Celebrity Big Brother Living Room

The big house reveal is already upon us and there are quite a few changes this season that big fans may notice.

The theme is obviously a Hollywood theme because they need to keep the F-list celebrities feeling at home, but I will say they put a ton of work into it considering the house will only be used for a month. Here are some things I noticed from these photos….

  • The kitchen table only has 10 chairs which likely means someone is going to be evicted on the first night
  • Three bedrooms were revealed which means no have not room
  • The workout bikes and pool table were moved inside likely due to colder weather and….
  • Only about 1/8th of the backyard is open to the house which will allow the crew to keep construction going for competitions round the clock while still allowing the crew to go outside.

This means I expect at least 2 people to be evicted every week and a huge portion of the time they will be competing in some type of competition. It looks like they will never get access to the pool, but they will be able to use the hot tub. All the beds are a good size and there are 8 if you include the HoH bed. This means not much doubling up on the beds like they force regular houseguests to do for half the season.

Overall, it is a pretty decent looking setup and I’m impressed how much they did for such a short season.  Take a look at the rest of the photos in this gallery…