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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Wild Wednesday

Good afternoon, everyone!


There is something about Tom and HoH that just doesn’t go well together. The last time he was HoH (last week), his alliance went from completely secure to completely gone. This week, down to just himself, he’s left to do his paranoia alone which may end up being good for him in the long run. Up until now, he ran his paranoid thoughts by Kato who wasn’t much help steering him in the right direction. This week, he has been bouncing his ideas off of Kandi who has a different outlook on the game and giving him better opinions on what to do. She has been successful (so far) in keeping him steady, but that could change by the hour.

He spent the day having one-on-ones with everyone in the house to strike some super odd deals. The deals he offered the Bedroom Bunch were the worst, but it doesn’t matter at this point because he was already their target so going back on a deal is nothing.

  • Ricky – He offered a deal where Tom will nominate Ricky and hope he wins PoV in exchange for safety. lol
  • Natalie – He offered a one-week peace plan with her. He doesn’t nominate her, she doesn’t nominate him next.
  • Lolo – He basically offered his Ricky deal to her. He’ll nominate her and hope she wins PoV.

Now, even if the three weren’t going to immediately compare notes, his deals with Ricky and Lolo were hilarious because I think he actually feels good about them. Tom has said he doesn’t feel like much of a target next week which is crazy. The only good offer he gave was to Natalie and then went ahead and nominated her anyway which nullified that deal (which was never actually a deal. She never would have kept her side of it).


This is all with a grain of salt because Tom is playing with his back against the wall. He doesn’t really have very many good options to make so I don’t want to criticize him too much. The only bad move he could have made would have been to trust the Bedroom Bunch and not nominate any of them for a week of safety. Had he done that and got Kandi out, he may as well just walk out right behind her and save us the trouble of playing HoH and PoV.

On a related note, it is fascinating to see how victimized the Bedroom Bunch is making themselves out to be. They spent most of the day talking about how evil Tom is for actually trying to play the game. Lolo complained because she feels Tom exploited her Olympic status, whatever the hell that means. Tamar is also furious at Kandi for playing the game and working with Tom rather than just rolling over and dying? Natalie also takes every opportunity to rub it in Tamar’s face that she is the one who wanted to keep Kandi so stick a pin in that because it could eventually cause a blowup.

I don’t expect a ton of action today, so I filled this mostly with recap of the week. I’m going to be updating this post with any feed updates throughout the day. If this day does become busy, I’ll just start a new thread.  Check back soon!

  • 4:30 pm – PoV happened today!
    • Tom won the PoV so he has quite a bit of power this week and he’s all alone to figure it out
  • 4:45 pm – Kandi is downstairs re-telling her conversation with Tom to Tamar
    • She says Tom wants to take Natalie down and put Tamar up to force Kandi to vote Ricky out.
    • Tom is an idiot
    • And just as they get going, the feeds cut because Tamar was bashing Tom.  Thanks production!
    • Feeds cut to Natalie. Tamar enters the room and starts re-telling the conversation with Tom and feeds CUT AWAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4:58 pm – Tamar starts going off on Tom. Feeds cut.  I’m done for the night.  This is really bullshit. I can’t blog if they just hide the best stuff. Sorry guys. I am so pissed I will just spend all night bitching

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  1. Avatar

    Lolo was on another reality show and many of her ‘Star’ teammates didn’t like her. They thought she acted like a brat and was too into drama. If she’s going to keep going on these shows she needs to invent a new persona because this one is embarrassing unless your a teenager.

  2. mm22

    I didn’t know much about lolo before big brother and like
    Tamar this is who she is and she doesn’t care -it’s sad really
    the way she treats her fellow house guests

  3. Shivani33

    In Ricky’s pre-game interviews, he talks about wanting to re-brand himself as a “healer” rather than a football competitor kind of guy. He said that he’s been out of his football mentality for a long time and is really more clumsy now. But he also said that he knows better than to show himself as a big comp threat. He talked about plans for opening a dating site based on astrology and says he has been studying it for 15 years. He said that he was looking forward to practicing yoga, meditation and fasting while in the house. He’s married and says that he’s also very interested in using astrology to help couples stay together.

    He seems sincere. But in the game, he has kind of come across as a big cookie-eating sloth. (?) It is getting a little late in the game to be so passive. It is hard to tell if he’s ever going to really try to win. A lot of his game has been lying in bed listening patiently as Lolo and NEM bitch. At least we know he loves cookies, though.

    • WhereisPablo

      Yes Shiv, I can’t make up my mind about Ricky. I liked him at first, but he can be an ass. I don’t like that he has had it in for Kandi from the beginning. Why? The rest of them are disgraceful, so I am still rooting for Kandi or Ricky. On another note, WHY does Tom insist on saying everything twice?

