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Chaos is a Ladder



Michie won HOH and put up Christie and Sis. His target is Christie. Sis was shocked by Michie’s move because she did not expect to be going up as a pawn.


I’m telling the path to victory for Cliff and the Cliffomaniacs is getting clearer and bigger every day. If I said it before, I will say it again, I am a huge fan of Cliff. It surprises me from an outside viewer’s perspective that Michie is still pissed at Christie. Christie is a top-three player in the house. So are Michie and Tommy. Cliff is either fourth or fifth in close contention with Sis. Then you have Nick, Holly, Jess, and Nicole. Michie will probably get what he wants this week, which is Christie having a post-eviction discussion with Julie Chen. After this week, I think things are going to heat up again unless Holly pulls out the HOH W.

  1. My theory is that someone like Nicole or Jess is going to win HOH next week and be forced to target Michie. A relatively strategical option, I’m not sure how much safety this would net either of those ladies. Both are sooner to go than Cliff. By putting up Holly and Michie, they guarantee one joins the jury. However, they are also providing the opportunity for Tommy, Nick, Sis, or Christie (pending on Thursday night’s results) to put themselves or Cliff up as a pawn. With the numbers in the house dwindling, it’s difficult to foresee exactly what is going to happen. It’s a game of roulette where every week starts a new spin.

If Heath Ledger was brought into the house as the Joker, I don’t think there would be any more chaos than there already has been. And he would run the house holding the HOH power or not. Same can be said for a character from Game of Thrones. Littlefinger. Littlefinger would try to sleep with Sis, Holly, Christie, or Bella (all of whom had boyfriends/close friends as HOH), conniving to leverage that ladder of chaos into power.

I hope you all are enjoying these articles as much as I enjoy writing them. Please let us know what you think. I love reading BB discussion.


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  1. Avatar

    Love the Petyr Baelish Game of Thrones reference.

  2. danmtruth

    Tommy is talking to nick and is doing a great job of planting seeds Telling Nick how he wants Sis to stay But can see how keeping Christie can help the house As she is the only person willing to take a shot at Jackson Hint hint Nick you dont need to get blood on your hands Tommy adds he talked to nicole about it so you know nick will bring it up to her again Remembe 4 votes as 3 makes it a tie and Jackson gets the joy to stand in front of Christie say hiw much he loves and resoect her This is purely a game move Christie your gone

  3. Leta

    I am a straight up unapologetic Cliffomaniac. #TeamCliff all the way.

  4. Kari

    Good morning, well I’ve got 5 minutes left. Let’s just say it’s been a lazy Sunday and I’m not going to complain about that!!

    My mind starts to hurt whenever I read all of these updates and the way these people are processing things and denying what they have said and done. I honestly believe that they cannot remember?

    I wish we could talk to the BB casting people. Or that they would at least read these comments. I want to “manifest” a cast next year that we can be proud of. The people can be sneaky and conniving without being stupid the way it’s supposed to be played. That they have some sort of a brain cell to work with. Maybe a minimum of a 3. GPA in high school?

    The last two or three seasons (but of course this one is the worst), have just been mind-numbingly stupid. To be honest, I’ve always said the big brother was my “summer mind-numbing entertainment”, but when I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even watch the episodes and I’ll follow the blogs, it’s just sad.


    I’m glad the rest of the country is starting to cool down a little bit! I really felt for that incredible heat you all were dealing with. it’s really odd around here, we’re having a more stereotypical Seattle Summer than we’ve had in probably eight or nine years. Believe it was just last summer that we broke a record what we had almost two months without any rain and the temps were really high compared to what we are used to. The vast majority of people around here do not have air conditioners either.

    I’m not going to bitch. A little rain has helped keep our skies clear of that nasty fire smoke that we’ve dealt with the last two summers. The temps in August have been low-to-mid 70s which is really cool for August, but it’s perfect for me. Nice enough to go outside and enjoy summer but not so hot that it’s uncomfortable to be out.

    Everyone have a great week!

  5. AIO_7

    Everyone gathered in the kitchen: Christie dominates the conversation, as usual. Good riddance.


  6. hogwild

    This is the TV show a lot of these people remind me of.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    Evening All! I forgot to mention something that I’ve noticed but keep forgetting to mention. Has anyone else noticed that since Nicole has been spending more time talking to Nick, that she has been dropping quite a few F-bombs lately? Not as many as the rest of them, but more than she has in the past. It might be just me but I could swear it.

    On a completely different note, I’d like to urge you to please donate anything you can to this site. Steve has done a tremendous job of giving us someplace to go and be accepted as the Junkies we are.

