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Celebrity Big Brother – Thursday Feed Spoilers

Max Headroom has entered the house!
Max Headroom has entered the house!

Good morning, everyone!  It’s Thursday in the house and I want to make a quick correction from my previous post. I said the live eviction will be tonight, but my days have been off since returning from vacation.  The live eviction is tomorrow night.  Today will just have the PoV meeting at some point and we’ll see which pawn is going to sit next to Shannon for the next day.


This is going to be a painful day and a half of listening to Shannon complain how the world is out to get her. I hate it because I want to like Shannon, but it’s a game! She did put a pretty big target on herself by doing shit like spelling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious during one of those competitions (exaggeration, obviously) while people like Max Headroom are just chillin out and floating along.  The game is not about winning every single competition and driving full speed on day 1. Even in just a short season, it’s still a marathon and needs to be treated like one (maybe a half marathon).

Floating to the very end like a Victoria will always get you 2nd or 3rd place at best, but laying low through the first half of the season is a legitimate strategy more people need to take on.


  • 10:20 am – A big chunk of people are up and roaming around today. I don’t think Max (err, Mark) has moved in an hour. Perhaps he practicing for sitting in a box for long periods of time. Ok, enough Max Headroom references.
    • Mari tells the group that in one of her jobs, she got fired because she wouldn’t sleep with her 25 year old boss (at 16).
  • 11:05 am – Metta is telling the group that he loves Bingo. He went to Vegas and looked for it.
    • Mark and Ross are talking about how they love the active senior living (like playing bingo, going to bed early, etc).  Yup, definitely not a typical Big Brother cast with 20 year olds
  • 11:45 am – Shannon is trying to style her way into Ari’s heart.
    • This is a big day for Shannon because there is still a small possibility she can stay. Small. Very small. Small enough where she’s resorting to doing hair
  • 12:15 pm – Ross is upstairs talking to Ari, Mari, and Brandi… AMBrandi?
    • He is spilling what he has heard from Mark regarding James.
    • Ross swears on Salvadore that he doesn’t have an alliance with Mark and James
    • They are discussing the pawn. Mark or Omarosa.  Ross wants to see Omarosa pack again
  • 12:30 pm – Feeds down, likely veto meeting
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds back, James saved himself. Mark was the renom
    • Ari is from the future
  • 2:25 pm – I’m going to say it. This cast is boring.  I’m going to write more about this later on if the feeds continue to be dull. I know I missed a few days of feeds but these people are ridiculous so far
  • 4:30 pm – Metta working out, a few people sleeping, Shannon in the kitchen
  • 7:25 pm – Time to check in on the feeds. Still nothing happening. I’m guessing it’s a slow day. I’m sure tomorrow night’s endurance competition should spark some fun!

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  1. ericawesome

    I also liked Shannon when the show started but I’m not enjoying the #pittyparty she’s doing for herself. Right now I think that my pick to win is Mark. It feels like the main group with implode and that each one of them out and then quiet ol’ Mark will sneak up behind them and win a random HOH/Veto and get to the end!

  2. AIO_7

    Max (err, Mark) has kind of grown on me a bit.

  3. Painter1

    Women’s alliance aka lets take each other out first. They formed it to take out the guys but are failing at that miserably. Ross reminds me of James and will say what ever as long as it doesn’t come back to him.Shannon came out to fast and is now paying the price. The mean girls club has targeted her.

  4. Mel

    Brandi’s wine wore off so she isn’t trying to save Shannon anymore. I thought that might be alcohol talking but didn’t know for sure. Shannon’s gone from crying to being bitchy today but at least she’s trying to stay in the house finally. They need to get her out but I’m glad to see her trying. The only thing she had to offer was pretty weak though. She presented the idea of bringing Metta in with her to help Brandi and Ari. This is one example of how little attention she was paying to what was going on in the house. Metta is already with Brandi and Ari.

    It’s so nice the house isn’t trashed all the time and the dishes aren’t always overflowing in the sink. They get up and make their beds. The teeny boppers we’ve seen in recent years are just disgusting and dirty.

  5. Mel

    Shannon’s a bitter betty. She stayed otb and should have known that she was going to. She told James that none of those four would get her vote in the end and it’s hard playing the game with people who don’t know how to play and people who play emotional. I have so many problems with that statement because the people she’s mostly blamed, are very familiar with the game. She’s saying that to James who didn’t know much about the game. The choice they made this week was the opposite of being emotional. Who would have thought the biggest fan in the game was going to be the most bitter? I get it if she just needs a little bit of time to vent and doesn’t mean anything she’s saying but the problem is, she’s been saying them for a couple of days now. She cried and stayed in bed, then fixed Ari’s hair and offered to throw Metta into the deal but she’s pissed that didn’t work? I never disliked her but I was never rooting for her and now, I’m glad.

  6. hogwild

    Boring does not begin to describe them but I’m not sure there is a word in the English language that can.

  7. Mel

    I don’t think they’re boring at all. They’re having a gap in anything exciting going on but they’ve made moves, talked game tons and had better stories than we usually get. We’ve had drunk Brandi, bitchy Omarosa, bad ass Ari, rat Ross, cocky James and funny Metta. I think it’s been great.

    • hogwild

      Entertaining tv much like great art is in the eye of the beholder I’m glad some people are enjoying CBB for me this just feels like CBS said hey we need something to plug in for a few weeks till survivor starts so lets grab some D-list celebrities and do a mini Big Brother.

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