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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Sunday Feed Updates

Good morning, everyone!


I’m going to be honest. Yesterday pissed me off with these feeds. What was it? 9 hours of downtime after some intense drama?  Rumors of Lolo being kicked from the house and we’re forced to sit around watching re-runs of last season for half the day?  Not cool, Big Brother. Not cool.

Due to this, there isn’t a whole lot to report on for the overnight. When the feeds returned, everyone was calm and everyone just hung out all night. Even Lolo and Tamar were talking like nothing happened. The big thing that did happen was the tickle alliance got exposed (I am tossing that nickname out to see if it sticks. Tickle = Tom Kato Lolo Eva = TKLE = TicKLE. No? Bad?  Yea I’ll scrap it).  Ryan actually noticed the four of them outside together and somehow managed to piece together that they may be in an alliance. I’m sure it took all the brainpower he had, but it’s impressive considering FOUTTE couldn’t even figure out who was working together after like 2 months.

I do expect a lot of downtime today as the PoV comp and probably ceremony should be happening. I’ll be updating this thread, but I have a few things to do today that I should have done yesterday!

  • 2:00 pm – Ok, back from doing some things. Seeing as the house has been fairly boring all day, I’ll share some real-life tips:
    • Unrelated Big Brother Stuff Below:
    • If you ever receive a letter from a dealership telling you that they’re going to give you so much more for your trade-in over the KBB value, ignore it. They’re full of shit. I went to the dealer today because they promised me $4k OVER kbb which they valued at $13k. Awesome! $17k trade-in plus discounts? I can get a brand new car for a few grand. Well, naturally when I’m in the door, things change. Suddenly it’s “your car is worth $10k but we had to cut that in half because you had an accident on your carfax, so we’ll give you $5k”.  Wtf?  Let’s pretend it is true because my car really is only pulling up $10k on kbb, what happened to the $4k OVER? Does this mean they were valuing my car at $1k and giving me the $4k on top of it?   Or without the accident, are they valuing my car at $6k plus the $4k? Bullshit. They wanted me in the door so they can fudge the numbers and give me a big trade-in value while adding the savings on to the cost of the new car.
    • I think there really should be a service similar to real estate agents where you go to THEM and tell them to deal with the dealer on your behalf. Way too many people get screwed by the tricks of these places and it involves a ton of research on MSRP prices, invoices prices, time of the year, dealer incentives, etc. I guarantee if I was an auto buying agent, I could save new car buyers thousands
    • Another tip which I broke today because I knew they were going to lowball me – Never talk about your trade-in until you secure the price of the new car.
    • Also, it’s best not to work with your monthly payments as a negotiating tactic. This is because salespeople primarily make their commission from a percent of the actual profit on the car. The profit is whatever the car sells over invoice (typically). So, if you’re buying a car with an invoice of $19k, your payment should be around $290 a month (72 months / 3.1 interest). Since there was no profit, salesman gets the minimum fee (around $100 or so). However, if you go in and tell them your budget is $350, suddenly they’re pushing that $19k car for $23k which is a $4k profit. 25% commission on that is $1k. Big payday for him and you’re stuck paying $60 more a month than you should be.
    • Why would a dealer sell at or below invoice?  Because if it’s a national brand (Ford, Chevy, etc), the main corporations can offer incentives to sell x per month. Plus they can upsell on add-ons in the finance room and they use their own banking so they’re collecting your interest payments. This means a dealer can and will sell at or below invoice so just throw out that MSRP crap.
  • 2:40 pmOk, back to Big Brother
    • There really isn’t much going on. No veto yet. Ryan has been working out (of course), and Ricky is just sitting around waiting.
    • I will say, I am very proud of this group compared to last year so far. Many are playing the game and not just pouting about wanting to leave (Metta). Even people who don’t really understand the game (Joey) are still playing and he was one of the last people on the wall. He could have given up because he definitely thought the competition was stupid, but he didn’t. He wanted to win, so even if he doesn’t say ‘woah’ for me, that earned a few points in my book.
  • 5:00 pm – Joey and Ryan asked Kato if they should pack up, and Kato told them it really depends on the veto.
    • Mr “I hate alliances” is currently working Kato some more.
    • Joey’s pitch is that he still wants to get to the end with the best temperaments. Ok, Sam.
  • 6:20 pm – Back from watching the CBS episode.
    • I can’t believe how much they left out. They didn’t show Joey whining at all nor did they show when Lolo and Tamar came really close to fighting.
    • I’m also shocked the feeds were down for 9 hours over that. Unreal.
    • Meanwhile, Kato is downstairs in private with Dina trying to cut side deals of safety
  • 6:30 pm – Kato is re-telling the Joey conversation to Ricky.
    • He tells Ricky that Joey is pushing the peace and harmony final group but he already thinks his alliance is peaceful.
    • He’s making the rounds. He’s now back with Dina and promising her that she’s safe
    • Sounds like he is working on a backdoor plan of Ryan or Joey
  • 7:30 pm – On the feeds, Joey is working out while Ricky, Kato, and Nat, are chatting
    • They are explaining the veto to Kato
  • 9:45 pm – Kato and Tom are playing pool while everyone else is downstairs hanging out

Check back for updates!


