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Cleaning Day In The Big Brother House; Tuesday Feed Updates



What a disappointment. I leave for vacation when Paul is hilariously running around as a secret service agent, Corey and Nicole had their outfits going, and Paulie was playing some weird ass game where he’d cry on demand with the cameras watching, making a fool out of himself, and making everyone beg for him to do his punishments.  Now, the boremances have taken over, with Corey mopping the floor with Nicole rooting him on, Michelle may have gone back into hibernation, and Nat/James are always pretty damn boring. Awesome.

I bet you guys missed my endless optimism!

Alright, I’ve had two naps since returning (maybe Michelle and I are kindred spirits), so let’s get some updates going.  Also, quick note, I asked for writing help last week, and just opened my emails. I see a lot of replies, so I will now start replying to whoever sent in a request (don’t think I ignored you)


Updates –

  • 4:15pm – Nicole, Victor, and Corey doing some cleaning. Natalie and Michelle are sleeping.  James I think went to the DR
    • (hopefully Corey washed his bedding. If you don’t know what I mean, I guess there are videos of the two doing some heavy grinding followed by an abrupt finish. Put the pieces together)
    • I’ll just creepily watch Natalie sleep. Still more entertaining than Corey doing anything
  • 4:30pm – Corey, James, Nicole and Victor are sitting around the table talking about TV shows.  Victor is doing a good job recreating FRIENDS skits
  • 5:30pm – The same group is still hanging around the kitchen talking about nothing. Replace Victor with Natalie and we’ll have our preview of the boring 4 they’re trying to create
  • 6:00pm – Paul is up and joined the converation. Victor keeps talking about all these issues he has (heart palpetations, etc).. Paul keeps joking how he’s going to die
  • 6:20pm – Natalie and Michelle are STILL SLEEPING. I pulled an all-nighter and slept less than these two
  • 6:30pm – Corey and Nicole have left the room and snuck into bed (keep it clean you two), while the boys get some of this…yummmm
    • pie
    • Oh and Natalie and Michelle are still sleeping. Whatever. Actually playing the game for a week must have sucked all the energy from her
    • James – “If Jared can go on the Subway diet, we can go on the pie diet”, Paul jumps in “Jared’s also a child molester” lol.. I love the random comments from Paul. I missed those. I’m so glad he won PoV because the house becomes even MORE boring when he’s gone
  • 6:50pm – Victor is doing a little self talk in the safari room before Paul joins him to discuss the situation going on in the house
    • (note – I ran out to get some tacos for Taco Tuesday!, so I had to flashback for this conversation)
    • Paul asks if he’s been talking game to James or anyone. Victor said not really. Today they were just hanging around the kitchen
    • Victor isn’t sure what else there is to say. Corey also told Paul the same thing. There really isn’t much they can say. It’s in the hand of James
    • Paul tells him when he does talk to James, make sure Natalie and Michelle are in the room for not only extra ears, but James feels more alive. He typically just sits there spacing out when alone. Very observant, Paul.
    • Victor tells Paul about how Corey is talking about how when he leaves the house, he wants to do a road trip with his buddy to college football games and possibly do some meet-n-greets along the way. Does anyone seriously want to meet Corey? Wouldn’t that be boring as hell?
    • Victor asks if he thinks Natalie really likes James, Paul says no. Just using him for the game. Victor asks if he thinks he knows that, Paul says no. But they’re just talking about that (and not using that as a strategy, yet).   Paul says he thinks so because she’s always so hot and cold with him. Makes him do whatever she wants.  (I agree with Paul. No chance they last)
    • paul-victor
    • Paul wants to try to work with Corey and Nicole if Victor goes. Then put James and Natalie up
    • Victor talks about how crazy it would be if it was a jury buyback, but Paul thinks it won’t be because they already had a chance (with the cards)
    • Paul says he isn’t working with James and Natalie any more.
    • And damn, my spacebar is going. May be time for a new keyboard 🙁
  • 7:15pm – Time check
    • Paul hopes Victor stays to clip James and Nat
    • Victor says Natalie’s really pissed about that comment. He heard that through Michelle.  Paul calls Michelle an idiot.  (as far as the comment, probably something I missed)
    • They wonder what the fans wanted Michelle to do with the care package.  Paul says ‘probably not that’
  • 7:30pm – Talk breaks up. Natalie and Michelle are STILL SLEEPING
  • 8:30pm – Breaking news – Nat and Michelle are awake.  Wow.
    • I will be back in an hour or two to see if anything livens up in this house
  • 9:30pm – Came back because I realized I’m sure tired so I am not sure I will be back tonight
    • Update on the house. Michelle is putting something that looks like heat pack on her stomach. Cramps?
    • michelle-stomach
    • Natalie is in the kitchen with James. Ever since Paul mentioned how he notices how hot/cold she acts and gets him to do whatever she wants, it is becoming more and more obvious and pathetic.
    • She’s asking if he is the sabateur this season, he is playing along, whatever
    • Switching to another feed, Victor, Paul, and Corey are telling Nicole about sharts. I go on vacation during a great week, and come back to shart talk.

