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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Wednesday Night Updates

Good evening, everyone


I’m not exactly sure how many live updates there will be tonight because as of around 5:30, the feeds went down likely for the PoV competition. No clue how long that will take.

However, I didn’t want to leave you hanging because it sounds like things have flipped in the Big Brother house.

As I predicted, the Lolo/Natalie alliance is beginning to gravitate toward Ricky, but this is mostly due to a combination of both Tom and Lolo’s paranoia. Tom is freaked out about the power (which as we confirmed tonight, Tamar got it, but I already guessed as much), so he’s been trying to steer the ship in another direction before it was ready to go there. He had a very solid 5 person thing going but for some reason was terrified of actually getting to the final 5 with Ricky. This is likely because he saw as I did, and that is Ricky is closer to Lolo and Natalie so will likely end up going in that direction when the inevitable happens and the final 5 had to battle it out.


Rather than wait until 5, Tom wanted to get rid of that problem now and go back down to 4. Lolo and Natalie are not fans of that, but Lolo has been far more vocal about it, so she has been going back and forth with Tom on the issue all day. Her idea is to stay the course and just get rid of Joey, but he really REALLY wants to backdoor Ricky now that he has the chance. I personally think it’s not a great move because there are still way too many people in the house for 4 people to feel that confident. We’re still in the ‘numbers’ part of the season because power can quickly shift if one of them doesn’t win HoH. Tom said today “we can go out there and high five and let everyone know we’re aligned and there is nothing they can do”. Wrong.

By potentially voting Ricky out now, they’d head into the next HoH competition essentially 3 against 4 with the odds against them. All it takes is one crazy bounce or one lucky guess and suddenly Joey is HoH and his alliance is then guaranteed down a member. Let’s pretend Joey nominates Tom and Kato and gets Kato out, next HoH would be 3 against 3 which is a coin flip.

Here are the rough odds based on Tom’s options over the next two evictions and assuming Ricky really does work with them until the final 5

Vote out Joey:

  • Next HoH – 57% chance of winning
  • Second HoH – 66% chance of winning

Vote out Ricky:

  • Next HoH – 43% chance of winning
  • Second HoH – 50% chance of winning

Put simply, if they vote out Ricky, they have a mere 43% chance of winning the next HoH and will only have a 50% chance of winning the one after that.  If they stay to the plan, they’ll have a 57% then 66% chance of winning the next two. Call me crazy, but I’d go with the numbers.   I think my math is right. That’s because if they stick with the plan, they’ll either win HoH and that person will be ineligible to play the next HoH or they’ll lose and be down a number.  The only way odds would change would be if they kept Joey and somehow convinced him to go after someone like Dina should he win HoH.

Kind of confusing, but put simply – math is against Tom and Kato if they vote out Ricky. Both Ricky and Joey are strong players so they basically cancel each other out with strength, except Ricky is (or was) loyal and Joey wasn’t. It’s actually kind of stupid to target Ricky right now the more I think about it. It’s even worse knowing that Lolo and Nat aren’t fully on board and have been running to tell Ricky his plan.

Due to Lolo and Natalie clearly choosing their side (Ricky), Tom has lost this season. It’s not a matter of if he gets voted out, it’s when. Kato may not be far behind, although he does have a chance to salvage his season and maybe make top 5.




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  1. Sassy

    I think Tom would be smart to get Ricky out now. The Bobbsey Twins have already told Ricky that Tom is considering him as an option. There is no loyalty there and I think Ricky would take a shot at Tom if the roles are reversed in the next week. Tom has put himself in an awkward spot, but what is done is done and he should take the shot while he can.

  2. hogwild

    What the dog did after she found out Tantrum won the power still don’t konw how she did it.

  3. danmtruth

    Sassy what I find strange is Tomoto thinks they can sway Joey into targeting who they want Or even that Joey would work with them Add to this you still have Tantrum with that power
    I must apologize I was wrong I thought the power was like the ones last season Where the person had to decide if they wanted to use it before nominations are announced This sounds like it is dummy proof As you can use it after you are nominated It makes it more like Jessica’s halting hex

    • Sassy

      Yes, I think she can use it after she is nominated, at least its only valid for 2 evictions. I don’t think Joey trusts anyone, but I believe he would go after Lo and NEM, before Tomato, but I may be wrong.