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  1. hogwild

    Ryan figured something out? That is the most impressive thing to have happened thus far.

  2. Seattle Kari

    Happy Sunday Junkies! 🙂

  3. AIO_7

    Watching some of BBAD last night it looks like the house guests have found their new version of Pot-ball … miniature Corn-hole.

  4. AIO_7

    As for the “TicKLE” alliance: I really don’t see it. I see Dina closer to Kato and Tom than the other two girls.

    P.S. Am I right that Kato put Tantrum on the block? WOO-HOO!

    • AIO_7

      Revision: After just listening to Kato and Tom just now, there might be more to the TicKLE alliance than I’d previously picked up on.

      One thing Tom was saying here is that he didn’t know what Ricky would do if he (Ricky) won HoH. That he (Tom) was going to play some Chess with Ricky to feel him out. Kato said he was going to feel out Ricky too.


    • mm22

      I thought dina n kato were close too
      I don’t know why she’s on the block
      They don’t have an alliance but they
      like each other is she a pawn

      • AIO_7

        Not sure if she is a pawn, but word is she upset some people when cheering on Joey in the HoH comp.

      • Mel

        Kato lost trust with Dina when he tried to get Joey to drop in the hoh comp. Dina started telling Joey not to do it. Kato felt Dina was after him at that point. She wasn’t, she was just upset with all of them for lying to her about the vote. Fina was Kato initial target this week but he eased off of it some.

  5. Shivani33

    Hello to the Junkies! We haven’t had CBS for around 3 weeks. Our local station is locked into yet another financial battle with the network. So all that we get on that channel is 24/7 videos about how mean CBS is. Plus, after Marissa won last CBB, what worse could happen? Lots of things. For example, hiring Tamar Braxton! I would watch her locked in a house with Les Moonves, though. That could be fascinating. And Julie Chen Moonves could strut around with a microphone, giving the blow-by-blow.

  6. AIO_7

    After listening to Lolo strategizing with Eva and Ricky, we may have to call it TRicKLE for now. However, Ricky seems tight with L and E. Those three are dubious of Tom. I can see this breaking down to R, L and E against Kato Tom and Dina eventually.


    • Sassy

      Ricky and Kandi seem to get along fine too. Lo and NEM will be lucky if they stay loyal to each other. Not sure why everyone wants to be their friends and in an alliance with them.

  7. danmtruth

    Tantrum is trying so hard to be friends with Kandi Who is not having any of it Tantrum was pushing how they need to hangout after the show That got a big uummm I don’t think so
    Tantrum was saying how she does not judge people Does not like people who flash fancy things they have Who have I been watching
    These people are delusional Joey explaining how he is a sec made man How he likes to get lost in the character he is playing

  8. mm22

    Tamar probably shouldn’t be on any show with
    the word “values” in it

  9. Mel

    State of the house:
    The biggest problem with the Tom and Kato alliance is the fact that Tom and Kato are both in it. I thought they were the best duo at first but I actually think we’d see some better game play if they were on opposite sides because they never want the same thing. Tom is fine working with Lolo and NEM but he’d rather work with Joey and Ryan. It’s just like when he tried so hard to keep Jonathan but Kato wouldnt have it. Tom doesn’t want to work with Ricky and he comes as a package with the two ladies so he’s paranoid about it. Tom doesn’t think Dina and Kandi are the threats right now. Tom only wants Ricky to go this week.

    On the flip side, Kato is super loyal to Tom as long as he doesn’t have to take his advice. He believes everything Lolo and NEM says to him. If he can’t backdoor Ryan, he’s planning on taking out Kandi even tho he thinks Joey is a bigger threat. He said he made the deal with Joey this week. You know, the deal Joey didn’t take during the hoh comp. Kato only want Ryan or Kandi to leave this week, sometimes Dina depending on the hour because it changes. He was working with Dina but both of them screwed that up. Kato sees Kandi as the next best thing to getting Ricky out and thinks they’re a duo. (Not true)

    NEM, Lolo and Ricky have a full blown alliance with Tom and Kato. It took a while for NEM to convince Lolo that they could trust Ricky but now, she finally does and tells him everything. Lolo told him to make Tom believe he’s into the alliance and that Tom doubts him. These three want to backdoor Ryan but Lolo secretly wouldn’t mind getting rid of Joey and working with Ryan herself. Ricky secretly wants Tom to go even tho he’s in the alliance. Ricky thinks if Ryan leaves, Joey will mentally check out of the game so its like a twofer. NEM reminds them that it must be Ryan to go if he dosent win the veto. Tamar is/was loosely on the outskirts of these three but I don’t know where it stands now. They don’t want to evict her right now tho.

