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Celebrity Big Brother – Super Monday Showdown!

Good afternoon, everyone!


I feel comfortable being happy today about my Patriots pulling it off last night because I know the Rams probably have no fans. They lost them all went they foolishly left Missouri to go to a place that already had a team coming in. I’ll never understand that move. People from the midwest are passionate about their sports. The Cardinals have some of the best fans in baseball and Chiefs fans are nuts (in a good way). If you are a former Rams fan who went to the Chiefs, I do have good news for you. They’re early favorites to win next year and I won’t be shocked if it happens. I badly wanted Mahomes to be overrated, but the dude is the real deal.

Anyway, I know the game was boring for anyone not rooting for the Patriots, and even a bit slow for those who were. Maroon 5’s performance didn’t bother me as much as others because I didn’t really expect much to begin with. It’s Maroon 5. Adam Levine has spent the last few years as a coach on The Voice. I didn’t even know what band he was from before then.

Enough non-BB news for the day.


It was a slow day in the house which was to be expected. And in another expected move, Tamar indeed nominated Tom and Kato which was her best move. I think there was a point where Tamar was thinking of putting Dina on the block, but that would have been dumb. I’ve never understood the thought of only putting one of the two people you want out on the block to save the other for a backdoor. The best time for a backdoor is when you only have one target you badly want out. Especially when that person doesn’t have very many people in the house who would play the veto for them. With Tom and Kato nominated, it doesn’t matter who wins the veto tonight because the other will go home.

The only way there is a remote danger would be if there was a third person who people badly want out or if the people in danger were great at making deals. Say Tom wins veto and Dina replaces him, Kato may be safe if they could convince 3 people to vote out Dina. However, in reality, they don’t have 3 votes. Like I said, veto is irrelevant tonight.

What happens after tonight could be interesting. If Tom/Kato win HoH next week, the other side of the house will be in a panic. The Bedrooom Bunch will be sweating bullets because they know three of the four will be used as noms/replacement nom and one will go home. Lolo may burst at the seams if she is pulled away from Natalie and Tamar will talk about how much of a bully the HoH is. Blah blah. On the flip side, if anyone else wins, look for a fairly routine week barring a veto win by Tom/Kato.

There is an eviction tonight and Friday should be a double, and that will be it for eviction episodes this season until the finale next Wednesday! How time flies when you only have a 3.5 week season. There are only 5 overall episodes left.

My biggest question is, will this be the last time we see Julie Chen-Moonves?  I don’t remember if she has signed on for Big Brother 21 yet or not.  Shit, we’re still not even guaranteed a season 21. Yes, casting calls are underway which leads me to believe there will be one, but CBS has yet to release an official renewal from what I’ve seen.  I’m not going to panic but I am going to panic.

I’ll blog today if there is anything to blog but another live show day means feeds will likely be down a lot.


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  1. LO1004

    Since most of the game was so boring, I kept jumping on the feeds to see what’s up. They wouldn’t even be talking about anything of importance and they were constantly cutting the feeds. Why even have a CBB if you have to deal w angry publicist all day b/c their psychotic clients (Lolo) can’t live like regular human beings?

  2. AIO_7

    The house guests are starting their day …


  3. AIO_7

    Tom, alone, fondling his hair …


  4. AIO_7

    Lolo and Nat. talking about the depression that they have suffered …


  5. danmtruth

    Kato is playing Dina big time He flirts with her and she just laps up the attention ,,, Wait did Dina just complain she lost so much weight and her rbs are showing now ? ,,,, Kandi is asking Kato to promise if he wins veto and take himself of Tom off – this is a question ? Like if he wins he might not use it ? – Kandi said if she can get Tamar to put someone on the other side up Kato must promise if they win the next HOH they won’t put Tamar up Duh have you seen this game First yes no problem he will say Second the old BB quote You bounce check in here all the time In other words No way will he Not agree with that
    Congrats to you Steve and your Pat’s

    • Sassy

      Could this really be possible? Would Tantrum consider double crossing the Bedroom bunch? That would be a GREAT backdoor! But I don’t think she would do it.

      • AIO_7

        She won’t. Since the feeds are down I’m listening to some post BBAD conversation in the HoH room between Tantrum. Lo and Kandi. Tantrum really, really wants Kato out.

