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Celebrity Big Brother 3 – Live Premiere Night Thread!

February 2, 2022 | 48 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

We made it to the midway point between another Big Brother season, and as a reward for your patience, CBS is granting you a little halftime show full of F-listers you need to google every time they show up on screen.  No biggie, it’s still Big Brother so it’s hard to complain.

That said, this is a good time to go over my schedule for this season because it’s not going to be like the summer schedule.

As some of you know, I work full time which makes blogging hard. I typically take a lot of time off to blog in the summer, but during the winter it’s much harder to get the time.  Does that mean I won’t update the site?  No, not at all. I will certainly be updating daily and hopefully multiple times a day.  I may even have a live update thread going if/when there is any excitement in the house.  See, I work from home and have a bunch of monitors, so I’ll have the feeds up all day long like normal, I just won’t have a chance to update on every minor detail that happens in the house.

But the reality is, this is a three-week banger just for fun to hopefully put some joy during brutal winter months.

On another note, I am very excited to announce that I have been working on updating this site. I have been rebuilding it from the ground up rather than the half-assed job I did last summer and I am going to be doing my own coding of things like the comment likes and things of that nature so I don’t need to rely on third-party programs that are full of bloated code that crashes my site every Thursday night. I have a ton of features planned, but the key part is getting the foundation up and running asap and then adding more features as time goes on.  I won’t go into the actual features yet, but I’m going to build the site around you guys meaning the community is very much going to be a huge part of the look and feel.

The new look obviously won’t be ready for celeb Big Brother but I will definitely have the foundation up and running by the next season!

  • I’d have a hard time being the announcer and calling these people celebrities.
  • Julie looks like her grandmother is watching and she was forced to wear her Christmas dress grandma spent all year crocheting.
  • Houseguests are coming in one at a time.  Carson first and then Cynthia.  They know each other!
  • Chris K is still really “busy” after N’Sync.  Sure you are, Chris.  Sure you are.
  • Oh, and Chris Kattan will be known as Kattan considering there are two Chris Ks this season.
  • Shanna comes in and I’m getting flashbacks from the 90’s.
  • And now Willis comes in (Todd) and we go back to the 80’s!
  • Mirai comes in and has to introduce herself
  • Chris is a superfan!  Of course.
  • Kattan comes in and it’s going to be so painful watching him try to be funny.  Although I thought Tom Green was going to be brutal but he was actually fun to watch
  • Kattan looks soooo f’n nervous it makes me feel better about my anxiety
  • In comes *checks notes*  Todrick
  • Miesha comes in.  She explains how she retired for 5 years and never thought she’d fight again, but then the bills started rolling in  (I made the last part up, but it’s true)
  • Teddi walks in like she was lost
  • And in comes Lamar.  How long until he mentions Khloe?
  • Well, it was about 5 seconds until mentioned, but by Shanna
  • About 10 seconds later he mentions Khloe in his intro
  • He had 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks while in the hospital during his OD.  No jokes here. That is scary. Wow

Introductions are done, time for the game

  • Carson wants to start a girls and gays alliance with Shanna, Cynthia, and Todrick.  (how long until people cry about … omg no straight males allowed?)
  • Julie talks to the house.  HoH tonight
  • 2x evictions a week
  • And it’s time for the first HoH competition
  • Todd sits out to be the MC of the event. He is not guaranteed safety. I bet he’ll get safety
  • Competition is holding ropes endurance competition
  • Kattan and Cynthia down under 2 minutes
  • Shanna and Lamar out under 5 minutes
  • Chris K down
  • Carson down
  • Todrick, Mirai,Teddi,  and Miesha final holding into commercial
  • Mirai down
  • Todrick down
  • Teddi tries to make a deal but Miesha basically says no. Teddi drops anyway
  • Miesha first HoH
  • Julie says she won’t be the only one with power this week (Todd I’m guessing)
  • New ‘game changing power’ that Julie can’t tell the house what it is, but it’s inside the gala giftbox.
  • Gift will be a blessing to one and a curse to another
  • Looks like she’s not going to tell us so we’ll find out on the live feeds tonight.  I’ll post an update later with noms and power!

Talk soon besties

Scratch that, feeds won’t be back until tomorrow. So I guess I’m finding out with everyone else


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