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Celebrity Big Brother-Thursday show

I don’t know what to title these threads since we don’t know whats going to happen on each night yet but I’ll do some blogging during the show. There was quite a bit of game talk in the house today but since we only have 20 minutes till BB starts, I’ll include some of it tomorrow morning with the overnight update if Steve needs me to.

  • Yep, they know Shannon’s a threat.
  • The gift bag will happen more than this week if it isn’t used. Whoever has it takes over the hoh.
  • All the ladies want to open it to increase their chances.
  • James and Chuck want to align with some girls and James has the “celebraters” as an alliance name.
  • Mark tells Shannon she’s one of the biggest threats…while she’s hoh.
  • Metta is shocked that you can make deals in the BB house. Gotta love Metta!
  • Love Chuck in the hoh room getting a facial and Metta getting press on nails. I like that they tried.
  • The pinky power moment was a peek into the alliance I wanted to see.
  • I like the Shannon/Omarosa alliance but I think Keshia will put end to it.
  • Damn! They’re talking Trump and Cosby on the 2nd episode.
  • Chuck spills too much to Shannon about the guys being afraid of theb7/4 split.
  • James tells Shannon she’s his biggest threat.
  • Metta wants to go home but the ladies don’t care.
  • Ross got more info from Omarosa than reporters did! Are they both playing each other?
  • Girls meeting plus Ross happening. They want Mark and Metta as pawns but the want out James.
  • Keshia suggests putting up James and Chuck if they use the gift bag.
  • Chuck goes in for the bag so now the ladies plus Ross is going too. Marissa didn’t ask to open it and the other guys didn’t even go for it.
  • Shannon confronts Chuck and he explained that he had to because of the numbers.
  • Keshia gets to open her bag and she’s the new hoh. She has to immediately nominate two people. She chooses Chuck and James.

When I was watching the feeds, I couldn’t understand why she took the HOH away from Shannon. It makes sense now that we know the ladies needed to remove the gift bags from the game. I’ll have some overnight updates and stuff that happened today ready to post tomorrow. Watch the feeds if you’ve got them tonight to see if Metta escapes and Brandi finds more alcohol.

Final thought tonight: Whatever CBS agreed to pay Omarosa,  (It’s rumored to be 1 million but I can’t confirm that) they’ve already gotten their money’s worth. Big Brother was mentioned on CNN and during a White House Press briefing. That has to be a first!



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  1. AIO_7

    Looks like Ross is going to join the girls. I must admit, I suspected that that would happen.

  2. hogwild

    I know this is only the second night but I already find this pretty boring you only have 11 players there is already a 7 against 4 which makes things pretty predictable add to that none of them really need the money and don’t know or understand the game it looks like they are just going through the motions counting down the days. This might pick up but given the num,ber of players it seems very unlikely anything dramatic or unexpected will happen.

    • Mel

      Don’t give up yet. The feeds were completely crazy last night and today they were already starting to turn on each other. I would have covered some of it today before the show but I ran out of time.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You did great Mel (as usual). I didn’t get the Feeds for this mini marathon, so it’s nice to find out what’s going on in the house outside the broadcast show, other than BBAD. Thanks!

      • hogwild

        I’m not throwing in the towel yet but honestly I don’t think CBS really thought celebrity BB through before they decided to go with it.

    • Avatar

      Hey friend, so nice to read ya! I’m kind on the same page as you, I check in & watch, but not with great interest. And this is why I kinda believe that CBB is not everyone’s cup of tea. These people that are on CBB have Money, & to some extent, Fame. I will still watch tho, just to see what happens!

      The Contestants on Regular Big Brother are looking for Fame & to Make Money by winning the Game & Money, so the stakes are higher for them (and the drama.) None of the Celebs on BBC have to worry about making their rent, buying a car, or have to look for a job, as on Regular BB?! And that is what makes Regular BB so freaking INTRIGUING! Btw, what exactly does the winner of BBC win, are they playing for a Charity, or to donate their Winnings to a Charity???

      By the way…The BB House for the Celebrities is BOMB!!! I hope they keep some of the Upgrades for Regular Big Brother. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

  3. Sassy

    Great commentary Mel. I forgot to record this episode…

  4. Seattle Kari

    Hi everybody! Thus far I’m actually enjoying the show a little more than I anticipated. Shannon is it? She is really good! Sometimes I think not knowing who some of these people are as making it seem more like a regular big brother because getting to know them? I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling..

    Anyway, my biggest thought is I’m hope Omarosa is not just playing the emotional card for sympathy and that she really is more down-to-earth than we thought.

    I did get a chuckle out of these supposed celebrities all doing things to alleviate boredom just like regular contestants have in the past… charades last night on After Dark and then the guys actually letting the girls put fingernails on them? LOL

  5. NKogNeeTow

    Random thoughts:

    Well that didn’t take long. These female alliances fall apart quicker than hurry up.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Ari looks like a young Sofia Vegara?

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Metta, who desperately wants to go home, winds up winning the game and we find out he was the biggest superfan of all time?

    Brandi was sober tonight. There is a God.

    If James doesn’t leave the house, Brandi will self destruct.

    Marissa is to damn old for those cat ears. Reminds me of a geriatric Ariana Grande.

    With that twisty thing on Omarosa’s head, I keep waiting for her to put a basket on top and walk through the village.

    Marissa tried to devour a hot pizza and dropped it between her cleavage, which prompted her to treat us to
    a view of her underboob as she self medicated with first aid cream (can’t unsee that).

    Shannon is pushing a little to hard for James, which is making the others suspicious of her.

    I still love Jay Leno’s illegitimate son (that’s what Jay use to call him), Ross.

    Where is Gerardo with our tea?

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