    Another thing, since this cast of HG is so hated, we have seen a huge influx of new board members this year. Welcome to all of the Newbies who will next year become Regs! Anyone out there still reading, but still haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late! Plenty of gameplay and show left for you to join and make your voices heard. We always love fresh sets of eyes and opinions. Whether we agree or not, all are welcome here. 🙂

    • hogwild

      Hadn’t really noticed any increase of course I don’t watch the feeds so how could I in any event not sure hanging around Nick is good for her or anyone’s game it sure hasn’t helped Sis Nicole should probably keep him at arms length.

    • Vikki T

      I have wondered if if was due to aggregation with herself at not winning comps, how she has been treated or the NN influence, but she is definitely throw more.

    • Alda

      Oh yes.I’ve noticed Nicole getting a little more free with the f..word too.Nick is such a good influence on the house.NOT!

    • danmtruth

      Not sure if its just because we are seeing more of nicole or what It does seem she has

      • ShoeLover

        Some times you follow along with the conversatio, maybe, or to fit in? Not many used the word “Like” as often as Jessie does, but now they do!! Infectious vocabulary disorder!! Haha!!

    • MartyMar

      NK: I was really bothered by how close Nicole allowed NN to get to her and wondered whether poor girl was needing and enjoying his attention (and not seeing clearly that he’s intentions were purely to manipulate). When they were cuddled in bed facing each other (when he first went hard at her to get her on the new6), I shivered inside thinking “god, please don’t let him touch you!”. Nicole just seems so young and innocent, and for that reason, possibly vulnerable to his influences — including the F-bombs (NN drops them excessively and gratuitously). I just hope Nicole realizes NN is not a good person (creepy and conniving) before it’s too late.

    • Avatar

      Hi all! You convinced me to stop lurking and sign up! I just found this group last season, but have watched the show for years! PS…I am so over this season…I used to look forward to every night it came on. This season…meh

    • ScaryTerri

      I’ve noticed and I think Nicole has noticed herself doing it too.
      I believe Nicole said she needed to bring back the swear jar (for herself). Also, she doesn’t use foul language around the children at work but does cuss at home.
      I don’t remember who she was talking to. Perhaps someone else recalls the convo???

    • Leta

      I’ve actually been enjoying lurkng on this site for a couple of years. Right now I have a lot of down time due to a knee surgery, so I thought I would finally jump in with my .02 — LOL and yes, Nicole has been dropping more F-bombs. She, herself, recently voiced that.

      • ShoeLover

        Ouch!!! I hope recovery is going well, Leta. My husband has had knee replacement surgery but before that 4 different scope type surgery. Both his lateral and medial meniscus were damaged. But wound up having to have a full knee replacement.

      • BBBonbon62

        Hope your recovery goes smooth and quick. I have not had knee surgery but know those who have and I understand it is painful. I hope you have minimal pain and are up and running a marathon soon.

      • Leta

        ShoeLover — my meniscus was so damaged they opted to remove it rather than repair. The surgery has been a nightmare. 14 months post-op and I’ve had to have it drained 8 times as the arthritis behind the kneecap keeps causing the fluid build up and swelling. Right now it’s about the size of a softball and I last had it drained 15 days ago. He said then if it filled again, we would finally do the total knee replacement. I’m not looking forward to that though as this surgery, out of 8 various surgeries I’ve had in my lifetime, was by far the most painful. I KNOW the total replacement is gonna be a bitch. Plus I’m a big pussy when it comes to pain. Hope your hubby faired a whole lot better than I have!

      • ScaryTerri

        Hey Leta. Newbies unite 🙂

      • kneeless

        We probably haven’t had the same kind of knee surgery but I have had 11 knee surgeries, bet ween both knees, so I kinda feel your pain! Hope you heal well.

      • Leta

        Oh my Kneeless. I am without words. I can’t even imagine!

      • ShoeLover


        It has been almost 7 years since Daniel’s knee replacement. He struggles some times, but he is back to running and being as functional as he can. It was a long recovery but well worth it considering the latter.

  8. Nancy

    I will have to pay closer attention..I’ve heard her use curse words here and there.
    I am more than happy to donate to a site like this. I’ve been treated with nothing but acceptance and kindness from everyone..and the respect shown when posting , wether you agree or not is phenomenal..many thanks to Steve for this site, which has allowed me the pleasure of “meeting,” so many kind people of all ages. Plus y’all make me laff!!

  9. hogwild

    All my money is currently tied up in my Ukrainian mail order bride business if that takes off will try and donate. Ok the mail order bride stuff is not true even though I’m good with memes, gifs, and links that is pretty much where my online knowledge ends this online donation stuff is out of my wheelhouse.

