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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Tuesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


Late start to the day, my apologies. It was a late HoH competition last night and I tried to stay awake to see who won but that backfired.

We do have a winner, however. And that is – Tom!

That’s right, from the doghouse to the penthouse (is that how it goes?). Tom was in rough shape just 24 hours ago, and now he has guaranteed himself a spot in the final 6. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still in bad shape, but he’s at least delaying the inevitable a bit while making the Bedroom Bunch squirm.  I still don’t see a path out of this unless he wins the next veto (not this one) because he’s still outnumbered quite a bit. Even if Dina and Kandi both fully fall to his side rather than playing both sides, Dina is someone who picked an answer because she missed a player. Not exactly the strongest of the bunch. Of course, this is Big Brother and she could very easily luck her way into the next HoH which would completely flip the house around, but that will be on Friday night during the second part of the double eviction.


It’s unknown who Tom is going to nominate, but I fully expect Ricky, Nat, and Lolo to be 2 of the noms with the third as the replacement nom should one win veto. I’ll be shocked if he does something different other than possibly add Tamar to that mix.


  • 10:10 am – Feeds are currently down – shocker
    • Feeds back, was a wakeup call
  • 11:00 am – Lolo is practicing her pitch to Tom and basically wants to blame him for blowing it up. They would have remained loyal had he not.
    • Bold strategy lol
    • Her overall pitch, however, is to try to get the band back together. Of course, he will see through the bullshit but that’s her plan. Good luck
  • 11:50 am – Tom is talking to Kandi and sounds like his plan is to get Ricky out
    • Kandi is pushing for Natalie but he’s pretty focused on Ricky.
    • If Ricky goes, there is a strong chance Tom goes next and it will be every single male evicted before any female. Pretty wild
  • 1:20 pm – Tom is making rounds talking to everyone
    • Ricky is first
    • Tom proposes that he put Ricky on the block and hope Ricky win veto in exchange for safety…. wow
    • Ricky counters by saying all three of them (him, Lolo, Nat) are not on the block in exchange for safety
    • They go back and forth but it’s going nowhere
  • Ricky leaves, Natalie enters
    • Tom proposes to her that he won’t nominate her if she doesn’t nominate him
    • They agree on the deal to keep each other safe (and I don’t believe it)
  • Nat leaves
    • She goes down and re-tells the conversation with Tom to Lolo
    • She tells Lolo to just listen to his deal rather than make an offer of her own
  • 1:45 pm – Lolo’s turn
    • Lolo immediately talks about how she kept the 4 deal until it blew up.
    • He tells Lolo he wants to put her on the block but to win the veto. No, that won’t get back to Ricky
    • I can’t believe he’s giving two alliance members the same exact offer
    • Lolo keeps pushing to try to get Dina or Kandi out. Good attempt lol
  • 3:00 pm – I had to run to get dinner, recap from the last hour
    • The talk with Lolo basically went nowhere. It sounds like Lolo is going up with Ricky
    • Dina spoke with Tom and wants Natalie out. Kandi wants Natalie out. Tom is still gunning for Ricky
    • Tamar was complaining about Kandi being in the house and Natalie tells her she (Tamar) is to blame for that – which is true. They could have voted Kandi out
    • Tom tells Kandi he’d rather get one of them out next week and not win the show because he’s still pissed
    • So this conversation ends with Nat and Ricky on the block.
    • Now we wait for noms
  • 4:45 pm – Feeds back!
    • Natalie is on the block with Ricky
    • Meanwhile, Tom is up in the HOH room dancing
  • 5:00 pm – Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar are actively trying to figure out how to get Ricky out over one of them.
    • They are all also bashing Tom for playing the game

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    Hope he puts Eva and Lolo the lunatic on the block mainly to see Lolo’s head explode when she is up there.

  2. AIO_7

    They probably should have kept Kato.

  3. AIO_7

    Nat and Lolo strategizing on how to butter up Tom …


  4. Ann

    Shouldn’t he be thinking on how to get some of those girls out. Namely Tamar, Nat & Loco Lolo? Think about it dude, you & Ricky are the only men left in a house full of women & most of them are crazy as hell.

    • AIO_7

      He wants Ricky out bad. Then Nat. He’s definitely not going after Tamar, Dina or Kandi this week.