    • LO1004

      Ricky fancies himself a hippie healer, but he’s so sharp tongued and has a terrible attitude. I’m not buying his BS. His laying in bed strategy is really just planting seeds and letting the two sides take shots at each other until he slides to the end.

    • Sassy

      “a big cookie eating sloth”. I’m crying right now!!! Great analogy!!

  4. Avatar

    what has surprised me is how Lolo and Natalie think the others in their “alliances” betrayed them … truth is, they betrayed the others in their alliances first! Not too self-aware, but very self-centered, eh?

  5. Mrs. Frisby

    Tom needs to get out of the BB house, Kato is homeless and living outside of the BB studio’s dumpster and needs another house to stay at.

  6. LO1004

    I heard Lolo is sitting out of this Veto. Now I kind of want Ricky to take himself down and have NEM and Lolo sit next to each other on eviction night.

  7. LO1004

    The bedroom bunch is speculating Kato’s gf broke up w him because he got a letter from his mom and not her. Of course feeds cut.

  8. AIO_7

    Last night on BBAD was the first chance I took to notice Tom’s picture on the memory wall. It’s pretty funny.

  9. Sassy

    NoLo is worried about Ricky winning the Veto. They say if he takes himself down, that will tell them a lot about who he really is…

    What hypocrites! They would do the same, what does that say about them? If he wins and doesn’t use it in himself, that would speak louder to me!

    • Ann

      So are those fools expecting him to pull a Marcellus, win the VETO & not pull himself off the block so they can evict him? How dare him do such a fool thing & stay otb for them, just who in the hell does he think he is? Don’t Ricky know that he’s not supposed to win that money because it’s meant for NoLo?

      • Sassy

        That’s exactly what they expect. To be fair, he did tell them yesterday, one of the 3 of them are leaving, and they should let it be him. He said he’s a team player and their win is his win. Not sure if he meant it, or has had a change of mind, but I hope if he wins, he takes himself off the block.

      • Ann

        Wow, he would have to be a special kind of stupid to really mean that & they would have to be an even more special kind of grade A, top notch morons to believe him no matter how close they think they are with him. I mean we are talking about a quarter of a million dollars & the 3 of them are & were competitive athletes. Come on now girls, who wants to win & beat the others more no matter what kind of bullshit lies are told to one another.

    • Painter1

      It’s all about Loco, she demands respect or you are of no use to her. She is soooo full of herself that she is getting a real bad rep.

  10. Sassy

    Feeds are down, must be Veto comp. Let go Ricky! I just want to see the weaveline sisters OTB together.

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  12. Avatar

    Hi peoples. I usually follow but rarely comment. Seems Tamar and Kandi are working together, seems Kandi’s job to steer Tom. Tamar is acting for her life. Check out this convo ‪https://youtu.be/2b768xW9Qqo ‬.

    • Avatar

      Based on the most recent convos, I may be wrong. Tamar is annoying the f! out of me.

      • Ann

        Damn, how did she just start annoying you? I wanted to snatch her when she was on The Real & when I saw her big face on this show, it was all I could do to keep myself from flinging my big ass over the BB gates to get on the set to slap her up side her bald head. I can’t stand her.

      • Avatar

        At first I felt she was really working with Kandi ( who I do like), and getting her further along in the game; I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Once she really turned on her….I was done. I am done. Very rarely watched the Real and same for BFV. I knew she( Tamar) was extra though lol

    • AIO_7

      The thing is that I heard Lolo telling NEM and Tantrum (about 5 days ago, up in the exercise room) that a few years earlier she had won @ $275,000 through track. What did she do with all of that money?

    • Shivani33

      If wishes were horses, Tom would hear this, too. Lolo is what, turning 37 in August?! Is she even being honest about still wanting to compete in the Olympics? She seems to respect no one and gives no evidence of self-respect either. That is sad. Why does Lolo act like such a bitter pill? If she watches her celeb BB performance, I can picture her still blaming everyone else and not bothering with any soul-searching. It’s too bad that she was even put on the show. Another Pauly Califiore.

    • Avatar

      WOW…thank you for sharing that. Lolo totally twisted what went on with Tom. She is even worse then I thought.

  13. AIO_7

    Feeds are back!

  14. Mel

    Tom won pov

  15. Ann

    Does everybody else have a plan for eviction now or do they plan on going with whatever Tom wants?

    • Shivani33

      Tom is the boss today with HoH plus PoV. King for a day? Kandi has kept trying to convince him to evict Natalie and to split up NEM/Lolo. He hasn’t really budged about how badly he wants Ricky gone. He could be right, but who knows? Kandi’s suggestion seems like a good one. I wish Tom would use the veto on Ricky and put up Lolo. One mean girl gone seems better than none. Really. Not that Ricky is the bee’s knees or anything.

