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Checking In On The Early Grades Plus Updates

A little over a month ago, I ran a quarterly grade report on the house. This was during the week of Brett/Winston on the block and feels like a lifetime ago at this point.


I made some predictions based on how they were playing to that point with some notes.  Now that we’re down to the final 8, I figured I’d check in to see how my predictions held up:

Evicted Players:

(note – grades were my quarterly grades)


Grade: D+
Prediction: No jury
Results: No jury

Grade: B-
Prediction: Make jury, possible final 5
Results: Made jury. Could still make final 5 but has a long way to go if he comes back

Grade: D
Prediction: No jury
Results: No jury

Grade: C-
Prediction: One of the first people in jury
Results: Second person in jury


Grade: A-
Prediction: Deep in the game
Results: First person in jury

Grade: B
Prediction: Top 6
Results: No jury

Still playing:

Grade: C+
Prediction: Barely make top 8
Results: He’ll barely make top 8 if he doesn’t win battle back


Grade: B+
Prediction: Top 3-5
Next Prediction: She will likely finish no higher than 5, but likely 6th-7th

Grade: C-
Prediction: Barely making jury
Next Prediction: Top 5

Grade: A
Prediction: Top 3 – may win
Next Prediction: I’ll stick with my early prediction

Grade: A
Prediction: Final 2
Next Prediction: Top 3, possibly final 2


Grade: B+
Prediction: Wide range, but possible top 2 as the floater
Next Prediction: I see her going out around 4th place

Grade: C-
Prediction: Potential to win
Next Prediction: Still a candidate to win and those odds improved when Kaitlyn left

Grade: B+
Prediction: Final 5
Next Prediction: I think she has the chance to win but is also becoming a big target. I’ll stick with 5th

Final predictions:

  • 8th – Faysal
  • Battle Back winner – Faysal
  • 8th – Faysal
  • 7th – Haleigh
  • 6th – Sam
  • 5th – Angela
  • 4th – Brett
  • 3rd – JC
  • 2nd – Kaycee
  • 1st – Tyler

With about a month to go, we’ll see if I’m right. What are your final 8 predictions?




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  1. hogwild

    I have no predictions if anyone could see my record on predictions they would know why the last one I got right was 1985 when Villanova defeated Georgetown in the NCAA final.

  2. AIO_7

    I have a final five:

    1] Tyler
    2] Angelica
    3] Brett
    4] KC
    5] IC

  3. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    I really like your lineup Steve. If I could choose, I’d go with that.

  4. Colby

    I don’t understand your grading system.
    You were right on about some (Winston, RS), yet gave a low grade. And missed on a couple, (Rachael, Bay) but gave a high grade.

  5. AIO_7

    Couple of questions for Steve:

    Why is there a picture of Fester for your Avatar? I miss the thumbs up guy.

    Can we get our comment counter back?

  6. Sassy

    Your predictions were really good! You are a good read of the people in the game.

    I think Scottie will return.

    8. Hay
    7. Sam
    6. Angela
    5. Scottie
    4. Ty
    3. KC
    2. JC
    1. Brett
    1 would like to see Brett and Ty as final 2, but Ty is losing ground with all his F2 deals that are bound to blow up eventually and his feelings for Angela are going to put him lower on the totem pole for everyone in the house. If they are F2 and the Jury hasn’t gotten over being bitter Brett wins. if they “think” they are voting on game play Ty. In my opinion, the jurors should be equally mad at both of them for their deception and both have played a FABULOUS game so far.

    Ty is still my favorite, but I don’t see anyone taking him that far.

  7. hogwild

    I will make a prediction after all at the final four CBS makes there last big twist of the season and brings Paul back for one last shot at the win.

  8. Holla Derrick


  9. delabear

    Not sure if it’s possible, but this is what I would like to see:

    1. Brett
    2. Tyler
    3. KC
    4. Angela
    5. JC
    6. Sam
    7. Haleigh
    8. Scotty

  10. ElaineB

    To this point, based on game play (not my personal choices), and I am only taking it to top 5.
    1. Tyler, 2. Brett, 3) Angela, 4) JC, 5) KC
    That may change if the battle back HG can do some damage. LOL, who am I fooling??!!