      • AIO_7

        This is from last night after BBAD. Tom makes his way up to the HoH and the girls are giving him encouragement to try and win the veto. They want Kato gone.


      • Sassy

        I’m optimistic that Tantrum would be willing to rock the boat! She just may have an alliance with Ricky and Kandi that has been kept under wraps. I read that Tantrum told Kandi this will only work if one of them (Tomato) win the Veto. We shall see tonight, they may surprise us all.

      • AIO_7

        Could be. “Expect the unexpected,”

      • Ann

        So who is the real target?

      • Sassy

        Ann – I’m not sure anyone knows who the real target is except Tantrum. This group changes their minds more than their underwear.

  6. Sassy

    Update to the Twitter drama.

    Here’s what I posted yesterday, for those that didn’t read it: Newest drama on Twitter: Swaggy and Fessy had some kind of “fundraiser”, where they charged people $15 to watch online. They used Kevin’s cancer as their hook, stating a portion of the proceeds would be donated to his family. The event supposively made thousands and They sent Kevin a check for $500! His daughter is pissed!! Shaggy doesn’t see anything wrong with using Kevin’s cancer to raise money for himself. No where did he say what percentage of the profits he would send to Kevin, just says a portion! Talk about a disgusting human!!

    Today, Twitter is a buzz saying Swaggy and Fuzzy paid themselves an appearance fee for their own fundraiser!! And Kevin had to pay for his own plane ticket to attend the event.

    I can not verify what is true or not so please take all this as Twitter drama… The first part of the post was from someone claiming to be Kevin’s daughter, again I don’t know if that’s true or not.

    • AIO_7

      Two things: Who in the world would pay one cent to go see two douches like Swaggy and Fessy?
      I like Kevin, but he is naive. He let Paul play him like a dupe.

    • Sassy

      Kevin has been silent until now. Here are his recent tweets:

      “I would appreciate if @SwaggyCTV would stop talking about my daughter and family, he talked to me once since the event! I asked him to reimburse me for my flight! Never asked for money! then 4 times since Wednesday I texted or called no response! My kids don’t have his number.”

      “I wouldn’t let them get involved until the lack of response, once she tweeted it I got a response alright,I don’t want anything from you but just say I didn’t try to contact you numerous times! In your text u said our friendship is over which is fine!”

      “Chris remember who looked out for you all the time! I’m extremely hurt by your actions! And you Know all u had to do was answer my calls or textsI wish you the best I refuse to argue with you anymore about this matter”

    • danmtruth

      Sassy this is a very sad During the season I was never a fan of Swaggy Yet as Chris I found him interesting He seemed smart and a hard worker The Swaggy thing was no different than Daymond John the founder of FuBu He has turned that into a investment group He is seen on Shark Tank This seemed to he Chris business guidline Start a clothing line – Swaggy t-shirts sweaters than what ever his combo with Baylieh – After Chris was evicted he hit the BB circuit fast while he still had a name This is where he met Kevin Who liked him and took him into his house Kevin posted things saying how he liked having out with him
      So Swaggy &Fess had this joke about playing one- one That is how the whole game started Swaggy made a big deal about how if they made money was not why they were doing it At first they were looking for Charity’s to give the money to I don’t ever remember seeing the words partnering This brings in special rules and bookkeeping I have not seen everything as I don’t feel like signing up to his different pay sites – just not that interested – So what they took in and how much they gave to Kevin they do not need to show Sassy as you said the Twitter world is not known for truth As you said in any case it does not help

    • LO1004

      I think Twitter is blowing this out of proportion. I don’t like Swaggy or Bayleigh, but it sounds like Bay might have put a lot of money into this w out getting anything back. I think the intent was good, but the execution was a disaster. But that’s what happens when you have amateurs trying to do a ‘fundraiser’. This is like all the bogus Go Fund Me pages that get shut down. Stop donating money when you don’t know exactly what portion is going where.

    • Sassy

      Swaleigh claiming they made $19,000, $8,000 went to paying Bayleigh back for the money she put in, $2,00 to both Swaggy and Fessy for their appearance, $800 to Kevin, $800 to the other charity, and the rest to additional expenses like lack of T-shirt sales ect… They may not have used Kevin’s picture or “partnered” with him, but if you read the news paper articles and press releases, they sure did use his name to promote the event. They did NOT say how much they would donate to him, just a portion of the proceeds would go to Kevin’s family. It was very disingenuous at the very least.