      The evening is young, so maybe Tom will change his mind. But then Tom might change his mind a hundred times and arrive right back where he started. Tom knows that he needs to keep winning comps, with a bull’s eye on his back like a gigantic sandwich board.

      • Ann

        They’re going to come after Tom hot & heavy with both barrels blazing if NEM & Lolo get the chance. I don’t understand his thinking because he has to know he has a gigantic target on his back.

      • Avatar

        He has singular focus in his hate for Ricky. He isn’t playing the game anymore, he is just being vengeful.

  16. Sassy

    I think Tom is going to take down NEM and put up Loco because everyone wants NEM out. If he does this, I hope he leave during the double eviction! And I hope the whole house double crossed him and votes out Loco!

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Oh god. Kandi you better get to work girl! Go talk some sense into your boy!

    • Ann

      Why does everyone want NEM out & when is double eviction? I’m still behind on things. I got back to town on the weekend & have had my grandbabies since then so I’ve pretty much been watching PJ Mask, Puppydog Pals, Micky, Blaze, Paw Patrol & a million other cartoons. Thursday I can get all caught up on Big Brother & some well needed sleep.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        It’s not so much that a personal thing for me, I just think it’s the smarter game move. In my opinion, if NEM stays in the house any longer she’s very likely going to win the game. She’s a better competitor and strategist than Ricky and has ruffled far fewer feathers than the rest of her crew. Kandi and Tamar are on to her, but for some reason Tom has Ricky in his crosshairs.

        Double eviction is Friday so Kandi should have a couple of days to work on him (assuming the POV ceremony will be live).

  17. Ann

    Oh Ok, I thought the house wanted her out. I agree with you whole heartedly. Getting her out now would be the smart thing to do.

  18. Shivani33

    Tom is already saying he wants to take down NEM and put up Tamar instead? He is telling players what he thinks that they should think. I can’t stand how fast he’s popping off into a self-enchanted powerdrunk. He has repeatedly told Kani and/or Dina that “Lolo will work with us!”

    • Sassy

      If he puts up Tamar, I hope she’s the one that leaves! Then the Bedroom bunch can run the show til the end. It will serve him right. He needed to have the shorter HOHs. He has to much time for the power to eat away at him. He is frustrating, can’t image what it would be like in the house with him!

  19. LO1004

    Apparently we are not allowed to watch them talk game anymore. Kandi and Tamar talk game, cameras switch to Tom doing nothing. Tamar goes and talks game w her roommates, cameras switch to Kandi doing nothing. What the actual F is happening with these feeds.

    • Ann

      Just like when a new restaurant opens & they give you a lot of food for a small amount of money or a new grocery store that opens with low low prices so they can suck you in. Once they get those hooks in you they reel you in, give you a small amount of food & jack those prices up as high as a giraffes ass & try to keep you there. CBS did the same thing with the feeds by letting us see a lot in the beginning & then started taking it back slowly but surely.

      • LO1004

        LMAO ‘as high as a giraffes ass’. The struggle is real, Ann! I’m so pissed, but that just cracked me up!

      • Ann

        That’s why I canceled the feeds a while back because they started messing with my money. They started out good with the feeds in the beginning letting us see pretty much everything & then they started taking it back but they kept the money. I know it wasn’t a lot of money but it wasn’t worth it once they started messing with the cameras, putting them in the rooms where nothing was going on. Hell I wanted to see the good stuff. That $5.99 buys my grandson his snacks & juice.

  20. Cat Lady

    Tom has me so pissed off..he’s not going to win no matter what but why make things worse for Kandi..? Kandi has been good to him and he’s just selfish. He gets what he deserves but Kandi doesn’t deserve it..

  21. hogwild

    The way Tom handles HOH reminds me of the way Scottie and Fess did last season if there is dumb move to be made he will make it.

  22. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    House update: all 4 cameras on Tom powerwalking around his room rapping a freestyle about colors. And I am dead ass serious. I’m about to fight somebody at CBS about these sorry ass feeds.

  23. Avatar

    Why am I looking at aTOMic Ass on all the feeds?!!?

  24. danmtruth

    This has been a issue with production for a LONG TIME This is what has upset watchers of BB Not showing other HG Just centering on one person
    Tom Cantor get out of his own way He just won’t open his mind and LISTEN to another point of view Tom has this fixation about not being able to beat Ricky in a physical challenge This from the guy who can’t stop reminding people of all his wins Bs smart Tom listen to Kandi You are better off with one of the weave head sisters GONE

    • LO1004

      If he makes that stupid move and forces them to get Ricky out, he deserves to get booted next. I’m tired of watching him NOT listen to Kandi. She’s the only one w a cool head and strategy.

  25. Ann

    I hope like hell BBAD is not 4 cameras of Tom or some other silly bullshit tonight. This will be my first night of being able to watch in peace & I will be pissed all the way off if there’s just a bunch of some old horse shit to watch. I’m guessing you guys can tell I’m not in the best of moods so I want to apologize ahead of time for my rambling & crappy attitude. I just want to see some action.

