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Christmas Uses Her Temptation – Does It Help Her Game? Updated: PoV Results


You may have forgotten all about it, but Christmas still had her temptation that was given to her by America in week 2. Had is the key word here because it’s gone now.

What happened?  Why would Christmas use a temptation when her side had all the power in the house?  Paul happened.

Here is the buildup to it: Last night, Cody won the temptation challenge which made him safe. On the flip side, Jessica finished last and she automatically became the 3rd nominee. This forced Josh to nominate Mark and Elena and in the process, he decided it would be a good idea to get Elena out. He wants her out before jury for whatever reason and has been pushing Christmas to help make it happen.


This afternoon, he sat down with Christmas once again and they decided that no matter what happened today, Christmas was not going to use the power she had.  The power gave her the ability to put herself into any veto competition at the cost of someone picked to play (not nominated). They discussed the option because with Cody being safe, if he was picked to play, there is a strong chance he would win PoV and save Jessica. Josh decided it doesn’t really matter because he wants Elena out anyway, so in his head it wasn’t bad if that happened. He told Christmas not to use it no matter what happens, but then they ran it by the boss of the house – Paul.

Paul gave his reasons why Elena should be in the house and Jessica needs to go this week, and to his credit, they are valid points – for his game. Paul said that in jury, Jess and Cody will be two votes that will most likely not vote for him – err, I mean any one of the three (Josh+Christmas) *wink wink*. Paul learned last season that every vote counts, so he is looking well into the future here because let’s be real, his chances of sitting in the final 2 are pretty damn high right now and he knows it.  Paul gave Josh the ‘it’s your HoH’ speech and Christmas followed suit, but at the end, Josh told Christmas he still didn’t want her using the power. She should save it for a more important week.

Feeds went down, Cody was picked to play, Christmas used her power.

Now obviously that was great for Paul, but was it great for Christmas?  I personally don’t think so. When you look at the house, Christmas appears to actually have a far better relationship with Jess than anyone from her side. It’s certainly better than her relationship with Elena which is basically non-existent. And if that is indeed the case, she basically threw away two jury votes because she would almost certainly get ‘Jodys’ vote over Paul or Josh.  Well, she would have until today that is.

Josh had his nice little rebellion that he pretended was going to happen, but Paul put the smack down on him and reminded everyone who is actually in control of this season.  Now the possibility still remains that Jessica wins PoV, or Josh wins and pulls Jess down.  If the latter happens, Josh will earn a completely new level of respect from me for playing his own game, but I think there is a better chance of me being cast for season 19 and put as a late season addition to the cast.  That said, if suddenly some handsome guy comes walking through that door and this blog stops getting updated, it still won’t be me. I said handsome. Keep up!

Rambling over. I’m waiting for the veto competition to finish and I’ll update this post.  What do you think about today? Was it a good move for Christmas to use the temptation?

  • 6:30 pm – Feeds back
    • Mark won the PoV!
    • Christmas is already telling Josh how to handle it because she’s Paul Jr apparently
  • 6:45 pm – Meanwhile, Elena was in the shower trying to circumvent the havenot rules again
    • This past Thursday she hopped in the shower while Jess was taking hers so the hot water can hit her. Production called her out on it a bunch of times
    • Today she did it again and played innocent again.
  • 7:00 pm – Josh is asking Mark to not use the veto.
    • Hey, it’s worth a try, right?  lol
    • Mark tells him straight out that it’s nothing against him but he’s using it (as he should)
    • Meanwhile, taking a break!

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  1. Avatar

    It would be funny if Jess won veto, pulled herself off and Josh put up Xmas for not doing as he asked. He could just say to xmas you could have won the veto you wanted to be in so bad and Jess wouldn’t have pulled herself off.

  2. Cindy

    I don’t think it was a good move for her game but yes for Paul’s game it works. I honestly thought Christmas could think for herself and not be so easily persuaded by Paul but i was wrong!!! I totally agree with you Steve i will gain so much respect for Josh if he decides to pull Jess down. I know that most people want Jess and Cody gone but i really think if they would start playing the game they’d have a good chance and they are the only two as of yet to not just play follow Paul. I’m hoping Josh makes a bold move this week.

    • Zach

      Jessica and Cody are the only ones smart enough to throw Christmas off her game. She gets those two out and her and Paul are walking to the final 4 and if they stay loyal to eachother they’d be the final two. So this is actually a good move for her own game.

      • Zach

        I say smart loosely because the other HGs besides Paul, Christmas, Jessica and Cody are complete morons.

      • Mel

        Paul doesn’t seem to want her in the final 4 tho.

      • Zach

        I don’t know that he will have a choice, Mell. Besides Alex who else is going to vote against Christmas? She is a weak competitor because of the injury and if she makes it to the final 2, who would vote for her knowing that she did nothing herself to get there?

      • Mel

        Alex, Mark, Kevin and Jason all want Xmas out. Sometimes Matt and Raven do and sometimes they don’t but they can be easily swayed.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Paul has also mentioned getting Xmas out. They all laugh at her as soon as she leaves the room. They say she annoys them always knowing everything and trying to take over all the conversations. The only one who doesn’t mind her is Josh.

  3. Zach

    While pulling Jess off the block would show Josh had a pair, it would also show how stupid he is. He instantly would go from one of the most trusted within his alliance to an outsider like Elena. So in my opinion it wouldn’t earn any respect from me, it would just confirm how stupid he actually is.

    • Tiare

      I don’t agree with that. He’s not turning his back on his alliance. He told the boss what he wants to do. It is his HOH…not Paul’s. It’s not like he would be pulling a Cody.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I honestly don’t think Paul would’ve turned on Josh if he had pulled Jessica down. Paul might’ve been pissed initially, but ultimately Paul wanted Elena gone soon anyway. Plus, even though Grossica would be coming after Paul, they wouldn’t have had the votes to get him out yet. At the end of the day, Josh has Paul’s back and Paul knows that. So I think ultimately Paul would’ve gotten over it and just focused on getting Grossica out next.

      • LindsayB

        G- the voice of reason amongst insanity.