    Tamar made nice with Kato, has temporarily calmed down and definitely isn’t the target for this eviction. She’s thinking about game more and using her head. I can’t brag on her for doing it because I’d be giving someone props for behaving like a normal person.

    Kandi was working with Tom and Kato but that’s fell off since the guys worked with NEM and Lolo to get rid of Jonathan. Ricky told Kandi that he has her back. She was sort of working with Dina until Dina tried to vote her out. Tamar is being nice to her and even said she wants them to hang out after the show. (Not gonna happen) Even tho Lolo and NEM saved her with the last vote, she’s never worked with them since they annoy her and Tamar got to them first. Kandi isn’t going to make it long. She isn’t making anyone mad but she seems expendable to everyone. I said she needed to be more in the mix once she was off the block or this would happen. She hasn’t and it is.

    Ryan knows he’s a backdoor target and I agree with Steve. He figured out more in a week that Foutte did all summer. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what to do about it. He and Joey decided last night they needed to rally the rest of the house since TKLE are together. They want to get Ricky on their side. (He wants Ryan gone) They want to get Kandi in an alliance too. (Ryan WAS in an alliance with Kandi when he put her otb so…good luck Ryan) instead of talking to anyone, they got the idea to have Dina do it. (The 1 person who voted to evict Kandi) Joey doesn’t seem allergic to the word “alliance” anymore but it’s probably too little, too late. They would put Lol and NEM otb if they won the hoh.

    Dina’s kind of like Kandi since she’s not attached to anyone enough to count for much. She had that with Kato but blew it when she steered Joey away from the deal during the hoh comp. Instead of talking about it, Kato just put her otb. Dina wasn’t against Kato, she just didn’t know what happened with the vote and knew Joey and Ryan were the only ones telling her the truth.

    They’re all making mistakes and it’s pretty much a trainwreck. They don’t know the game and they’re learning as they go. I’m fine with that and curious to see who will make the biggest blunders from now until the eviction. The winner may be the person who screws it up the least this year, not who plays the best. I still think Lolo and NEM are in the best position as of now. They have the least amount of people who will put them otb.

  10. AIO_7

    These two are becoming bopsie twins …


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  12. Seattle Kari

    Since I tend to miss so damn much..

    What did I miss about Kandi that makes people want to get her out?

  13. danmtruth

    These people are keeping it confusing Mostly because what logic is any of them using Little to none I see As was recapped above all sides have different goals and agendas Tom keeps thinking about threats in only a physical way That is why he does not want Ricky around He also feels as was pointed out Dina does not have anyone to work with

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep Dan, they are keeping it confusing. And I’m kind of liking it. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m liking the unpredictability of it all. It gets kind of monotonous when you know every move someone is going to make. At least with all the confusing, it keeps us watching to see what the hell is going to happen next if nothing else.

  14. hogwild

    If Tantrum wins POV I will be drinking heavily as that is the only way I can listen to her any more.

  15. Mel

    Ryan and Joey have figured out if they use the veto, the other one could go otb so they’ve agreed not to use it if they win.

    Lolo told Ricky he needed to talk to Tom and convince him that he really did want to be a part of the alliance. She warned him that Tom wants him out. She suggested that he bring up Tom being the one to name the alliance and say it’s becauae he’s creative….Ricky did this and it actually worked. Tom went to Kato after he and Ricky talked. Tom said he feels much better about working with Ricky now.

    Tamar actually told Ryan last night that Tom, Kato, NEM, Lolo and Ricky were working together. I missed the convo. Ryan thinking he can work with Ricky is even worse than I thought before. Ricky already rejected Ryan and Jonathan trying to work a deal. Now he’s knows who Ricky is working with but still sees him as a free agent. Wierd.

    Kato may be willing to go after Joey now but not sure about that just yet. It was bound to happen because Tom has been bonding with Joey and wants to keep him. These two never agree.

  16. Mel

    NEM saw Tamar studying with Kandi and she’s concerned Tamar will start working with the other side of the house. Lolo wishes she hadn’t already told Tamar she was safe but she already did. Lolo also said she told Tamar to work the social game so she isn’t as concerned as NEM.