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  27. hogwild

    If I had the live feeds I would be demanding a refund what bullshit.

  28. danmtruth

    Tom is just not used to someone using logic After all that time with Kato in his ear It is odd but with him winning POV it puts more pressure on him Tom loves to be the center of attention so he is eating this up It also helps that he can use his DR sessions to look like he has it all under control That this is going just like he planned And Dina just keeps floating along

  29. Shivani33

    You know there’s been a moment when Kandi told Tom, “you’re trippin.” Exit the camera. Tamra came bellowing at Tom. Cut the camera. Camera avoiding Lolo and that whole bedroom gang and showing Tom alone dancing with his headphones after he skillfully pissed off everyone in the house. It’s getting to be like an Alfred Hitchcock movie where you are not SUPPOSED to hear or know anything about the game. The audience is not allowed to watch! How absurd. “We’re filming but we’re not gonna show you jackshit.”

  30. Alda

    I am starting to wonder if Tom is playing games with the entire house.After last week’s cold shoulder treatment of him and Kato,could he just be trying to rattle all of them?

    • Sassy

      Nope, he’s really that fixated on Ricky. In his delusional state, he thinks once Ricky is gone, everyone is going to get along great. It will be a happy house and everyone will sing and laugh together… Toms close to needing a straight jacket!

  31. danmtruth

    AldA he might say that afterwards It just seems like he is always trying to get one more bit of information Like he can’t stand to think someone might know something more than him
    We went from 4 cameras on Ricky meditating on the floor To Ricky wiping down the mat – very hygienic of him – to Dina walking in to the bathroom alone
    Lol new BEST FR EVER END is Dina Hay went to run with us in the pool Wany to play cards later Gag me

  32. NKogNeeTow


    Dina/Nat/Lo in the SR. Dina leaves and Nat says she could go back to sleep. Dina comes back in and leaves again with both girls. Lo says she’s going back to the bedroom because it’s cold. Dina says she prayed at 9:11 because she always prays for the people of 9/11. Lo tells Dina that they are going in the pool later and asks her if she wants to come. They also say they are going to play cards later. Dina says Tay never plays with them.

    In the pink room, Lo is telling Ricky that Tay is always saying that someone is not her friend (not sure if she’s talking about Dina or Kandi). Dina is in the other bedroom alone and looking for something.

    In the other room, Ricky tells Nat/Lo that his head is spinning right now. Lo tells him to just think about it, then she and Nat leaves and goes to the parlor to tweet. (*Damn cameraman strikes again*) Nat tells Lo something about Kandi, and cam cuts to Dina curling her hair in the bathroom (*DAMN CAMERAMAN!*) Cam pans in on the pictures on the bathroom wall, then back to Dina, who is using the curling iron with one hand and putting on makeup with the other. :-/

  33. danmtruth

    4 votes this week Kandi wants NEM out
    Lol will vote out TV Ricky to keep her ride or die NEM
    Tamar is hard to call Might be the all girl alliance so Ricky gone
    Dina just hand the vote to Tom Hers will be Ricky

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Cam still on Dina in the bathroom doing who the hell cares what! Spraying her hair, drinking something out of a cup, putting away a bag of makeup.

    Ricky is laying in his bed sleeping. (*YES Shi, he IS a sloth*) Now we get to watch him sleep. How exciting!! Now the cam pans out on him sleeping.

    Then back to the pink bedroom so we can watch Dina go through her clothes. We get a closeup shot of her. We get a distant shot of her. (*I’d like to shoot the cam crew*) Now we get a back shot of her through the mirror on the door. Now a picture of the room wall (woman walking a dog). Now an overhead shot of her. Another closeup. She gathers her clothes and goes to the SR and puts them in a laundry bag.

    Tom is asleep in the HOH. Lights out. He opens his eyes and stares. Orwell is sitting on the chaise, naked except for the HOH necklace (*I’m calling the ASPCA*) Tom sighs then closes and reopens his eyes.

    • Sassy

      OMG! I’m so glad I’m not watching tonight! Sound like you are watching Tom blink.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind doing this because there are some people who don’t get POP and there was a time that after BBAD moved from Showtime to POP, that I didn’t get it either. I also realize that there won’t be excitement every night. But even if it is, we’re not getting to see any of it. I don’t mind missing sleep as long as I have something to report on. But as of now, I’m just being repetitive because that’s all I have to work with.

      • Ann

        Your late night comments are much appreciated NK. I get POP but reading your comments are so much more interesting than watching this shit I’ve been watching tonight because I promise you I almost jumped through my television when I heard the very first word out of Big Face Tay’s mouth.Thank you so very much because I don’t know how you do it. You are sincerely appreciated.

