselves so they won’t think that they’re planning. Tom goes inside.

    In the bedroom, Lo is telling Tay that she was the one who convinced them to keep Kandi and why did she do it. She says because she thought Kandi no longer had that spirit, but she sees now that she hasn’t changed. Lo says she thought they were back to being friends. Tay says they are “friendly”. Ricky says he doesn’t feel good that someone saves you and you’re not grateful. Lo says twice. He says it hurts his heart. Tay says she’s use to it. She says she’s just going to let Kandi play her games.

    In the kitchen, Dina and Kandi are talking. Dina keeps telling Kandi about things being said about her. Kandi says she doesn’t want to hear about any of that stuff. Dina says she’s going to ask Kato about it when he comes in. Kandi says peace, love and hair grease and continues drying dishes. Tom is sitting at the counter.

    In the bedroom, Tay is saying someone hasn’t pissed off everyone. Lo says Kandi hasn’t pissed off anyone and Tay disagrees. Ricky and Lo start to have a disagreement. Lo says Ricky says Kandi has. Ricky says he didn’t say that. Lo starts to raise her voice at her and he rears up in the bed and she withdraws. Ricky says he said she hasn’t gotten any blood on her hands. Tay agrees. At one point, Lo said “So basically we sent home a good man”. Tay and Ricky say yes. Tay says but if they hadn’t, things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did (her HOH). *So basically, they have now lumped Kandi back in with Tomato and she’s pretty much dogmeat in their eyes*)

    • Sassy

      I guess I don’t understand why they think Kandi has that “spirit in her”. Tay says Kandi and her friends are just like that, they are jealous of everyone else. How grateful should she be? What is she suppose to do? Kiss their ass?

      I just realized Tom is sitting at the counter while Dina and Kandi are talking.

      I didn’t realize until tonight, how much Ricky feeds into this crap. He doesn’t think people will be happy if Kandi wins because she’s not likable, Lo disagrees, and Tay was a definite NO Kandi is not likable. I’m voting for Kandi for America’s Favorite. But Tay thinks Marissa deserved it, Hahahaha!!!!

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is in the parlor cam-talking. He says he’s learned that there are people in the house that you just can’t talk to. He says he’s never encountered anything like that before. To have someone screaming at you because “they” didn’t use the Veto…Cam cuts to Ricky/Tay/Lo

    Tay is saying that it’s taking to long to get her room. She keeps asking Production when will her room be ready. Tay says she’s sure her ex is watching the show because they use to watch it together. Ricky asks how long they’ve been separated. She tells him. He asks are they cool now. She says real cool. She says they are on day 10 and about to win this shit and it’s amazing. Lo says it’s a lot of stuff. Tay says she’s grateful for it…silence.

    Tay ask is anyone waiting to take a shower upstairs. Lo says she’s just tired. Tay says what’s amazing is that they (Tomato) doesn’t know how to take it because they are being civil to them. Tay says Kandi said she (Tay) is here because of her (she didn’t).

    Tom is telling Kato that they are mad at him because he was HOH, Nat/Lo are mad at him because he didn’t want to be in their alliance anymore. Tom says he believes that Kato will be able to navigate through the waters once he’s gone. Tay sticks her head in and asks if anyone wants to use the shower first yet. They say no and she leaves. When she closes the door, Kato says she didn’t want to come in because they are the last 2 people she wanted to see because they are going up OTB tomorrow.

  49. danmtruth

    Looks like Tamra and Kandi are playing a two person game on the house Tamra telling her room that her and Kandi are friendly but not FRIENDS Kandi Has Tom Kato and Dina thinking they can manipulate her
    Tom & Kato doing a rap

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Dina and Kandi playing pool.

    Kato and Tom are in the kitchen. Kato is fixing himself something to eat. They start to rap. Tom is singing “Kato and Tom are screwed. I don’t mean to be rude, but Kato and Tom are screwed”. Dina raps over the balcony back at them. Kato responds, then Dina sings “Kato and Tom thought they had 5 and now their sitting, barely alive”. *I can’t even keep up with it but if any of you get a chance to watch, it’s epic. Kato and Dina are free-styling their asses off and Dina is killing it* They finally stop. Dina goes back to pool and Kato goes back to eating. Dina then raps to Kato “Be sure to check the videotape, then you’ll find out who’s the snake”. Game over. Kandi goes downstairs and Kato comes upstairs.