    • danmtruth

      Ann stop using logic Tom is over thinking Dina is as usual his little pet Run here Dina bring this person up Here Dina over laugh at anything Tom says Oh Tom Your So Smart Gag me
      Tom in his glory
      So as we get to the end let’s look at everyone and what there appeal for votes on the last day
      Tom easy all the HOH wins combined with POV wins
      Dina I was here the whole time
      Kandi she survived being on the block Got people to vote Joey out
      Lolo I’m nuts I will hunt you down and hurt you oh and I’m an Olympic hero
      NEM I helped plan and execute so many backdoor and I kept Lolo from hurting you all
      Ricky I help drive Tom & Kato crazy
      Tamar I’m a big fan played hard and got all these other bitches before they got me

  5. AIO_7

    Tom still over thinking. His targets are Lollo, Nat, and Ricky. He’s trying not to act like it but he really wants Ricky out …


  6. hogwild

    Tom has a severe case of target fixation when it comes to Rickey.

  7. Avatar

    They were up super late like 5 AM LA time and after he got into his HOH room, Natalie, Lolo, Dina, and eventually Kandi came up for a bit. Nat and Lolo were sucking up to Tom, it was obvious how fake they were being. If he was smart, he’d nominate Nat and Lolo so if one wins the veto the other one will be guaranteed to go home but he’ll probably nominate Ricky or Tamar. Hopefully he makes the smart move.

  8. Sassy

    I see Ricky and Tantrum as bigger threats than NoLo. EVERYONE wants NoLo split (except NoLo) so let them be the ones to do it on the double eviction… Ricky and Tantrum are playing both sides. They are both cool with Kandi and Nolo. Tom is screwed no matter what. As long as he keeps NoLo in and they don’t win the HOH, the rest of the house should want to split the pair. And since NoLo wants Kandi out, he MAY stand a chance to live another day in the house.

  9. Avatar

    Go Tom! Please take out Lolo.

  10. mm22

    Just wondering steve on the live shows they
    sometimes show Julie walking towards the audience
    before it goes to commercials -does she talk
    to audience members or is it all for show?

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  12. mm22

    just read jokers from this morning-very
    worried tom is gonna mess this hoh up

    • Sassy

      There is no real messing it up. No one really likes him anyway, so anyone going home is a win for him.

      • danmtruth

        Miplace anger They think if they voted her out and kept Joey They would be in a better situation Why I don’t know They think Kandi being there gives Tom some advantage Why or what it does not matter They still think it

  13. Apopkedave

    Why is Tom always playing with his hair? Does he have head and beard lice? I think he will put up Eva and Lolo with Ricky as a back door plan, again.

  14. Shivani33

    Tamra first soured the bedroom 3 about Kandi as soon as the game started, since Tamar had an old Kandi grudge from before the show. Natalie, Lolo and Ricky became friendlier with Kandi after Tamra and Kandi began to get along better. Now, Tamrat is mad at Kandi once again, because Kandi hasn’t been quiet enough and talks with everyone. Tamra wanted Kandi to shut up and not play, so that Tamra would have that to bitch about and make Kandi look too dull to be a contender. If Tamra wanted a space cadet for a pal, maybe she should have latched onto Dina. When Tamra told Kandi today that she is mad at her, Kandi looked just about ready to pop.

    Tom doesn’t seem at all clued into the dynamics between Tamra and Kandi. He asked Kandi to talk to Tamra about some of his HoH ideas. I can understand that Tom doesn’t want to take a chance that Tamra might start hollering at him if he approaches her, but Kandi is not the United Nations.

  15. Sassy

    Lolo is telling Tom how much he hurt her by dismantling their alliance and blaming her and Nat for it falling apart. She’s also telling him L/N/R are the reason he’s still here. She’s getting a double whammy because he hurt her by ending the alliance and now thinking about putting her OTB.

    This is an awful strategy. He doesn’t owe her anything. She’s just confirming that 1 of the 3 (L/N/R) have to go! The 3 have the power to control the game.

    Tom tells Lolo he’s putting her OTB, but she’s a pawn. she’s telling him he needs to make amends with her and she shouldn’t have to go OTB. She’s pitching to him to put up Kandi and Dina. He’s not buying it. Tom is pouring it on thick to Lolo, he said, “your an American hero”. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Poor Lolo, people make fun of her for not winning a gold medal… The prize money for her would allow her to train for the next Olympics.

    Lolo is crying, it’s been a really hard few days for her. She just doesn’t know who to trust.

    • LO1004

      Lolo’s trying to convince him to put up Kandi and Dina and he’s so delusional that he tells Dina that Lolo is gonna go to a F4 w him, Dina, and Kandi? He doesn’t listen and deserves to lose at this point. Listen to Mama Lohan, Tom! You’re making the same mistake!

    • Shivani33

      She didn’t look very upset gloating and posing after she won veto during her last few hard days of hardship.

  16. Ann

    When Tamar told Kandi she was mad at her, Kandi should’ve said “do you think I give a fat rats ass?” & walked away.