  35. Alda

    WTH is going on here? As soon as it looks like a juicy conversation may be brewing,they cut to Dina or Ricky.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is telling Dina about a convo she had with Tom, just as she starts, the came goes back to Ricky sleeping. (*If BB wants people to watch another CBB and buy feeds, they’d better get their shit together!*) Closeup of Ricky sleeping. Nat comes in and says she’s summoned. He asks to the DR? She says yes. He rolls over and she puts on her earrings. She says shits crazy around there. He asks where Tay is. She says washing her face, picking her face. He asks her if she’s upset about Tay. She says not really. She asks him if he is. He says no. He says that if Tay gets put up at least he has a sliver of a chance. Nat says she’s doesn’t think he’s going to use it (Veto). Ricky says that he knows that even if he does, he’s not coming down. She asks why. He says because Tom is paranoid and has been working on everyone to get him out. Ricky says that he thinks that Tay scared him.

    Kandi/Tay/Dina come in. Tay gets in bed. Tay tells Dina that Tom has been stuck in his room since she confronted him.

    Loco is sitting at the table ruffling through the cards and her hair. Dina comes in and takes some Advil. Lo tells her to be careful because they can mess with your stomach. Dina is looking around in the kitchen for food. She checks the time and tells Lo that she’d rather go to DR now than to wait until it gets late.

    • Sassy

      What happened between Tom and Tay? I’m assuming he felt it necessary to tell her that she will be put up, because he wants Ricky out and he afraid if NoLo is up, they will go, she probably let him have it. Am I close? UGH!!

      • Alda

        That’s what I’d like to know.

      • Sassy

        Here’s what I found on Twitter: “Tom downstairs. Upset Tamar- You want to put me up so Kandi can vote way you want? You back to threatening people again? Tom- You gotta stop using that word. Tamar- Well you gotta stop doing that bullshit. Tom- It’s a game. Tamar- Not when you threaten people. Feeds cut”.

      • Ann

        See, Tamar is trying to get punched in her throat (her very own words) & I am dead ass sserious. She loves to use the word threat or threaten. I would love to show that bitch what a threat is & then make her a promise & make good on that promise. She is always trying to play the victim & the blame game.

    • danmtruth

      I’m not sure if production is so afraid of what might be said They are afraid to let them talk and look and sound more foolish That or they want to keep some mystery for the live show It is a strange paradox Sell being able to watch the HG on live feeds Yet want to keep competition results secret It just doesn’t work

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Loco/Kandi/Dina playing cards. *Sitting here watching 3 hours of BBAD for the last few nights are just like that old Alka Seltzer commercial…”I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”…aka, I can’t believe I watched the whole thing*) They are trying to teach Loco another card game, AGAIN.

    *Sidenote: Didn’t I tell you Tom was somewhat of a comp beast? He just doesn’t know what the hell to do with whatever it is he’s won*)

    We get Sleeping Beauty the Sloth, in the bedroom again. He opens his eyes, yawns, picks his fingernails, puts one hand under the cover and pats his chest with his other hand. Long shot. Closeup. Long shot. Shot of the evacuation sign on the door.

  38. Shivani33

    Out on the patio, having needed air after Dingo did her hair and makeup. Yikes. And then we panned to baby Ricky snug on his beddie, including these dweebie closeups of his sleeping face. We got all of this when NEM/Lo and big T went into a room to talk, and that could be too much for our delicate ears. This is the strangest BBAD ever. Choosing over and over again to show total filler rather than gamers’ conversations. How come? People have always embarrassed themselves on BB. That’s at least half of the fun. So why not now?

  39. Alda

    I am going to bed.This is ridiculous.What another wasted BBAD.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Back to the Sleepy Sloth. Laying in bed rubbing his eye. Close up, Long shot. (*You know the drill*). He sighs, rubs his nose, then turns his head in the other direction. Overhead shot. He gets up, puts on his slippers then leaves to go to the kitchen. Tay is in there talking to the girls…and the cam goes to a sleeping Tom.

    Lo in the SR and got something out of the fridge then back to the kitchen. Cam goes back to sleeping Tom. Cam lingers on this vision of loveliness.

  41. Avatar

    It’s been a while since I have posted. Yes I am still watching and suffering with the rest of you just like Ms. Tow said I should, but I realize that I can not stand CBB and they really should cancel it.

    1. The celebs get away with too much and are never given any type of punishments. Why can’t they even have a 2 day “have not” designation?

    2. The challenges are way too simple. Even that hanging one was more of a slight lean.

    3. They are allowed to sleep way too much.

    That being said, they are also very bad at strategy and game play.

    I will watch to the completion I guess, but this from here on out, I will simply wait for the regular game. One thing and one thing only would make me watch if there is a next season: I think it would be kind of fun to watch if Julie Chen Moonves was a contestant!