      • Mel

        I don’t think Josh would have done it without getting Paul on board. His plan wasn’t to go against Paul, it was to change his mind. They’ve both been stubborn about it. It’s been a little comical.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s true Mell. I think if Josh really REALLY pushed the issue, he could possibly get Paul to back down (especially if Josh had some backup from Christmas or someone else). I think Paul is trying to walk the thin line between being in control, and having everyone know you’re controlling them– so he still wants Josh to FEEL that his voice matters. And given that Elena is one of Paul’s top targets anyway, he probably would decide it’s not worth it to potentially lose one of his loyal allies over this issue.

      • Sassy

        I’m not convinced Paul would concede. He is a narcissist and thinks he knows best. Josh would have eventually given in to him.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh I agree @sassy that Josh would more than likely be the one to back down. I was just saying that IF Josh didn’t back down and really stuck to his guns (and maybe got someone to back him up), I think Paul is pragmatic enough that he would’ve decided it wasn’t worth potentially losing Josh’s support and exposing himself as only looking out for his own interests over the team’s.

    • jimbo

      As if Josh has a chance in hell with Paul. Please. If someone doesn’t finally challenge Paul…Paul wins. Why continue to do the Leader’s bidding? stupid

  4. Yael Sara

    [Face Palm] – seriously!? i can’t handle the level of stupid 🙁

  5. Avatar

    Has anyone in the house mentioned that since she won the Temptation that she was the one who chose Cody, Jessica and Jason to wear the frog suits?

  6. Mel

    It was a stupid move for Xmas. She encouraged Josh to take Jessica off the block if he won veto an hour or two before she used her temptation. If that happens, was it still smart for her to use it? Not so much…

  7. LindsayB

    Sounds like mark maybe won veto.

  8. Yael Sara

    #BackDoorPaul That would be fantastic if production gets in Josh’s ear to back door Paul. Maybe we could see an actual Big Brother season played

  9. hogwild

    Mark won POV I can’t see him not pulling himself off the block so this could be very interesting week.

  10. Painter1

    With Mark winning does Josh put Alex up to please Elena and than Jess goes so he keeps in everyones good graces?

    • hogwild

      I’m not sur if he can put up a replacement when Jason came down last week there wasn’t one but he lost the temtation challenge so I don’t if there is a different standard for that person and someone the HOH puts up.

      • Mel

        Jason was a nom because he lost the comp. Josh will replace. He’s thinking about Raven.

      • Sassy

        He names a replacement for the people he nominated. If Jess would have won, he would not get to name another.

      • NKogNeeTow


        Oh dear. I can hear that screeching owl now. If he puts her up she’ll be talking faster than Lips. Telling him how she can’t go up because, well, who else is there in the world to put out the word about GP….She can’t leave because a change in the air outside the BB house would affect her pacemmaker…..Sitting on the block would give her another disease…..etc, etc, etc…..

  11. Avatar

    She won’t get voted out but maybe she will annoy people in the house so she starts to go on their radar for near future eviction.

  12. Sassy

    I hope Josh puts Scooter up as a replacement nom since she went back on her word of not using her temptation!

  13. LindsayB

    Jess and Elena just took the longest shower ever together. Paul and the pound are all acting so excited about mark winning. I wonder is Mark sees thru the bs or if he’s just happy to supposedly have his friends.

  14. Mel

    This may be a really good time for Jessica to stop telling everyone how badly they’ve wronged her and go to work. I’m not holding my breath. Lol

    • Tiare

      She really needs to start campaigning. I wish I could reach through the TV and smack some sense in her.

    • Sassy

      It would be a great time for her to get to work, but I don’t see it happening.

    • Avatar

      Agreed. But I think she’s mentally drained. Every week she’s been fighting for her BB life… she tried mending fences early on just to realize this is BB and have been competing ever since then. While people like Matt/Raven/Christmas get by smooth sailing. Heck even Kevin, doesn’t have to win anything. I think floaters don’t deserve to make it to jury. But this is BB, so it’s not about being fair.

      • Avatar

        I disagree with you. She hasn’t tried mending fences. She’s barely been vertical enough to eat, let alone mend fences.

      • Avatar

        Yes, the week Cody left. She could have sunken herself in defeat or depression. Instead, she socialized and competed as best she could with no allies. So I think you’re wrong about her… Yes, recently they have secluded themselves further but what do you expect after how the entire house treated/rallied against them? lol Cody manage to still pull out a win and Jessica tried in the pov.

  15. Avatar

    Christmas is just one more of the worst cast ever in the history of this game. If I hear her say “save that and put it in your back pocket” one more time… I may slit my wrist. This is literally the most unlikable cast ever. Just the sound of Christmas’s voice makes me ill. Kevin and Jason are the only two cast members that I can stomach day in and day out. Everyone else has a long list of flaws.

    • Mel

      Ya, she should have put that damn temptation in her back pocket.

    • Avatar

      Put Alex on that list also….Oh my GAWD, just to think that I really Liked Alex those 1st two weeks of her being in the House?! I can not stand that Girl, along with Raven, & Christmas! Ugh, Ack, & Yuck!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m disliking Alex too, but she’s further down my list. I want DMW, Grody,Lips, WIR, MattRess, Xmas then Alex out first.

        I’d almost like to keep Grody in there, not to see him win, but if he has to spend any amount of time in the house with the people he hates, it will drive him crazier than he already is.

      • Avatar

        Mello–yes, Alex is on that list too. And so are Raven, Matt, Elena, Josh, and Paul. They are all so unlikable. Matt and Raven are up for the biggest floaters in the history of the game. Alex and Elena are both up for the biggest know-it-all’s in the history of the game. Josh and Cody are both up for the most psychotic. Can you imagine if Evil Dick was part of this cast haha.

  16. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul is planning to try to talk Mark out of using the veto. Not even Mark could be that stupid (I hope…)

  17. Alda

    If Josh puts up Raven,she’ll have to be airlifted out of the BB house!

  18. ElaineB

    I am ready for Jessica to go. Watching those ‘sad sacks’ on the feeds anymore is just too much.

  19. Avatar

    I don’t care who goes up as replacement. I just hope they vote Jessica out so bad. I’m so tired of watching BB Porno that it makes me not want to watch any more. Jessica and Cody ruin BB. If they would play the came more and stay out of bed maybe I could handle it but they don’t. And I’m sorry but production is so one sided for them… really no HN this week. Josh was going to separate them and production says no….so wrong.