  17. Sassy

    I’m not sure if Tom is really this dumb or if HOHitis has already struck again. He’s telling Dina that he can split NoLo without sending one of them home. He believes Lolo wants to work with him, Dina, and Jandi. But I don’t think he confirmed this with them prior to making it a thing in his head! And he believes he can protect Lolo while she’s OTB!!

  18. AIO_7

    Dina trying to convince Tom to target “disrespectful” Natalie …


  19. Sassy

    NEM and Tantrum talking about “what if” scenarios. Tantrum is working NEM. She gets her to say she would not use the Veto but she won’t say what her excuse to Lolo would be. NEM avoids pretty well, she would definitely use Veto on Lolo!

  20. Shivani33

    Kato said in his post-game interview ” be a moth! Go towards the light.” I have no words. But I’ve seen a lot of dead moths who shared his sentiments.

  21. AIO_7

    The four of them bad mouthing Tom …


  22. hogwild

    Tom this applies to your game.

  23. Sassy

    The bedroom bunch are talking. Lolo says he is using her Olympic dreams against her, he is a terrible person! She feels like he owes her an apology and she’s mad he didn’t give her one, even after she told him she was hurt. Huh… Again talking about how her Olympic competitors talk bad about her on Twitter, and now Tom does this… How is this the same? Tantrum has to jump in with how Kandi and her friends do the same to her, but she has to just ignore it and go about her own path. Always got to one up!

    I can’t listen to the BR bunch smacking their food, disgusting!!

    They plan to let Tom have it after noms, because there isn’t anything else he can do to them. They are pissed they can’t get Tom to do what THEY want.

    Nat talkingvto America – We played the game, like we PLAYED the game, but there are people like Kandi and Dina that don’t know what is going on.

  24. Sassy

    I love Kandi!! She’s trying SOOOOO hard to get Tom to understand that he has tunnel vision with Ricky and the weaveline sisters can NOT be trusted!! He still thinks they can trust them… Twighlight Zone!!

  25. Sassy

    All the cameras on Ricky and Lolo playing and talking chess.

  26. Sassy

    The bob sled coaches were out to get her, but after she made the team, the coaches that were out to get her either got fired or demoted. Karma. Poor Lolo. She says she has embraced being a loser. Ummm, dear, you MADE the Olympic team, that’s WINNING! It’s not a take turn kind of sport. Only ONE person wins. At least you can say you were the 4th fastest in the world! Stop pitying yourself!!

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  28. Sassy

    Ricky is telling NoLo, one of us is going to leave this week, let it be me. He’s giving them a pep talk on how to get through to the end without him. He says they can get Tantrum on their side. He says he’s a team player and if he can be a part of one of them winning, then he wins too.

  29. Cat Lady

    I can’t stand Natalie, Lolo and Ricky..they think because Tom, Kandi and Dina see playing the game differently ..they are bad and of course they are good..pleazzz Get over yourselves.. each plays the game as they see fit but I like Kandi the best..than Tom and than Dina..the others forget about it

  30. LO1004

    I’m dumbfounded by the sense of entitlement of these women. They literally made Tom’s life hell for the last week and expected him to lay over and die for them? In what world would they expect to be safe. I need a break, they are heinous.

  31. WhereisPablo

    It looks like Ricky and NEM are tbe nominees.

  32. Cat Lady

    I wonder what those mean girls are going to think when they get out of the house and see what people think of their behavior?

  33. hogwild

    Apparently Tom decided to pattern his game after foute/hive.

  34. AIO_7

    I tuned in just as Lolo was trying to sway Dina toward something. Not sure what. Weird how social NaLo can be when their butts are on the line …


  35. Shivani33

    Production told Loco and Nematod that they are not allowed to call Tom a male chauvinist pig. So they are calling him a scumbucket instead. It’s horrible! However, I’ve gone way, way past the point of no return with these 2 savage ladies, who are just lying around venting. Tom is blissfully oblivious that Lolo says that he is crushing her Olympic dreams. He hasn’t heard! Yet. This is better to watch if I think of it as a gross sitcom.

  36. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    I’m totally ‘shipping Kandi and Tom’s friendship. I’d rather watch the feed showing Tomdi (what do you think??) in the kitchen eating and chatting than watch the miserables talking actual game.

    Oh and one more thing…


  37. Shivani33

    Is Ricky being a slick Ricky snake or would he really want to get evicted to save NEM&Lo? He and Tom talked about considering their own possible side deal this morning. Well, Tom and everyone who came to his chamber talked their own personal side deal with Tom. But Tom has been obsessed with getting rid of Ricky. Yet it’s the women who have won comps from that group, not Ricky yet.

    • Alda

      Shiv,do you remember a season when all of one sex were voted out? I don’t.I know Mooch left on his own,but still….