    Tamar asked Lolo if she was ok and Lolo said yes. She told her people wanted to target the guys. She also told her to keep working her social game. She said Tamar had the best one in the house and didn’t get why she didn’t do it all the time. Lol It reminded me of when you give a kid undeserved praise for doing something they barely did in order to actually get them to do it alot more.

    Dina told a very long story and Kandi said she couldn’t believe it took that long to basically find out nothing. Lol

  17. Seattle Kari

    About car sales. A few years ago we bought a 2012 Toyota Corolla which only had 40,000 miles on it. We got it for about 12 which is pretty cool.

    However I was very naive and it led to our undoing on one aspect. After you buy the car they take you back and they ask you what kind of extra things you might want added on to it (this is what really pisses me off and I don’t think it should even be legal.) He talked us into getting a security system which is about 500. Turns out we didn’t need the security system because *there’s one built into the car*. What bullshit right?!

    Top it off when we figured this out, they wouldn’t refund the money they just added it as a “credit” in the account. In a way it helped because we were able to just use it for some car work over the years like oil changes but still it was complete bullshit overall

  18. JD

    I am not watching CBB but I wanted to pop in and say hello to my fellow BBJ family. HELLLLLLOOOOO!! My best to all of you!

  19. danmtruth

    Let’s see how they edit this HOH Than we get to see how they smooth out the fight

  20. hogwild

    People freaking out over dropping two feet onto padded mat what drama queens.

    • danmtruth

      Hog they did not even show most of it Joey was a going over every medical problems he has Let me tell you that was a big list It took Kato an extra 2-3 min to drop Again bad knee Bad shoulders The one thing I was happy about was they did not show Tantrum cackaling with her laughter (if you call it that) Not to mention Looser freaking out over the dye in her hair

  21. mm22

    Kandi was funny talking about tamar getting down from the wall she also stepped in n got tamar out of lolo face during one of the fights -Kato don’t use her if a replacement is needed! I think lolo apologizing to tamar was bull she didn’t deserve it tamar should be apologizing but never does n there letting her get away with it

  22. NKogNeeTow

    After seeing that argument, didn’t I tell you that Lolo was one nasty piece of work? Not taking up for Tamar, but her biggest problem is that she is loud and obnoxious. But Lolo has REAL anger management issues. She went from 0 to 100 in less than 60 seconds. The one thing I will give them both credit for is that once they calmed down, they actually handled it like adults. I can appreciate one for apologizing and admitting she was wrong for the way she handled it and the other for accepting the apology without exploiting the situation further. Other than that, they’re both still crazy bitches in my eyes.

    • Sassy

      I think the make up part was probably staged (or at least mandated) by production after Lolo got back from her cool down session. Lolo did heat up quick possibly in part because she didn’t get much sleep. I am short tempered with stupidness when I don’t get enough sleep.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You might be right Sass, all of us get a little testy when we’re sleep deprived. But I still stand by what I said about Lo. If I’m not mistaken, she’s even been accused of bad sportsmanship before because of her attitude. Both of them get on my nerves, but they do make good drama, which is exactly why Production probably doesn’t want to lose either one of them just yet. Hell, as boring as BBAD was last night, I was almost rooting for a fight or something! lol

      • mm22

        Well lolo scream to tamar u do this every day- so its been ongoing and lolo just
        snapped -she probably lasted longer than I would’ve

      • Colby

        I agree that the make up clip was most likely mandated by production.
        I also believe that there was a lot more to it up than was shown, and that Tantrum got a really good edit.
        Not that I think Lolo is any angel and did escalated it farther than it needed to go, but she hadn’t had much sleep. And, how much crap can you take from somebody until you finally blow up?

    • mm22

      They both do have anger issues but tamar is often the instigator she won’t just stop if they try to just walk
      away she goes after them what a lunatic – she should
      be apologizing – I just hate how she gets away acting
      like that

      • Ann

        Exactly, that bitch acts like she’s privileged & her way is the right way. That arrogant, obnoxious, delusional little troll needs to be brought down a peg or two. I truly could’ve slapped the shit out of her when she was on that wall screaming & acting a fool, that shit was just way way over the top. I wish everyone would’ve just ignored her ass & acted like she wasn’t even there.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I really don’t think Tantrum’s anger is a bad a Lo’s. Tantrum’s main problem is she wants to be THE star of the show and will instigate her ass off just to get more air time. Unfortunately, it’s working. As Ann says, Tantrum is in over half the show. She does and says everything she can to make sure the cameras stay on her as much as possible. She’s so loud and boisterous that she’s been selling wolf tickets every since she’s been in the house. She just didn’t count on anyone buying them, especially “Becky”. As the saying goes “If ya don’t know, ya betta ask somebody”.

      • Colby

        I think all of you are exactly right.