    • Avatar

      At the end of the day… Jess and Cody actually plays and try to compete for wins. Other than that, why should they socialize with a bunch of people that had to literally gang up on them to voice their issues with them. Alex weak azz mentioning cat ears was all she could conjure up to join the bandwagon. Christmas is still salty with her passive aggressiveness toward Cody every chance she gets.

      • ElaineB

        Cody and Jessica have had their chances. Cody winning the ‘battle back’ was a waste. Jessica keeps telling everyone ‘it is just a game’ but then the only game she wants to play is with Cody under the sheets or if she wins. They are sullen and look miserable. Just go home already!

      • Avatar

        So…Matte/Raven are either cookinh/cleaning or screwing under the sheets. Yet you prefer to watch that? Ahh I see…. That’s def more entertaining to watch.

      • ElaineB

        Nooooooooooooooo. I am happy for Matt and Raven to go at anytime.

      • Avatar

        @elaineb lol those two irritate my soul too. I mean they don’t even want to try to win

      • Avatar

        Grossica dished it out just as much the week before.

        I don’t want to watch Grossica or DMW/Matteess boinking on the feeds. They are all nasty! Their moms must be so proud, eyeroll,

      • Avatar

        It’s an impossible and fruitless task at this point for Jess and Cody to talk to anyone….Paul has them so brainwashed any deal any of them made would just be fake anyways…..They are literally alone so why not just wait and try to win every comp possible……

      • Avatar

        Cyn – As Wendy Williams would say “How U Do’in?”
        I agree with you Cyn, but I will Reiterate, that Cody, & Jessica need to Stop Isolating themselves, & TALK to the Other HG!!! Make them realize that they are playing the Game For PAUL TO WIN, & to Play their OWN Game!

        Jessica also needs to Freaking Campaign, & Make Deals, tell Kevin & Jason that She & Cody will get out who they want them to IF the DON’T VOTE HER OUT!

  20. Avatar

    I thought Paul was on top of my shit list but Christmas def has him beat. She’s so fake and phony. Ugh I can’t stand that woman. I’m prepared for Jess to leave despite Josh wanting Elaina gone…he just doesn’t have the votes. I’d be surprised if Elaina was evicted at this point. Kudos to Mark for winning when he needs to save himself. I love to see Raven go up just because she always feel secured like everyone adores her.

    • Sassy

      It would be nice to see Raven go up for 2 reasons: 1. #RavenSTFU – It may just push her over the edge. 2. It would be the 3 showmance women on the block at the same time! Can the guys say HMMMM??? Paul has already let it slip he wants the showmances broken up, time to join forces!

    • Avatar

      I’d love to see DMW go up too. She’s awful too.

    • Avatar

      I never liked Christmas. I like Jody because they are this seasons Underdog, & I will always Pull For the Underdog!

      As for Mark & Elena, I am conflicted by them. Because as Individuals I like them, but they Both have the tendency to go where the Power is, which is being a Floater. Imagine Josh was right….Mark & Elena should have took a stand with Jess & Cody, because that is really where both their Hearts are at!

      • Avatar

        @mello_one I like Mark. Not Elaina so much. She wants everyone to feel pity because she’s homeless and gave up her sole income. If she really wanted to secure her spot, why give Alex that HOH? I’m with you about rooting for the underdogs. Jess has dealt with so much backlash in the house by her association with Cody. But one thing she is not….a liar! She’s always been honest about her objective and I think it hindered her and Cody’s game. She had so much power during her HOH, I really wish she played strategically and not personally. I also believe she was trying to regain the otherside’s trust and they lied to her. She should have gotten out Alex or Paul when she had the opportunity.

  21. Yael Sara

    Maybe after 16 seasons, Big Brother will again announce they are having 10 in the jury house.
    If after this next eviction they announce that this player is the first to the jury… I would seriously roll over laughing. 😀

  22. Colby

    How long do you think it will take for Elena to try to get Mark to use Veto on her?

  23. Avatar

    I don’t understand why people want the players that can compete and aren’t up Paul’s to go? So far Paul, Cody, Jess and recently Josh are the only people that are really winning with actual attempts. The rest are either scared to win or can’t win for dear life.

    • Tiare

      Right, Cyn. I just don’t get it. Why wouldn’t people want to see conflict and make Paul squirm a little. It gets boring when one person controls the entire house.

      • Avatar

        Because they rather watch bordem while Paul remains in total control every week and Matt/Raven cooking salmonella chicken for everyone while Matt wonders aimlessly through the house unaware what’s going on. That’s just so much more enticing to watch.

      • NKogNeeTow

        It’s because none of them have balls…up to and including the men. Their greatest aspirations is to just get to Jury, so they won’t make waves. And by them not winning HOH, they don’t have to put anyone up, therefore hoping not to make any enemies that might come after them later. Spineless, just spineless, with the exception of a very small few. Kevin and Jason claim they are just waiting for the numbers to go down. At the rate we’re going, these damn numbers will either never go down or we’ll be here until Thanksgiving.

      • Avatar

        @NK agree 100%. I can’t believe people rather watch spineless noncompetitive people week after week. Once Jess and Cody leaves, it will become totally stagnant and I refuse to watch Paul win even though it will be 2nd place.

    • LindsayB

      Do you not see that having Cody and Jess go would force everyone to have to turn on each other? As long as Cody and Jess are in the house they are easy targets and make it easy to have one big group against them. Cody and Jess leaving would get you exactly what you want… the pound turning on each other.

      • Avatar

        Good evening @lindsayb yes I get what you’re saying. But I still like them together in the house. I like that Jess is equally a competitor as Cody is in competing. Socially, they’ve both been forced to just rely on each other. The house is really threatened by them but is willing to carry Paul who is not only a physical competitor but a social beast too. Doesnt make sense to me

      • LindsayB

        They haven’t been forced to rely on each other. They orchestrated that all in their own.
        I think we can all agree that we want the pound to split up and start playing we just have a different idea on how to kickstart that. Since Cody and Jess alienated themselves so much they’ve made it to where nobody could ever trust working with them. Once those two are gone, shit will start to happen.

      • Avatar

        @lindsayB Yes they have been forced to rely solely on each other. You just refuse to accept it! As I have said, their loyalty is to each other because they’re the only pair not walking around blinded by Paul’s manipulation. Why on earth would they trust any of those people especially after that parade of bullying tactics Paul had the house do.