      • Shivani33

        I can’t think of a U.S. season like that, now that you mention it. This could be amnesia. If there were only guys left, I’d probably not notice. Men are everywhere. I mean,who ARE these people?

  38. Mel

    I hope Kandi gets the credit she deserves on the show for getting Natalie otb. Both women would’ve been better tho. No matter who Tom wants out, leave the person OFF the block who is least likely to win the veto….that’s Ricky. There was a better chance of the women turning on each other if they were both otb together too.

    Ricky isn’t any more of a threat to Tom thanthe other two and Natalie is the biggest threat of the 3 to win.
    Tom’s following thru on what he started with Ricky (at least it seems) instead of playing the odds. He just doesn’t have a handle on the house or the people.

    Kato fueled Tom’s paranoia and his gazillion ideas but Kandi tells him to chill. It’s nice and funny to watch and so is Kandi talking to him even tho Tamar told her to stop. She let Kandi know it was making the other group mad. Too bad, tough shit, Kandi will do Kandi but thanks for your input Tamar, Nat and Lolo. They barely talk to her and she knows they want her gone. She also knows Ricky’s tried to get her out.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Tamar started to get back on the “I’m mad at Kandi” train right after Nolo told her Kandi could easily win the game. Tamar wants people to see Kandi as she see Kandi and in Tamars world, Kandi isn’t important. She’s also upset over hearing Kandis stories and said she wants them to stop. Kandi does have good stories and on the rare occasions the bedroom ball bag cry babies ask her something, she answers. Is it her fault she has better stories, has been more places and met more people than Tamar?

    I’m sick of Lolo but they’re actually crazy to get rid of her. It’s the one thing Tom is doing right. Unfortunately, he wants to do it because he thinks she would be the most trustworthy to work with him. She is the one EVERYONE should be planning on taking to the end. Sucks to be us if they do tho…

    • LO1004

      I just love reading your recaps and thoughts. Mine are all scrambled, so it’s really nice that you can do it for me.

      But first. You don’t think T is turning up the Kandi drama so they think she’s solidly on their side? I think it’s a show.

      • Mel

        A lot of people think that from what I’ve been seeing. She may be and I know they discussed something about it. With Tamar, I’m just not sure. She talked about Kandi to Dina too which she didn’t need to do if it’s an act. I hope it is but I’m still skeptical. The look she gave Natalie last night when she said Kandi would get votes didn’t seem fake. As long as no one likes Kandi, I think it could be an act. Lol

      • Sassy

        I think she (Tantrum) is trying hard to play both sides. She doesn’t think Kandi knows what she’s saying to the bedroom bunch or that the bedroom bunch knows what she says to Tomdi2. Both sides are onto her and fake friend her. She may be a benefit depending on who’s in power.

        I agree Ricky is less of a threat and I hope they get Tom to come around and agree that one of the girls needs to leave, not that he gets a vote. If Lolo wins Veto, she will take NEM down, leaving both the girls safe and no real choice other than Ricky. NEM and Ricky both would win over Lolo, who is the person I would want in the final with me.

        I’m loving the strategizing calm Kandi. They actually gave her some credit on the last episode. I’d like to see her win HOH next or Veto, just so she has a win to go along with her strategy.

  39. NKogNeeTow


    Tom and Dina playing pool. No real game talk, just pool talk. Dina tells Tom that Tay doesn’t feel good and she’s been sick since she got there.

    Ricky is sitting alone at the kitchen table, playing cards alone.

    In the bedroom, Nat and Tay are talking. Tay is saying something about someone. Nat is saying she doesn’t give a f*ck, she’s going to win Veto. They leave the bedroom and Tay goes into the SR or the DR (I didn’t see which one. In the kitchen, Lo is sitting with Ricky who is playing Solitare. Tay comes out and tells Lo something and Lo says “get the f*ck out”. Kandi is standing there but doesn’t say anything.

    Kandi goes into the kitchen and asks Ricky how long she slept. She says the days are getting longer. In the SR, Lo says Lo says “Christina, why you playing with us like that” and the cam cuts back to the kitchen. Kandi is washing dishes, when Tay comes in and says “Thank you Jesus, that was amazing”. Kandi asks her what but Tay doesn’t respond. Instead, she says something to Ricky.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Tay is sitting at the counter, talking to Kandi. She asks Kandi what she ate for dinner. Tay says somebody ordered a big ass piece of cod. Kandi asks Tay what kind of fish she cooked yesterday. Tay says sea bass, then says she’s hungry. She looks in the fridge and asks if the pork chops were any good. Kandi tells her to smell it and if it smells bad then throw them away.