Wrapping up this post because it’s been a long day. There won’t be an overnight report in the morning, but I will try to get something in there before I begin the feed updates for the day. I will figure out how to handle the rest of the season with overnights, daytime reports, etc, but one way or another, the info will still get out there for you guys.


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  1. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    I have always been a big fan of Big Brother but honestly I don’t think I can even finish this season out when Victor goes! To watch Paulie and his arrogant attitude and filthy habits (flossing teeth and then throwing it on the floor! Gross! Who does that?) Nicole the ER Nurse..(cringeworthy to say the least! ). The only thing she has done for two months is whine and swap spit with Cooorrreeeeeey). Corey the dud….I realize players can play a low key game but his has been nonexistent. I will lump Natalie and Michelle together because they are both insecure and shallow twits. James…what can I say about James? I hope someday he will find his forever home like the poor pups you see at the pound.

    • Jannie

      Excellent post, Helen. Couldn’t agree more.
      When James and Nicole first came out of the suitcases, I was so excited. I really enjoyed them in their previous seasons. This year…ugh. Lames does nothing but try to keep Gnat happy and feed her ego. And Tickole(thanks Morgan) is even worse. Didn’t she just break up with Hayden this Spring? He said on the show that they dated for a year and a half. What a needy, needy, stupid, slutty girl. I have no respect for any BB players who are doing the nasty in the house. Maybe I’m just old, but eeewwwww. And she talks nonstop about having Corey’s babies – delusional. Geez…what a fun final four. Would love to see Vic back and have him team up with Bunyan and Bitchelle to take them on.
      Tickole and Lames have been sitting pretty for a few weeks now- I want to see them sweat.

      • Avatar

        If I knew where you were I would run to you & shake your hand. I totally agree with you. FRIENDSHIP!!!

      • Jannie

        :). 🙂
        That’s why I love this blog, sensible, sane people here…unlike the idiots in the house.

      • Avatar

        Right now I can’t imagine watching season 19. I just don’t think I want to pay to pay to have another house full of fools get on my nerves.

      • Avatar
        Morgan (86 comments)

        😉 Tickole suits her so well

      • Avatar

        Tickole is perfect her. Love it.

      • Avatar
        Michelle (1 comments)

        So In your opinion Nicole jumped back into a relationship to fast lol I’m sure she would appreciate you or the rest of America calling her a slut that’s awesome …are you a nun? Just asking. But back to big brother Paul is not just a bully he’s an asshole that annoys the hell out of me and I like Nicole and I loved James his first season even though he seems to let his showmances run his game but this season I’m not really caring so much for James. Maybe douchebag Paulie will come back

      • Avatar
        Karen (198 comments)


  2. Avatar
    Beachee (4 comments)

    Omg thank gawd you’re back Steve! Love the sarcasm! You always know what to post. And when to post…glad u had fun on Vacay–so happy you’re back!