      • Avatar

        Nah, I’m here for #TeamJodymainlyJess to go as far as they possibly can.

      • Avatar

        Everyone forgets that if it wasn’t for Megan…..this game would have been totally different…..Megan would have been voted out and Cody wouldn’t have put up Paul uncovered his temptation and then put Christmas up……

        Cody put Paul up in what everyone sees as a great move had Paul not had the temptation…..and everyone doesn’t turn on Cody…..that move is why everyone turned on Cody and then blindsided him TWICE the entire house except Mark has lied straight to his face twice now what do you think they can do?? Run around making conversation and deals that will be broken…..Cody tried to have a game talk with Raven and he was calm cool and collected and it turned into Raven crying and one of the ugliest days in BB history……I’d say YES forced to rely on themselves

      • LindsayB

        I refuse to accept bullshit that isn’t true. Simple as that. It’s gonna be fun listening to all the victim noises this week while I sip on my kool aide.

        Gym time early in the mkrnnng so as much as I’d love to continue this conversation, there’s really no need to. Goodnight!!

      • Avatar

        ^what he said!! Thank you for shedding light on how they in fact have been forced to. People just want to be oblivious to the facts. Cody biggest mistake was the Christmas nom but everything else was fair and for his core alliance

      • Avatar

        Damn Paul even has fans I mean stans drunk on his BS! Tim, we both get it and so does most of the viewers watching w/ the exception of a few here.

      • Avatar

        Hey Lindsay!….Let me Play Devils Advocate….”What If Paul wasn’t In the Game” directing, & calling ALL the shots??? Everybody would be playing their “Own” Game, & not Paul’s Game. That is why I don’t like Veteran on a Season Full of Newbies, the newbies hold the Vet in “AWE.”

      • Avatar

        Exactly Cyn!!

        POLITCIAL DISCLAIMER AND TRIGGER WARNING READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRESSION…..Lindsey I don’t want to get political so I’ll keep i vague but, “I refuse to except bullshit that isn’t true” in reference to true statements is very similar to those who can’t accept our current President is actually our President…..your displeasure of facts does not change them from being facts…..off politcal talk…..

        Mello One I would agree with that except that without Paul these followers would be playing someone else’s game either Cody and Jessica or Christmas…..those would be the leaders of the two sides…… the same followers would still be following

      • LindsayB

        Y’all are so cute when the game isn’t going the way you want it too. Assuming it would go a certain way without Paul? We have no idea how it would be and it’s pointless to live in fantasy land. Comparing BB to our national political shit show? That’s not even worth my time.

      • AIO_7

        ” Comparing BB to our national political shit show? That’s not even worth my time.”

        So true, Lindsay…as if their kind ever accepted O as Pres..

    • Avatar

      I want any player that uses the R word to go home, any and all of them.

  24. Alda

    Mark just said he is using the veto on himself.He wants to win HOH and go after Cody next week! Boy,all that slop must have done some good for WIR!!

    • Avatar

      I think it’s all fluff. He knows he still on bottom of their totem pole. But this is BB, say what you think people want to hear. If he gets HOH, I’m almost certain he won’t go after Cody.

      • Sassy

        I think he will put Cody on the block. He wants so badly to be part of Paul’s crew and doesn’t understand that he will always be the weakest link. He SHOULD team up with Cody and stay loyal, as that is the only chance (althought slight) he and Elena have to be safe. They will always be the bottom of the other side.

      • Painter1

        Mark joining Cody would be a one way street as Cody has said time and time again he does not trust Mark. Marks best bet is to keep kissing everyone but but stay away from Cody because he is already being labeled a flip f;opper.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nope Alda. I believe the house will have him go after DMW and MattRess. Remember, they are on everyone’s radar too.

  25. Tiare

    Raven just hit Matt with the spatula she is using to cook with and then put it bsck in the food. I wouldn’t eat shit in that house unless I opened it and prepared it myself. JUST NASTY!

  26. Avatar

    People are complaining about Jess/Cody just lying around. Yet they still play and win more games collectively then many of the other houseguest. Please tell me what Matt/Rave do that is so much more interesting to watch? Oh yea, we can see Matt lick his fingers to groom his facial hair and Raven talk about her entire family dying of some debilitating illnesses. Righttt….

  27. ElaineB

    Christmas is hammering Josh, telling him that he has to force Mark to keep himself on the block (to prove he is not aligned with Cody) and it is ‘just that simple’. Yet Christmas doesn’t want to tell Mark. And that Mark has proved himself by winning, now he has to prove himself to the house by not using it. Yes and I am sure that if Christmas had the veto and was on the block, she wouldn’t use it…..yea right!

  28. Avatar

    Christmas STFU. She is pushing HARD on Josh to tell Mark he has to not use veto …..She is intent and focused on getting Elana out Thursday…….

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I have no clue what the hell Christmas is doing right now. First, she regained Jessica’s trust (somewhat) last week, then turned around and joined in that whole torment Grossica fiasco. I remember Jessica even told Cody afterwards “what the hell is Christmas’ problem?? I thought she and I were cool now!”. Now this week she claims she wants Elena out, but then she uses her temptation to take Cody out of the veto comp, which all but sealed Jessica’s fate. Now she’s trying to push hard for Mark to stay on the block? I think her pain meds must be affecting her brain functionality.

      • Avatar

        She is trying hard to convince Paul that she is on their side while working on josh and Kevin to evict elana instead….she just does not want to get her hands dirty and get personally involved

      • NKogNeeTow

        Xmas also had a conversation with Messi in the bathroom night before last and told her that she would talk to Josh and the others and see what she could find out then let Messi know. Xmas then gave her a big hug and told her not to worry

        …Oh Judas, must you betray me with a kiss….

      • NKogNeeTow

        I hope they catch on to her Helen. Then let her know they’ve caught onto her and watch her sweat.

      • Alda

        Gerardo,it has to be the meds,or she’s just gone bat crazy nuts!

    • Avatar

      I don’t believe anything that flake says!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Josh should remind her that she didn’t do what he asked her to do by not using her Temptation so why should he convince WIR not to use the Veto.

  29. Avatar

    I don’t think Josh should have to put up a replacement when there’s 3 people on the block, even if his nom comes off.