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  11. Sassy

    I’m listening to the feeds in the background today. Not much has happened. Cliff/Sis are still pranking each other. CC/SS had a little delusional game talk. They think they can convince JJ/Beth to get the gang back together again and put Jess OTB. Good luck. Beth/JJ talking about what they are wearing and brand name of clothes BB gives them for comps. SS tried to tell TT the plan, he Loves that they want to get the gang back together and SS clarifies that’s it’s just until they can take a shot first, hmmm… Nick comes out convo changes. Go away Nasty!! Nicole and Jess talking, Nicole tells an inspiring story of howshe overcame isolation in Jr High.

    • Sassy

      And Jess looks annoyed that she has to listen to this.

      • MartyMar

        Jess is so irrelevant – doesn’t have a clue how the game is played. And the fact that everyone except her seems to notice she’s a constant third-wheel is the only thing that makes me have any pity for her. I can’t see her winning in the end (don’t know who’d vote for her), but shrink at the idea of a Jess/NN F2.

      • Kari

        Sigh. Jess did not redeem herself for long did she..

      • Nancy

        You better listen to her Jess!!! She’s had to listen to you try to get one damn clear thought out since you got there!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      After suffering through that convo between Simple Ass Sis and JJ last night, I haven’t been able to listen to the feeds. She actually physically and mentally exhausted me last night. The entire time I was typing I was stomping my foot and howling like a crazy coyote. I need a break from them until tonight…lol

      • Vikki T

        NK – you have been listening to Jess too long….you are throwing in “actually” to your response. 🙂

      • danmtruth

        My I suggest righteous gem stones on HBO 9 Pm central time
        Also off sbject here in the Chicago tv market they are showing commercial for Ketamine WTF i realize there are times it can help But have we not lesrend from the opium epidemic Now we want to push Special-K original used as a horse tranquilizer Again medically im sure it gas help people But commercial to have people aski g there doctors for it is crazy If a doctor thinks it will not hrlp you Why put the doubt in someone mind so they shop around till they find someone who will

    • kneeless

      Why are they so hellbent on getting together? With fewer numbers, find your one or 2 ride or dies & go for it. Some of their gameplay or lack thereof is mind boggling.

  12. AIO_7

    Looks like Nicole and Jess might be patching things up …


  13. delabear

    While I agree with all the comments about the type of people we would like to see them cast, I honestly cannot see anyone with the attributes we want in a cast willing to participate in this game. Anyone with an ounce of self-respect would never be willing to subject themselves to this sort of life, even on a temporary basis. Just my opinion.

  14. BBBonbon62

    Beth and Sis talking it out. Beth just said she got PTSD when she was HOH. Really??? How do you survive outside of this house if your HOH causes you PTSD?

  15. BBBonbon62

    Ok I have to say it….STFU Sis.

  16. Leta

    CC is gonna do what she does best. Throw Jess under the bus by trying to get JJ to use his veto and put her up instead. Jess’ name should be #CluelessJess

  17. hogwild

    I just realized my dog reacts the houseguest the same way many of us do. Smiles at Nicole wags tail at Cliff growls at Nick whimpers at Christie chases tail when sees Tommy licks herself when she sees Jackson yawns when it’s Holly or Sis takes a nap when it’s Jessica. Ignore the post before that I enter on before I was done.

  18. BBBonbon62

    A bit off topic…For all you bakers out there I am watching/listening while trying a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Cake I found on Facebook. Smells delicious in my house right now. Hopefully they taste as good since they are for our BB watch party tonight. I must admit I have been “sipping” the jungle juice while baking so who knows how they will come out. Lol

  19. BBBonbon62

    Can we all manifest a giant roll of duct tape attacking SS and taping her mouth shut. Tell me Beth is not buying what she is selling.

  20. Mary

    How many of times have we heard ” If or when you watch the season back you’ll see…. ” When these house guests get out and watch the first or second episode where Tommy and Christie meet up, they are going to feel like a bunch of nit wits. Gosh I wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear their reaction. Not to mention all the little lies they have told, then say I swear I didn’t say that, I swear on the Bible, on my Sisters life. blah, blah, blah
    Listening to Sis talk to Holly is making my head hurt.

  21. Helen

    JJ can give the “pure game move” speech all he wants…the bottom line is on day45 he retreated to the have not room and told Holly flat out…his targets were Christie,Tommy and Sis…he was butt hurt then and he remains the same…the only difference to me is they seem to have tapered him off whatever meds he was on and production talking to him after his mother threatened a lawsuit and lawyered up….