  4. Vikki T

    I am so tired and over the Tantrum Triple Whammy—— seeing her ENTIRE tongue, her tonsils and the obnoxious noise when she is trying to be cute or thinks she has an advantage? And always straight into the camera with a closeup.

    • Sassy

      Yeah the close up of the inside of her mouth is more than I can handle…

    • mm22

      Im with u! What is with that sticking her tongue out all the time I hate it
      My kids tried that once and got “ stick that tongue back in your mouth before I smack
      it back in” knowing I meant it that was the last time for that. I find it very rude even
      when trying to be cute or funny

    • Ann

      Didn’t I tell you guys that she wags that fat nasty tongue out every single time her big face is on camera? I could just snatch her damn tongue out & slap the living shit out of her with it. I hate her lying, dramatic, over the top, ignorant ass. When she howls out with that fake laugh I really want to tell her to STFU.

      • kneeless

        I heard tantrum say she was suppose to be on last season. Could you imagine if we had to put up with her & Marissa! That would have been CBB OTT!

  5. danmtruth

    I think back to Tantrums talk/argument with Tom about the power app Some how Tantrum brought up how many followers each had How this might be a way to judge who had the power
    With Tantrum thinking she has the support of the people behind her she will only get worse I’m affraid

  6. Seattle Kari

    My mute button is starting to break down because of how often I have to use it when tantrum is on TV..lol

    • Ann

      I told you I need to send that loud mouth cow my Dr bill for causing my carpal tunnel to flair up from muting my damn tv any & every time that loud mouth, tongue wagging beast is on.

  7. Alda

    I still can’t figure out why people voted for her over anyone else in the house.

  8. Avatar

    Who in the world votes for Tantrum???

    Going to disagree with your math, Steve. Your percentages assume that each houseguest has an equal chance to win the next HoH, and that is unlikely to be true. Most HoH comps (not all, but most) involve some sort of skill, whether it’s aiming a ball in the right spot, being observant in the course of the game in preparation for a quiz HoH, or having great endurance. Looking at this season, can you honestly say that Tamar has an as-equal chance to win ANY competition this year? It’s very similar to what Jeff Propst says towards the end of Survivor by claiming that wining immunity “guarantees a 1 in however-many-players-remain shot in winning”. It’s like saying you have a 50-50 chance of beating Lebron in a game of 1-on-1 because there are two possible outcomes: you can win, or you can lose.

  9. mm22

    I think tom should use his HOH to try n get out who he wants to n
    forget about flushing out the power-I don’t understand why people
    like ricky so much just don’t get

    • Avatar

      Why I like him so much: I love football and he was an absolute hammer on the field. Just because I like him doesn’t mean that I want him to win this season. Like he has said many times, It’s just a game.

      I am not sure who I want to win. I like Tom from the days of his show on MTV and he’s a fun guy to watch. A surprise to me, I like Kato as well. I like Joey but that may simply be because he is an underdog.

      • mm22

        Brs1 on second thought I may like him too if cbs would show more of him but noooo attention hog does anything she can to get all the airtime

  10. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD just started.

    They just finished a comp and are all still in costumes/outfits. NEM/Lo/Kandi/Joey are all dressed in football costumes. I think Ricky has one too. NEM and o were whispering about the comp but no one has said who won yet. Joey seems pretty happy. Lo is complaining that she has mud in her hair *Here we go again*

    Kato tells NEM/Lo, great job. In the SR, LO/NEM are whispering. Lo is telling she was feeling sick and her stomach was hurting but if her ass was on the line, she could have won it. Kandi comes in and starts looking through brown paper bundles on the floor (looks like she took out bedding) and they witch the subject to general talk about the comp. Dina comes in as Kandi leaves so they still can’t get back to their conversation.

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    In the Kitchen, Tantrum. is telling Tomato that she’s going to make peach cobbler. Tomato is sitting at the table eating potato chips and saying how the games are fun. Tom says the first 2 comps were hard but the rest were fun.

    In the bedroom, SwingLo and Ricky are talking about the comp. They are trying to figure who to keep safe. Ricky is saying that they just have to keep them (Tomato) from knowing their plan. *NAT WON THE VETO*

    Lo is saying that since NEM won, they are going to be hounding her to use it. NEM comes in and Lo asks her what she’s going to do and how she’s going to handle it. NEM says that she’s just going to attach herself to one of them (Ricky/Lo) for the rest of the week so they can’t get to her. They agree to keep everything the same at the Veto meeting. Ricky says he wants them to be shocked.