    • Mel

      This was about the 4th time Tamar and Lolo had words. This one just escalated more than the others. NEM has had a couple issues with her too. I really just think this was the result of Lolo having to deal with it one too many times.

      NK is right too tho. Lolo has a very short fuse. She yelled at the house a few days ago over the groceries. She also punched the daughter of a coach or something like that in a bar. I don’t know the details but if you Google it, it’s there. The fake headlines are there too from yesterday and I think that’s unfair. It ridiculous that some idiot can tweet something and then online magazines pick it up, slap a header on it and call it news.

  23. Sassy

    I loved how Dodo apologized to Tantrum and she accepted the apology without one of her own! She is SOOO self absord that she does not think she did anything wrong. I cannot stand people like that! But her eye shadow looked great!!

  24. Ann

    I’m wondering if production knows that Tamar is not the only person on the show. Every time I look up they have that beast’s face on the damn tv screen squawking. Damn I don’t want to see her face again. Send her ass home already.
    Like I said before, I guess I’m just petty because I’ll be damned if I would’ve apologized to her the way that Lolo did. From what I could see Tamar didn’t deserve an apology.

    • mm22

      *I’m wondering if production knows that Tamar is not the only person on the show*
      Ann so funny-I couldn’t understand half of what she was cackling about tonight-I kept
      asking what what did she say-then just gave the hell up

      • Ann

        I’m to the point of putting my tv on mute any time they show her & that is a LOT. My carpal tunnel is acting up now from muting my tv so damn much. I ought to send my Dr bill to her ass for causing this pain.

  25. Sassy

    I don’t get why they were so upset with Dina for voting Kandi. No one told Dina about the house vote, probably because they didn’t want her to share the info. But she’s not a mind reader.

    • Alda

      This group really are very naive to the game.They are all over the place.

    • Mel

      That was a really dumb segment and I agree. They didn’t tell her and they arn’t working with her. They should’ve shown Dina spending 3 hours trying to figure out the votes when it was 6 to 1 and SHE was the one. That was actually funny. Instead, I had to watch Kato have his internal organs massaged and hear him says things I can’t unhear. There’s no way I can talk to my friends about watching this show anymore. If they run across this episode, they’ll think my IQ is around 13.

  26. Alda

    I just don’t understand why they don’t all want to get rid of Tantrum.Just do it!

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  28. LO1004

    I have a question: is Kandi allowed to sing her own songs that she wrote?

    • NKogNeeTow

      That’s a good question. Usually, they don’t want them to sing songs because they would have to pay royalties, but since they’re her own songs, I wonder if that applies here.

      • LO1004

        We need to find out. This will eat at me.

      • danmtruth

        This morning Joey got a stop singing from produi He told Tom that this probably is not an issue on the regular show As entertainers they naturly sing unlike normal people WHAT ????
        Agree on Tantrum Why do people think it is a better idea to work with her Instead of working with a normal person like Kandi.

    • Avatar

      It could really depend on multiple things.

      1. Just because a person may have written a the words, they do not necessarily own the entire song. If some one co-wrote the music, they also own the song. I do not know if Kandi writes the music.

      2. Depending on her contract, the record label most likely owns the intellectual property of the song, so they could also demand money if the songs are used.

      3. While being on CBB, they get what they really want, exposure. I would think that CBS has it somehow written in their contract guidelines and such to how they are allowed to self promote, and ways that they are not allowed to do so.

      Just my 2 cents

  29. Alda

    Time to get ready for BBAD.I hope it’s more exciting then last night.

  30. Sassy

    Any word on the Veto comp? Do we know if they have even done it yet?

  31. hogwild

    I never thought I would say this but after a week of Tantrum I kind of miss Raven as annoying as she was at least she was nice to look at.

  32. NKogNeeTow


    All is quiet on the western front. Everyone is getting along and playing nice. Kato/Tom playing pool. Most of the rest of the group playing cards.

    Looks like we’re in for another long one Alda. But who knows, the night is still young.

  33. danmtruth

    That did not take long Tantrum being LOUD sunglasses on talking over everyone Lolooser doing some kind of colored sand art on the table Sam from last season would be jealous of her arts & craft skills
    It has been all of 10 days and they are acting this crazy ? What would they be like after 30 days

  34. Mel

    The only chance I see for Tamar to leave is Kato and group finding out about Tamar telling Ryan this evening that she will keep Ryan if he’s otb and said to Ryan, Joey and Kandi that she wants to split up Kato and group. These people are loose lipped so it could possibly get out..
    As of now, it’s still Joey or Ryan for replacement depending on veto. Tamar is the choice for the moment to take off the block.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    They just cleared up one question for us. When asked why they can’t sing, Joey(?) said that if it’s an original song and you made it up you can sing it.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    I just looked at Jokers during the commercial. They are calling Tom/Kato Tomato. I love it!