    In the bedroom, Nat/Lo are talking and Lo tells Nat that Ricky is kind of helping him out because he’s not really talking to Tom. She says she feels bad for Ricky. Lo says Tom is living it up because he’s playing the game of his life. She then asks Nat when was the faces challenge. Lo says she’s good at this, she’s got everybody’s noses down. Ricky comes in and falls across his bed. Lo tells Nat that Tom has the faces down pretty good too because when she gets up late, she sees him studying the wall. Nat asks Lo about the cast from the last CBB. Lo starts to name them in the order of their pictures on the wall. Lo says she doesn’t think that is going to come until the end. Nat asks Ricky what Tay is doing. He says she’s cooking and eating. Nat asks if she’s by herself. He says no, Kandi is with her. Nat and Lo go back to going over memorizing things for the comp. Nat sighs because they have to do speeches. Lo tells her it’s her time to shine.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is sitting at the kitchen table alone, playing Solitare.

    In the bedroom, looks like Lo and Ricky are sleeping.

    Tom comes downstairs and tells Kandi that he’s playing a little pool with Dina, then he starts singing and playing an imaginary piano for Kandi. He asks her if she likes that kind of music. He says it’s kind of northern Ontario jazz music. He says it’s the C blue scale, over and over again. He says it definitely makes you a little crazy. Then he starts singing other instruments. She asks him if he remembers the Charlie Brown song and he sings the music. He tells her he’s surprised that he didn’t do better in that Gallager thing. He says he knows things that others don’t. She asks him, such as. He starts to tell her details about things during the comp, such as the colors of the balloons, how many seeds in the watermelon picture, etc. He says he loves Gallager and he was one of his inspirations when he was a teen. He said he just wanted Gallager to do well. He said he had a few of his performances on VHS.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    While Tom was talking to Kandi, Dina, the house snitch/flunky/space filler, comes in and sits down and tells them a dream she had about Eddie Murphy. She says maybe Lindsay will do a movie about it (*New drinking game, everybody take one every time she mentions Lindsay’s name*). They then start to talk about movies and Judge Reinhold. Dina asks where is he now. Tom says he isn’t sure but he doesn’t think he lives in Cali anymore. Tom and Dina start to do Canadian accents.

    Tay comes in and asks for paper towels and Tom asks her if she needs anything to eat. He offers to make her something if she wants. She says no. He said he can put in an HOH request for chicken soup if she has a cold. She says no, she’ll eat steak. He jokess that’s good for a cold. Dina asks how to play Crazy 8’s. Tom starts to teach her (*I’ve always wanted to learn that game*) He, Kandi and Dina start to play.

    • Sassy

      With as often as she mentions Lindsay’s name, I think it’s on purpose, not necessarily for the houseguests but for us. Lindsey has a new show out, this is subliminal advertising.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, Nat/Tay/Lo are talking. Lo tells her that Joey pointed out that whoever had the power had the best chance to lie. Nat is putting on a pound of makeup and Tay tells her that she’s so pretty that she could punch her in the throat. They all laugh. Nat says that she’s stressed, that’s why she’s breaking up. She’s mad at Tom. Tay asks them who’s his target really. Nat says she thinks he wants Ricky out. Nat continues to pile on makeup and says she want to pick her face so bad. Tay tells her no because that worse. Tay asks what the Veto comp is tomorrow. She says if she wins, she’s scared that if she wins and uses it, that Lo might go up. Lo starts to tell them something about Dina and Tay interrupts by asking Nat what brand of makeup she’s using. The convo briefly changes to makeup. Nat asks if they think Dina will stick with it (*I didn’t catch what*). Tay says of course she will because she’s a floater. Tay then says “I’m to old for this shit” then leaves the room.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Nat tells Lo that it will be amazing if she (L) won tomorrow. Lo says just give her a good game. Nat is up to 1 1/2 pounds of makeup now. Nat asks Lo if she thinks she’s going to get backdoored. She says that if she does, she’ll go home. She says they have 2 of 3 people who can come back and if Tay’s on board they have 4 (*I don’t understand this part of the convo at all*). Nat says she’s just not ready for her game to be up. Lo says no, of course not. Nat says she still can’t believe that Tom actually won, that his chances were so slim. Lo says she doesn’t care about that, she just thought he’d come back in a better way.
    Tom/Dina/Kandi still playing cards and Tay walks in. *From reading some of the comments above, I understand that Tay is mad at Kandi again for talking to Tom. Why isn’t she mad at Dina?* Kandi tells them how they play the card game at home. Tay is walking around the kitchen and says “A week from tomorrow!” The try to figure out what day Valentines Day is. Tom says the house would be more fun if they had an Alexa so they could request music.