  22. MartyMar

    I dreamt TT was talking to the HGs saying something like “I remember back when CC did this thing…” predating the BB house; sadly, I think I’m the only one in my dream who reacted. Everyone else: over their head.

    • Sassy

      I hope you pointed it out to the HGs in the most dramatic way.

      Today they have all been talking about their dreams. Everyone is having dreams that mean something relating to the game. I call BS, maybe the first one but everyone after that made it up to top the last who spoke.

  23. Avatar

    Who has cried more, Mishie (Michelle) or CC (Christie)?

    • Avatar

      Newbie here…thumbs down= didn’t like my question?
      Feeling rather lost. .

      • Nancy

        Ignore thumbs down..its some little troll who lives in the bbj basement..thumby..
        He enjoys thumbing down..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Pay no attention to Thumby Moxie. He is our resident Troll. He’s been here for years. He’s like that “special” cousin that lives in the basement that everyone in the family knows about but never talks about…lol

      • Mary

        What Nancy says, most people just click thumbs up to keep track of what they have read, someone does thumbs down. Every once in awhile there will be a post where a lot of members disagree, though it’s not very often. Just ignore it.

      • ElaineB

        Just state your opinions and ask your questions, Moxie. No one is better than any one else. We filter the BB season through our own lenses, and come together to share. No worries.

      • hogwild

        Don’t worry about thumbsy down they even thumbs down me despite how clearly brilliant and loveable I am. LOL

      • Avatar

        I promise I am not Thumby!!! Trolls are only cute when they are in Movies. I don’t know why some people have to steal other’s sunshine to feel better about themselves!

    • kneeless

      Might depend on if we’re talking real tears or “dry tears.”
      Don’t mind thumby, you know you’ve been accepted when thumby weighs in!

  24. oowee

    I so hope someone tells Jess how her idol CC is throwing her under the bus!

    • Mary

      Just think Tommy’s Aunt put up with CC for 7 years. Cannot understand how TT would want to keep her in the house.

      • Purring

        CC and TT had to have known that they were both going to be on BB. You don’t date someone for that long, live so close and probably have the same friends and acquaintances without knowing something so big. Just because the aunt and CC broke up doesn’t mean TT and CC didn’t stay friends.

      • ElaineB

        At this point, Christie is not good for Tommy’s game. Hopefully will see him play the game, with Christie gone (yea Thursday).

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  26. Mary

    BTW- This morning Nicole was asking about her water bottle again, did she find it? I think Katty Kat took it with her or hid it just to be a little snot.

  27. Leta

    Okay, y’all — I’m gonna go manifest up some supper. I’ll be back later, I’m sure.

  28. BBBonbon62

    What the heck are Jess and Nicole doing with the laundry all over the backyard? Pouring hot water on them from the tea kettle? Is that some type of stain removal process?

    • Nancy

      I bet its some idea jess came up with..like wanting to fill the hot tub with hot water from the kitchen…what a piece of work.

    • Kari

      I don’t know what they are doing but I will saythat my mother-in-law taught me that boiling hot water will take berry stains out of clothing and it’s true.. maybe there’s some sort of stain that they know the hot water will help remove?

    • Mary

      It’s the costumes from the slip and slide comp, they are trying to remove the crisco or lard.

    • Colby

      I think it is comp clothes that got something all over them. Probably the grease from the slip n slide. I guess she thinks maybe the hot water will loosen it up.
      They need to ask for a bottle of Dawn. It works wonders on grease stains if you use it like a pre wash.
      But as much grease as they got on them, not sure it would take it all out.

  29. Sassy

    The house has been extremely boring today. No real convos, lots of small talk and everyone just loving and respecting each other.

  30. Mary

    Here’s an idea for CBS to make this season go out with a bang. Do 2 evictions a week until the final 3 . Do the last HOH and film the finale vote. After the final vote, before the revel, put them back in the house, or split them up between the studio house and the jury house and make them watch the season together and film their reactions. Just like the beginning of the season they have a 2 day opener, they could close it that way. Bet there wouldn’t be a lot of ‘ I love you’s ‘ after that. Plus there may be a lot of people wanting to change their votes. Then have the after party with all the interviews.
    LOL – Okay I know I’m dreaming, though it would make interesting TV and for the live feeders. It would spice this season up for sure.

