It’s official, Celebrity Big Brother is returning to CBS this winter!

This isn’t exactly a surprise to me as it was rumored that they wanted to bring back the Celebrity version of Big Brother this last winter, but covid made them scrap it.  Yes, they did have Big Brother 22 during covid, but that is their bread and butter while CBB is more of a side dish (although I suppose, bread and butter would also be a side dish – whatever). The point is, they typically have CBB for what, 3 weeks or so which is just not worth the ad revenue. Especially when you factor in the extra quarantine period and hassle will reduce the ‘celebrity’ pool to like famous TV commercial actors and stuff.

It would be like “and here is our final 2…  Flo versus the AT&T girl!


While I don’t expect the talent pool to be a ton better than that this winter, we may actually get people who have starred in TV shows or movies.

Personally, I think they should have a quick three week smackdown of former America’s Favorite Players, but I’d actually rather see that during a full season.  Ohh, Big Brother 24 should be duos with one America’s Favorite Player paired with one first evicted player from recent seasons.  I’m sidetracking…

For those wondering, the image says only ‘2022’ and this seems to have caused a bit of confusion where I’ve already shared the image.  I’ll just clarify, it does indeed mean this winter.  There are only 10 more days of winter remaining in 2021 and that takes place over Christmas and New Years. It is kind of weird when you think about it because mentally you kind of end years on Winter despite the bulk of it taking place to begin years.  Years are typically:  ‘winter, spring, summer, and fall’ but nobody (myself included) really thinks of late November and most of December as fall.  (I know technically years are winter, spring, summer, fall, winter) but no way am I ever counting the worst season of the year twice.

Wow, I ramble. Anyway. this will almost certainly happen toward the end of January 2022 to early February.

Who do you want to see on this upcoming season?