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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Tuesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


I’m going to be honest, when I first heard Celebrity Big Brother was coming last year, I just assumed it was going to be a joke of a time with a bunch of people being pampered and allowed to run the house. I always got that impression from Celebrity Big Brother in the UK but I’ve never actually watched an episode of it so admittingly I did create this random situation in my head.

When the season began last year, you had Keisha asking to be evicted and Metta trying to sneak out all season long. However, a strange thing happened and it eventually actually started feeling like real Big Brother. Mostly. I mean it’s hard to get over the super fast schedule and things like that but everything kind of remained the same. HoH, PoV, etc. Players, for the most part, took it seriously and wanted to win. Some wanted to win even more than others. By the end of the season, I accepted it as a real season and still kind of consider Marissa a real winner, though mostly with an asterisk because it was only 3 weeks long and 18% of the cast basically mentally checked out after a few days.

This year, I was able to watch it from the beginning and feel like it picked up where CBB1 left off. A real season just very shortened. Players have been there to play, there has actually been a bit of drama (although we couldn’t see most of it), and it’s been enjoyable to watch. I’m never going to stop saying that I prefer a winter BBOTT style season (full access to feeds, a few months long) except airing on CBS, I am slowly accepting this Celebrity Big Brother thing.


Enough rambling, here is what is going on in the house –

  • 11:30 am – Tom is up in the room with Lolo, Nat, and Ricky
    • He is telling them that he was planning on backdooring Joey but may just put him directly up and give him the chance to play veto
    • He will probably let him know that if he doesn’t win veto, there is a very good chance he is the one going home which is an overall odd move but he wants to make better TV I guess
    • Tamar will likely go up next to him which I’m sure she’ll thoroughly enjoy!
  • Feeds then went down for what I assume are the noms, so I’ll update this when they’re back!
  • Wasn’t noms, was the power thing. Looking to see who had the power
  • 3:00 pm – Tom is upstairs in the HoH room and Kato joins  him
    • Kato is telling him how he was laying down and heard Lolo and Joey having a conversation and she was apologetic to him. He is speculating she thinks Joey has the power
    • Tom asks if he thinks it’s weird that Lolo would have such an important conversation with Joey outside the alliance
    • Tom thinks Ricky, Natalie, and Lolo are together (they pretty much are)
    • Tom is really putting the pieces together than the girls would rather be in the final 4 with Ricky and someone else rather than Tom and Kato. He knows they’ll betray him before the final 4
    • Tom asks “is Ricky someone we’re going to take the risk to lose Big Brother for” because he knows Ricky is most certainly a long-term threat
    • (Meanwhile, in the other room, Lolo and Nat are chatting with Ricky about game)
    • Joey and Kandi will likely be nominated tonight.
    • Kato makes a suggestion that if Kandi has the power and saves herself, that could wind up with Ricky on the block and Tom said in that case everyone would just vote out Joey
    • So Tom suggests a real sly move would be to nominate Kandi and Tamar. If one of them uses the veto and Ricky is on the block, he thinks the girls may consider voting out Ricky (they won’t)
    • But Kato says the votes would be him, Dina, and Joey and Tom can break tie
    • So Kandi and Tamar may now be nominated tonight
    • Kato points out that if the girls really do have a f4 with them, they shouldn’t be upset over a BD of Ricky
  • 3:30 pm – Ricky comes in and immediately asks what’s going on
    • Ricky wants to know what the plan is
    • Ricky knows how America’s Vote worked regarding voting. He says people watching are Big Brother fans and he knows that the show was airing them picking off that side of the house
    • He says he thinks America would feel bad and root for the underdog and give it to Joey (very sound reasoning)
    • Kato still thinks it’s Kandi
  • 3:50 pm – Conversation breaks up
    • Tom does some cam talk and is saying the conversation with Ricky was helpful.
  • Meanwhile, downstairs, Natalie asks Tamar who she thinks has the power app.
    • Tamar says “I haven’t really thought about it. At this point, I just want to get my period”  (wtf??)
    • Based on the feedback on Twitter and that weird ass reply, Tamar may actually have it
  • 6:00 pm – Feeds were down, they are back
    • Joey and Kandi have been nominated
    • Ricky, Tom, and Kato are going to spend the night speculating on who has the power now. They’re now more convinced that Kandi has it because of her reaction to the nomination
    • Meanwhile, downstairs, Dina comes into the storage room and says “she has the power” and Tamar quickly snapped on her “who got the power?”
    • Dina laughed and Tamar said “don’t play with me like that, Dina”.  I’ll be completely shocked if Tamar doesn’t have the power the way she acts every time it’s mentioned.