    Tom is in the parlor tweeting and pulling his hair. *I’m tellin ya, by the 13th he’s going to be bald as the pavement*

    Upstairs, Dina is telling Kato that she’s still there because Jonathan told Ryan to look out for her. Sounds like Kato is trying to get some sort of confession out of her. Tay gets called to the DR (for her HOH). Kandi is back upstairs with Dina and Kato. Dina and Kandi are whispering. Dina tells her that either Nat or Lo has got to go. Dina tells Kandi “They f*cked us”.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Pool game back on. Dina beat Kandi. Dina tries to get Kandi to go outside. Kandi doesn’t want to.

    Tom is in the parlor repeating that they are definitely going OTB (he’s only told Kato 100 times).

    Kandi is telling Dina that they have the numbers. Dina says Tay can’t vote and there won’t be a tie this time. She says they need 4.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! I don’t have the feeds but I would LOVE to hear what kind of shit goes down in the HOH room when Tay gets in there tonight. SwingLo, Nat the Gnat and Ricky Rotten will be all over that room like flies on shit. SOMEBODY, please keep me informed!

    Love ya and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • Sassy

      Dina was a gymnast, dancer and was on the swim team in high school. She can still do kart wheels. I can’t believe I’ve stayed up 2 night in a row til 3 am.

      • NKogNeeTow

        LOL. I can’t believe I stay up many nights after 3 am. At least after next week, I get to go to bed like normal people…until the summer show starts. 🙂

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Don’t forget, CBB comes on at 9 Monday, not 8.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    G, sorry it took so long to address this, but I was trying to get through BBAD. Have you tried following the instructions at the top of the screen? At the very top of the page, in the orange bar, it says How To Add A Custom Avatar. It’s been a while since I put mine up so I can’t remember how. But if that doesn’t work, contact Steve directly. I’m not sure if or when he gets a chance to read the comments so he might not see it here. Hope that helps. I also posted this above, under your original comment. ^^^

  54. Seattle Kari

    Just watched tonight’s episode, Joey’s interview was pretty damn funny!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sure was. I’m so nosey about what’s going on in the house, I keep checking Jokers and here instead of going to bed. Something must have happened. They said on Jokers that when Kandi and Tay were talking, the feeds cut and hasn’t been back so far. Now the suspense is killing me and so is lack of sleep. Dan must be aiming his gun at the TV by now, lol.

  55. danmtruth

    NK a pasivfest at heart Beside worked hard to afford the flatscreen Even if it is old to just shoot it over these people That’s what the Nerf gun is for
    Tomoto did not spend much time at Tamras HOH reveal party Dina just as bad as JC was Going thru the basket and pulling things out Tamara got some lepored print shall That Dina picked up and put on imedietly We heard a heartfelt letter from TaTa boyfriend All the girls ohh and ahh It was your typical HOH ass kiss fest
    I still say I saw a few times TaTa & Kandi sneek into the SR and talk Than into the bathroom These two are working well with each other Kandi Jeep’s playing Miss Disintersted that pulls Dina into telling her everything – Dina weren’t you the person drunk yelling at her the other night ?? – Tom is feeling he can use her So is telling Dina what to say to her Kato is just looking for a way to that bar to try to save face Knowing he got out played by L/R/N As we have said short turnaround I’m sure lots of last year’s CBB and the title screen Can we get the fish back Interesting they did not trust these people to be able to keep the fish alive ( again look how quick they flush there one fish Ryan down the toilet ) I can only imagine how Joey would have been watching them and talking about them
    So NK still have a TV Not sure if the speakers will last With Tamar ( I think I spell her name different every time just not sure) going through her vocal range The poor sound people
    It was mention in passing between Tamar, Ricky, Loco, & NEM That it was said there is an all girl alliance ,or an all black alliance Loco said she only fills half if that club Ricky ask where he was with the all girl thing They all laugh

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