    Ricky leaves the room and Lo said that she couldn’t win because if she did, Tomato would know that they were with Ricky, that’s why she let NEM have it.

  13. Avatar

    As disappointed that I am that Psycho T won the vote for the publicist award, it was very funny to watch her try to go in the haunted house. I truly wish that she had gone deeper into the house. To me, that was comedy gold.

  14. NKogNeeTow

    Tomato is sitting at the table eating yogurt and feeling pretty confident. Ricky joins them and they talk about the comp. Ricky isn’t saying much. Just sitting there stroking his beard and listening. Tom is explaining to Kato how he kicked the ball.

    In the bedroom NEM is telling Lo that when she goes to DR, she’s going to ask them what the HOH can do. She says she can’t stand how people act like that when they get a little bit of power. Lo says that Tom has proven that he can step it up when he wants to.

    SwingLo says that none of her falls were real. NEM says all of hers were real. Lo tells NEM that she has to get her speech together for the Veto meeting. Lo tells her to say “He’s these are the nominations and it’s who Tom wants. Kandi you and Joey had a chance to save yourselves and I respect your right fight to stay. You had a chance to fight for the Veto, now you have a chance to fight with your words. If one of you have the power, then you will be coming back anyway”. Tantrum comes into the room and Lo continues to talk until Tantrum asks them a question.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    NEM is talking to Lo/Ricky/Tan. She is talking about her family watching.

    In the kitchen, Tom is mixing something in a bowl. Martha Stewart is fixing himself something in the corner.

    In the bedroom Lo is going through some papers and saying she can’t find her workout paper. Lo tells Tantrum and NEM that right now they have bigger fish to fry. Tan asks who. NEM it’s Tomato. Tan says “you mean Kandi”? They say no, Joey for now. Tantrum rolls her eyes. Tan then tells them that during the comp, Dina kept singing “somebody’s got the power” and looked at her. She said she told Dina don’t even start that shit.

    NEM/Lo goe to the gym and NEM tells Lo that if any of them come in, tell them that she can’t talk to them right now because she has to do her workout. NEM realizes she left something and leaves the room, while Lo gets on the treadmill.

    In the kitchen, Ricky tells Tomato that his mother works for an airline(?). He says he travels a lot and has a lot of flyer miles.

  16. Alda

    As I’m laying here watching BBAD,I was thinking about Kato,TomNem and SwingLo’s so called alliance.From the getgo the boys have called all the shots.i remember Kato saying how he wanted the four of them to talk over all their strategies as a team.Well,now Nem ,as POV wants to keep noms the same.SwingLo is on board too.The boys have to hear Nem out,and let her make this call.It’s only fair.Afterall,Tom did put Joey and Kandi on the block in the first place.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Tomato still sitting at the table talking about the comp. They seem so relaxed. *Wonder how relaxed they are going to feel when they find out that their backdoor is about to turn into a blindside* Joey is feeling a little spiffy too.*Because he thinks he’s going to be saved*.

    Ricky was washing dishes, then gives Tom a shoulder massage. Dina is fixing herself something to eat. Ricky sits down to shuffle the cards for a game they are getting ready to play.

    Kandi is getting ready to make steak and Tom ask her if she will save some for him. She says yes.

    Ricky deals the cards and he and Tom talk about the old TV show “The A Team”. Kato joins them at the table and they all try to remember who was in the cast as the card game begins. *Tomato should figure something is up, Ricky has been smiling more than he has the entire time he’s been in the house*.

    Joey comes over and tells them that Mr.T played his guardian angel in an episode of Blossom. Tom asks him if he’s met everybody. He says not everybody but he knows a lot. Tom asked him who he’d like to work with. Joey says Martin Scorcese. Tom tells Joey wants to play a game of name drop and he’ll call out a name and Joey tells him if he’s met them or not. According to Joey, he’s either met or worked with everybody. *Which is strange because other than Blossom and Give Me A Break, he’s hardly been in anything*

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Martha Steward announces that he is going to make rice for whoever wants it. No one is really interested. Kato and Ricky continue to play cards.

    In the gym, NEM is on the elliptical and talking to SwingLo about gymnast and synchronized swimmers.