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    BBAD didn’t show last night so I’m a little bit behind. Can I safely assume that Tom won HoH?

    • Ann

      Tom did win HOH.

      • AIO_7

        Thanks, Ann; I’m just catching up.

      • Ann

        AIO7, I can’t wait to gst back to my house so I can catch up on everything. I have to get on here to read to find out what’s going on. I had been getting sick in the past 3-4 months & have been in & out of the hospital in my town & transfered to Houston a couple of times. Well, I found out I’ve had several strokes so my daughter wants me here in Houston with her where my neurologist is. I’m going home this weekend for a few weeks but at least I’ll get to see what’s going on for myself.

      • Seattle Kari

        OMG Ann!!! How Incredibly scary! Sending all of my best wishes, healing prayers and love your way. I hope you feel better very very soon!

      • AIO_7

        Get, and stay well, Ann. Must be tough being away from home.

      • Ann

        Thanks Kari & AIO7 for the well wishes & prayers.

      • Sassy

        Ann – your in my prayers, hopefully the docs have figured out how to stop the strokes! Glad you have family that cares and supports you!

      • Ann

        Thank you Sassy. We know it’s my high blood pressure & diabetes that’s the cause & that’s my fault. I’ve been sticking to the diet that the doctor put me on & I’ve lost 40 lbs & have a little more to go & I’m on blood thinners now. I plan on doing the right thing. I actually feel better being a little lighter.

        Wait, Tamar STFU

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Add my prayers in there Ann. Take care of yourself, we need you here to cuss these HGs out! 😉 Un besote

      • Ann

        Thank you G, I’m trying & with you guys cheering me on I know I can do it. You know I look forward to coming here to raise hell & most of all I love being here with all of you.

  2. danmtruth

    Well it sounds like the house knows that their is a power Tom Ricky and Kato agree they do not care That it is important to flush the power out
    Sounds like the chopping preference is Joey, Tantrum, Kandi Maybe the girls before Joey
    Ricky knows fan like to vote for underdogs To throw off the power group

  3. Seattle Kari

    Can anyone just visualize look on Tantrum’s face if she gets nominated again?

  4. AIO_7

    Feeds are back. Not much going on in the house …

    Eva and Lolo in the exercise room …


  5. AIO_7

    Tamar in the blue room by herself …


  6. danmtruth

    Ann first things first take care of yourself As much as I don’t like to at times Listen to your dayghter and doctors We all know what a strong fighter you are Just let them help More importantly Tantrum STFU

  7. Sassy

    I think it’s a good idea for Tom to be upfront to Joey. That may help if hTom makes it to the final 2. It’s not my fault, I was honest with you. The rest of the house wanted you out.

  8. Mel

    Tom is finally putting it together. He’s realized Ricky may be working with Lolo and NEM on the side. Kato can’t believe the ladies would do that. (He’s driving me nuts) They discussed putting him up or maybe putting up Kandi and Tamar and backdooring him. Tom thinks Lolo and NEM tell Ricky everything they talk about. (They do)

    Lolo is worried that America hates her because she got rid of Ryan. She’s also worried Tamar fans will come after her on social media since they had the blow up. She’s worried they showed her apology on air but didn’t show Tamar apologizing. (True) She’s worried Tom and Kato arn’t good to keep until final 5 since they’re good players. She’s basically worried about everything

    Ricky and Joey did have words last night. Ricky told Joey something about hias complaining and negative energy being in Rickys space. Lol Joey complained to Lolo and NEM about it and said he never complains about anything. (It’s a toss up between Joey and Tamar for who doesn’t see how they come off to people)

    Kandi told Ricky his delivery needed work sometimes and he agreed.

