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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Tuesday Feed Updates

February 5, 2019 | 121 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Late start to the day, my apologies. It was a late HoH competition last night and I tried to stay awake to see who won but that backfired.

We do have a winner, however. And that is – Tom!

That’s right, from the doghouse to the penthouse (is that how it goes?). Tom was in rough shape just 24 hours ago, and now he has guaranteed himself a spot in the final 6. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still in bad shape, but he’s at least delaying the inevitable a bit while making the Bedroom Bunch squirm.  I still don’t see a path out of this unless he wins the next veto (not this one) because he’s still outnumbered quite a bit. Even if Dina and Kandi both fully fall to his side rather than playing both sides, Dina is someone who picked an answer because she missed a player. Not exactly the strongest of the bunch. Of course, this is Big Brother and she could very easily luck her way into the next HoH which would completely flip the house around, but that will be on Friday night during the second part of the double eviction.

It’s unknown who Tom is going to nominate, but I fully expect Ricky, Nat, and Lolo to be 2 of the noms with the third as the replacement nom should one win veto. I’ll be shocked if he does something different other than possibly add Tamar to that mix.


  • 10:10 am – Feeds are currently down – shocker
    • Feeds back, was a wakeup call
  • 11:00 am – Lolo is practicing her pitch to Tom and basically wants to blame him for blowing it up. They would have remained loyal had he not.
    • Bold strategy lol
    • Her overall pitch, however, is to try to get the band back together. Of course, he will see through the bullshit but that’s her plan. Good luck
  • 11:50 am – Tom is talking to Kandi and sounds like his plan is to get Ricky out
    • Kandi is pushing for Natalie but he’s pretty focused on Ricky.
    • If Ricky goes, there is a strong chance Tom goes next and it will be every single male evicted before any female. Pretty wild
  • 1:20 pm – Tom is making rounds talking to everyone
    • Ricky is first
    • Tom proposes that he put Ricky on the block and hope Ricky win veto in exchange for safety…. wow
    • Ricky counters by saying all three of them (him, Lolo, Nat) are not on the block in exchange for safety
    • They go back and forth but it’s going nowhere
  • Ricky leaves, Natalie enters
    • Tom proposes to her that he won’t nominate her if she doesn’t nominate him
    • They agree on the deal to keep each other safe (and I don’t believe it)
  • Nat leaves
    • She goes down and re-tells the conversation with Tom to Lolo
    • She tells Lolo to just listen to his deal rather than make an offer of her own
  • 1:45 pm – Lolo’s turn
    • Lolo immediately talks about how she kept the 4 deal until it blew up.
    • He tells Lolo he wants to put her on the block but to win the veto. No, that won’t get back to Ricky
    • I can’t believe he’s giving two alliance members the same exact offer
    • Lolo keeps pushing to try to get Dina or Kandi out. Good attempt lol
  • 3:00 pm – I had to run to get dinner, recap from the last hour
    • The talk with Lolo basically went nowhere. It sounds like Lolo is going up with Ricky
    • Dina spoke with Tom and wants Natalie out. Kandi wants Natalie out. Tom is still gunning for Ricky
    • Tamar was complaining about Kandi being in the house and Natalie tells her she (Tamar) is to blame for that – which is true. They could have voted Kandi out
    • Tom tells Kandi he’d rather get one of them out next week and not win the show because he’s still pissed
    • So this conversation ends with Nat and Ricky on the block.
    • Now we wait for noms
  • 4:45 pm – Feeds back!
    • Natalie is on the block with Ricky
    • Meanwhile, Tom is up in the HOH room dancing
  • 5:00 pm – Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar are actively trying to figure out how to get Ricky out over one of them.
    • They are all also bashing Tom for playing the game

Check back for updates

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