    • Ann

      As far as I’m concerned, Swaggle, Bloody mouth & Frezass are a bunch of slum dwelling, scum sucking, slugass mothers who are not worth the shit on the bottom of your shoe.
      Don’t worry Kevin, Karma is a BITCH & she always comes back around.

      Many, many heartfelt prayers for you Kevin. We Love You….

  7. danmtruth

    This Swaggy drama has gotten us away from the game Sorry for adding to it
    The only way Tamra falls for the deal Kandi is trying to hatch Is if she over thinks her HOH like Tom Have a plan keep it simple don’t out think yourself The word ALLISNCE has been a joke this season As we said talk about the season of the pivot Not only after each vote It seems it changes each DAY if not hourly

    • Sassy

      The bedroom bunch has already caught on to Tantrum and Kandi overplaying their parts with each other. They talked about it on BBAD last night. If Tantrum catches wind or has already figured it out, she may think (and may be right) that this could be an opportunity to break them up without getting her hands to dirty. She can put one up as a pawn and say Kandi and Dina double crossed them… We shall see tonight, Tantrum is SOOO unpredictable.

  8. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    If Julie doesn’t sign on for season 21, I am available…

  9. danmtruth

    Gerardo you do have the name thing down You also know & understand the game One thing Ms JulieMoon has not shown So yes it would be great
    If Tantrum puts anyone other than Dina up She will never be able to talk her way out So no she will get the proverbial blood on her hands At this point who cares
    Bedroom Bunch just stay together get Tom Kato and Dina out After that things will happen fast
    Personal note
    Danmtruth pet peeves Stop Keeping the refrigerator door open for so long
    NEM Locololo stop putting the makeup on with a trowel In other words Don’t hide your beauty under all that makup It makes you look skeezy

  10. hogwild

    Spoiler alert I am the real target I really wouldn’t put it past this group to think they could go after someone not in the house.

  11. Mel

    Sorry to keep the Swaggy drama going but did anyone else see his video explanation for everything? He actually said “…. we said Kevin will get most of it, if not half. Here’s the problem, Kevin became cancer free…”

    That’s a problem? Not to mention, I’m sure his medical bills didn’t magically go away the day he found out he was cancer free.

    Apparently, air fare was provided for all of them including Rockstar and Scottie. Kevin paid his own but was going to get reimbursed (Swaggy said this) because of some mix up. Kevins airfare came out of that $800.00 so he really got around $500.00.

    Swaggys version of events shows he and Fessy each got paid 2000.00. Most people’s issue isn’t about how much Kevin got paid and how much they profited in total. They’re inexperienced and maybe costs got out of hand but the issue isn’t about expenses either. They made enough for Swaggy and Fessy each to make 2k playing a ball game. That’s not “most or half.”

    Swaggy also bragged about how successful it was after it was over and a lot of people paid the money because it was marketed as an event to assist Kevin.

    I would’ve been done with this if I hadn’t seen the video but it pissed me off.

    • Sassy

      Yep, I saw it! Supposively there is a longer video, which they took down, that I haven’t seen. I just saw a clip of the video. Someone said Bay gets rather snarky to Kevin’s daughter, which is what sparked Kevin to speak up.

      • Sassy

        I think what bothers me most is he says and it was promoted as, Kevin would receive a good chunk (most or at least 1/2) of the money. Not Kevin will receive it unless he becomes cancer free… Even if there isn’t a big profit, donate your “talent fee” (Swaggys description, not mine) to the family. The whole thing is just shady!!

    • LO1004

      My thoughts exactly on ‘heres the problem’. He just had a surgery and hospital stay, not to mention meds he’ll probably be on for the rest of his life. He’s a douche. But at the same time I’m not surprised by any of this bc Swaggy is a narcissist and anyone who gives him the time of day will get burned. Which is why Fessy is over there quiet as can be thinking, ‘who flipped?’.

  12. danmtruth

    Hog as long as you promised to NEVER put me on the block I won’t vote you out And if we are on the block together and I win the veto I will use it on you I Big Brother Promise

  13. Mel

    I’m sure this won’t happen but if by some small mitacle, Tom or Kato wins veto and Tamar goes after Lolo or NEM, I hope Kandi gets some of the credit she would rightly deserve.

  14. AIO_7

    New show thread, Y’all.

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