  42. Shivani33

    By “big T” talking with NEM/Lo, I meant Tamtrum not Tom. It would have been interesting to hear what she said to NEM/Lo. She is mad. All three were just being their usual abnormally aggressive selves.

    • Sassy

      The longer I watch, the more I think I’d probably be aggressive if I had to live with these people too. I’m not even sure which one I dislike the most! The only one I can tolerate is Kandi. I don’t think she has played a great game, but at least she’s a decent human being!

      • danmtruth

        It’s hard to tell what kind of game she had First she had to deal with Tantrum yelling at her the first week Along with going on the block Yes her game has been low key Yet now she seems like the one in the house who knows what is going on

      • Sassy

        I think she’s always known what was going on, but no one really listens to her. She is smart, and Tom would do well to listen to her, but he won’t, neither will anyone else and she not pushy, so she lets things go. She’s not much of a factor. She’s not manipulating them or strategizing with them. She’s not winning comps and yesterday it sounded like she might be throwing them, which pissed Tom off.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    And we’re back! To a still sleeping Tom. Cam still lingering. You can hear Tay scream downstairs, then a banging sound. Tom still lays there with his eyes closed but he’s moving his fingers behind his head so he might not be asleep. You can still hear all the girls talking loudly downstairs.

    Tay/Kandi/Ricky/Dina playing cards. Ricky won the last hand. Dina says she’s wide awake now. Kandi and Tay say it’s because she had that energy drink. Ricky deals the cards as Kandi sings “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend”. She gets a warning from Production. Kandi laughs and says that was delayed. Ricky wins again. Kandi shuffles and tells them that the day is getting longer. Tay says that this day is never-ending.

    Lo is in the kitchen and Kandi asks her the time. Lo is loudly banging the pans while looking for one. She starts fixing her food without talking to them. The card game continues. They continue playing cards without saying anything else to her.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Nat comes into the kitchen and Lo tells her it’s cold outside and asks if she’s still getting in the hot tub. She says yes. Lo asks if anyone else is getting in. Everyone else says no, it’s too cold. Nat sits down at the table and joins the card game while Lo is baking cookies. Nat gets up to go change into her swimsuit. She tells Lo she wants to get on the pool treadmill. Nat comes back to the table and tells them that she has to wear a certain type of swimsuit because Production told her that the other suit makes her t*tties look too big. Kandi says she brought her mom swimsuit. They tease her about it. They start to talk about the swimsuits they have. Ricky has left the table and only the women are playing cards now. Kandi says most people like having a nice behind. Tay says hers is too big. She said it was smaller but now it’s huge. Lo asks her what happened. Tay says she doesn’t know. Lo tells her that it got bigger because she’s in love. Tay says no, that’s not it. Dina starts talking about the cameramen. Tay tells Kandi the cards aren’t shuffled enough. Nat asks them how long was she in the DR.

    Nat asks them if they know how to play Speed. Kandi says she hasn’t played in a long time. Dina says she’s forgotten how to play it. Kandi asks Nat if an agency handles her post or does she do it herself. She says both.

  45. danmtruth

    It is like Nat & Lo are afraid not to be around Dina or Kandi They just won’t let them go anywhere without those two following them
    Lol has done the most to hurt her image Too people who did not know who she was Now see what a number 1 bitch

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Cookies are ready. They talk about warm cookies and ice cream. *Now I want cookies* Kandi asks Lo what her dad looks like. Lo says he’s black. Kandi asks light or dark skin. Lo says dark, he’s definitely not light skin. Kandi reshuffles the cards while Lo eats cookies. Nat tells Kandi to do her thing and Kandi meows. Nat laughs. Dina asks her if that’s her thing. Kandi laughs and says no, she just does it. Dina says everyone has a thing and she doesn’t. Lo has rejoined the card game. Dina gets up to get something, then bangs her knee on the table as she sits back down. Nat gets up and says she’s going to get ready for her workout.

    Tay says that she just wants to go to bed so she can dream. She says the cards aren’t coming out right. Nat walks back in then out, in her workout clothes. Nat comes back and goes to the bathroom. Tay is reshuffling the cards. She tells them that she’s had 4 cookies and that they should slap her. She names all the junk she’s eaten today. Kandi said she ate 5 cookies.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Nat is in the pool alone. *WHAAA? Her other appendage let her go somewhere on her own? Alert the media!* She ran on the treadmill for less than a minute and now is resting against the side of the pool. *Guess we’ll get to watch this for the next 10 minutes* She gets up and gets back on the treadmill again. Stops after another 30 seconds and goes back to the side to rest. She’s just staring off into space. Back on the treadmill again. This time for about 15 seconds then back to resting position.