  3. NKogNeeTow


    Second, Thanks Pamela and Briana! You both did a great job. And Pam, I wasn’t ignoring your Friend Request, but my Notifications are behind that Donations block and I can’t get to them to respond to anyone 🙂

    Third, Thanks to my BB Family. You guys are the best! I had a fantastic Girlfriends Getaway Weekend at the beach with 2 of my 3 best friends and didn’t think about this game once. Got back late Sunday night and slept almost all day Monday. When I signed on Monday evening, I was wondering what was going on and boy did you guys keep up! I had over 12 blogs to read and what seemed like hundreds of comments. All I can say is WOW! After finally catching up on the reading, I tuned into the Live Feed about the same time BBAD came on. I was so disgusted, for the first time in BB history, I turned off the TV half way through it and cut the feeds off and went to bed. I finished watching BBAD this morning and Yep….still disgusted.

    I have the Live Feed on now in the background and WTF??? Since WHEN are Gnat and Nurse RATchet besties? Since WHEN did Jellyfish James become the new King of the Castle? Since WHEN did Paul and Vic become the outcast? I was toying with the idea of watching the fall show, but after what I’ve read and seen since yesterday, I refuse to give these people anymore than 3 months a year out of my life. After this sorry ass season goes off, I’m done until the new crop of idiots show up next summer.


    • Jannie

      Tell me about it! I was gone all weekend, too and wowsers!
      Glad you had a great time! I didn’t miss any of them either..but then again, it’s hard to miss people that you hate.

    • Avatar
      DingDong (92 comments)

      James-King of the castle. That’s what I was thinking too and also planting seeds of doubt Derrick-style among the minions.
      Whenever anyone brings up an idea James doesn’t agree with he goes silent. I think Paul and Vic picked up on that and are really talkin up the possibility of DE,jury buy back and game start over button and James trying to apply wishful thinking and says too late for any of that but Vic and Paul keep at it and James just goes silent (on Jokers) YES! James would hate to see ANY of that happening and blow up his game. How dum! First rule of BB, Expect the Unexpected !! Did those sops really think they could float on into the final 4 sunset that easily!!! hahaha

      • Shivani33

        If Jamesey’s head swells much more it could burst. He’s acting as though he knows all things Big Brother now. No one else is worthy! He’s the sole authority and the strategic genius. He’s also the tallest, most handsome man ever to play and has been in charge all Season. I wish someone would stuff his unwashed munchkin socks right down his insufferable kisser.

      • caRyn

        That is such a true statement – When James doesn’t agree he goes silent.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      You know the season is horrible when every time you see or hear Michelle you want to throw up, yet she’s still your 3rd favorite houseguest…

    • Avatar

      Okay I am not going to be very popular but I am glad that the dastardly duo have gotten a little uncomfortable this week. It has been so fun since Paulie went up. I can not stand the one sided game play where no one but the big bunch boys has any power. Yes three girls have now and use the term loosely won HOH. but for the most of this season all we heard is how the powerhouses were going to take things to the bitter end. Except they didn’t because there was clearly too much testosterone running through the house. That being said, Paul is clearly the most entertaining but the most offensive out of the house. Paulie was neck and neck with him as well. Victor will undoubtedly beat Paulie in the buyback if he is evicted, and the the game will pretty much run its coarse in the predictable way it should. Im the kind of fan that likes the underdog to win once in awhile. As for Corey I think Paul is wrong he is a hunk and girls will line up for the boy next door looks, even if he is a bit of a wet blanket. He just has no clue how to really play this game.

    • ClaireBear

      Natalie let it slip in a convo that “mom & dad” (production) encouraged or “wanted” her the work with Nicole and Corey.

    • stevebeans

      Can you take a screenshot of that notification/donation issue and email it to me so I can correct that?

  4. Avatar
    Zack (3 comments)

    Victor is gonna be the theme of this season, if he is voted out and comes back again, they will rename comps victor times or something

  5. Shivani33

    The time that people can vote for the bribe Care package has evidently been narrowed to about 24 hours, from after Thursday’s show ends until Friday at midnight. I think that this means that voting opens only after we will know who is coming back from jury and so could vote for whoever returns to be able to get the Care package, too. I still find a $5,000 bribe advantage to be a pretty useless prize for the final one of the packages. Who would accept five grand to give someone else a game advantage at this point? It’s sort of a booby prize unless there’s more to it.

