A little over a month ago, I ran a quarterly grade report on the house. This was during the week of Brett/Winston on the block and feels like a lifetime ago at this point.

I made some predictions based on how they were playing to that point with some notes.  Now that we’re down to the final 8, I figured I’d check in to see how my predictions held up:

Evicted Players:


(note – grades were my quarterly grades)

Grade: D+
Prediction: No jury
Results: No jury

Grade: B-
Prediction: Make jury, possible final 5
Results: Made jury. Could still make final 5 but has a long way to go if he comes back

Grade: D
Prediction: No jury
Results: No jury

Grade: C-
Prediction: One of the first people in jury
Results: Second person in jury

Grade: A-
Prediction: Deep in the game
Results: First person in jury

Grade: B
Prediction: Top 6
Results: No jury

Still playing:

Grade: C+
Prediction: Barely make top 8
Results: He’ll barely make top 8 if he doesn’t win battle back

Grade: B+
Prediction: Top 3-5
Next Prediction: She will likely finish no higher than 5, but likely 6th-7th

Grade: C-
Prediction: Barely making jury
Next Prediction: Top 5

Grade: A
Prediction: Top 3 – may win
Next Prediction: I’ll stick with my early prediction

Grade: A
Prediction: Final 2
Next Prediction: Top 3, possibly final 2

Grade: B+
Prediction: Wide range, but possible top 2 as the floater
Next Prediction: I see her going out around 4th place

Grade: C-
Prediction: Potential to win
Next Prediction: Still a candidate to win and those odds improved when Kaitlyn left

Grade: B+
Prediction: Final 5
Next Prediction: I think she has the chance to win but is also becoming a big target. I’ll stick with 5th

Final predictions:

  • 8th – Faysal
  • Battle Back winner – Faysal
  • 8th – Faysal
  • 7th – Haleigh
  • 6th – Sam
  • 5th – Angela
  • 4th – Brett
  • 3rd – JC
  • 2nd – Kaycee
  • 1st – Tyler

With about a month to go, we’ll see if I’m right. What are your final 8 predictions?