    Tamar denies having the power thing but I think she does.

    Lolo told Tamar she needed a show where she acted out Bible stories/scenes and said it would be hilarious. ???? I didn’t realize the Bible was actually a comedy, who knew?

    • Sassy

      I would love to see Ricky be voted out. That might end the Tickle alliance. If things don’t go the girls way, they get petty. Lolo May be correct about a few things. She’s not getting the best edit, and she does come off as a bitchy, petty, and self absorbed. If she came in the house to boost her popularity, she may find it is more negative then positive. At least I’ve noticed that regardless of what Tantrum does, she has some died hard fans! I can’t say the same about Lolo. But maybe I’m just missing them…

    • Alda

      Mel,I am so proud of myself.I just finished reading the Bible.It was hard at times,especially the Old Testament but I did it! Bucket list check!

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Aww Lolo don’t worry! We don’t hate you for voting out Ryan. We hate you for who you are! We hate you in your own little special way!

  9. danmtruth

    Mel that is the thing with Tom & Kato they have a plan Than think of ways that part of there alliance is living to them This is the season of the pivot by everyone Tom &Kato changing partners after each vote NEM & Lolooser changing because someone slighted them Joey is now trying to figure out how to survive Kandi and Dina just confused what is going on around them And Tantrum well STFU

  10. Mel

    Ricky did a good job talking to Tom and Kato and acting like he doesn’t have a strong opinion about who leaves. Tom wants to try to figure out if the ladies have an alliance with him. He’s been with Kato too much because I think he plans to simply ask them.

    Tamar has to have the advantage. She’s calm and doesn’t seem interested in who might have it.

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  12. Shivani33

    Kandi and Joey otb. Tamar acting pissy for some reason. Maybe she was forced to use her power?

  13. Seattle Kari

    I don’t understand why people are supporting that trashy mouth bitch. What exactly is it the power? Is it just to take yourself off the block? Does anybody even know yet?

  14. danmtruth

    Last season someone showed how different viewiers reacted to the houseguest How people who just watch the live Compared to people who had the feeds Or who get there info from Twitter or Facebook They even broke it down by age It is fun to see how different it can be Yet we are watching the SAME thing

  15. danmtruth

    If the power was like last year Say Tantrum had it Before the nomination they would call her into the DR at some time to ask her if she wants to use her power If she use it than if she is nominated BB would announce that a power was used That would end her power if they nominate her or not As I understand they can backdoor her The only question is if she used it but the HOH never nominate her Do they announce it anyway I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself It comes down to when it is played when people will learn As of now Kandi and Joey are up so they did not use it

  16. danmtruth

    Not sure how much is game play How much is just crazy think Tantrum and Tom we’re talking Tom trying to feel Tantrum out if she had the power Also to see if she would talk to Kandi too see what she could find out Soon it became Tantrum saying Tom was threating her Because he told her I need to find out because he did not want to put the wrong person on the block Tantrum felt this was a threat Than Tantrum said why can’t it be NEM because she has 6 million followers Or Dina with lindsys 20 million followers Tom pointed out these are not the people watching BB This set Tantrum off (what a surprise) saying don’t treat her like she is stupid Tom said he was scared of her and would not want to face her
    This sent Tantrum off she went to the storage room to vent and play victim too Joey As I said how much is game play how much is just BSC
    Mean while Ricky and Kandi just chill and play Gin
    Tom over thinking now thinks Ricky has the power Him and Kato try to explain this to NEM & Lo in hopes of getting there trust

  17. danmtruth

    Tom is talking like the HIVE now Talking about backdooring Ricky because he MIGHT come after them WTF Everyone is going to come after each other Why take away one of your votes Kato & Tom now think they have Dina vote
    The thing is Dina & Kandi remind me if an old Mike Ryco line Number one rule in Chicago politics & Chicago mob Never back a looser All these two do is look at the vote and try to be on the winning side

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