    Since he does though, I’m team #RavenOTB

    • NKogNeeTow

      A seat for Xmas on the block is starting to look pretty good for me.

      • ElaineB

        I thought she might be hammering at him hard about it because if Mark comes off, she might be a replacement nom…..as a pawn, of course. I dunno. I did have to laugh when Paul asked Mark if he was going to use the veto on himself. Only in recent seasons, has that question been asked more and more, which of course, should be a no brainer. In fact that could actually be one time when a person on the block/veto holder could tell everyone, ‘No…and Hell No’!

  30. Avatar

    I still think josh is pushing for elana to go home with the help of Christmas encouraging him

  31. Avatar

    If you go back to beginning of season Christmas and Elana were fairly overt in their sexual attraction to each other…..something happened between the two…I don’t know what….but you know what they say….a woman scorned….
    Just my opinion

  32. Avatar

    I think I might be through with this season. I can’t stand egotistical Paul; I don’t ever want to see Elena again I don’t know which is bigger, her fake everything or her ego; I can’t stand Raven’s voice, I hope Raven and her mom go to jail,; I don’t like Alex for the way she treats Jason and she has attached herself to Paul; I don’t like Christmas, she has also been hypnotized by Paul; Matt only eats and plays with hypochondriac/scammer Raven; the only one I like are in no particular order are Jason, Mark, (who aren’t smart enough to win), Jessica, Cody and now Josh because he had the balls to do what he wanted, even though Christmas rode up on her scooter and stabbed him in the back! I hope Kevin wins it because he is entertaining and not an egotistical bully and has the only true personality in the house!

  33. Avatar

    So, assuming Mark takes himself off the block, who will Josh put up as da replacement nominee? I think he will choose Kevin.

  34. danmtruth

    Josh is once more just like the the weather comp a big wind He talk big at the begging of the week Elena was his big target He spent so much time explaining why they had to get her out Had his talk with Paul about why it was smart to get Elena out That failed Than Josh was people need to respect his HOH That fell on deaf ears Than it was his BB mom Xmas Josh did not want her using the temp to pull Cody off the POV Paul won that tug of war So after all of Josh big talk it’s back to what Paul wants Jessica out

  35. Shivani33

    Christmas declaring that Mark cannot be trusted if he uses his PoV to save himself, and that he’ll be 3rd on the target list if he does. She can add dementia to her peg leg and supplant Raven in the land of the lost. Paul doesn’t want Mark to use it either, but Paul is smart enough to work at convincing Wreck it Ralph by wrapping this sh* t with a silver lining of noble, enticing blah blah.

    So far, Mark is sensibly adamant that he earned PoV and will save himself. I don’t think that Paul is finished jerking him around yet. And Elena hasn’t even gotten started. She’s mooooody and getting scolded for giving off a poor image by Paul.

    Josh doesn’t like feeling betrayed; big no-no in his book. Take a good, long look at Christmas, Josh. Remember too how you said that you don’t like Raven. Oh hell’s bells, it’s Paul who’ll decide. Pfffffft.

    • Mel

      Exactly. How does Mark using the veto mean he’s in an alliance with Cody? Wait, this is the same group who pushes the idea that someone is “stealing” someone else’s jury spot and enforces no speaking rules to hg’s who are in time out. These people are idiots.

  36. Avatar

    If your on the block you use the veto …simple…..
    Hope Mark sticks to his guns

    • Mel

      I understand trying to talk someone into doing something stupid if it benefits your game. I’m trying to figure out why the veto even matters. If they want out Jessica and Elena is Plan B why do they care if Mark takes himself off the block?

      • Avatar

        Because Mark won’t vote against Elaina if she’s still a possible target. These people don’t know what they want.

      • Avatar

        Because josh is lying to everyone on that side of the house….he has told Alex and Cowboy and Christmas he wants elana out…if Mark takes himself Dow he has to replace and he knows no one wants to go up….he don’t want to use Cowboy Alex or Jason because that takes away from his alliance ( or the one he wants to belong to)so that leaves Matt Raven or Paul….none of them want to go up either….he should just put up Christmas and be done with it

      • Colby

        I was wondering the same thing. What Cyn and Helen say makes sense, but I still don’t think they would get the votes to get Elena out. I think everyone is afraid to cross what Paul dictates. Alex is not going to. I also doubt Peggy would either.

      • Avatar

        It sure Colby. I know last night Alex told josh she would vote how he wants. Cowboy did too.
        Not sure if they were just saying that or what? He told them he don’t want Paul to know.
        Alex has not told Paul as of tonight

      • Avatar

        Peggy is instigating it

      • Colby

        I knew they told him that, but did think they were just saying it. I did not know that she hasn’t told Paul.
        I know Peggy has been encouraging Josh, but I can’t figure out what she is doing, especially after she used the temptation today.

      • Avatar

        @Colby my thoughts, exactly. I know Alex and Jason won’t vote Elaina knowing Paul wants Jess out. These people don’t think for themselves they just do what’s best for Paul. Idc what conversations Josh had with them, they’re not going against their sire, Paul.

      • Mel

        Josh already caved and told Paul they can get Jessica out first.

  37. danmtruth

    Shivani33 that is very true Do these people forget that 2weeks ago they left Elena and Mark out of the keeping Josh and backdooring Ramses He is 3 on everyone’s list His plan was to backdoor Elena Just make his life easy
    The HOH crew is mad that BB thru the twist that saved Jess The talk about how unfair it was Was it unfair that Paul had 3 weeks of safety Was it fair that Xmas used her temp to pull Cody off
    Can the HG STOP with the bad mouthing people who have been voted out Than finishing with “but i love the guy I hope we can be friends after “

  38. Avatar

    You get me? If I hear that one more time I’m gonna staple his fat mouth shut

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Josh just told Jason and Alex that he trust Paul but you can’t trust Paul with everything. *This is what Xmas told him last night when she got him away from Paul.*

    Josh says this is because he’s (Josh) is in good with a few people but Paul is in good with everybody.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Josh just told Jason and Xmas that he doesn’t think Xmas is doing so well because of her meds. He thinks she’s been talking crazy.