  31. Leta

    “CC – I feel like it can’t hurt — especially if you’re being genuine. Before this veto meeting .. like shit is going to hit the fan. It’s killing me and I hate that its going to have to be her, but she is the one that makes the most sense. SHE is the one that caused that like re-division. Maybe you can talk to Holly and somehow in there — make it about Jess. Like a little — just between you and her. And then by the time I talk to her I can reinstate that point and it’s already in her head a little bit. Jess told me last night that Holly blames her for you guys not being friends. — ” AND with that you have it, peeps. CC comes up with a plan to take her down and put Jess up. She is one of the most manipulative, narcissistic people I have ever seen. She pisses me off with her using the Universe and God given gifts to perform her witchery. Beth may fall prey to her, but let’s hope JJ doesn’t.

  32. Annabelle

    Purring you are spot on about this group saying it’s bad editing and they are REALLY truthful caring people in person. Apparently most of them can’t grasp what LIVE FEEDS 24/7 means now. I don’t know how you could agree to spend your entire summer doing something that will cut you off from all family and friends and not research the crap out of it. Maybe not watch every season but aren’t the live feeds and bbad mentioned in commercial if you watch past episodes?

  33. Avatar

    CC is pitching to Michie and Beth…

  34. danmtruth

    Leta that was part of my earlier post Tommy is planting seeds of house flip First he Started with Nick With the CC is too honest of a player to fight against Sis BUT , , , CC might be a good person to keep seeing she is the only one to go after Michie Hint Hint Nick Christie takes michie out you get no blood on your hands Of course Tommy gets to keep and save christie That screws up Michie and Holly Draws Holly closer to Tommy Shifts the numbers back in his favor

    • Leta

      Dan — If anyone can flip this vote, it will be that damned CC. I can see her (I’m not manifesting it, I promise!) surviving against SS even. All it would take is Holly being the 4th vote (+ Nick, Jess & Tommy) to evict SS and them blaming it on Nicole or Cliff for throwing a rogue vote. That would completely change the numbers. And I’m positive Holly would leave JJ in the dust to further her game. Especially if she can do it a few times behind his back, batting her eyes while calling “C’mere Bullwinkle” to confuse him.

  35. AIO_7

    I don’t think Snackson will fall for Chrusties groveling, and she is groveling …


  36. AIO_7

    Chrustie trying to get the hatefest against Jess going …


  37. Sassy

    CC trying to make amends with JJ/Beth. She’s not doing herself any favors. She keeps pointing out how they are a couple. I’m waiting for JJ to say so are you and TT. CC tries to spin her truth, she’s shocked when JJ tells her his truth. He’s telling her, he’s not gonna change his mind and this is why. CC squirms and tries to throw Sis under the bus. Well, that’s not working, let’s switch to Jess. She’s the mastermind. CC was just so confused, and she followed Jess, hahaha!! She’s begging now, trying to convince them having 6 is the way to go. Now Nicole is SOOO powerful. Oh, wait, Nick scared her (Blah, Blah, Blah).

    CC is playing the honesty card. Ok, so if you have a new alliance of 6 and there are 8 people in the house, if one wins Veto, you HAVE to put up one of the 6. 6 is NOT a good deal!!! Oh, America would love them getting back together. CC does NOT lie in this game, she’s emotional, voice is shaky but no tears. Now she’s saying she’d be willing to do a 6, 5, 4, 3 alliance with them, trust her her word is bond.

    She threw the HOH because she thought she was good with everyone. She goes thru the list, hmmm, you just gave him another reason to get you out. He’s not falling for any of her crap. He’s not even humoring her. She finally says she respects his game and his move, she would have done the same thing. She tells him they will still be the target next week, she could help protect them (give it up and campaign to those voting). She’s like a dog with a bone.

    Beth and CC, Beth is the one crying… She’s trying to convince her she had nothing to do with the noms and didn’t know. Beth feels like an outsider, blah blah blah. They talk about big mouth Jess.

    Beth/TT, he will be the ear for her if she needs an unbiased opinion. He’s here for her. TT is anxious because he just wants to know the future for the group. He felt f’ing strong with the group and wants to feel that way again. Now it’s a guessing game and he wants to feel like he’s part of something great.

  38. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

  39. Avatar

    I want better smarter players like in the past. Now all we get are wanna bes…..wanna be famous.

    Although if I was ever dumb enough to go in bb, I would be kicked off lol. How does anyone not tell idiots to shut up. Where do you go to not hear them.

    But I love watching them implode

  40. Jen

    No kidding!!! One of the best scenes in GoT!
    Anyone else think GRRM finished at least 1 book and is sitting on it until HBO slows down on the $$? I heard last week that 2 weeks from then he has an announcement for fans and free HBO this weekend with last Season marathon… hmmmmm

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