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  12. AIO_7

    Veto comp. on TV.

  13. caRyn

    Faysal – My HoH was absolutely brilliant. You want something done right, you do it your damn self.

    • danmtruth

      Fess is getting a brutal edit tonight What a fool

      • Sassy

        And Hays is to women’s empowerment. I almost wanted to high five her, then I remember it was short lived and she’s back snuggling with him… Dumb girl!!

    • ElaineB

      Lol. The last comment by Fess that he should have taken a shot last week at Ang/Ty/KC…..yea, duh! No, this ‘brainiac’ thinks that he had a wonderful HOH, by taking out one of those on HIS side. As for Hay, not taking nothing from a man, oh yea, didn’t she not choose Brett, because FESS (a man) told her not to…..can we do a double evict tonite….and send them both packing?? lol.

  14. g8trgirl

    My thinking:
    8. Hayleigh
    7. Scottie
    6. Angela
    5. Sam
    4. J.C.
    3. K.C.
    2. Brett
    1. Ty

    • g8trgirl

      Saved before I could finish.
      The only reason I have KC out before Brett is because Brett knows the numbers and the house better than KC. When they have the final “True or False” I think Brett wins that.

  15. Alda

    JC could be on a comedy sitcom and write his own material.

    • Avatar

      JC came off looking like DR. Evil tonight “My plan is coming together”
      wasn’t really his plan, I mean in the TV edit it looked like he and Brett were having the same conversation at the same time that Tyler and Angela were, but the week before? the wine? The conversation he had with Fessy and Hayleigh, it seemed like he had a lot to do with Fessy putting Brett and Scottie on the block, he is a little Dr. Evil, hasn’t won one comp and has a lot to do with noms the little rascal.

  16. AIO_7

    House meeting for have-nots; Martha playing the martyr.


  17. g8trgirl

    I’m just now getting to watch tonight’s episode. Fessy is so dang dumb, he makes Alicia Silverstone’s character, Cher, in the movie, “Clueless”, look like a member of mensa. How does this guy walk and chew gum at the same time?

  18. hogwild

    I pick rockstar to win the battleback and win the whole thing. Yes before anyone ask I have been drinking tonight.

  19. Wizard

    8. Hay (voted out this week if L6 is smart)

    Battle Back Winner- Scottie

    8. Fess
    7. Brett
    6. Scottie
    5. JC
    4. Sam
    3. Angela
    2. KC
    1. Ty

    I could see Angela & Brett switching places though too because Angela has made some big moves.

    On a different note, does anybody else miss the old BB days when everybody removed a key and passed it to that housemate to remove the next. The new nom ceremony is so boring.

    I also really miss the food comps and luxury comps. I wish we could go back to old school BB, sigh.

    • Leah-Ann

      I agree. I don’t have the feeds but read updates regularly, and I’m wondering why L6 isn’t getting rid of Haleigh? They’ve won the same amount of comps, but furthermore, she’s the brains behind that “operation”. She was at least smart enough to know she needed to take a shot at Tyler while being the hacker. Don’t they think, she’d be smart enough to put the 2 bigger threats up together if she gets the chance? Fessy took out his own alliance, for crying out loud!

    • AIO_7

      “On a different note, does anybody else miss the old BB days when everybody removed a key and passed it to that housemate to remove the next.”

      Not really, and I’ll tell you why: with the advent of the 24 hour feeds it was pretty much no mystery who would be nominated. Plus, this way saves a lot of time.

      • ElaineB

        I know times are different. So when I need my ‘old school’ fix, I use my feeds to venture back into earlier seasons. I love it!

  20. Sassy

    My only choice is to watch Hay sleep in theHN room. I guess I’ll take a break for awhile.

  21. GoodGame

    Has anyone ever been evicted then battled back to win the whole season???

    • caRyn

      No. The only person to win a Battle Back competition and then win Big Brother was Nicole Franzel — and it took her two seasons to do so. Nicole won the Battle Back in Season 16, but came into the house without any alliance members and was quickly sent back out of the house before winning Big Brother 18.

  22. ElaineB

    Whoever ‘battles back’ I just want them to #STFU…..I miss u Gerardo!!!