    During the card game, Ricky is asking Joey if he met Daisy from the Dukes of Hazard. He said they let him jump in the car. Kato says he can beat that story. He says he and a friend jumped the fence and they found the keys to the Dukes of Hazard car and the keys were in it and they started it up and when security saw them they ran and hid. Not to be outdone, Joey says he got to ride in KIT, the car from Knight Rider.

    Kato is teaching Ricky poker. After he beats Ricky and explains his hand, they move on to another card game.

    SwingLo/NEM still in the gym. NEM still on the elliptical and Lo sitting on the floor. NEM tells her that it will be a trip if Dina has the power. She says that she bets that’s why they want to get Ricky out, so they’d be down another. They start whispering again. Lo says they should have figured it out sooner. They leave the gym and go downstairs. Lo says her ankle hurts no. NEM says her groin hurts.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Kato/Ricky still playing cards. Tom just sitting at the table not really doing anything.

    *Everytime Joey walks across the room I want to yell “DEAD MAN WALKIN”*

    Tom is being unusually quiet and just sitting there with this strange look on his face. *Is he having an epiphany about what is to come?*

    NEM/SwingLo in the bedroom and NEM is gathering her stuff to take a shower. He Siamese twin asks her if she wants her to come to the shower with her since she said she doesn’t want to be alone. NEM says no, she thinks she’ll be alright in the shower.

    As NEM enters the bathroom, Tantrum is on her way out to the kitchen. Kato is teaching Ricky a card game called Push.

    In the bathroom, NEM and Tantrum are talking. Tantrum is telling her that this is the most hostile situation she’s ever had to live with. She says to be bullied on national TV is a lot and is not even cute anymore. She says it’s just shit after shit after shit. It’s abuse. NEM just stands inside the shower door looking at her. NEM tells Tan she fell on her booty so hard and it hurts. Tantrum rummages through some plastic bags on the sofa, while NEM proceeds to take her shower and wash her hair.

  20. danmtruth

    Tantrum looks upset that NEM is not feeding into her pity party
    Tom is no where to be seen on the feeds He has so much to think about After all he is 3 steps ahead of everyone According to his echo chamber Kato

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi and Joey are cooking and Production says the lockdown is over. Joey says he didn’t know there was a lockdown. Ricky and Kato go outside. They make small talk. Then Ricky tells him that if they go to sleep before 10 that Production will not wake them up to do DR. Production tells them they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions. *Their conversation is kind of strained like they’re trying to find something to talk about.*

    Ricky asks him if he misses his girlfriend. Kato says yes. Ricky asks how long has she been in the states. Kato says 4 months. Ricky asks if she wants to stay here. Kato says she has to go through a B12 something. Ricky asks him if he wants to marry her. Kato says she keeps asking him why he doesn’t want to marry her. Ricky asks him why too. Kato says he’s just a bachelor. Ricky says why. Kato says because its a contract and he doesn’t like contracts.

    In the bathroom, NEM tells SwingLo that if she gets HOH, she’s going to ask if they will send in someone to fix their tracks and give them manicures. *Did they not read the contract?*

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Joey brings his little jittery azz outside to get Ricky to open something for him. *Why does he remind me of one of those nervous little dogs that if you point and say “squirrel”, he dashes off into that direction* Production tells Ricky to stop *maybe because he might cut himself*. He takes the bottle back in and tells Joey they told him to stop. Ricky takes a bottle opener and tries to pry the metal from around the cap (olive oil?).

    In the bathroom, Tantrum is telling NEM/Kato, she can’t live like that. *With all the things she can’t live with, how is she still alive?*

  23. danmtruth

    Why has Tantrum become so obsessed with cleaning the sink oh just mad that the other two won’t talk to her

  24. NKogNeeTow

    NEM/Lo in the bathroom drying their hair. Tantrum washing out makeup brushes.

    In the kitchen, Kandi still cooking. Dina filling the ice tray. Ricky washing pans. Joey jumping from one thing to another with nervous energy.

    Kato is in the bathroom now telling NEM/Lo that NEM will have to do her DR tonight because the Veto ceremony is tomorrow. She says that sucks because she’ll have to put her face on.

    Kandi in the kitchen alone, cooking steak and salmon. Joey was wandering around from room to room then goes into the bathroom and puts in eyedrops and complains that he didn’t get to take a shower and the girls are in the bathroom (NEM/Lo still drying their hair and Tantrum cleaning the sinks).