  37. NKogNeeTow

    1/2 hour in and I need candy…and wine.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Ryan/Kandi/Tantrum still playing cards. Tantrum being annoyingly loud as usual.

    Lolo thinks she should have never popped the zit on her face.

    Tomato still playing pool with Dina watching.

    Not sure where NEM/Ricky and Joey are.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Ryan/Joey/Tantrum/Kandi still playing cards.

    Joey was talking about NEM or Lo (didn’t hear which one) was busting zits all day then putting makeup over it, just asking for a staph infection. *Either he thinks he’s Max Factor or Dr.Pimple Popper*

    Kandi says one thing the house has done for her is make her want to go back into the studio and write songs.

    Kandi noticed that Production is outside building something.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Ryan playing Solitare.

    Tomato still playing pool.

    Joey keeps trying to peek outside.

    Lo taking a break from her grits and sand artwork.

    NEM/Lo/Tantrum talking about boob jobs.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    NEM tells Tantrum that she bets she has a pretty face when she sings. Tantrum says no she doesn’t. NEM says Joey twist his mouth when he sings.

    Joey/NEM/Lo talks about what they can drink to make them pee. *I swear this all I have to work with*

  42. danmtruth

    Joey just can’t stop giving advice on all food products Coconut water
    These people are talking about how board they are Yet they have playing cards mini Cornhole But no fish Except Ryan

  43. NKogNeeTow

    NEM/Joey/Lo/Tantrum now joined in the kitchen by Dina. General chit chat.

    Lo/NEM eating and talking about when they flew in for the show.

    NEM starts to sing she wants to be HOH and Tantrum asks her if she can really sing. NEM says “Bitch no”.

    Lo says that if Tantrum and Joey write cookbooks, she’s buying them. NEM asks Tantrum how she made the quesadillas.

    Tomato still playing pool, now rejoined by Ryan and Dina, who is in love with the salmon and cheese Lo made.

    Tom finally won a game.

  44. danmtruth

    There was talk last night about a hot tub party tonight
    Questions Back to the nomination Dina was upset with Kato because he said the reason was She was cheering for Joey This upset her Yet it was true As for Tantrum first he talk about her making a mess in the kitchen She kept interrupting him He said he slipped on some shrimp she drop on the floor Tantrum said she thought if you cook you don’t have to clean Than the Tantrum you keep talking about quitting or wanting to go home

    • mm22

      Why didn’t kato go talk to dina after the comp
      n ask why she was cheering on joey
      instead of assuming she was in an alliance-
      I would be pissed if one of my peoples
      pop up n was a cheerleader for someone
      totally out of the blue-I would want to know why

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Pool game still going on. Now it’s Tomato and Ryan.

    Tom is giving Kato advice on his shots. *This from someone who won 1 game out of 5*

    Lo put on a bathing suit and she, NEM and Tantrum go outside. Lo gets in the pool and says it’s not bad. NEM puts her hand in and says it’s too cold. Tantrum yells “No, it’s ninety-foe”, then goes in because she says she has the itchies. Lo is now outside alone, in the pool.

    Joey/Tantrum in the bedroom whispering. She is telling him that when she/Kandi and Ryan were upstairs talking, she thought whoever was in the kitchen could hear them talking. She tells him that someone (didn’t hear who), was so rude, the rudest person she ever met. *Apparently she hasn’t looked in the mirror yet*

    Tantrum goes back outside. Lo tells her that after being in the pool she is going to sleep like a baby tonight and might have an orgasm. Tantrum tells her not to waste it on a jet.

  46. danmtruth

    NK I think she was talking about Dina She was afraid Dina could hear them talking My be if she did not YELL over everyone all the time she would not need to worry Any way Joey said no we could not hear anything that was being g said Tantrum was like no she could Wait first you ask if they could hear She was told no But it did not fit the story she wanted That Dina was eavesdropped on there conversation

  47. NKogNeeTow

    1 1/2 hrs down, 1 1//2 hrs to go. *Well alrighty then*

    Lo/NEM back in the bedroom. Lo looking for her swim cap. She finds it and leaves.

    NEM talking to herself. Says she’s going to bed because they have a big ass day tomorrow.

    Lo gets back in the pool and starts to commentate like she and Ryan are in a swimming comp.

    Tantrum gets into the pool and says she’s getting on the treadmill. She gets in front of the jets instead and praises the Lord.

    Tantrum says her son is a natural swimmer. She says she’s having trouble staying in place on the jets so she goes on the pool treadmill. *Why is she still wearing those box tv style sunglasses?*

    Lo tells her she looks like a Bay Watch girl on the treadmill and Tanny starts smiling and acting like her “hair” is blowing in the wind.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Now Dina/TomAto playing pool.

