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Celebrity Big Brother-Friday show recap

James Celebrity Big BRother  2 hours of Big Brother tonight! After today’s arguing and tension,  I’m ready for this. I don’t care for James but I think I want him to stay so the house can blow up. Brandi will be mean to him again in no time anyway so there’s that. I have nothing against Chuck but James brings way more game even if it’s too agressive. He’s been trying and I’ll give that to him. I wonder how many teenage girls will attack Brandi and Keshia on Twitter if he’s evicted. I doubt most of his fans have ever heard of Rudy.Sad Chuck

  • Julie’s lookin’ lovely
  • Chuck doesn’t have the best convo with Keshia after noms
  • Ladies meet and say they are sticking to the plan to eliminate James  (Ya right)
  • The guys realize they should’ve gone for the gold bags
  • Mark tells James he’ll use veto on him if he wins
  • Omarosa and Keshia make a side alliance aside from the 7
  • Veto comp players-Keshia, Chuck, James, Shannon-Keshia got hg choice, Ari and Mark
  • Ross had asked to host, Keshia chooses Omarosa after asking Ross if he’s ok with it, he says yes but is ticked
  • Keshia works on Mark for info and he says he’d probably save James
  • Keshia let’s Chuck know he shouldn’t put his faith in Mark
  • Hg’so are told news about the grammys, NBA trades, brief government shut down, Kyle Jenner baby name (Ross doesn’t like it) and super bowl winner- very entertaining reactions from the hg’s
  • Spelling veto comp-sneezing, spa theme with giant sized noses
  • Omarosa is very dramatic reading the rules…shocker!
  • Brandi spends the comp refilling her champagne glass and Chucks goal was a 6 letter word
  • Keshia notices Shannon has a letter R she isn’t using and asks her to throw it back in the mud so she can take it
  • Metta called them all nerds because they’re spelling, nobody laughs
  • Shannon won with “responsibilities, James and Ari didn’t even have complete words so they get the punishment
  • Keshia wants to use the veto on Chuck and put up Mark, she still wants James gone but wants to punish Mark for wanting to save James, Ross says no point in Shannon making all the guys mad so he doesn’t see the point
  • Keshia leads awkward convo about girl power and the final 6 with Ross in the room
  • Ross & Brandi winning for best dr’s so far (I still don’t like her tho)
  • James and Ari have to dress as babies, crawl on the floor for 48 hrs and have to suck on bottles when baby crying noise plays
  • 2nd meeting over using veto, Keshia doesn’t think they need to talk to Chuck before saving him and he’ll just work with them anyway. Shannon doesn’t want to use it, Keshia’s not happy, Omarosa’s pissed, turns into another 6 woman alliance talk in front of Ross, Omarosa calls using the veto…without changing the target, a big move, I’m thinking…not so much
  • Omarosa admits to Shannon that Keshia already talked to Chuck  (what they told her not to do) and Shannon cries over not being able to do anything right and has a moment of wanting to go home.
  • Veto meeting- James gives speech on knees in baby costume, says he kept his word and didn’t go for the bag. (Not a bad speech) Chuck makes them laugh and says he took bag because he’s playing the game.
  • Veto not used
  • Keshia and Shannon…..the end.
  • Opinions from Derrick, Nicole, Ian and Josh on CBB-All are surprised how hard they’re playing this week, they love Shannon but think she’s screwed and went too hard, Ian and Josh-team Ross, Derrick and Nicole-team Marissa
  • We already know there’s been 2 days of save James, evict James and so on so just insert that here
  • Time for eviction-James gives a better speech but they’re both far ahead of most speeches we hear
  • Brandi votes Chuck with tears (fake, real, you decide)
  • Ari votes Chuck
  • Omarosa votes James
  • Ross votes Chuck
  • Metta votes Chuck in sunglasses and asking his wife to be his valentine
  • Marissa votes Chuck while wearing possibly the biggest hair I’ve ever seen
  • Shannon votes Chuck
  • Mark votes Chuck
  • 7-1, Chuck is evicted (Keshia said to her alliiance if it wasn’t 7-1 they would have a problem, well, it’s 7-1)
  • I think Chuck kind of knew but it didn’t look like Omarosa or Keshia did
  • What did Omarosa pass to Chuck? A note?
  • Chuck seems like such a nice guy
  • Jury goes home and comes back to vote for the winner, hopefully nobody gets Danielled

That’s it for the two hour show guys. I thought the hoh comp would start tonight but, nope.

Sunday-hoh comp & noms

Monday-live veto comp and eviction


If I catch anything good tonight, I’ll post it for you tomorrow.


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  1. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Hey everyone! Sorry I’m late– been a busy week but I’ve been doing my best to get caught up! I have to say I wasn’t sure about this “celebrity” season but so far I’m loving it! I’m really enjoying this accelerated pace too– we just had an eviction and the next one is on Monday. I always feel like there’s way too much dead time during the regular summer edition, and I feel like this shortened timeline has forced everyone to step it up and get in the game early.

    I don’t know that I have any favorites yet, but Shannon is killing it in the comps so far and she (along with Ross) masterminded the plan to flip the votes so I guess I’m #TeamShannon for now. I’m also Team #RudySTFU!!! Rudy is such an annoying, self-righteous know-it-all… no wonder she and Omarosa get along so well. Metta reminds me a bit of Justin from BBOTT… entertaining, but probably has no idea where he is or how he got there.

    Well everyone, hope you’re all doing well and I look forward to chatting it up with you for this special treat the BB gods sent us this winter!

    P.S. Hey Mel! Thanks for holding down the fort while Steve is away! Great commentary as always!

  2. danmtruth

    on the road working nights so its nice to have these updates and insights Thanks Mel Seems like it can be an interesting fun show

  3. Painter1

    So far so good Shannon out of the gate strong but unfortunately that’s not a good think on Big Brother. Like Ross if he can keep cool I think he’s got a shot.

  4. LindsayB

    I love Ross. I’ve always loved Ross and am so happy he’s on the show. I hope he wins. Omarosa is a super c*** and I’m so glad that Ross was able to flip the group against her and Rudy. Love or hate Brandi, she keeps things interesting so I hope she stays around for awhile. James is a dick. Shannon has an interesting combo of beast and weak so it’ll be interesting to see how long she lasts. At this point, I see everyone else as floaters. Maybe that’ll change. Maybe not. So glad to see an absence of attacking each other based on who they like on a reality tv show. I’m hopeful it can stay that way.

  5. hogwild

    I think CBS should have done a celebrity survivor instead I would rather see some of these people stuck in the wild for 39 days that would be fun to watch.

  6. Sassy

    I think a showmance is brewing between James and Ari… The BGP (not sure P is correct) will be the next on the block if Omarosa doesn’t win HoH. Why they were pushing for Shannon to use the veto just didn’t make sense and it turned the rest of the group against them. It is their own fault if they are sitting on the block this week. Production will not be pleased if O goes out this soon.

    • AIO_7

      “I think a showmance is brewing between James and Ari”
      …………….I see it between James and Shannon, but you might be right.

      “The BGP (not sure P is correct)”
      ……………. BGM: Black Girl Magic. (I think)

      ” Production will not be pleased if O goes out this soon.”
      …………….. No way, she has brought HUGE promotion to CBB. It was a real coup. when CBS landed her.

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