  41. Avatar

    There’s still a lot of time left until eviction night. I’m not convinced that by Thursday Josh will stick to ‘what he wants’. The Puppeteer has lots of time to get in his head, manipulate him, and we will be saying bye to Jess. And the housepuppets will follow.

    I just don’t see Josh, or anyone really, being strong enough to go against Paul yet.

  42. Tiare

    I wanna throat punch Mark. Fool wake up and leave the BB slut alone. She’s just not that in to you. Mark is so dang thirsty. Elana ttrats him like crap.


  43. Colby

    I saw on Jokers that Kevin was talking to Paul about working with Cody once Jess is gone, but no details. Just that it was happening. Does anyone here know what was said and how that went? My guess would be that it probably went over kinda like a turd in a punch bowl.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Turd in a punch bowl. Kevin told Paul that he talked to Grody and told him that after Messi was gone, he should try to work with him, Paul and a few others and get at least 4 others out of the house before heading to Jury. Paul was against it. He was telling Kevin that it would never work because Grody doesn’t really trust any of them and would have his own agenda. Kevin backed down and said maybe they could talk about it later down the line. Somebody came into the room and the conversation ended.

  44. Shivani33

    Matt seems to be the volunteer replacement nom for Mark. Paul decided it’s not a big deal anymore, to let things ride and give Mark the right to use his veto. Glad some common sense is arising to calm it down a notch amongst these chipmunks.

    • Avatar

      Give them 5 minutes. They will rinse and repeat 100 times before Monday

    • Shivani33

      Dunno if MattRess has been informed yet that his offer is getting accepted. I took a break after Josh, Paul, Alex and Cowboy decided upon this solution. He and Raven both volunteered to replace Mark, but when they did, they were reassured that it wouldn’t need to happen.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Josh was the one pushing Mark not using the Veto because he doesn’t want to put anyone else up. Paul told him that if WIR wants to use his Veto on himself, to let him because he’s had a hard week and he’s earned it and it’s his. To let him have his moment.

        I will say that that surprised me coming from Paul.

      • Colby

        Paul started them all pushing for him not to use it in the first place, immediately after he won it.
        But I guess now he can use it as an example to say he is not a team player.

  45. Seattle Kari

    Forgive me if this has been brought up already (they’re just too many posts to skim through) but does anybody think Mark would sacrifice himself and give the veto to Elena?

    • Colby

      I just saw on Jokers that he told her he would use it on her. But they didn’t say how she responded.

      • Avatar

        It would actually be a pretty smooth move on marks part….he uses it on elana and he can throw it back at josh and crew saying I’m proving my loyalty to you by staying up as a pawn…

      • Colby

        He would be a fool. His days are numbered no matter what he does.

      • Shivani33

        Both were joking around. Mark just teasing Elena, trying to make out with her and telling her she’s safe anyhow. Elena joked that if he used Veto on her, it’d be another one of his dumb moves. She was cheered up by him a lot. Neither were having even a daydream that he would or should give away his PoV. It was kind of away pleasant surprise. A short while later, Elena showed up to a stag party in the HoH room, dolled up with every one of her lady bits showing. Prize cow at the state fair.

      • Seattle Kari

        thank you, I appreciate the input. Will indeed be interesting to see how this all plays out.

        I am watching Big Brother after dark here in Seattle and it’s been on almost an hour. The first little bit as I know a lot of saw was simply Josh repeating himselfout not wanting to nominate somebody else over and over and over again. Made me just want to shoot my TV.

        STFU Josh?

    • Avatar

      I wish he would just to shut Christmas up!!

      • Tiare

        I know i keep talking about the slutpuppy but I can’t help it. She irritates the heck out of me. Do you guys see her on the bedbench looking at the camera and then looking at her ass? I can’t stand her. Please vote her off on Thursday!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nope. He’d be a fool if he did, but then, whoever said he was smart.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Josh/Paul/WIR/Jason

    Lips comes in wearing coochie cutters, a tight crop top and no bra.

    WIR can’t keep his mouth closed.

    Paul just looks at her like she was a table (not interested).

    Josh looks at her and tells her she is dressed inappropriately.

    She ask what’s inappropriate about it, then pulls it tighter to show off her nipples.

    WIR ask her how she can run around the house like that, with her ass hanging out and her nipples showing through her top.

    She keeps playing with the top to show them off more, while watching herself in the mirror. She tells them that she never wears a bra.

    Josh repeats that she is inappropriate. He calls out to Production to tell her that she’s dressed inappropriately.

    Paul says it’s only a problem if you let it be and just not pay attention to it.

    WIR still ogling but also saying that she needs to put on more clothes.

    Josh still telling her that Production should call her into the DR and tell her to put on more clothes or at least some that will cover her up more.

    The more they talk, the more she plays it up.

    She then sits on the bench at the foot of the bed and leans back to make the top go tighter (still watching herself in the mirror behind the sofa).

    She’s trying really hard to look sexy and Josh is trying really hard to get Production to call her into the DR.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Paul is up in the HOH telling Josh and Lips how funny he is outside the house.

    Bedroom: Kevin/Alex/Xmas/ (Jason sleeping)

    Xmas ask who’s upstairs.

    Alex says Josh, Elena and Paul. She says Paul’s upstairs brown nosing, like he usually does.

    Kevin says “He’s probably telling the f*king kid what to do.

    Xmas says “Yeah”

    Alex says Paul knows how to play the game.

    WIR comes in. Alex tells him Paul is upstairs brown nosing.

    WIR and Alex starts to talk about Lips.

    Alex says “I thought she was your friend”

    He says she is.

    Xmas gets called to the DR and the subject changes to the music they play in the morning and things that Production says over the loud speaker.

  48. NKogNeeTow


    Kevin ask if Paul is still upstairs.

    Alex: “I told you, he’s still upstairs brown nosing it up” *She has repeated this at least 20 times. Thought he was her friend. Just goes to show, how in this house, you have no friends.*

    Jason is keeps trying to sleep but Alex keeps messing with him. *Bet if she was OTB he’d vote her out*

    She keeps trying to beat him with her sandal. He laughs as he curses her out.