    *Side note: Is Tay really mad at Kandi or is this still part of their act?*

    • Sassy

      It’s hard to tell if she’s really mad or acting. I think everything she does is an act with a purpose, but who knows. When will NoLo get tired of talking about the same thing? They won’t stay friend on the outside, the only thing they have in common is their hatred for everyone not named NoLo.

    • LO1004

      We’re on the fence if he’s really mad or not. I think we’ll have to wait to see her DR sessions, but they had a good talk yesterday afternoon, so I’m thinking it’s an act and she’s playing both sides.

    • Shivani33

      Well, when she told Kandi she was mad at her, Kandi might have known it wasn’t a ” let’s fight” kind of mad. On the other hand, Tamra felt sick yesterday and didn’t display her usual energetics. I do know that Tamar and Kandi mentioned that they might do this kind of mad act to throw people off. It was a few days ago.

      Kandi kept quiet when Tamra told her she was mad at her yesterday, and Tamra wasn’t that heated. I do think that Tamra has much more of a personal background with Kandi than with NEM or Lo. And Tamra has made it clear that she doesn’t want to be in Ricky’s harem. It COULD be a plan. But I don’t think that Kandi really trusts anything out of Tamra’s mouth. She is very practical.

      At first when Tamra said she was mad at her, Kandi looked a bit surprised and serious. Kandi looked ready to open her mouth and spout, and then immediately, she just kind if moved on and gave it no energy, no discussion at all. Zero fight.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Tay tells T/D/K that she can’t believe they had a wine party without her. He says it was only 1 bottle this time. Tom gets called to the SR. POP gives him a small gift bag with caffeine candy in it. He thanks POP and goes back to the card game. He shows the girls the candy. It’s called Awake Caffeine Coffee Candy. He offers them some but Kandi declines, she says she doesn’t need anything to keep her awake. Tay asks him who his letter came from yesterday. He says it was from a friend of his that’s a singer. He says apparently there was a letter from his girlfriend but they can’t find it. He gets a warning from Production and Kandi laughs at him. Tay says that’s lame that he didn’t get his letter from her. He says it’s probably his fault, he’s not blaming Production or his publisher. He says he was probably just busy and forgot to tell his manager to tell her to send one in.

    Tay says she’s getting sleepy again and she slept all day so that’s not good. Tom asks Nat if she’d like to play some pool. She says maybe once she’s done in the DR. Tay tells Nat how tired she is. Nat says maybe it’s because they were up late last night. Tay says that no, usually she can stay up all night and not be tired. Tay asks them if anyone is going to miss the house when they’re all gone. Kandi laughs. Nat says that she will miss that they supply every kind of food they could ever ask for.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Nat/Lo sleeping in the bedroom. There is some kind of noise (I think she hears Tay/Dina talking in the next room). Dina is telling Tay about that silly Eddie Murphy dream. Nat calls Tay into the bedroom as Dina leaves and goes back into the kitchen and talks to Tom about the dream again. The card game has ended and Kandi is looking in the fridge, Dina walking around talking about peanut butter and jelly. She asks Tom if he’s a Skippy or Jif person. He said he doesn’t eat to much peanut butter. Kandi asks if they are going to play another game. She says Tom was beaten at his own game. He says he’s going outside. The 3 of them walk outside and say it’s too cold. Tom and Dina go back in to get sweaters. Kandi says “No, I’m not doing that” and stays inside. Tom goes upstairs to get his hat while Dina is putting on socks. He walks by Kandi in the kitchen and tells her a little air is good.

    Dina goes to the bathroom before going outside. Kandi dancing around in the kitchen by herself. She stops and stares off into space.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is saying let’s take everyone outside for a Fireside Chat with Tom and Dina. Dina thanks everyone for the chocolate. The cushions are wet so they try to maneuver themselves to dry spots. Tom welcomes us to Fireside Chat. He tells Dina where to look at the cameras. She says she forgets there are cameras. He says that’s what’s so weird, that you’re living in the BB house that has been there for 20 years, then he starts to describe the house. Dina moves and he tells her that they might not have a shot of her now. Once they position themselves again, he introduces himself and Dina to us and proceeds to introduce himself and Dina. He says maybe they could play a quick game of celebrity name drop. He asks her who are some of the coolest celebrities she’s met. She says there are so many, then names Meryl Streep and says she’s done 2 movies with Lindsay (*take a drink*) and they hung out a lot and she was cool. She says she got to meet Jane Fonda who did a movie with Lindsay (*take another one*). She says she’s sure people remembers Mean Girls from 15 years ago (*technically take a drink*). She says her daughter Ali has a charity about bullying and you see a lot of that in the house. She says you see a lot of Mean Girls in this house (*another technical drink*). She calls out her children and the HG that have been booted and says hello to them. She says all of the guys in the house have been her roommates at one time or another. She says she’s the only one in her room now. Tom says that basically all of the men are gone now except he and Ricky. They run down the list of everyone left in the house and what they are known for.

