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Celebrity Big Brother – PoV Results


Good evening, everyone!

Today was a long one. Feeds were down for many hours as they played for the power of veto, and it was a huge competition for Brandi….

But, she lost


When the feeds return, Mark was congratulating Ariadna for her victory which means Brandi is almost certainly leaving first on Friday.  I would be 99% sure if this was a regular season, but for all we know, someone could get hemorrhoids and absolutely need to leave the house or something (if someone actually does get roids, I’m playing the lottery).

Mark plans on securing her eviction by nominating Marissa as the replacement nom. The girls are almost certainly going to push for him to put Omarosa on the block, but it’s unlikely Mark will budge. The big question is if Brandi will actually do anything or go down with a whimper. I don’t expect any drama, but she has to put up some fight. Right?  Someone has to.

I’ll keep an eye on the feeds and update this if anything big happens! Until then, let’s hear your predictions for what happens on Friday night after Brandi goes. Who wins HoH and who goes home?

My early guess, James is due for HoH and it’s kind of a coin flip who goes out of Omarosa, Ross, or Mari. I’m guessing Marissa/Ross get nominated, Ross goes home.


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  1. hogwild

    Thought I would give an Amazing Race update Cody and jessica have made it the final three hope they can pull off the win.

    • Ann

      If Cody was playing with someone else I wouldn’t have a problem with him winning but I hate Jess with a passion & in no way, shape or form do I want her to win.

      Back to CBB…I’ll bet Brandi is swilling down every drop of alcohol available to them tonight after losing Veto. There won’t be enough wine in the BB house to keep her calm. Lol
      Marissa’s mouth is probably running a mile a minute right about now trying her best to get Mark to put Omarosa otb after Ari takes herself off.

  2. Alda

    I am rooting for Yale or the skiers.

  3. Shivani33

    I’m happy Ariadna won. She’s my favorite person in the house. Plus it really looks like Marissa will be the renom. Even if Brandi goes, there’s some justice in that choice.

  4. Shivani33

    Mark said he’ll tell Marissa tomorrow that he’s picking her for the renom. Good idea to play it that way and get a night of semi-peace.

  5. Ann

    Semi peace is right because old motor mouth is still flapping her jaws I’m sure, probably more now because I’ll bet she’s all up in Mark’s ear telling him to put Omarosa up. She has to be thinking there’s a strong possibility of her going up.

  6. NKogNeeTow

    Jessica and Cody WON!!!!

  7. Alda

    Henry had it and didn’t ask to get the plane checked.I think if Kristi had done the challenge over Jen,they would have won.Not my night!

  8. hogwild

    Now that this thing is almost over ready for survivor next Wednesday.

    • Ann

      I’m so ready for Survivor. If I had known Cody & Jess were going to win The Amazing Race I wouldn’t have wasted all of those Wednesday nights watching. If I was Henry & whatever his girlfriend’s name is is going to have a fit when they go back & see how Henry had his plane right but didn’t call for a check. They could’ve been the winners.

    • Colby

      Soooo ready for Survivor!

  9. NKogNeeTow


    Ross & Brandi are talking upstairs in the pool area. She is trying to convince him to vote for her to stay. He tells her he doesn’t think he can because the house is voting one way.

    She tells him that he once promised her that if it ever came down to it, he would keep her. He says he doesn’t remember saying that.

    She says he should try to talk to the group to sway them. He says it’s to late because she made it personal. She says she didn’t, James did.

    She tells him he should stick to what they talked about in the beginning (him backing her). She says if he doesn’t stick to it, he won’t get her vote in the end.

    She tells him she is kicking herself for believing him. He’s telling her that it’s crunch time now.

    She says that Marissa will probably go up. She says she loves Marissa. Ross is trying to think of something to say to placate her but she still keeps trying to corner him and get him to side with her. (If I were him, I’d tell her whatever she needed to hear, just to get away from her.)

    Brandi tells Ross she thinks they will all wind up being broken hearted. Ross gives her a hug. They go downstairs. Brandi goes to the living room and sits with Omarosa, James, Ari and Marissa.

    They are discussing who was the first person they all talked to when they came into the house. Ross joins them.

    They start playing the game where they go around the room and each say a word to make up a story…(I’m waiting on Brandi to say something stupid like she always does),

    They are playing Spin The Bottle, Truth or Dare addition. Rule is, no game related questions.

    Marissa says she is sleep and she wants to go to bed. (No such luck).

    Everytime they spin the bottle, it lands on Ross or Ari.

    “Sleepy” Marissa won’t stop talking….in spite of being sleepy.

    This game is boring. I’d rather they argue, at least that’s exciting.

  10. NKogNeeTow


    Omarosa dares Brandi to get the Orwell that Metta had and kiss it. She does.

    Brandi ask Ari how old is the oldest man she’s ever dated. She says 50.

    They pretend that Orwell is Metta. Ross ask “Metta” what ruffles his feathers. “Metta” (Brandi) says when people rips his seams.

    Ross ask Brandi what celebrity would she be interested in dating. She says Lenny Kravitz. She says he’s sexy.

