Good evening, everyone!

It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and someone has broken out of the house.  I put a picture of Cynthia in the post as a little misdirection, but it’s not her. She’s there until the end like I believe the rest of the cast is as well (with the exception of Lamar who also may escape randomly).

Who left?  Well, let’s just say Will Ferrell hopped in his car and picked up his buddy to go cruise the Roxbury tonight


That’s right.  The guy who begged to be voted out the last eviction ended up surprising absolutely nobody and self-evicted.

I’m guessing with Shanna winning the power of veto and likely working on keeping Carson the target, Kattan peaced out of that place to go back home.  On the bright side, he can now eat all the cake he wants without being judged.