  48. Seattle Kari

    Just a wave hello.

    Between the snow / ice / cold temperatures (compared to a normal winter in Seattle) plus more to come on Friday and next week! *This is crazy.* and suddenly very sick with something I don’t even know what it is and I can’t afford to go to a doctor.. I can barely read what’s written let alone process the ins and outs of Big Brother.

    I’m absolutely not myself. I hope everyone’s enjoying themselves and doing well. I will get get back when I’m feeling a little better.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I know how you feel, I’ve been down a few days myself but I’m doing much better today. We’ve had some crazy weather here too. Last week we had snow, today it was 74. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the high 40’s, then rain Friday and snow next week. Climate change is real ya’ll!

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is explaining to Dina what should happen over the next few shows. He tells her that tomorrow would be a good day for her to win. He says they’ve had all kinds of high jinx in the house since they’ve been there. He says he finds it amazing that he’s still there. Dina says they only have 8 days left. Dina says come on people we need prayers. Tom says they have held up against this onslaught so it’s not over. He said yesterday was a very busy day and they spoke to Julie and the world and Kato went home. He said it was a sad day for him because they had a bromance. Dina said everyone had alliances. Tom said that didn’t turn out so well for them (Tomato) because his alliance turned against them. He tells Dina that he predicts she will win. He says he sees what she’s doing and it’s very smooth. He says it’s hilarious that when they finish in 8 days, they will be home and she will be recording an album with her daughter. She says she doesn’t know how many songs will be on it, but her daughter is a songwriter so she’s handling that. Tom tells her that he’s spent far more time with her (D) than he has with Lindsay (*drink*). He says that she has kept him up to date with what was going on in her life. He tell everyone that he has a few alcoholic lines out and they can go to http://www.beaus.ca for his Tom Green Beer and he also ha a Tom Green Canadian Maple Bacon Moonshine and you can go to tsdistilers.com for that.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is telling us that they have 2 coed showers and 1 shared toilet and 1 in the HOH. He says that the bathrooms seems to be well ventilated so there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. Dina says she met Omarosa and she’s a sweetheart. Tom says he’s been HOH twice. Tom explains to us that as HOH you have to put 2 people up and once you do, you have 1 angry one left. He says basically, they won’t even look at him anymore and they won’t come around wherever he is. He said he would have thought that people would have been a little bit more sportsmanlike. He says he cheers for everybody. Dina says yeah, it’s only a game. She says she talks to people and that’s a strategy but it’s also real. She says she talks to everybody. Tom says that essentially most of the people in the house know more about the game than he does but he’s now hooked on the game. He says that next week, whoever doesn’t go home will be fighting with a vigor to win. Not so much to win as to get him out of the house. He says they want him out in the worst way. Dina keeps saying that it’s a game.

    Tom asks if her household eats a lot of sugar. He says when he was little, every once in a blue moon, his mother let them have sugar, they mostly ate cornflakes. Dina says her mother is Italian so they ate mostly natural foods. She says her mother is 95 and she moved to be near her after her divorce. She says Lindsay *drink* calls her grandmother all the time.

    In the bedroom, Nat and Tay are eating candy (?). Nat says tomorrow is comp, then the next day the ceremony then elimination. She says she bets it’s a double elimination. Nat is whispering something to Tay and Ricky but I couldn’t hear what she said. Tay whispers back (her mic is muffled so I couldn’t hear her either). Ricky laughs and Tay asks why he’s laughing. He says because he loves it. They start talking about Tom….then commercial.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    In the bedroom, R/N/T are laughing and talking. Ricky says he feels good. Nat is saying she hasn’t worn 1 eyelash since she’s been there and she’s finding them everywhere. Ricky leaves the room and Nat points at his bed and starts to tell Tay something, then the cam cuts to the BY..*Wtf?*

    Dina is telling Tom that in the beginning, the girls didn’t talk to her much, but she has a better relationship with them now. Tom says he’s a risk taker. Dina says he gets it and he sees now. He says when he was honest with them yesterday, he was honestly surprised that he wasn’t evicted. He said he was looking forward to seeing his girlfriend and sleeping in his own bed. Dina changes the subject and says she wants to start a home for abused women.

    In the bedroom, Tay is talking while laying on her mic so you can hardly make out what she’s saying. Nat is whispering so you can hardly hear what she’s saying. Ricky is laying in bed with a hidden bag of cookies. He shows it to the girls and they laugh at him. Tay says she’s going on a fast.

    In the BY, Tom is telling Dina that he use to play pranks on his parents. He said he was on MTV and he pranked his parents when they went on vacation. He painted their entire house black while they were away.