    Dina and Kato are outside talking. He tells her he’s from Milwaukee. She says he doesn’t have an accent. He says “hello, surfer here”. He tells her how when he was growing up and would visit his grandparents and had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, his grandmother would tell him to pee in the little pot in the bedroom. He aid he never could understand that. She laughed at him.

  25. danmtruth

    Tom is very happy to talk to the cameras He enjoys playing to the cameras With his funny little monologue At least you know what he is thinking Because he wants ALL HIS THOUGHTS RECORD

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Ricky and have joined Kato and Dina. Dina is telling them how Tantrum got mad at her because she joked with her about her having the power and Tantrum got mad. She said she apologized to her. Tom tells her not to worry about it because she did nothing wrong and some people are just touchy.

    Tom tells Ricky that he told Kato that the horse comp and the wall weren’t fun but this comp was fun. He said it was easier than he thought it would be.

    Tom is talking about spinning in the comp. Earlier NEM or Lo were talking about throwing. *I’m wondering if it’s that comp where they have to spin and usually throw a bowling ball, but maybe this time it was a football?

    Dina and Tom have gone in to get something to eat. Kato and Ricky are talking about food. Kato if the peach cobbler is ready yet and Ricky says yes. Kato doesn’t know the difference between a cobbler and pie. Ricky says cobbler is a soul food thing. They then, another awkward silence between them.

    In the bathroom, the Weaveline Sisters are still drying their hair. Outside, Kato and Ricky are still sitting there like they’re from 2 different countries.

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  28. danmtruth

    Weavline sisters ,,,, very true
    Yes the comp sounds like it was spinning than throwing and kicking a football

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Tom is sitting at the kitchen table. Kandi sitting at the counter eating. Ricky and Dina fixing plates of food. Dina sits with Tom and he tells her that the comp took a lot out of him. He is telling Dina how hard it is to be HOH because you have to put people OTB. She asks how do they get off. Tom tells her the Veto. Tom tells her that it’s not good to be the first HOH and it’s better if you wait till later.

    Pretty much everyone in the house is having meaningless conversations at this point. No real game talk. That’s why I’ll be glad when they break off into groups tonight, so the planning and plotting can start. But I’m afraid that it won’t happen until BBAD is over.

    Tom tells Kandi that her cooking was delicious and that he wants to remember that marinade recipe so he can put it in a barbeque sauce. Tom and Dina start to talk about Anthony and how much fun he was and how they miss him.

    Tantrum is in her onsies and doo-rag and in the kitchen and not really talking to anyone. Dina and Tom start to talk about Dina’s picture on the Memory wall. She says they didn’t let her pick it out and that her publicist did.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Dina is teaching Tom a card game. Looks like Whist maybe or Tonk? He doesn’t seem to be getting it. Tantrum in the kitchen alone. The girls are still in the hair salon.

    NEM is in the pink bedroom talking to Joey. He is trying to count the votes. He is telling her that someone is protesting too much. It’s hard to tell who they’re talking about but I think it’s Tom. As NEM leaves, Tantrum is standing outside the bedroom. NEM walks right pass her and they don’t say anything to each other.

    NEM is in the bathroom and Lo is telling her she just can’t do it. *Oh boy, another one* Tantrum comes into the bathroom and Lo asks did she make something (cook) and she says no.

    At the table, Kandi has joined Dina and Tom and is helping to explain the game to Tom.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    In the bathroom, SwingLo says “poor Joey”. Then she tells NEM “Girl my hair is baaaack!”. She is happy again. She says this is what she needed, her hair back. She asks NEM does she really think they will have to do DR tonight. NEM says she’s going to go in and ask them. They both say they’re hungry and go to the kitchen.

    Tantrum is sitting at the counter eating in silence (*for once*) and looking like she wants to cry. Dina is washing dishes. Tom/Ricky/Dina moving around in the kitchen. Kandi looks like she’s cleaning out the fridge.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! And so am I.

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  32. danmtruth

    Weaveline sisters were talking to Joey It sounds like they were talking about not using the veto Saying that they did not want to go against the HOH pics
    So with Joey &Kandi on the block you can have a interesting vote Do the weave sisters take Joey out with Kato Dina and Ricky
    Or do they break clean vote Kandi out with Ricky Leaving Kato on an island hopping that Tantrum and Dina vote with him to get a tie So Tom needs to show his hand and chise one

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