    In the pool, Tantrum is back on the jets. Lo is sitting on the side of the pool. They are talking about hair again. Lo says maybe she should wash her hair again tonight.

    Kandi comes out and joins them. Lo goes in and Kandi and Tantrum joke about Tantrum being in the pool.

    Pool game just broke up and all 3 go downstairs as Joey comes up to take a 2hour shower.

    Tantrum and Kandi come in.

    Kato goes in bedroom and tells NEM that something strange is going on. He says its between Tantrum and Joey. He says Joey came out of the DR. NEM says that’s because they are idiots and are trying to find out the rules of the game.

    Kato tells them they need to decide who they are taking off the block if Ryan doesn’t win the Veto. Tom says they should Dina off and they talk to her a lot more and they really like her more and have more fun with her.

    Kato wants to know if there is any possibility that Tantrum/Dina will stay OTB. Tom says that if Ryan wins the Veto and doesn’t use it. Tom says they (the other side) are trying to figure out who to vote off. NEM says they (Kato’s side) has the numbers for whoever they want out.

    Kato says Ryan/Joey kept asking him if they should pack. He said it was stressing him out to the point that he wants to tell them to pack. NEM says don’t say it. She says don’t open a can of worms until they know for sure who wins the Veto. That will let them know who goes home. They have decided that if the Noms stay the same, then Ta goes home and they can get Ryan or Joey next week.

    NEM says they will get together again tomorrow. When she leaves, Kato tells Tom he wants to get Dina in there and tell her the plan. Tom stops him and says to wait because she sleeps in the room with “them”.

    FINALLY! Some game talk!

  49. danmtruth

    I do like the game talk of taking Ta-Ta /Tantrum out But Tom does that wishy washy I love everyone
    Next Quiz I say the POV will be a crapshoot quick contest The HOH Tru false quickie

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Tom tells Kato that if they win this Veto, they get to take the head off the snake. Kato tells Tom he hopes he (Tom) wins it.

    Kato thinks the comp will be something like days. Tom says then he has “to study that shit”. He tells Kato to ask him some questions. Kato starts to quiz him some various questions.

    Outside, Tantrum/Dina/Ryan are talking. Tantrum is wondering where NEM is. Dina says she went to bed. Ryan tells them they have to win tomorrow. Tantrum says she doesn’t care who wins, she’s going to bed.

    Tantrum goes into the bathroom and starts whispering to Lo.

    In the parlor(?), Kato is still quizzing Tom. *We NEED the cams back in the bathroom please* Tom is telling Kato that the comp might be a quick one and gives him some examples of some past comps. *GET BACK TO THE DAMN BATHROOM!!!*

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Lo/Tantrum/Lo talking and saying that if Kato’s side wins the Veto, they will vote Tatrum off. NEM says that when they draw for players, she’s going to be praying that Ryan/Joey aren’t picked.

    Tom is telling Kato that from the very first day that he/Kato/Mooch clicked. Tom says that they (he/Kato) are just playing it cool and when you get in a position of power like this, it is best to be cool. *Ummm Tommy, you have no power*

    Kato is pissed because he feels that Joey/Ryan tried to play him when they were asking if they should pack. He said Joey asked him what did they have to do to get rid of the girls. Kato said in his head, he was thinking “they are just going to f*ck us in the worst way*

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Kato/Dina outside looking for her earring. They do find someone else’s diamond earring. Dina leaves to go ask who it belongs to.

    Tom alone in the parlor on the tablet. He stops to talk to Jessica and tells her he misses her and hopes to see her soon. She also says hi to his parents and The Scheiders.

    Kato catches Ricky outside the parlor door and tells him about how Ryan and Joey were acting and how they caught him in the SR asking him if they should pack. He says he thinks they were also trying to get into the DR. He tells Ricky that if Tantrum/Dina stay OTB, they have to vote out Tantrum.

    Tom comes out and Kato calls him over. He tells Tom what he was telling Ricky. Tom goes back into the parlor and Kato goes to the kitchen to get something. During this entire convo, Ricky never says a word. Ricky leaves and goes to the bathroom.

    Kato goes into the room with Tom, who ask where Ricky is. Kato says peeing. Ricky then joins them. Ricky asks where Ryan is. They say they think in the DR. Tom says that he thinks it may be funny if the 3 of them fist bump and say “Team Fun”.

    Tom tells Ricky that if the Veto is not used, they vote off Tamar. He says even if they don’t get Ryan, at least they pick off one from the other side. Ricky asks if Dina knows. They say they haven’t said anything to her yet.