    In the bedroom, Tay and Ricky are laughing when Nat comes back with more cookies.

  52. NKogNeeTow

    I wish Production would tell Tay to get off her goddamn mic! Everything she says is muffled.

    Dina is outside twirling and Tom tells her to be careful. She says she is careful and that she’s a dancer. He said if she falls, it will be a REAL Fireside Chat. He asks her if she wants to play pool and she says yes. They go inside. As they get ready to go upstairs, Tom grabs Orwell and says he’s going to take him with him. He goes to look for Kandi to see if she wants to come up with them. She’s nowhere around so he says she might be in the DR. he goes back outside to get his hat, while Dina walks around looking for Kandi. Tom takes Orwell upstairs while Dina uses the bathroom. He props up Orwell on the sofa and racks up the balls while waiting for her. Dina comes up and he starts singing a song about playing pool. They hear a door downstairs and Dina looks over the railing to see if it’s Kandi. It’s not. She tells Tom how she’s so tired of the bedroom group. He says they’re all up politicing. She tells him that Kandi says she doesn’t want to win Veto. He asks her why then he says that maybe she doesn’t want to have to deal with the group if she wins. He says she should win it and not use it. He says that Dina has to convince her to win it because he’s the one sticking his neck out to get rid of these people but he needs help. Dina says she sees Kandi’s point but she’s got to keep it in perspective. Dina tells him that the bedroom crew said they want Ricky to stay with them. He says that as soon as he’s gone then she (D) is next then Kandi. He says the final people will be everyone in that room. Dina says don’t forget Kandi. He says Kandi is with us. Tom tells Dina that if either she or Kandi wins the Veto, all they have to do is not use it. She says that Nat told her that Tom lied to her (N). Tom says he did lie to her, but that she lied to him. He said at first he lied to her then he changed his mind and told her he had changed his mind.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is telling Dina that she and Kandi have to get angry and win it because if he doesn’t, one of them need to. She tells him that she has his back and he says he has her’s too. He says that they have to go to bed early tonight to rest up for tomorrow. He says he’s living on borrowed time in the house right now. He says that if he wins Veto tomorrow then she or Kandi can win the next HOH. Dina says she could feel it in her bones from day one about Nat. Tom says she’s a mean girl. Dina asks if she’s still even in the WWE. She says she just doesn’t like her disrespect. Tom says people are watching. He says there are a couple of games going on there. There is the game show and there is the one where people are watching the people in the house. Dina says what they are doing right now is lying to Kandi about things she has said about her and it’s just not true. Tom says Kandi knows better. Tom says they (T/D) are still there so they must have done something right. He said he doesn’t know what he did but it worked. He says when you have to change direction, you just have to.

    *The damn weekly Emergency Alert System just came on so my BBAD cut off. It will take a few minutes before the program returns.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Program is back. Dina is saying she just wants to be on a beach somewhere. They hear Nat downstairs and asks if she wants to come up and play pool. She says no, she just got out of the DR. Dina says she thought they were all in the room asleep. Kandi is with them now and they start laughing and talking about Lord of The Rings. Kandi compares Tom to Golam. She says Tom obsesses about things like Golam did about the ring (Precious). Dina is beating Tom and Kandi teases her and tells her don’t let her find out that Dina really knows how to play pool and has been fooling them all this time. Dina says no, I’m dumb (*Finally, she speaks the truth!). Dina asks if tomorrow is a live show. Tom says no. Kandi says they (Production) doesn’t even give them a schedule.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Just finished reading the previous thread. Now I can address what I mentioned above (why maybe they should have kept Kato over Tom).

    Tom: Surprised me, he was much better at the comps than I thought he’d be. He was almost a comp beast compared to the others in the house, including the pro football player. Kato didn’t have that kind of stamina.

    Nat: She seems to be somewhat malleable. She conforms to whoever she’s around. Unfortunately, she’s around Loco constantly.

    Tay: She’s loud and boisterous but she’s also no dummy (except when it comes to Kandi) and thinks a bit logically (not all the time) and she does know the game.

    Dina: She’s messy. She drinks then gets loose lips. That’s why I think Kandi and Tay should stop talking in front of her.

    Loco: She’s a powder keg looking for a match.

    Ricky: He’s a down-low instigator. He plants seeds then sits back and watches chaos grow.

    Kandi: She’s cool and collected until you get in her face. She doesn’t feed into the BS or the drama unless she’s sucked in and can’t get out, then she just states her case and moves on. I haven’t seen her dwell on the dysfunction as the others do.

    This isn’t scientific, just my humble opinion and anyone who doesn’t agree with me, I’ll punch’em in the throat 😀

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