    • Avatar

      I totally agree with you. Its funny how fantastic Paul thinks this prize should be. I have been a bit mystified how everyone is so concerned about the window of time when it really only takes a minute to get your twenty votes in. although it may throw the server into a tizzy with such a short time frame. But with the vast majority of the voters going online to see how the votes did( and this is just speculation) the payoff will certainly be a quick turn around. I agree the amount should have been a bit more tantalizing, because only two or three people will even be able to accept it out of the seven. And what happens if one of them is HOH and wins the veto?

    • caRyn

      True. They want the jury hg returning to be eligible. If the voting isn’t rigged. I don’t know what is and isn’t anymore. They could “bribe” a hg “friend” that they like and give them the money. Basically, they may not need to bribe anyone so just pick a hg and give them the bribe money.

  6. Jannie

    From Jokers: 9:06 PM – ” Corey/Paul talking about it being good that they’re in the game this long, because they’re getting more “air time.”Corey says it was hard to get attention when there were 14 people in the house.”
    They are also bragging about you tube, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other social media is out there and how many followers they have and will have after getting out of the house.
    I think I would be banging on that front door and screaming to get out if I had to live with these people.

  7. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    If it comes down to a final four of Nicole, Corey, James and Natalie I will be so disappointed. I don’t like new players with returning ones. Nicole and James have played pitiful games. Though with this house of dimwits it got them closer to the end, they are both annoying. Nicole has done nothing! James has continued his talk of big moves when he has hid behind or shielded Natalie all summer. For veterans of the game, they are sad, sad players. I expected more from them. I like Victor and he has accomplished so much in the season. For him to leave before Corey, who along with bedmate Nicole has also done nothing, is wrong on so many levels.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, these people have gotten so stupid, I hate to lose sleep over them. I’m clipping BBAD and the feeds for tonight and heading off to bed tonight too. I just can’t…..

    Night Guys 🙂

  9. Avatar

    Wish I could watch Paulie and Zakiyah instead. I’m sure they’re having nice clean fun in the jury house. Nicole will win this game. Just my thoughts, but she is boring the hack out of me right now.

    • Avatar

      Well this Ann is hoping to never see either one of them again. Im sure Z is so far Paulie’s trifling ass that she can’t see daylight. Both of their asses are right where they need to be, out of sight.

  10. Kari B.
    Kari B. (779 comments)

    I am watching BBAD right now at 11:30 Seattle time and I’m telling you if Meech doesn’t stop eating ( Honey Bunches of Oats with strawberries scene) she’s going to end up looking like I do and that’s not a good thing. I guess it’s boredom…

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  12. Kari B.
    Kari B. (779 comments)

    Who is everyone going to vote for to get the “bribe prize”? I really don’t even know but my first instinct is to say Paul. Opinions?

    • Avatar
      Beachee (4 comments)

      Paul or victor if victor stays. Without them, this is a snooze fest. I do like James when he’s not in a “showmance”. If it were James, Victor & Paul in final 3, I might just watch! The gurlz are boring and there’s really not one I like. At all.

  13. Shivani33

    Michelle was talking about turning it a” social media Mongol” until Victor corrected her politely. Paul made a rapid exit from the room, muttering under his breath about Genghis Khan.

  14. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    So Natalie now believes that Paul made up the part where Corey said she would just suck James’s d*ck all the way to the end. She and Nicole were talking in the kitchen on BBAD last night and Nicole said Corey would never say anything bad…. Natalie totally bought it. (Nat just said it was something really bad, didn’t say what exactly Paul told her was said.) So Natalie now thinks Paul is a horrible person for making up that awful story.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I really want to believe that Natalie is just putting on her game face right now and pretending to believe Nicole’s BS just because she feels working with Nicole is good for her game. I sincerely hope that Natalie is not gullible enough to believe all this crap. What did she expect Nicole to say, “oh yes, absolutely! Corey thinks you’re a slut!”? The past few weeks I’ve been giving Nat a lot of credit for being smarter than everyone thought. I hope she’s not proving me wrong right now.