    Brandi ask James how old he was when he first had sex. James says that’s not a question he wants to answer on tv, so she changes it to how old was the oldest woman he’s ever dated. Then she follow it up with how old was the oldest person he’s ever had sex with.

    *Lord have mercy, even Joker’s is dead. Sorry guys, I’m just trying to keep some kind of dialogue going here. Chalk this one up under ‘grasping at straws’*

    Marissa is called to the DR (YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!). She tells the group she is going to talk about each and every one of them.

    The game is over. They start to talk about how many cameras and microphones are in the house. They get “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION”.

    Mark comes downstairs and starts to dry and put away dishes while Omarosa washes.

    Ross/Marissa in bedroom whispering. He is telling her about his convo with Brandi.

    They are trying to figure out how to get Mark to put Omarosa up without messing thing up with him. Omarosa comes into the room and they change the subject.

    Omarosa leaves and they resume talking.

    Brandi is outside telling Ari that she asked Ross about keeping his word about the F2 with her. Ross comes out and B and A taper off.

    Brandi wonders why they have to stay in the DR so long tonight. She say then they have to get up early tomorrow.

    Mark comes out and Brandi ask him why DR is taking so long. Mark says because they have a ton of questions. They get “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY ROOM SESSIONS”.

    Brandi tells them to breathe it in because this is their last night outside. Ross says he didn’t think about that.

    Mark says they have a 2 hour show Friday but he doesn’t believe they are going to have a double eviction.

    Brandi says they are all going to need a lot of therapy after this. (*No, Brandi, mostly you.*)

    James and Omarosa in the kitchen talking about how Ari gets embarrassed when Brandi says something stupid.

    James goes outside and joins the group. They start to talk about how they were when they first got there. He says he thinks as soon as they leave the lot, they will get right in their cars and go back to normal.

    *Again, I apologize but this is all I’ve got folks.*

  11. Seattle Kari

    WAY off-topic but is anyone watching, or did they watch, The Amazing Race finale tonight?

  12. NKogNeeTow


    Still outside, the group starts to talk about Metta, wondering what he’s doing.

    They keep talking about things Production should do and wondering about some ot the things Production does, and keep getting warnings from Production.

    Ari and Mark talk about how sore they are from the HOH Comp. James wonders when we will see that comp. Omarosa and Mark says we probably saw it tonight.

    Brandi tells them that you can’t get through this game with integrity. She says you can’t play the game, get to the end then kick somebody out and expect them to give you their vote. *(A pitiful hint)*

    Mark tells her that the game is based on deception. He says it’s like playing poker. You lie to someone then tell them to “Give ma all your money”.

    The group changes the subject. *(Bet it sucks to be Brandi right now.)*

    They are wondering whether or not there will be a double eviction Friday. James says he wonders if even the audience knows.

    They are hoping they get Zingbot tomorrow. Mark says Saturday’s show will be a highlight show.

    Mark and James are talking about how Production tells them what faces to make, what movements to make and what to do. They get a warning from Production.

    *It is SO peaceful with Marissa in the DR*

    They start to talk about how when you get sent to jury, you watch the back shows and then know who was talking about you behind your back and what they really think about you.

    James says it’s something to think about, it could affect how you vote

    They then start to imagine how gross the house would be with 16 people in it (the bathroom and kitchen).

    They start talking about how in some rooms you can hear everything.

    Ross says he remembers the first night. He could hear everything going on behind the walls and thought to himself “Oh my God. Is this what it’s going to be like?” They get a warning from Production.

    They are now talking about Metta and how he kept changing his mind about staying. Ross said Metta said he was going to win HOH. Mark said he told him you can’t become HOH and nominate yourself.

    They say that Production never showed how bad Metta really wanted to leave and how many times he tried. They get a warning from Production.

    James says he wants to go to bed but he’s excited about being outside since this is their last night out there and he doesn’t want to go inside until he’s either evicted or it’s the Finale.

    James says he wants to eat something but nothing crappy. Ari makes a suggestion. James tells her that that’s her strategy, to let them all get fat then lose.

    James decides to eat some Metta cereal (fruit, nuts, cereal, no honey).

    Omarosa/Ari/Brandi only ones outside. Brandi says “This game sucks. It changes people”. *Of course she is holding a glass of wine*

    Brandi/Ari in kitchen talking. Audio is down so you can’t hear what they’re saying, but it looks serious.

    Audio back up. Brandi telling her they’ll all be friends on the outside. She tells Ari that James has to be put up after the upcoming eviction. She says it’s going to be an uphill battle (meaning her trying to stay?).

    Ari said she thinks the next Comp will be physical.

    Brandi says James didn’t do that well today. Ari say, he actually did.

    James walks in and they change the subject and start talking about the order of today’s Comp.

    They tell him that they are trying to figure out what the next Comp is. 3

    He tells them that the final Comp is in 3 parts. *(If I’m not mistaken, I thought when he first got there he said he wasn’t familiar with the game, but listening him over the last 2 weeks, he sounds like he knows the game better than Brandi. And she’s suppose to be a superfan. I think James knows more about this game than he let on)*

  13. NKogNeeTow


    Ross/Brandi/Ari in the bedroom talking.