    Card game still going on. Kandi loses a hand and Tay cackles loudly. They are playing Uno. Dina is getting frustrated because her she doesn’t have a good hand. She looks pissed. Lo sees Ricky and calls him to come play.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Loco has now joined Nat in the pool. Lo asks her how many laps she’s done. She says she’s not sure but they are in 30 second intervals. Lo gets on the treadmill and says something about Dina but you can’t hear because of the sound of the water as she’s running. Ricky comes out and Lo asks him if he’s getting in. He says yes and gets in and sits in the corner while Lo runs. Lo stops and Nat gets on the treadmill. Nat yells inside for Dina to come into the pool. Nat and Lo switch places on the treadmill. Ricky slumps down over the jets. The girls switch again, doing 30 seconds at a time. Lo tells Nat she feels like she’s always stressed about the DR. Lo asks who they think will be at the wrap party. Nat says maybe Ross and Marrissa.

    Kandi is tweeting and Dina says she might want to go into the pool but she doesn’t feel like putting on a bathing suit. She asks Kandi if tomorrow is the Veto then the vote and if it’s a live show. She tells Kandi that Tom should come down and socialize and says he gets too deep in his head. Dinas says she feels bad for him and starts to cry. Kandi tells her not to cry. Kandi asks her if she wants to try to get him out of his room. She says that he might be in the DR. Kandi says he kind of brought it on himself, he should stop trying to control everyone. Dina says it’s just a game. Kandi says but he keeps doing stupid stuff.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is telling Dina if Tom thinks they turned on him. Dina says but they didn’t turn on him. Kandi says then maybe he’s just mad at her. She tells Dina she likes her boots. Kandi said the first time she saw them was on Rihanna. Dina says that her daughter Ali met her and says she’s cool, then she says something about Lindsay (*time to take that drink*). Dina says she’d like to go to Coachella but she might be too old. Kandi asks Dina what she wants to do, if she wants to tell him that they will vote out Ricky just to keep the peace. Dina is counting the votes. Kandi says she thinks that Tay will vote (I couldn’t hear which one). Kandi says she doesn’t want to put anyone or herself in trouble. She says she just doesn’t know what to do. Dina says Tom is just stressing and over thinking and that she and Kandi need to have a convo with him and ask him why did he do that to them (K/D). She said he put them in a bad situation. She says she and Kandi have loyalty. Kandi says that’s the problem, he’s preying on their (K/D) to get them to do what he wants. She again says she just doesn’t know what to do. Dina says that she doesn’t like anyone just sitting in their alone. She says and poor Ricky is just sitting in there with them and probably even talking to him. Dina and Kandi say that if some of them hadn’t flipped, the 2 of them would be out of the house. They start talking about a color comp. Kandi says it was like Simon Says (probably the Veto comp). Kandi says, well, somebody is going home tomorrow. Dina says that if Tom puts one of them up (K/D), then Ricky might stay. Kandi says that if he does that then one of them is out the door for sure. Kandi says she just thinks everyone is just frustrated with the game. Dina says she’s not and Kandi isn’t. She says that she and Kandi are the only ones normal in the game. They stand up and tell the camera that they are the only ones normal in the house. Kandi says one of them just have to win HOH.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi is telling Dina that Tom is not thinking clearly. Dina says that it’s because he can’t get out of his own head and that’s why Kato kept him grounded. Dina says they are still there. Dina tells Kandi that she thought Ricky and Tay were tight. Kandi says she doesn’t know. She says that N/L came and told her that Tay was going to put her OTB and she was surprised. Dina said she wouldn’t trust anything they said. Kandi says all she knows is that either of them needs to win the HOH or both will be OTB next. Dina says and Veto too.

    Tay has now joined the rest of the bedroom group, Ricky and the Scarem Harem are back together again. The girls are talking about the days and what will coming up next.

    Dina asks Kandi if she thinks that Nat won the Veto would she put Lo up. Kandi says now he wants to take Nat off. Kandi says that if they vote Ricky out, the girls will still be an alliance. Dina starts to count the votes again to see who would vote for Ricky and Nat. Dina says that if they want to get Nat out, it has to be 3 on their side, but if it’s 2/2, Tom would vote out Ricky. Kandi says they’ve survived plots but they have to survive till the end. She says that Tom keeps throwing monkey wrenches at them.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Dina and Kandi want to talk to Tay to see where her head is. They go into the bathroom and Tay and Loco are showering. Kandi uses the bathroom while Dina waits for it. Nat comes into the bathroom. Dina asks Lo if she wants to marry an athlete. She says she got tired of them so the last person she dates was a business guy. She says she’s over athletes.