  15. Avatar

    Too damn bad we can’t just send this batch of morons home right now & see what we’re going to end up with next. I am so tired of these people that I wouldn’t give a shit if they just said f**k it & just stopped this season right now because we already know exactly where this is heading.

  16. Kari B
    Kari B (779 comments)

    I ended up going to the store and I came back Corey was in the shower and I was a complete mess in the bathroom I thought it was soap. Then James came in and they said something about, I think, him throwing flour on him?

    You know last year I really thought that James is cool and funny but I don’t know I’m just growing tired of the Antics but I swear he goes way too far with this. Does he ever clean up his own messes??

    • Kari B
      Kari B (779 comments)

      Okay I see that he and Nicole are cleaning it up. Why am I still awake watching this boring sh*t???!!!!

    • Ingodog
      Ingodog (119 comments)

      I would not want to be around him, I would be like Victor and tell him off. I think that his so called pranks are silly.

    • Avatar
      BB Bopper (65 comments)

      I found James and his pranks funny the first time around but repeating it again this season is not only boring but I find it a pathetic attempt to impress the viewing audience and get more camera time. I think he’ll be surprised when he gets out to find out a lot of us found his antics boring and pathetic. I use to really like him and root for him but now I just wish he would get evicted. He needs to be on a dating show or Tender and start realizing that BB isn’t either one of those things. I’m pretty positive Vic is s goner but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll win the buyback. I would love to see the stupid showmances faces if he returns. Then I hope Paul, Vic and yes even Meech kick their asses out of the house.

    • caRyn

      Have the pranks from James aired this season on any of the episodes? I don’t recall that they have. Production may be over his pranks.

  17. Avatar
    Susan (213 comments)

    I can’t hold back anymore. Natalie eats like a pig. If I were James, I would say “chew with your mouth closed” and “quit talking with food in your mouth”.

  18. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Paul is going to vote to evict Victor. Nichole is going to vote to evict Victor. James is going to vote to evict Corey. Perfect set up for James to go OTB along with Natalie next week because of course Paul will take credit for the keep Victor vote. This way when he joins up with Nicole and Corey (he has always been joined with them) the three of them can have a reason for putting James and Natalie on the block next.

  19. Jannie

    From Jokers…12:11 AM 12:05-12:11 Corey and Nicole having sex…Nicole on top. She asks if she is too heavy and if he can breathe. -Bb11
    Their parents must be so proud.
    I guess Corey has to settle for sloppy seconds now that TGF is in the jury house.

    • Alda
      Alda (1851 comments)

      So glad Hayden didn’t end up with Nicole.He was too nice a guy for her.She puts on such a goodie two shoes act,and she is far from it! Just go home Nicole.

  20. Avatar
    BB Bopper (65 comments)

    I just started watching last night’s BBAD and I now have a feeling that James might be doing all these pranks because production is urging him to. They probably think that’s what the public wants because they were pretty well received last time and they think it will make the show more entertaining…….so if this is true I feel kind of bad for my previous post bitching about James and his pranking. I guess it might be time for me to eat some humble pie 🙁

    • Jannie

      What is up with CBS production having their grubby little fingers all over this game?
      I have read lots of comments here as well as Jokers where the HG’s are telling about production either leading them, or downright telling them how to play the game.
      Thanks for ruining BB, CBS. Seems to be getting worse and worse every summer.

  21. Avatar

    I really hope Vic wins the buyback if he’s evicted again, he’s our best chance at keeping Paulie from coming back. Bridgette has the best chance out of the women. Zakiyah is a joke, I’m not even worried about her getting back in the house. Da is not a good competitor but I think her chances are a hell of a lot better than Zakiyah’s unless it’s a ride Paulie comp. Lol

  22. JadedMage

    haha its SHART WEEK on BB!

  23. caRyn

    Paul mentioned Victor didn’t get a snapchat last week and he wonders why.

  24. caRyn

    BBAD Natalie puts lotion on Paul and James as a joke. James tells Paul he gives him full permission to…her up. Even if James and Natalie were a couple no authorization is needed. James doesn’t own Natalie. James and Natalie are immature and coming across unintelligent on purpose. Just say no.

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