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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Sunday Feed Updates

January 28, 2019 | 135 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good morning, everyone!

I’m going to be honest. Yesterday pissed me off with these feeds. What was it? 9 hours of downtime after some intense drama?  Rumors of Lolo being kicked from the house and we’re forced to sit around watching re-runs of last season for half the day?  Not cool, Big Brother. Not cool.

Due to this, there isn’t a whole lot to report on for the overnight. When the feeds returned, everyone was calm and everyone just hung out all night. Even Lolo and Tamar were talking like nothing happened. The big thing that did happen was the tickle alliance got exposed (I am tossing that nickname out to see if it sticks. Tickle = Tom Kato Lolo Eva = TKLE = TicKLE. No? Bad?  Yea I’ll scrap it).  Ryan actually noticed the four of them outside together and somehow managed to piece together that they may be in an alliance. I’m sure it took all the brainpower he had, but it’s impressive considering FOUTTE couldn’t even figure out who was working together after like 2 months.

I do expect a lot of downtime today as the PoV comp and probably ceremony should be happening. I’ll be updating this thread, but I have a few things to do today that I should have done yesterday!

  • 2:00 pm – Ok, back from doing some things. Seeing as the house has been fairly boring all day, I’ll share some real-life tips:
    • Unrelated Big Brother Stuff Below:
    • If you ever receive a letter from a dealership telling you that they’re going to give you so much more for your trade-in over the KBB value, ignore it. They’re full of shit. I went to the dealer today because they promised me $4k OVER kbb which they valued at $13k. Awesome! $17k trade-in plus discounts? I can get a brand new car for a few grand. Well, naturally when I’m in the door, things change. Suddenly it’s “your car is worth $10k but we had to cut that in half because you had an accident on your carfax, so we’ll give you $5k”.  Wtf?  Let’s pretend it is true because my car really is only pulling up $10k on kbb, what happened to the $4k OVER? Does this mean they were valuing my car at $1k and giving me the $4k on top of it?   Or without the accident, are they valuing my car at $6k plus the $4k? Bullshit. They wanted me in the door so they can fudge the numbers and give me a big trade-in value while adding the savings on to the cost of the new car.
    • I think there really should be a service similar to real estate agents where you go to THEM and tell them to deal with the dealer on your behalf. Way too many people get screwed by the tricks of these places and it involves a ton of research on MSRP prices, invoices prices, time of the year, dealer incentives, etc. I guarantee if I was an auto buying agent, I could save new car buyers thousands
    • Another tip which I broke today because I knew they were going to lowball me – Never talk about your trade-in until you secure the price of the new car.
    • Also, it’s best not to work with your monthly payments as a negotiating tactic. This is because salespeople primarily make their commission from a percent of the actual profit on the car. The profit is whatever the car sells over invoice (typically). So, if you’re buying a car with an invoice of $19k, your payment should be around $290 a month (72 months / 3.1 interest). Since there was no profit, salesman gets the minimum fee (around $100 or so). However, if you go in and tell them your budget is $350, suddenly they’re pushing that $19k car for $23k which is a $4k profit. 25% commission on that is $1k. Big payday for him and you’re stuck paying $60 more a month than you should be.
    • Why would a dealer sell at or below invoice?  Because if it’s a national brand (Ford, Chevy, etc), the main corporations can offer incentives to sell x per month. Plus they can upsell on add-ons in the finance room and they use their own banking so they’re collecting your interest payments. This means a dealer can and will sell at or below invoice so just throw out that MSRP crap.
  • 2:40 pmOk, back to Big Brother
    • There really isn’t much going on. No veto yet. Ryan has been working out (of course), and Ricky is just sitting around waiting.
    • I will say, I am very proud of this group compared to last year so far. Many are playing the game and not just pouting about wanting to leave (Metta). Even people who don’t really understand the game (Joey) are still playing and he was one of the last people on the wall. He could have given up because he definitely thought the competition was stupid, but he didn’t. He wanted to win, so even if he doesn’t say ‘woah’ for me, that earned a few points in my book.
  • 5:00 pm – Joey and Ryan asked Kato if they should pack up, and Kato told them it really depends on the veto.
    • Mr “I hate alliances” is currently working Kato some more.
    • Joey’s pitch is that he still wants to get to the end with the best temperaments. Ok, Sam.
  • 6:20 pm – Back from watching the CBS episode.
    • I can’t believe how much they left out. They didn’t show Joey whining at all nor did they show when Lolo and Tamar came really close to fighting.
    • I’m also shocked the feeds were down for 9 hours over that. Unreal.
    • Meanwhile, Kato is downstairs in private with Dina trying to cut side deals of safety
  • 6:30 pm – Kato is re-telling the Joey conversation to Ricky.
    • He tells Ricky that Joey is pushing the peace and harmony final group but he already thinks his alliance is peaceful.
    • He’s making the rounds. He’s now back with Dina and promising her that she’s safe
    • Sounds like he is working on a backdoor plan of Ryan or Joey
  • 7:30 pm – On the feeds, Joey is working out while Ricky, Kato, and Nat, are chatting
    • They are explaining the veto to Kato
  • 9:45 pm – Kato and Tom are playing pool while everyone else is downstairs hanging out

Check back for updates!

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