  49. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    For anyone interested in witnessing something extraordinarily gruesome, check out cameras 3/4 feeds from 11:00pm. You’ve been warned. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go gouge my eyes out.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Josh/Paul/Lips

    Paul is not laying on the sofa with his head in Lip’s lap. She’s playing with his hair while he talks to Josh, who’s in bed. *Talk about desperate. When you look it up in the dictionary, this chick’s picture takes up the entire page.*

    • Avatar

      Well I hope she acheivs her goal of getting Mark to use veto on her…..dumb move by Mark but it will give me great pleasure and enjoyment to see all of Peg Legs scheming and plotting go out the door! The look on her face will be priceless..talk about a Kodak moment! If josh wants jess gone after that his smartest move would be to put up Alex as pawn …..he would never do that but it would guarantee him a 7 to 1 vote to evict Messi the New spokeswoman for Chiquita the Banana ……

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Why does Kevin have that scarf tied around his head like a Babushka?

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Are these conversations putting anyone else to sleep?

  53. NKogNeeTow

    What’s with this group tonight. Almost the entire house is up.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    PARTY IN THE HAWZE!…HOH Room….No RSVP Required

    On the Menu:
    Grill cheese

    Josh/Paul/Alex/Kevin/Jason/Xmas are all wide awake and decide to make food then take it up to the HOH for a party.

    They go to the kitchen to make food. They all start to sing “California Dreamin” while fixing food and we get Fish.

    They stop singing and make small talk while gathering their feast.

    Josh/Jason/Paul horsing around until they get a “STOP THAT”.

    Paul on Hummus. Xmas on Grilled Cheese. Kevin just wandering around like an old man lost in the city.

    Lips in the DR. *Doesn’t know about the party, but will surely join because she’s been up Paul’s ass and on Josh like a tick on a dog all night.*

    Kevin and Jason peel off and go to the Wave Room. Jason tells Kevin that Production think’s they’re a bunch of p*ssies. Kevin says “Yeah”.

    Messi lays in the bed in the Rose Room, listening to them while Grody sleeps.

  55. NKogNeeTow

    They decide to sit at the counter in the kitchen to eat.

    Messi still laying in the room listening.

    MattRess should wake up in about another hour or so to go do is cleaning duties in the kitchen.

    I spoke to soon. MattRess just got up and went to bathroom. He will probably access the damage when he comes back through.

  56. Shivani33

    While Paul reclined with his head in Elena’s lap for a dog’s age, she stroked the back of his head at his request, with his face buried in her happy, braless mammary glands while she talked about how much she needs her personal space and about her headache.

    Then she said that when she was ten years old, her father asked her if she watched porn. That tells us a lot. What kind of question is that for a dad to ask his child?

  57. NKogNeeTow

    WIR is now up and going to the bathroom.

    Kevin makes a toast to being in the house for 47 days.

    Everyone is finished eating and no one washed dishes.

    MattRess is making himself a snack in the microwave.

    WIR sits at the table and plays with his fingers.

    Kevin tells everyone to go to the Wave Room for a Chat.

    Paul tells MattRess that one of him HOH questions was how many bowls of cereal does MattRess eat all day.

    They laugh, we get fish.

    Scoots sits there with her bum foot up on the counter again.

    We keep getting the aquarium.

    The Sour Patch Kids aka Bed Bugs are up and in the bathroom.

    She is taking a shower and he’s parked on the sofa like the good guard dog he is. He does not look happy with the noise level coming from the Wave Room.

    Josh/Jason/Kevin/Paul/Xmas/Alex are in the Wave Room having the time of their lives.

    The Bed Bugs are now in the kitchen fixing a midnight (1:40 AM) snack. Eggs, avacado, bread.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    I know Grody was in the military, but I’m not sure it was infantry. It might have been in the Mess Hall, either that or he works as a Short Order Cook. He was frying 2 eggs. He put the whites in first then carefully centered the yolk. Then it looked like he was trying to turn them with a fork, but instead just loosened the edges and flipped the pan in the air just like chefs do. They flipped perfectly. I’m impressed!

    • Sassy

      Guess you have never been to a mess hall… Since I have eaten at my share of them, I can tell you there definitely no real chefs and those that could be chefs are constrained by the “given” menu they have to cook from. Eggs are cooked on a flat surface, no pans, cool tricks, and they could care less if your yoke is centered. If you are going to eat at a mess hall, breakfast is best and safest option.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    They are sitting there eating in silence like they are the saddest 2 people in the world.

    Meanwhile, in the Wave Room, they are having a ball.

  60. NKogNeeTow

    The party is breaking up. They are full and tired.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    The Bed Bugs go to the Storage Room for aspirin and mouthwash. They open a new bottle. She takes 1 swig from the lid, he takes 2 swigs from the bottle. They close it up and put it back in the cabinet. She spits hers out in 1 bin, he spits his out in another. I didn’t think it could get any worse than last night when they went into the Storage Room and she got a new jug of chocolate milk, opened it, drank from the jug, then put it back in the refrigerator. Apparently I was wrong.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    The Bed Bugs go back to bed innocently.

    The other set (MattRess and DMW) are in the other bed and he is telling her that Josh got called into the DR for a time out…..Cut to fish.

    The party has now moved to the bedroom: Paul/Kevin/Jason/Josh/Alex/Xmas.

    They are laughing and clowning around and Josh ask why he’s the only one that keeps getting called for a time out.

    *Xmas refuses to go to bed as long as she hears movement.*

    MattRess lays in the Rose Room listening to the noise in the other room. He might be contemplating getting up to go clean the kitchen.

    WIR and Lips are missing in action….or getting action maybe?…..Who cares.

  63. NKogNeeTow

    The Party People are now talking about movies…..and we get, what else…..FISH!

    *Why is Paul still wearing that raggedy azz ugly jumpsuit?*

    Messi is laying in the Rose Room and again, listening to the noise in the other room.

    Lips comes back into the room again and starts talking about her nipples again….No one is interested.

    Paul starts to tell them a story…..Paul style…..which equates to “2 Truths and a Lie”.

    Xmas tells them she had the same experience on the couch…..No one is interested.

    Again, Paul is the badass as well as the comedian in the story.

    Xmas, not being one to be outdone, is also saying what she has done in that situation…..No one is interested.

    WIR and Lips are in the kitchen.

    She tells him that he thought he was trying to say that she only washes her vagina and not her body and it’s not true.

    He counters with how sexy she looks in that outfit.

    She ask is it because he can see her nipples or her ass.