    Ross/Ari in the same bed. He keeps referring to her as his wife. *(I think Ari might be the only woman who could turn him….even he said so…lol)*

    They are wondering how long Marissa will be in the DR.

    Ross says hello to Salvador and Ari says hello to her family in Spanish.

    Omarosa/James/Mark still outside, talking about Brandi.

    They are talking about the other night when Brandi was talking about all the celebrities she slept with (by name) and how when she told them to each say something bad about Julie, they all got up and ran.

    James is on his 12th bowl of cereal.

    They talk about the Black Box Comp. Omarosa tells them she lost her pants and shoes in the sticky stuff.

    They start to complain about how dirty the jacuzzi is. Mark laughs and says “Celebrities talking about their jacuzzi’s”.

    In the bedroom, Ari/Brandi and Ross are talking about things to do. Ross ask them if they’ve ever put Elmer’s glue on their hands then peeled it off. Ari says yes. Brand says “No, gross”.

    Ross decides to do it, then goes and gets the glue. He calls it the Elmer’s Glue Challenge.

    Ross and Brandi does it. Brandi says she doesn’t like sticky stuff. *(I will refrain from any lewd comments at this time)*

    Ross and Ari decide to blow on each other’s hands to dry the glue. Brandi says this is what you call a married blow job.

    Brandi laughs and says “This is just wrong”.

    Ross tells Brandi that’s why Peter (the squash) left her, because she wouldn’t blow on him.

    Brandi says she feels like the glue could be a good facial mask. Ross says, give him a good bottle of glue and he’ll blow all day. *(I swear folks, you can’t make this shit up)*

    Production keeps asking HG to remove things from in front of the window.

    Brandi looks better in Marissa’s dark wig than she does with her own hair.

    Marissa has been in the DR for over and hour. *(There is a God)*

    Outside, Omarosa tells James and Mark that this game is a popularity contest and she just rubs people the wrong damn way.

    She says she treats people the way they treat her. You treat her nice, she treats you nice.

    James says he’s different outside of the house because it’s a game inside.

    Omarosa said that she had to check Brandi because Brandi saw O talking to Chuck then went around the house telling everyone that O and Chuck had a deal. Omarosa said she told Brandi “You go around doing things like that, then call everyone else dirty?”

    Oh oh. Marissa The Mouth is out of the DR and talking 100mph, non stop.

    Brandi pretends like she’s interviewing Ari about Ross, asking her how she keeps that big hunk of man?

    Omarosa comes in to tell Ari her clothes are dry. She ask them if they are coming back out.

    Brandi/Ari/Ross say it’s to cold outside.

    Brandi continues with her interview. She ask Ross, how he stays with a woman who’s so bland. She ask if he uses his sausage. Ross says the interview is over.

    Ross ask them if they should go back outside. Brandi says yes because Marissa is going to go crazy if she doesn’t get fresh air. *(Don’t know what that has to do with the question, but okay)*

    Ari leaves the room and comes back with Peter the Squash. Brandi gives them nutritional facts and tells them there is sugar in butternut squash. *(Don’t know what that has to do with the conversation, but okay)*

    Ari says Peter looks kind of funny and ask Brandi what she did to him. Brandi say she sat on his face.
    *(Ummm, okay)*

    Ari tells Brandi that Peter looks messy like he’s been sloppy joe. *(what?)*

    Brandi gets serious for a minute and ask her why did she say that. Ari said “I’m just saying.” Brandi says, “no, did someone say that? Did you hear someone say that?”

    Ari insist that she didn ‘t hear anyone say that and the convo turns light hearted again. *whew*

    Ross/Marissa talking alone. Marissa says there is no way they can get rid of Omarosa first. She says Ari is already with Mark and James.

    Ross says that if they keep Ari, at least she will keep going after James.

    Ross says Brandi is already campaigning.

    Ross says they have to make a call and he has to be up front with Brandi and tell her that when he was up against her, she was trying to get him out.

    Brandi and Ari comes in while they’re talking and Ari ask what’s wrong. Ross tells them he’s just bummed about what happened (Brandi/Ari otb).

    He tells Brandi that he couldn’t get Mark alone to talk to him (she wants Ross to convince Mark to put Omarosa up).

    Brandi ask him why he didn’t go up to him and tell him that he wanted to talk to him alone.

    Alright Kidlets. BBAD is over and so am I. My pinkies are tired of typing. Everyone have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • AIO_7

      Thanks for the updates, NiK; I missed all of BBAD last night.

    • Jannie

      You, my dear, are a saint! Having to watch AND digest and type it all out…whew!! ❤️ I thought Metta took Orwell out with him.
      It’s time for Brandi to go. Followed by Omarosa and Marissa. Thinking I would like to see Ross, James and Ari in the final three. Wishing it would have been Shannon instead of Ari….

  14. AIO_7

    Well, I put in my 20 votes for AFP this morning.

    Mark … 9 votes
    Omarosa … 9 votes
    Ariadna … 2 votes

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