    The Sloth is alone in the pool. Dina goes to the kitchen to fix a tuna sandwich. She asks Kandi if she wants to play Gin Rummy or pool. Kandi says pool. Dina asks Kandi if Ricky is still in the pool, she says yes. Dina asks her if there is 7 days left then says that’s crazy. Kandi looks at the dishes that were washed and says they don’t wash dishes properly. Dina asks her if she thinks the guys who have left are watching. Kandi says she thinks so. Dina says she thinks it’s going to be hard watching the show because she’s not sure whether she wants to hear what they have said about her. Kandi is putting away dishes and finds that some are still dirty and re-washes them. Dina asks Kandi if the show is on YouTube. Kandi complains that she is getting dishpan hands as she’s washing the dishes. Kandi says it would have been nice if they had been stuck in the house with a real chef. Dina says she needs to focus on meditation.

    Ricky is now in the shower. Tay passes through the kitchen. Kandi tells Dina she doesn’t like to go to bed with dirty dishes. Dina says at home they just throw them in the dishwasher. Kandi says they don’t play that in her house. Lo passes through the kitchen. Kandi still rewashing pans.

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Dina eating her tuna sandwich and pickles. Kandi still washing dishes. Kandi says the microwave is dirty. She is putting away the silverware and finds food still on some of them. She says that’s the kind of thing that irritates her. She rewashes them.

    Ricky and his Scarem Harem are back in their room. Tay says she’s hungry. They start to talk about food. Nat says imagine how annoyed the PS must be to have to run around and find the cookies Tay like. Tay says 6 days and she’s back with her sisters. Nat says they’re in the home stretch.

    Dina tells Kandi let’s go play pool. She says that they’re right back up to that men girls thing. Kandi starts to go through things on the counter and put them away. Dina washes her dish and cup while Kandi walks around and cleans off the kitchen table. Dina wipes down the counter. Kandi empties out all of the half-empty water bottles. Dina cleans off a spot on her sweater. They finish cleaning the kitchen. Dina says that at first she was excited to be there, doing cartwheels, now everyone is going cuckoo. They go upstairs to play pool.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Kandi and Dina are playing pool as Ricky is walking downstairs. Dina and Kandi are making small talk while playing. Dina is wearing some kind of furry thing around her neck and Kandi tells her she looks like one of these rich housewives from NY. Tay comes out and yells for Kandi. Dina yells back that Kandi is upstairs playing pool with her and can’t leave because she (D) is winning. Tay and Lo want Kandi to cook. Kandi tells them that she doesn’t think there is any bacon left. Lo says they have it on the counter. Tay is downstairs talking about grits.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! And Mother is going to bed. Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  54. Seattle Kari

    Why am I actually sitting here watching Dina curl her hair?

  55. AIO_7

    * And just as they get going, the feeds cut because Tamar was bashing Tom. Thanks production!

    * Feeds cut to Natalie. Tamar enters the room and starts re-telling the conversation with Tom and feeds CUT AWAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *4:58 pm – Tamar starts going off on Tom. Feeds cut. I’m done for the night. This is really bullshit. I can’t blog if they just hide the best stuff. Sorry guys. I am so pissed I will just spend all night bitching

    Steve, here is what they did on BBAD last night in the first half hour:

    When it started, the two witches were trying to be nice to Dina for their reasons. Then Lolo goes into her room and starts to complain about people socializing with Tom … immediately they cut away.
    Soon after the two witches are in the parlor (the room off of the main bathroom). NEM sends Lolo out to get Tamar (who is at the mirror in the bathroom) and I’m sure they were going strategize and bad mouth Tom. I really wanted to see it. They three go into the parlor, but the camera immediately cuts to Dina down in her room curler ironing her hair in complete silence. Stays on her for 5 minutes, then cuts to commercial. When BBAD comes back, they focus on a sound asleep Ricky for another 5 minutes, then they cut back to Dina hanging up some clothes (in silence). Then they cut to a sleeping Tom up in the HoH. They, for some reason. showed NONE of the conversation in the parlor room.

    I switched channels and never went back to POP.

  56. danmtruth

    As someone ask before Are there representatives of each celebrity in the control room Saying what they can show of their client?
    This game is about strategy We can’t see what HG are planning If we can’t hear what they are saying
    Kandi of all the HG seems to have the most level head She can look at what is going on Than try to react to it as calmly as she can She is not holding a grudge against Tantrum Tho she has a right to Understand being put on the block is just a game move
    Compare this to Tantrum who tries to make everything personal Ricky cheated on his wife he is a bad guy Tom is a bully who threatened her He’s a bad guy People don’t read the bible like her She has God on her side The weave head sisters have fallen in and added to it No doubt
    Yet production is stuck trying to make these sorry excuses of human Seem likeable and have average fans care about them
    NK that was frustrating to watch Or try to watch Unless you are training to be a sleep study tech Not much to watch

  57. mm22

    I just can’t handle tom’s thought process any longer
    hes so frustrating to me! Hes like a friend that asks your
    opinion and when you tell them what u think they should
    do they do the opposite

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