    He says both and that’s the sexiest outfit he has ever seen her in.

    She says she is going to bed.

    He ask if he can tuck her in, then ask if she would stretch her shirt a little bit.

    They go into the bathroom and he says he hopes they get the outside in the morning.

    She suddenly ask “Are you going to use the Veto on me or what?”

    He says “Oh, now you want me to?”

    She say he’s probably going to use it on Jessica.

    He changes the subject and ask her something about her clothes.

    She ask him if he likes her better with her eyelashes.

    He says he likes her better without makeup.

    She tells him she’s prettier without her eyelashes.

    *KILL ME N-O-W!*

    She’s telling him that she’s never done this badly in competitions before.

    He says that he thinks he won today by luck.

    He ask her if he gets HOH this week, will she sleep up there with her.

    She says no.

    He ask is it still to soon.

    She responds with “I’m trying to get down to the natural beauty that you like” (she’s removing her makeup).

    Scoots rolls end and breaks up the conversation.

    Lips starts telling Xmas a story about her nipples…..AGAIN.

  64. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Paul/Josh

    Ju-Ju wants to sleep. Josh wants to talk.

    Ju-Ju gives up and talks because they say it’s to hot to sleep.

    Paul tells Josh to talk into his mic and ask Production to turn up the a/c.

    They start talking about food.

    They start to talk about women. Paul tells him that he has a girl at home who is beautiful.

    Josh ask what she looks like.

    Paul says she’s Puerto Rican/French/Palestenien (sp) with green eyes….*he hesitated coming up with that last nationality….almost like making it up as you go…lol*

    Josh ask where they met. Paul says Amsterdam…..with hesitation. All cams change to HN Room.

    Lips is in one bed, WIR crawls in the one beside her.

    He ask if it’s okay to think and reflect.

    She mumbles something unaudible(sp).

    He cuts out the light, goes over to her bed, leans over and starts kissing her.

    Now he’s feasting on her neck *Boy, she must REALLY want that Veto….BAD*.

    He lays his head on what else…..You thought I was going to say nipple……YOU’RE RIGHT!

    She plays with his hair, then tells him that’s enough.

    He gets in his bed.

    She ask him if he has a boner.

    He says maybe.

    She ask him if it’s a “chub”.

    He say partially.

    He ask if she wants him to come sleep with her.

    She says “Give me the Veto”.

    He ask her if he can come back over to her bed.

    She ask why and if he wants to give her a kiss.

    He says yes.

    She say “Mark, it’s a slippery slope”.

    She notices the camera and says “Camera, leave us alone”. It zooms in more and she’s annoyed.

    She tells the camera that she is trying to sleep.

    She turns her head and looks at the camera one more time then says “Good night Mark”.

    She starts questioning him about somebody’s occupation and name (I think it’s a former girlfriend).

    He says he doesn’t want to discuss it.

    She tells him he’s trying to bribe her into his bed again.

    She continues to try to pry info out of him.

    All cams cut to the HOH, showing Ju-Ju and Josh sleeping.

  65. NKogNeeTow

    HN Room:

    WIR and Lips are now in her bed, wrapped around each other and kissing. *This b*tch is DETERMINED to get that Veto…Come hell or high water…..or WIR.

    He’s happy as a pig in slop right now. She’s just going along with the program.

    Kissing again….Not the platonic kind….The somebody’s gonna give up sumpthin tonight kind…

    One of his hands has disappeared under the cover and is moving….She is not moving.

    The hand motion is going on in the nether regions….8/6/17…3:18 AM PT…camera 3.

    His hands appear to be back up near her face, but her hand appears to be moving under the covers and he has one leg up and he has “that” look on his face.

    One of them was making little noises, but I can’t tell which one.

    As it starts to get SERIOUS, all cameras go back to the HOH Room….around 3:20 AM PT.

  66. NKogNeeTow

    HN Room: 3:35 AM PT

    WIR is back in his own bed.

    Lips gets up to go to the bathroom and walking mighty unsteady, I might add.

    She’s washing her hands up to her elbows….*What the hell did she DO?*

    In comes the happy little camper WIR to use the bathroom. She leaves.

    He’s checking out himself in the mirror while he washes his hands….*Feeling a little triumphant are ya there Sparky?”

    He gets back to the HN Room and she’s fully clothed in long leggings and a long shirt.

    She gets back in bed. He cuts off the light and goes over to her bed. Leans over and they start kissing again.

    He’s begging again. She tells him firmly to get in his bed.

    She tells him to keep his eyes closed and stop thinking about anything else but her.

    *She might just have scored that Veto yet!*

    Alright Kidlets. The house has finally gone to bed and that’s my que to do the same.

    Have a GREAT Sunday!

    • Avatar

      I read that as “WTF is back in his own bed”…probably because that’s what I was thinking. What a mess. That just makes me sad for both of them. Thanks for the recaps. Kind of scared to see where this goes next.

    • g8trgirl

      She’s probably the biggest piece of sh*t to have ever played this game. And he’s probably the biggest asshole for feeding into it. She’s at the top of my hit list
      As always, thanks NK for keeping us so well informed.

  67. Mel

    Paul tried to kick Josh out of his hoh…again. That isn’t game, it’s arrogance.

    Kevin need to chill with the Cody thing. If it happens fine but he doesn’t need Paul thinking he’s pushing for it too much.

    Xmas is an idiot. I’ve seen bad strategy before but the stuff she comes up with wouldn’t make sense to bad gamers. She thinks Raven would make a good replacement nom do they can see which way Cody votes. Wtf? The room was silent and finally Paul said “interesting” which is a way to avoid telling someone they’re stupid. Of course, this is the same person who thought they could get Mark to stay otb while holding the veto. She also couldn’t beleive Cody didn’t hold the door open for her yesterday. Maybe because you stopped him from playing in the comp dumbass???

  68. Avatar

    Last night I made a comment on why I thought Christmas was so focused and intent on getting Elana evicted….
    Then I read this this morning and it confirmed my theory..

    “A Virginia Commonwealth University student named Christmas Joye Abbott then stepped to the microphone and spoke about being beaten up on campus because she was a lesbian, choking back tears at the end.”

  69. Avatar

    It looks like Josh has quickly forgotten that this is his HoH and that Elena has “gots to go!” this week.

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