I don’t know what to title these threads since we don’t know whats going to happen on each night yet but I’ll do some blogging during the show. There was quite a bit of game talk in the house today but since we only have 20 minutes till BB starts, I’ll include some of it tomorrow morning with the overnight update if Steve needs me to.

  • Yep, they know Shannon’s a threat.
  • The gift bag will happen more than this week if it isn’t used. Whoever has it takes over the hoh.
  • All the ladies want to open it to increase their chances.
  • James and Chuck want to align with some girls and James has the “celebraters” as an alliance name.
  • Mark tells Shannon she’s one of the biggest threats…while she’s hoh.
  • Metta is shocked that you can make deals in the BB house. Gotta love Metta!
  • Love Chuck in the hoh room getting a facial and Metta getting press on nails. I like that they tried.
  • The pinky power moment was a peek into the alliance I wanted to see.
  • I like the Shannon/Omarosa alliance but I think Keshia will put end to it.
  • Damn! They’re talking Trump and Cosby on the 2nd episode.
  • Chuck spills too much to Shannon about the guys being afraid of theb7/4 split.
  • James tells Shannon she’s his biggest threat.
  • Metta wants to go home but the ladies don’t care.
  • Ross got more info from Omarosa than reporters did! Are they both playing each other?
  • Girls meeting plus Ross happening. They want Mark and Metta as pawns but the want out James.
  • Keshia suggests putting up James and Chuck if they use the gift bag.
  • Chuck goes in for the bag so now the ladies plus Ross is going too. Marissa didn’t ask to open it and the other guys didn’t even go for it.
  • Shannon confronts Chuck and he explained that he had to because of the numbers.
  • Keshia gets to open her bag and she’s the new hoh. She has to immediately nominate two people. She chooses Chuck and James.

When I was watching the feeds, I couldn’t understand why she took the HOH away from Shannon. It makes sense now that we know the ladies needed to remove the gift bags from the game. I’ll have some overnight updates and stuff that happened today ready to post tomorrow. Watch the feeds if you’ve got them tonight to see if Metta escapes and Brandi finds more alcohol.

Final thought tonight: Whatever CBS agreed to pay Omarosa,  (It’s rumored to be 1 million but I can’t confirm that) they’ve already gotten their money’s worth. Big Brother was mentioned on CNN and during a White House Press briefing. That has to be a first!