    Tom tells Ricky that he thinks the comp may be some sort of visual and that they need to try to remember things. He says they have to win Veto to get rid of Ryan. Ricky still isn’t saying much.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Joey is still in the shower and Ricky asks Kato if he’s just going to try to wait him out.

    Kato tells Ricky he will just have to wait until tomorrow to decide about Ryan/Joey. He says they might not even be picked to play Veto. He says that Ryan doesn’t like losing and that’s why he believes he keeps trying to get into the DR. Ricky says that’s interesting. (Tom is no longer with them).

    Kato is telling Ricky that Dina said she would never vote him off but would vote off Ryan and Joey.

    Kato says he wants to go to his room but he doesn’t want to run into Joey because he doesn’t want to talk to him. Ricky tells him to just go into the HOH and get in bed and turn the lights out.

    Kato leaves and Ricky sits there alone with his hand over his eyes for a few minutes, then leaves the room.

    In the bedroom, Lo/NEM/Tantrum are talking in the dark and Production turns the lights back on. They say they’re hungry anyway.

    In the kitchen, Ricky is washing dishes and Ryan is cleaning. He says he likes to clean because his wife does enough so he doesn’t mind cleaning to help her out. He says she’s an amazing cook. Ricky asks if she’s from California. Ryan says yes.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    One thing I forgot to mention, at one time, Kato says that it may be better if they have a tie vote (he wants to be the one to send Ryan home). Does he realize there are 7 people voting so there will be no tie?

  55. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, tantrum asks Ricky what’s the reason he’s not talking to her. He only says not that he’s mad. She asks if it’s just game. He says he promises her he will talk to her but right now he just wants to go to sleep.

    Lo comes back in with snacks (candy) and gets in bed (NEM is already in bed).

    In the kitchen, Joey is flossing his teeth and telling Ryan that there is only one way, that they win. He then leaves and goes back into the bathroom as Ryan continues to clean. *He might be dizzy as hell, but he’s a good swimmer and maybe a not to bad house husband*

    Tom is outside talking to himself, saying maybe he’s a floater. He also says that he wants to go to bed but doesn’t want to get cornered (Ryan/Joey). He says maybe he’ll go in and get a snack, but he still doesn’t want to get cornered (Ryan).

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is now in the kitchen and talking to the camera and to Ryan, who is in the bathroom. He asks Ryan if everyone has gone to bed. Ryan says yes because he thinks tomorrow will be a busy, busy day. Tom says that maybe he’ll go to bed too.

    Tom leaves and goes to tell Dina he’s going to bed. They discuss when the lights go off. They make small talk then Tom leaves.

    Joey is in the bathroom brushing his teeth. *I swear that boy primps more than a woman*

    Dina prepares her bed, then snuggles in.

    Tom is in his bedroom, taking off his shoes.

    Joey STILL in the bathroom STILL brushing his teeth. *That dam boy will be all gums by tomorrow morning*

    Tom is now in bed and changing his into his pajamas under the covers.

    Ryan is now in the bathroom telling Joey that it’s 3 against 2. Joeys says that when some of them from the other side tries to jump ship to their side, they won’t take them. *Uh huh*

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! And so am I.

    Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  57. mm22

    Thanks nkog I look forward to reading your updates n comments
    every morning-the bb experience wouldn’t be to same without u
    I feel well informed now n can start my day lol

  58. danmtruth

    Sorry NK could not soldier on Thanks for the highlights Is it me or does Tomoto think they will do days Yet have they even been in the house for over 10 days ? Again Tomoto keeps over thinking things Kato keeps wanting to tell everyone his plans Tom falls victim to We are the greatest alliances in BB history We have an olypian a Heisman trophy winning NFL player A pro wrestler An evial genius in Kato and me *Tom*
    It is good that they are trying to have a plan ready yet they talk like the veto winner picks the replacement
    Tantrum STFU
    Joey BSC
    Ricky Mr Chillax
    Kandi What The Fuck Did I Signed up for
    Kato Ohhh Squirrel
    Tom I have so much material for my next special
    Lolo Ms Anger Management

  59. danmtruth

    How could I forget
    Ryan Mr Limpet the merman
    NEM Just as many hair colors as names Gee I hope this gets a a better gig than just going back to the WWE

  60. danmtruth

    Watching Kato I can’t believe he knew anything about the OJ killing Because he can’t keep a secret Talking with Tom and NEM they lay the preveto plan that if noms stay the same they will vote out Tantrum If they win the veto they pull Dina off and vote out Ryan or Joey who ever they put up Kato is excited he wants to tell Dina the plan Both Tom & NEM say no They don’t want to take a chance it gets back to Joey & Tom or Tantrum Kato just can’t help himself You just know he is going to tell her

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