  23. Avatar

    8. Fess
    Battle Back Winner: Bayleigh, and Brett wins HOH. She still gets to keep her “stealing nominations” app. She puts up Tyler & Angela. Tyler wins veto, saves himself and Brett nominates Bay.
    8. Bay
    7. Hay wins POV, puts up Tyler & Angela. Angela wins POV, JC convinces Hay to make Brett the replacement. Brett goes home.
    6. KC is HOH, nominates Hay and Sam. Neither win POV. Hay goes home.
    5. JC wins HOH. Nominates Angela & Sam. Sam goes home.
    4. Tyler wins HOH. He puts up JC & KC. Neither win POV and JC goes home.
    3. Angela wins HOH. Picks KC , Tyler goes home. Angela figures that she has the best chance against KC
    2. Angela
    1. KC wins because of a bitter jury, plus everyone likes her.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve been thinking about final 8 predictions and I view it a little differently. I go by who I think will take who to the end.

    Tyler: KC, because he had said from the beginning that he wanted to go to the end with her.
    Angela, because he has feelings for her and might want her to at least get 2nd place.

    Angela: Tyler, because she has feelings for him and might want him to at least get 2nd place.
    KC, because they have a strong friendship but also because she thinks she can beat her because
    she’s gotten more blood on her hands than KC has.

    Brett: Sam, because he thinks she’s crazy and no one would vote for her.
    Anybody, because he’ s just so happy he made it to F2 he doesn’t care who he’s sitting next to.

    JC: Tyler, because he has a crush on him.
    Brett, because he has a crush on him, just not as strong as the one for Tyler.
    Sam, because he thinks she’s crazy and no one would vote for her.

    KC: Tyler, because they’ve had a F2 since day 1 and she trusts him implicitly.
    Angela, because they have a strong relationship and she trusts her.

    Sam: Tyler, because she’s always loved him, not romantically, but she feels closer to him than anyone else
    and she’s loyal if nothing else.
    Brett, because she has a crush on him.

    Hayleigh: Brett, because she thinks she is smarter than he is.
    Scottie (if he comes back), because she knows how naive he is and can talk him into throwing the
    win to her with just the faintest hint that there may be a chance for them outside the house.

    On another note, thank you all for the kind words. It’s really appreciated and I enjoy keeping everyone in the loop. I remember the days before I got the Feeds and BBAD and had to wait until the broadcast show to find out what was going on, so I know the feeling and don’t mind sharing.

    I feel confident in speaking for Steve and our Mel with 1 L (even though they can speak for themselves), in saying that we all appreciate your support of us with your thoughts, opinions, comments, and compliments. We love what we do and each of us does our own part. Steve and Mel are the Bloggers, they write some of the best commentaries out there, bar none. They are analytical, smart and witty. They are the professionals here. Me, I’m just the tag-a-long. I have no special talent other than running my mouth. I just report what I see and throw in my own nonsensical bullsh*t here and there. I enjoy being the Board Moderator, but most of all, I love reading the Blog every day and the comments that follow. And you guys are no slouches either. The three of us wouldn’t be anywhere without your support, so keep those comments and opinions coming!

    I’m glad you enjoyed last nights play-by-play but I’m sorry to say that as of tonight I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do for the next week. I have furniture and contractors coming in all next week and things will be hectic here until at least next Saturday. I’m such a procrastinator, the things I was supposed to get out of the way last week, I didn’t do because my nosey ass couldn’t stay off this board or the feeds. Now I have to hustle for the next few days trying to get things ready. I’ll try to watch as much as I can and keep checking in and fill you in as much as possible. Either way, have no fear! Our Mel will make sure you don’t miss a thing. She may not stay up all night watching, but she sure can whip that sh*t together in the morning…lol

    Check back in later. Luv you guys 🙂

    p.s. To those of you who sent me emails, I probably won’t get to respond tonight, but I promise I will within the next few days. For anyone else that needs or wants to contact me, I’ve posted my information in last nights thread. 🙂

  25. Avatar

    So I’m totally new to this way of commenting but I’ve been following this blog for a long time now and I mainly do because I love the spoilers lol! And I think your final predictions are almost spot on except I don’t think Brett will make final 4 I think it will be Angela. The showmance she has with Tyler leads me to believe things will change.

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